Chapter 1: The Meeting.

Sakura stepped out of her dad's car, the Upper East Side breeze catching her rose hair and tossing it around her face.

"Jeez, this place is a lot bigger then the catalog," her dad said taking out the Louis Vuitton knock off out of the car.

Sakura agreed silently captivated by Eastern Konoha Boarding Home for the Gifted stood.

It's like a castle… She thought scrunching her face to see where the school ended. She looked around her and saw many girls with their Lacoste preppy shirts and matching plaid skirts getting out of their own convertibles, placing their Chanel sunglasses on their face to cover their eye's from the sun. Or just to look richer.

She looked down at her American Eagle striped T-shirt and denim skirt and thanked her lucky stars that she had the rest of her stuff shipped to the school earlier and had packed many knock-offs that might pass as the real thing.

"I guess this is where I say good-bye." Sakura turned around and looked at her dad who was leaning against his station wagon.

"Yeah, I should start heading in now." She replied awkwardly. She has never been close to her father before, and grew farther apart since her mom died, things just started going downhill, and she had to get out of her house. It was her idea to go here, her grades that got her in on a scholarship in art and math, and it was her who earned the money she still needed to pay off. She was desperate to get out of the claustrophobic so called town, Marigot, Kansas.

"You sure you want to go here, with these…people? They're not our type of people; they're not like me and you."

I'm not like you…

"These kids were raised on the fact that money is everything…I don't want you to change who you are for these peop-"

"Okay. I get it dad. I won't change, promise." Sakura cut in, glancing over her shoulder and watching some girls with curious glances stare at her and her scruffy dad who looked as if he hadn't shaven it months. "Can I go now?"

Sakura watched as her dad looked at her intently for a moment, and then gave her a quick hug. She winced at his body odor. "You take care now."

"Sure, Dad," she stated in a hurry. He released her and stared at her longingly before he got into the station wagon, and with a loud awkward noise, it pulled away.

Sakura let out a breath of relief, blushing briefly at the curious glances her way.

No, it's time for a new me. No more of the shy, quaint Sakura. New school… new year.
Sakura held her head up high and headed towards the main office following the map she memorized in the car.

Ino sighed, running her hands through her blonde hair. She stared at herself in the full-sized mirror, as she played with her hair not quite sure what she should do with it. She examined her outfit, which she chose specifically for the first day back at EKBS. She had on a light blue off the shoulder type of shirt, with a white mini-skirt, which complemented her very tan legs that she got on her father's boat of the coast of Martinique. She added a beach type necklace, and sprayed her Chanel perfume; the one that she knows always turns on a certain someone.

Damn it! She cursed just letting her hair down. She fidgeted uncomfortably, playing with the hems of her skirt.

Maybe I got too skinny of the summer… Ino thought, observing her legs. She couldn't eat after what had happened the day before she parted for Martinique, and how she had dropped the L-bomb, and how this certain person never said it back. It wasn't that she expected him to get lovey-dovey on her and the next morning after they'd make love he'd give her a bouquet of roses with one fake one in it, and claim that he'd love her until the fake one dies. No, not like those loser chain mails.

But he could of said it back…he could of said he loved me back. She pouted and placed her hands on her disappearing chest. I guess that's what I get for not eating. She walked over to her window, which had the best view in the entire boarding house, and looked out hoping to catch a familiar face somewhere in the crowd.


Ino turned around at the voice that she's been craving for all summer. She sighed in ecstasy, and felt herself getting excited, just by looking at him.

"Hi, Sasuke!" She said in her usually perky voice running to him and giving him a hug and a quick peck on the lips. "I've missed you soooo much!"

Sasuke pulled apart and stuffed his hands in his pocket looking dismissive. "Yeah."

Yeah? What's wrong with him…he would have pinned me down on the bed by now. Ino panicked, searching his eyes frantically.

"Is there something wrong?" She asked, crossing her arms. Sasuke shrugged chewing on his gum like he didn't give a damn that he's girlfriend was standing right in front of him after three months.


"Really? You look kind of out of it."

"I'm fine Ino." Sasuke repeated narrowing his eyes slightly. Ino swallowed, her palms starting to get sweaty. This was not the reunion she was planning for.

"Well, if there's nothing wrong with you then why are you acting like a PMS-ing bitch?" Ino demanded, feeling her spark returning back to her.

"I'm the one PMS-ing here?" Ino's crystal blue eyes widened at him, feeling her spark fizzle out. Sasuke always had a way of doing that to her, making her feel like a scared little girl.

"Sasuke, I don't want to fight right now." Ino mumbled staring at him.


"Would you stop saying that?" Ino scolded. Sasuke looked straight at her raising and eyebrow.



Ino glared at him and was about to say something, when she heard something vibrate. Sasuke reached into his Abercrombie sweats and pulled out his iPhone.


Sasuke ignored her texting away on his phone, "I'll see you later." He said heading towards the door, his face completely observed on the iPhone.

"Wait," Ino called out her arm catching his sleeve as her turned to walk away. He looked at her questionably. "Tonight at the stables? Seven-ish?"

"Whatever," he said monotonously, and shut the door. Ino stared at her door, dumbstruck. She walked back to her velvet bed, and lay back on the silk comforter. She couldn't believe how horrible that had gone. He made it seem that he wasn't interested in her at all, his girlfriend. Maybe she was too skinny for him, or she wasn't as sexy as she usually is, which mostly always catches his attention.

But, most of all, he didn't apologize for the jerk he was the way he acted when she said that she loved him. That night they were lying in her bed back at her pent house in New York City, and they were about to make love, and she had just said it.

And all he did was stare at her and said,

Go to sleep, Ino.

Ino made a frustrated sigh, and got up from her bed forcing a smile on her face. All she needed was some Starbucks with her two favorite roommates and she'd be happy. …Somewhat.

Ino sighed again and went back to her favorite hobby, staring at herself in the mirror, wondering what could possibly be wrong to make Sasuke not want her anymore.

Maybe I need bigger boobs.

Sakura smiled as she reached the lady at the front desk.

"Is there something I can do for you?" The lady asked.

"Yes, I'm Sakura Haruno and I was wondering what room I'd be in."

"Oh, yes, the new sophomore with excellent grades." The lady smiled and started typing something on the computer, but then her eye's narrowed nervously. "Oh, there's a problem."

Sakura furrowed her eyebrows; sweat pouring down her face, If there's a problem I might have to be sent back home.

"It seems that we have you put down as a boy."

"A boy?" Sakura asked.

The lady smiled apologetically, "Yes, I'm sorry, I have no clue how we skipped over this, especially considering your name."

"Oh, how is that a problem?" Sakura asked.

"Since we have you as a male, we have you in one of the male dorms, and there are just no more rooms available for the females." Sakura felt face drop.

"What does that mean? That I have to go home?" Sakura cried. The secretary smiled softly at her.

"No, don't worry, just go retrieve your items and wait in the room, I'll send someone down to tell you where your room is once it's figured out." The secretary wrote a room number and the building it was located in on a piece of paper. "Now, I have a map right here for you to help you find it."

Sakura's smile returned to her face, "That's not a problem I know where it is," and with a smile she turned around and headed towards the building with her Louis Vuitton at her tracks.

Shikamaru walked into his dorm, his face falling immediately when he noticed whose clothes and empty ramen cups were already lying all over the floor.

"Hey!" he heard a cheery voice call out. Shikamaru frowned at the mess, and lay on his bed on his side of the room, avoiding his roommate's side altogether.

"Naruto, how the hell do you manage to make a mess this big, and we've only been allowed in three hours ago?"

"Magic my man…magic." Naruto replied throwing the deodorant he just used onto his bed. Shikamaru applauded his efforts. At least he was putting deodorant, a big change from last year.

Shikamaru closed his eyes, in complete disbelief that he was at school again, with a bunch of guys that he couldn't stand, and girls that all dressed the same, talked the same, and acted the same.

The day I graduate will be the best damn day ever…

"Hey is all that shit yours?" Naruto asked nodding his head towards the Hello Kitty suitcases and other pink orientated stuff.

Shikamaru narrowed his eyes and Naruto.

"Damn, no need to look at me like that, you might have changed a lot over the break. Chill out." Naruto said patting Shikamaru on the shoulder as he headed into the shower. Shikamaru closed his eyes, only to be interrupted from his nap by a light knock at the door.

Shikamaru raised his eyebrow at the politeness of whatever friend of Naruto's he had invited over. "Come in." Shikamaru mumbled.

Slowly the door opened and a cute girl walked in with a shy smile on her face and she had…

Pink hair?

"Hi," she said shyly. Shikamaru sat up properly eyeing the girl curiously. He's sure he's never seen her before; it would be kind of hard to not notice a chick with pink hair around the school.

"Hey," Shikamaru replied.

Sakura smiled, "Hi, I think my stuff got sent here by accident."

"Hello Kitty girl?" Shikamaru smirked and nodded towards her bags in the corner of the room. She blushed instantly and walked towards her bags counting them to see if they were all there. Shikamaru watched her in amusement; she was wearing an American Eagle shirt and Hollister a mini-skirt.

A suburban girl?...

The girl shyly looked at her and sat on one of her suitcases, "Can I hang here for a while, just till I get my schedule, the lady at the front desk said that I should, but if you don't want me too I can ju-"

"Chill, it's whatever." Shikamaru interrupted finding her blabbering cute.

She nodded looking around the room, her eyes twitching a bit at Naruto's mess.

This girl's different from the rest of those Vogue magazine girls…Interesting. Must be a scholarship girl too, since there's no way she could afford to pay for this school, so she must have brains…

"Hey, so what's your na-" Shikamaru started but never got to finish because right then Naruto came out of the shower soaking wet with his towel wrapped around his waste.

"Oh! Who are you?" Naruto asked with his million dollar smile (literally) that usually had girls falling to his feet or to his…you know. Shikamaru watched as the girl took in Naruto's image and saw her blush, and instantly his taste for the changed. Shikamaru scoffed, If she falls for this scum then she's just like all the other girls here…

"Sakura," she said innocently.

Naruto smirked, "Sakura, that's a hot name. Especially that it matches your pink hair. Brave, dying your hair pink, not many girls would have the guts to do that around here."

"Thanks, but it's natural." Sakura smiled back, her teeth surprisingly white for someone who's from the suburbs. Shikamaru rolled his eyes, There's no way someone could have natural pink hair… and lay back on his bed closing his eyes again, when he heard the door creak open and someone step in.

Sakura turned around towards the door, and saw someone that was WAY hotter then boy number one and completely cuter then Naruto. He slumped into the armchair near the door, and took out his iPhone and started texting away.

"Well, hello to you too." Naruto said sarcastically.

"Shut up, Naruto." He replied not removing his eye from his iPhone. Sakura stared in awe at 'Sasuke's' face, a perfect face. It was just like those Abercrombie guys, except in color. Sakura regained her composure once she realized that she's been staring at acting like the old Sakura, and put the new Sakura back in action.

"What grade are you guys in?" she asked. Sasuke's eye's looked up from his phone, just noticing that she was in here. He looked straight at her his eyes narrowing.

Oh, no I hope I don't have some undetected acne somewhere.

"We're all juniors," Naruto replied reaching in his drawer for some jeans. "What about you, Sakura?"

"Oh, I'm a sophomore." She said with a shrug.

"An underclassman, I like." Naruto said smugly. The boy on the bed with the black spiky hair tossed an empty ramen cup at his head.

"Already acting like a man whore, and school hasn't even started yet." Sakura watched him as he turned his gaze towards her, and then to Sasuke, who wasn't even paying attention to the whole scene, and narrowed his eyes angrily. He grabbed his headphones and plugged it in his ear and closed his eyes.

"Shit man; don't act like a bitch just because Sasuke stole your girl." Naruto added under his breath, but Sakura heard it.

What girl? Are they talking about me? Does he like me! Oh my god.

"Speaking of which, how is Ino?"

Sasuke made a noise that sounded like a groan and kept texting. Naruto laughed, "That bad huh? Well she's annoying, but she has a hot body to make up for it."

Sakura's smile faded. The room was quiet and Naruto had managed to change into just jeans without showing any of his privacy's. He called it experience, when he caught Sakura's attention.

"Unless, you wanted a sneak peak?" Naruto chuckled. And instead of blushing like old Sakura would have done, she just smiled, and brushed her hand through her hair, like hot guys say that kind of thing to her everyday.

"When's your party?" Sasuke asked randomly. Naruto reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out his own phone, checking the calendar.

"Oh, man, I don't know yet, I have to get Ibiki to bring his keg down from Yale," Naruto said putting his phone on the drawer and reaching for a plain white t-shirt.

"Oh, you're throwing a party?" Sakura asked. Trying not to stare at his shirt at how hot Naruto looked even in a plain white shirt.

"Hell yeah, I throw one every year since freshman year here tons of fun, do you want to come?"

"Sure." Sakura said calmly, but her insides were bubbling excitedly. It's not every day you are asked to go totally cool party that probably won't involve UNO.

"Give me your number so I can text you the details when I get it." Sakura dug into her pocket and pulled out her pink razor.


Sakura and Naruto both looked at Sasuke who had finally put his phone back in his pocket, he crossed his arms and smirked at her.

"Yeah, it's pink, that's my favorite color…obviously." Sakura said blushing and looking down at her lap as Sasuke stared at her intently.

Sasuke's smirk grew, "I hate pink."

Eastern Konoha Texting…

InoYamancha: I think me and Sasuke mite b having probs. /

HinataHyuga: ?! What happened.

InoYamancha: …it's 2 long to txt. I'll tell you when you get here.

HinataHyuga: Is Karin there yet?

InoYamancha: No.

HinataHyuga: Oh.

NarutoUzamaki: Dude, that Sakura chic is hottt.

SasukeUchiha: Whatever.

NarutoUzamaki: Oh, what couldn't score with your gf this summer?

SasukeUchiha: Fuck off.

NarutoUzamaki: Oh is there trouble in paradise?

SasukeUchiha: Idk. She's annoying.

NarutoUzamaki: Maybe you should hit up with that new girl.

SasukeUchiha: There's something about her I don't like…she looks annoying.

NarutoUzamaki: Lol. Everyone's annoying to you man. Besides she looks innocent

to me. And you know that's how I like them.

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