The Tryouts!

"Oh my gosh…" Sakura groaned her touching her clammy hand to her forehead. She lifted her head off of the foreign bed she was lying on and twisted her body so she was facing the ceiling her head pounding like she'd been hit by a fucking bulldozer. "Ow."

"You're awake now?"

Sakura squinted her eyes, seriously confused where she was and who she was even talking to. "Yeah, I am, um who are you?" She asked through her blurry vision. Her mouth tasted completely sour and dry.

The person laughed a melodically, "I'm Tenten. My roommate found you passed out in the common room and I guess she dragged you here and left you on my bed. Senior prank. Don't be offended."

At this moment Sakura couldn't care less whether her sophomore self was being used as a prank all she wanted was some Pepto Bismol. "Oh sorry," She managed to reply sitting up.

"Cool. Just try not to vomit on the floor," Tenten responded shrugging pulling on her soccer cleats. Sakura nodded, and nearly crawled herself out of the senior's room, and headed back to her room, which should take five minutes, but today she knew it would take much longer than that.

But before she started her long journey down the hall, she noticed on Tenten's whiteboard (one was hung on each dorm's door) that there was the usual scrawling of 'Please knock before you enter!', but underneath that was drawing of a pony.

'Weird' Sakura thought, but dismissed it. Soon as she started walking though, she noticed that almost every other dorm door had little pony drawings on it, some were pretty good, but others were quiet unrecognizable. "Still very weird…" Sakura muttered.

She sighed in relief as she reached her room, looked on her white board and noticed that there wasn't a pony on theirs it just read, Taylor Lautner is so hot! She could accurately assume that it was Ino. She opened her door and could have jumped with happiness at the sight of an empty room, so glad that no one would see her in her pathetic hangover state, and crashed herself onto her familiar comfortable bed that smelt just like strawberries.

Now what happened last night? Sakura wondered searching her mind through relevant memories, but could barely remember a thing. All she remembered was that Ino and Sasuke were kissing in the dining hall (yuck) and then…

"Oh you look horrible." Hinata walked casually in the room, all smiles, and sat on her bed combing her hair with her brush.

Sakura blinked. By the looks of it Hinata had been out all night, and she knew that she didn't know her all that well but she did not look like the type of girl sneaking out past curfew. "Hi…and thanks." She replied smiling. Hinata was still very pretty in the purple sweatshirt she seemed to be wearing and her bed hair was completely different from her usual straight and perfect hair that was rarely ever caught with a strand out of place, but it still suited her.

Unlike her right now, that could totally feel her pink hair looking like a deranged bird's nest.

"Where were you last night?" Sakura asked her.

Hinata stopped brushing her hair and stopping humming? "Studying." She replied quickly. "B-but forget about me, what about you? W-why do you look so…" Hinata didn't finish the sentence but just offered a small smile.

Even though Sakura totally didn't believe that Hinata was studying what so ever… she just pretended she was that dumb and attempted to detangle the tangles in her hair with her fingers. "I don't know…I just feel really Hung-over. "

"Hmm? On your first night, not a good sign," Hinata teased lightly, grateful the topic had changed from her. The last thing she felt like she needed to explain was the crazy night she spent at Kakashi's house last night. Yes the new school counselor. Scandalous.

She stopped brushing her hair, and used her brush to help detangle Sakura's mess she claimed was her bubble pink hair.

"You're telling me. I seriously can't remember what happened. It was like one minute I was in the dining hall and the next…Shikamaru was saying something to Naruto and I was on his… Oh My Gawd!"

Hinata stopped brushing Sakura's hair, knowing that whenever Naruto was used in a sentence it was not going to turn out good. "Oh no, S-Sakura please do not tell me…"

"I think I hooked up with Naruto!" Sakura shrieked, jumping off her bed seeming to have sobered up immediately. "Oh no!" Her face suddenly turned red and she quickly grabbed her pillow to cover her it in shame.

"You've been ponied." Hinata said softly. Sakura slowly lowered the pillow from her face, her bottom lip trembling.

"I've been ponied! Oh my gosh, that's the worst thing that could ever happen!" She cried slumping to the floor.

Hinata giggled, "Do you even know what that means?"

Sakura shook her head, but looked too mortified to even to find out.

Hinata joined her on their 100% pure white cotton carpet, crossing her legs, still smiling. "It's a term everyone uses here at Konoha Academy. It's when a girl hooks up with that sleezeball Naruto Uzamaki. They call it 'being ponied.'" Hinata explained inserting air quotes.

"But why ponied?" Sakura sniffed.

Hinata laughed again, "Because Naruto is like a pony, everyone gets a ride."

Suddenly it was as if a light bulb turned on in Sakura's head, "That is what is up with the pony on everyone's door! All those girls have hooked up with Naruto!"

Hinata nodded, "Yeah you may wonder why a girl would want to announce it the world, but it's like this tradition they do here. I don't know but if any girl finds out that you've been ponied and you haven't drawn a pony on the white board, just know it's going to be social hell."

Sakura gasped, "You've got to be kidding me!"

Hinata shrugged sadly, "I wish I was. Last year this sophomore girl made out with Naruto behind the bleachers and decided to not post it on her white board. Two days later, Naruto and his big mouth had spread it to nearly half the school, and when the girls in this dorm house found out they totally put some fattening drug in her food so she became so fat, she couldn't fit into a single pair of skinny jeans."

"No way! So what happened to her?"

"She was recommended to what Anko calls 'the best rehab facility in New York,' but everyone knows it's fat camp."

"I don't want to be fat!" Sakura exclaimed poking her belly. Hinata laughed again. Really this Sakura girl, though she totally made out with Naruto on her first day of school, such a whorish thing to do, and was apparently flirting with Sasuke Uchiha, she really was a nice person.

"So what should we do to prevent that?" Hinata asked Sakura placing her hand on Sakura's shoulder in support.

"I know, I know…draw a pony." Sakura got up and rummaged through Ino's desk knowing that she had to write that Taylor Lautner thing with something.

"Bingo!" She exclaimed uncapping the marker and headed towards the hallway with Hinata on her heals. "Here goes nothing." She drew her best imitation of pony she could possibly draw right under Taylor's name. "There!"

Hinata paused and tilted her head to the side, "Um…it looks like an animal cracker." And she started laughing. Sakura felt her pride being hurt just a tiny bit, but when she squinted her eyes as well and turned her head to the side, it really did look like one of those weirdly shaped animal crackers, and she joined in on the laughter.

"What are you still doing here?"

The two girls sudden hysteria came to a halt as a tall blonde who looked like she was in her late 30's with giant breast stood in front of them with her hands on her hips.

"Oh, I forgot! I'm sorry Coach Tsunade!" Hinata apologized and she rushed back into their room. Sakura followed slightly confused, slowly closing their dorm door once the Coach Tsunade disappeared.

"Late for what?" Sakura watched Hinata throw on a plain Hanes white t-shirt with Abercrombie shorts.

"For field hockey practice!" Hinata explained throwing items from her closet looking for her other pair to her sock.

"Field hockey?"

"Yeah can you play?" Hinata asked, smiling when she finally found her other pair of sock and pulled it on. "You have to do one sport here, it's a requirement. Didn't you read it in your 'new student guide book'?"

Sakura shook her head, "Uh…no must've missed that section. But I used to play a bit back at home."

"Great! Come with me to practice, maybe you could try out for the team, and we do have one spot open since Karin is gone."

"Sasuke…" Ino whispered sleepily reaching for the spot next to her, but he wasn't there. "Sasuke!" She screamed a bit louder, but then she realized she was in the stable all alone with a bunch of hay. They just spent the entire night cuddled up in the barn, without kissing or anything, she just lay in his arms, and had never felt more safe in her entire life.

And now he's gone.

He didn't even bother to leave her a note, or anything.

"Shit." Ino picked up her Jimmy Choos she abandoned last night, and was about to stumble out of the barn, freshen up, and head to her ridiculously early Saturday morning field hockey practice, when she noticed an English Muffin, in the corner of the room with a note attached written in messy writing.

Morning. out with Sharigan…here breakfast.


Even though it was probably the shortest note she had ever received in her entire life, and though Sasuke rather be out riding on his stupid smelly horse, Sharigan, than enjoy a romantic morning waking up in each other's arm, at least he took the time out of his life to write her a note. And that was enough to warm her entire being.

But still on her way out she threw the muffing in the bin. Obviously she's totally in love with Sasuke, but come on everyone knows that muffins were mostly filled with carbohydrates that go to straight to your thighs, and you'd start looking like Jennifer Hudson.

Next time she'll request that Sasuke should get her Starbucks.

InoYamanaka: Thanks for the Muffin bbe!

InoYamanaka: Babe?

SasukeUchiha: Stop texting me.

InoYamanaka: Y was it something I did? Bbe?

SasukeUchiha: Wtf. I'm riding Sharigan

InoYamanaka: Oh :) I love you!

InoYamanka: Sasuke?

SasukeUchiha signed offline at 8: 39 a.m.

Sasuke turned off his beloved iPhone and placed it in his back pocket. The last thing he needed right now was a nagging girlfriend. Okay, sure you could say that he should've expected that leaving her a muffin and all that for breakfast, but honestly he's not that kind of asshole that just gets up and leaves a girl in the morning after being with her all night. Shit, that's like a knocking some dude down with a car, then driving off.

He tapped his shoe against the horse's side, and they started moving. The horse galloped at an average speed the wind picking up in his face, causing him to tear up a bit. It was still quite early in the morning and the air was chill, perfect for numbing his mind.

He didn't want to think about the dumb mess with Ino that he has gotten himself into, with her now claiming she's in love with him.

He didn't want to think about the new girl that was undeniably the most annoying person he has ever met in his entire life, but for some reason he felt a need to be around her. She was interested in the same things he was like art and animals. And she…

… hooked up with Naruto.

Sasuke jumped off his horse, once he was in his favorite spot. It was an open meadow decorated with plenty of different flowers and tons of green grass that was completely untouched by any Konoha student, because as far as he knew, none of them knew about this his special spot. Sasuke's horse, Sharigan, neighed happily once Sasuke petted his nose, and it wandered about the field.

He then lay on the grass and stared straight at the sky as if all the answers to his problems would be written out in the clouds…but they weren't.

"Fuck." Sasuke cursed pulling weeds from the ground. Honestly what kind of pansy has he turned into? He just met some pink haired girl the first day of school and he's getting…feelings? And how awesome could this girl be if she was so cheap enough to hook up with Naruto on her first day of school? Not a very classy act. In fact Ino was way better of a girl than Sakura. She dressed better, and she was more confident…and she articulated herself much better than Sakura does…who often gets confused in what's she saying…and yes…yes...Ino is the better girl for him.

Sasuke sat up completely satisfied that he was happy with Ino (or as happy as he gets) and didn't need a pink haired girl in his life.

Or does he?

SakonSound : Whoa. Did u hear?

Tayuya Toyata: ?

SakonSound : Naruto hooked up with the new chick!

TayuyaToyata: ! That was quick!

SakonSound : I knw, I think I mite have a chance to score w/ her if she's that ez!

TayuyaToyata: Lol. Good luck with tht.

"Get up!" Shikamaru growled throwing a pillow at Naruto's face. It was ten in the morning and Coach Asuma had sent Shikamaru all the way back to his room from the soccer field just to drag Naruto's sorry ass to the field.

"Grr…" Naruto growled covering his face with his pillow. Even though Naruto was the most lazy, irritating, person Shikamaru has ever met in his entire life, he was the star player of their soccer team, and led the team to win the championship with a 4-0 score, against their number one rivals, The Sand Academy. "I'm trying to sleep!"

"We have practice."

Naruto groaned again removing the pillow from his face, "Just tell Coach…I have malaria."

Shikamaru sighed and used his hand to rub his temple, "Seriously, Naruto…malaria?" He pulled the bed sheets off Naruto's bed and threw them on the floor. "Get up and let's go. Asuma made me walk 15 fucking minutes to come get you. Anyway aren't you our 'beloved' team captain, you should be setting an example by getting to practice on time."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and sat up scratching his back. "You have a very large foot up your ass. You need to loosen up. In fact, you should get laid."

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "You are a douche. Seriously."

Naruto chuckled, and then his eyes lit up, "Actually, I think everyone needs to loosen up...I should throw that party pretty soon shouldn't I?"

"Loosen up? School just started yesterday."

"I know, that's why right now is such perfect timing. I can throw it the upcoming Friday, can't I? And I can call it the 'Welcome Back/Save the Whales' party!" Naruto immediately reached for his Blackberry under his pillow and starting pinning in the details.

"Save the whales?"

Now it was Naruto's turn to look at Shikamaru like he was stupid, "Hellooo? The oil spill remember?"

"Naruto, I doubt there are that many whales – forget it. Sure. Whatever, I'm just not helping you plan. You're on your own."

Hinata ran down the field with the ball in her control. She could feel Ino hot on her tail, sneakily and purposefully hitting the back of her heels with her field hockey stick. Seriously the awkwardness between Ino and her only seemed to increase, since Ino was in complete denial about getting Karin kicked out of the school. Like why would you bother and do something that horrible and then later deny it? It didn't make any sense to Hinata what so ever.

"I'm open!"

Hinata hit the ball in Sakura's direction, and she managed to dodge Ino and scored an amazing goal sending the ball to the corner in the net. The Coach blew her whistle.

"Okay girls! Scrimage over!" Coach Tsunade shouted calling the girls off the field. Sakura couldn't help smiling happily, she managed to score three goals in the last two hours, which wasn't bad compared to Ino's three goals.

"Move." Sakura felt Ino shove her in the back as she stood right in front of the Coach. Even though Sakura wasn't a legal member of the team yet, she was totally excited to be lucky enough to be playing amongst the hottest girls in their school. Here at Eastern Konoha Academy field hockey was as cool as being a cheerleader in other schools.

"Good practice." Hinata whispered to Sakura while the Coach rambled on about team spirit, and how this year will be their year… blah blah blah.

Sakura giggled, "Thanks."

"…And so I'm proud to announce the new member of the team, Sakura Haruno! She shows that feisty spirit that our former star player Karin possessed." The girls co operatively clapped in unison congratulating their new member, and Sakura beamed, while Hinata hugged her.

"You did it!"

Sakura laughed happily, it seems like things were looking up for her in this school. Her little social faux pas seemed like a thing of the past now that she was on the 'It' Team.

"I did do it? Didn't I!" Sakura laughed again, feeling her insides about to explode from happiness.

Coach Tsunade signaled the end of practice and the girls starting packing up their stuff and headed back to the locker room. But Hinata told Sakura that she had to tutor someone immediately and she'll meet Sakura back in the room.

In the locker room, Sakura was calmly placing her field hockey stick back intp her locker when someone slammed the door shut.

"So, welcome to the team." Ino said placing her hands in front of her. Sakura looked at carefully before she shook it. What could this girl be up to?

"Thank you."

"Yeah, well as the team captain I would like to inform you that at the school's first football game the field hockey team is going to make a quick cheer during half time before the actual cheerleaders come on. You know to get the crowd excited."


" Also, I don't really think that we started out on the right foot, so I really want to make amends with you with and this first step. I'm not really such a bad person. Honestly." Ino said sincerely.

Sakura smiled, this day just kept getting better and better. "Are you serious? Well thanks Ino, I really appreciate it."

"Great! So will you do the cheer with me, Tayuya, and Temari!" Ino clapped her hands happily.

"Sure! But…what about Hinata?" Sakura asked. She didn't really want to do something she had no idea about without at least one friend…or at least someone she knew.

"Oh, Hinata…she's not really into these kinds of things, you know? Don't tell her about this cheer I'm planning, I don't want to hurt her feelings by not including her. "

"Oh, sure!" Sakura said quickly. She would have to agree with Ino anyways that would hurt her feelings too, if her roommate didn't include her in something as cool as this.

"Great, So I'll see you later today and show you some of the routine, okay?" Ino started to walk off but then halted and turned around. "Sakura?"

Sakura looked up from her locker, still a bit surprised.

"I'm glad we're friends."

Sakura's smile brightened, "Me too, Ino. Me too" She had to admit it, that Ino was a much better person then she thought she was.

Ino returned her smile with a blinding smile of her own (perfect teeth of course) and skipped back over to her locker, while Sakura locked her locker and heading to the back to her dorm for a quick but well deserved shower.

TemariWindie : Did she fall for it?

InoYamanaka: Of course.

TemariWindie: LOL. Ino u r such a bitch.

InoYamanaka : :)

As Sakura jogged back to her room from the field she noticed Sasuke coming out of the school's forest that it was surrounded by, with his horse. Even though she was still sweaty and her pink hair was stuck to her forehead with her sweat and she was wearing the most unflattering outfit she owned in her closed, she had so much confidence today, that it didn't matter.

"Hi Sasuke!" She called out running towards him. From a distance it looked like he froze for about a few seconds but continued walking.

"Sasuke?" She called out to him, and when she finally caught up to him touched his arm so he would turn and face her.

"Yeah?" He asked bluntly.

"Didn't you hear me calling you?"


Sakura paused, obviously knowing he was lying. Suddenly she didn't feel as confident as she felt before, and she felt stupid. What did she think? That he was going to be excited to see her after they only talked for a few hours yesterday; did she honestly think he was going to dump his beautiful Ino for her? "S-so…"


"…is that your horse?" Sakura pointed to the horse lamely.


Sakura looked taken back, but Sakura continued anyway, "He's beautiful. It is a boy right?"

"It's a girl."

Sakura scratched her hair nervously, "O-oh. Umm, okay."

Sasuke nodded and was about to walk away when Sakon, a student from their art class, came running out of nowhere, in his football jersey. "Yo! Sasuke, the administration wants you!"

Sasuke groaned in annoyance.

Sakon laughed and tossed his oddly silvered color hair out his face, and smiled at Sakura disturbingly. "Sasuke remember you have a girl already."

"What?" Sasuke demanded stopping dead in his tracks.

"I said you already have Ino. So let me have some fun with her," He said in a joking tone. But Sasuke took it a bit too seriously.

"Whatever you want do with Sakura was never, and will never be my business." He snapped.

Sakura's mouth dropped open at that harshness of his voice, and her face immediately felt red. So much for her wonderful day.

"Glad we're on the same page!" He then turned his attention from Sasuke and back to a horrified stricken Sakura. "Guess what babe? I can totally promise I'm ten times better at making out than Naruto!"

Sakura could now seriously feel her face heating up, "H-how?" Sakura thought the 'pony' thing would only stay amongst the girls. According to Hinata the boys shouldn't know about her and Naruto's little hook up!

Sakon laughed again, "Don't you know, babe? Nothing at this school stays a secret for long."

"Che." Sasuke scoffed disgustedly, and gave Sakura a disgusted look which made her feel very ashamed of herself, and he walked away.

KakashiHatake: I really enjoyed last night.

HinataHyuuga: Me too.

KakashiHatake: Well my office feels quite dead right now.

HinataHyuuga: Should I drop by?

KakashiHatake: That's the idea…

Hinata quickly jumped out of the shower, completely exhilarated by the text she got from Kakashi. He wanted to see her again! Even though last night they didn't go all the way, because Hinata was so not ready for that, but the thought that she was hooking up with an older man, was so exciting. It was so anti- Hinata.

She opened her closet and looked for something that didn't scream 'desperate student' but was still sexy at the same time. After a few minutes she decided to settle on her short white Calvin Klein dress, with stilettos. Once she placed it on, she started to apply some Maybelline Mascara when there was a knock at the door.

Hinata paused, and opened it expecting it to be Sakura who still thought it was rude to just barge into their room.

"Hey babe!" Hinata dropped her mascara on the floor.


Eastern Konoha Net

To: , , , , , , , , ,


Date: September 6th 2010

Subject: Partayyy

Are you guys already fed up with the overloads of school works, and the crazy drama? Well why not distress with my ultimate idea. It's time to throw another party Uzamaki style! Spread the word, the theme is Save the Whales/ Welcome back so everyone has to wear blue and bring moola for donations for those poor whales! Location is going to be behind the abandoned science lab!

And remember this is completely underground. So keep it hush hush from the po-po, A.K.A Mr. Sarutobi (for those of you who don't understand slang *cough* Shikamaru *cough*), and you better believe this is going to the best party so far!

Believe it!

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