The Legend of Spyro: The Fight For Love


It has been almost four years since the defeat of the Dark Master, and everyone was having a good time at the Palace of Golden Dragons. Ignitus was having a good time teaching young dragons the fire element and its powers. Ember, Ignitus's daughter, was married and has already a child, Flame. Elva and Falzar were happy to be together and Elva was pregnant with their next child, Spyro's brother or sister. Mark and Godith were always helping the world, getting rid the rest of evil. They had another two kids, one boy and girl, Peter and Elanor, both of them were fire breathing. Spyro and Cynder were finally married, they had one girl already, Masami. Cynder was pregnant with their next child and was only a couple of days away from laying their next egg. Spyro hopes it is a boy for he always wanted a son. "I want our next child to be a boy. I want to see a little boy who looks just like me." said Spyro who smiled at Cynder. "Spyro, calm down, I know that you are excited, but really relax. Only time and fate will tell what our next child would be." said Cynder. She was gently stroking her hand across her belly. They have changed a lot. Spyro looked more dominant, he looked a little bit like Ignitus, but he had his father's eyes, body and color. Cynder looked the same as she was when she was evil, except of being slim, she had a much more bigger body. Her metal bands that she once wore were gone and she had a completely new, more beautiful band around her neck, arms, and tail. It looked ancient and had many pretty colors on it. She looked more beautiful then ever.

Spyro has never been so happy in his life before. Life was good and hardly any bad things were happening. He was glad that he was going to actually witness his wife lay their next egg and watch it hatch, instead of having her die, and 3 months later she is back with their next child. But time itself seemed slow. There was nothing to do at the Palace nor in the world. He was really bored and wanted some action or an adventure. But since they have gotten rid of the Dark Master, rescued Falzar, and got rid of the rest of the Dark Army, there was hardly a thing to be done. The only thing that he could do was go to school with Cynder, Ember, Magma, Chrona, and Masami even though he, Cynder, and Ember were 18, they still needed an education. Leon was still King of Dragons, even though he was gay, Spyro kept his secret about Leon and the night of what happened between them. He didn't want to ruin anyone's life after all the trouble he went through to stop the Dark Master and rescue his father. Spyro also felt sad because Cyril, Terrador, Volteer, and the Chronicler were dead. Killed by Evil Spyro 5 years ago. Spyro still blames himself for what has happened to them 5 years ago.

Cynder always wondered what is wrong with Spyro, but every time she asks him he would always say that it is nothing. "Spyro really what's wrong? I demand to know what is wrong with you." asked Cynder. "I guess you deserve to know what is wrong with me. Cynder, darling, I feel bored, unhappy. Reason why is because there is nothing to do in this world and that there is no one to hang out with or like have fun with. I just want some adventure. I want to do something." said Spyro. Cynder looked at Spyro with a sad face. "I know that honey. It is boring now that evil is gone. But I have a feeling that something will happen soon or later and that we will be ready." She kissed Spyro and left to go eat. Spyro stayed behind in his room. She was right. Sooner or later something was going to happen and that they will be ready.