Chapter 19-(Cynder's Final Decision)

Cynder stood in between Spyro and Wryaach and was looking back and forth at them. "Cynder, how are you going to choose?"asked Godith. Cynder had a smile on her face. "Mark, do you have one of your weapons with you that I may use?"asked Cynder. "Yeah I do, which one?" Mark pulled out all the guns he had on him and Cynder looked at them all for a minute. She finally picked the IMI Desert Eagle .50 AE(Action Express) "You know how to use a gun?"asked Mark. "Just aim and fire."smiled Cynder. She went back in between Spyro and Wryaach. "Cynder what are you doing?"asked Spyro. "I am going to finish this once and for all. Whoever I kill, is the one that I don't want to be with."said Cynder. She loaded the gun and took aim at Wryaach.

"Cynder, my love, kill Spyro. I was with you when you were evil. I was there for you when no one else was there took care for you. I loved you and I still do today. Please kill Spyro and come back to me, your true and original love."said Wryaach. Cynder changed her aim and aimed at Spyro. "Cynder, darling, don't do this. If you kill me then there is no going back. I know that Wryaach was there for you when you were evil, but who was it that was really there for you after you guys got split up? Me. Who was it that took care of you after what you did? Me. Who was it that didn't care what you were before but cared for what you were today? Me. Who was it that made you feel happy when people were mad and made fun of you? Me. Who was it that actually mated with you and had kids with you? Me. Do you, Cynder, my love, really want to kill me? Go ahead if you want. It will be a mistake for you to make that you will regret forever."said Spyro.

Cynder's eyes filled up with tears. She knew that Spyro was right. He was the one true love, not Wryaach. Wryaach was there for her, but he wasn't there for her when she was back to normal. She changed her aim once more and aimed at Wryaach. "Cynder, my love. Please don't do this."said Wryaach. Cynder was trembling and she hardly was able to keep her aim. "Wryaach, I am so sorry."cried Cynder. She fired a shot and struck Wryaach in the chest. She fired the rest of the clip out on him and then she threw the gun down and ran to Wryaach. "C-C-C-Cynder. One last kiss. P-P-Please?"gasped Wryaach. Cynder gave Wryaach a romantic kiss one last time before he was finally dead.

She turned away and started to sob. Spyro went to her and hugged her. "Cynder, what you did was a wise choice. I knew that you would choose me. After all why would you want to kill me if you and I already have a family?"asked Spyro. "I don't know why. It would seem so tragic for our kids. I kill you and then I leave them all alone. I didn't want to kill you. I made a promise to myself that I will kill Wryaach and I did. I am just glad that he is gone now, but I will miss him."cried Cynder. Spyro kissed her on the head while she continued to cry in his arms. "Don't worry about him, he is gone off to a better place now." said Spyro. Cynder looked over Spyro's shoulder and saw all of her friends and family that she knew. Mark, Godith, Masami, Wagner, Peter, Elanor, Ignitus, Sparx, Lumina, Raven, Elva, and Falzar. Her family. She knew that she made the right decision. Her final decision, to be with Spyro forever. They all left Wryaach's lair and went back to the Palace.


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