Title: Ice cream

Chapter Title: Prologue

Summary: JumpMan Theo, Jules and ice cream. (slash)

Disclaimer: The JumpMan series belongs to James Valentine. If you get the chance pick up this awesome look into time travelling.

Notes: Where I to say 'I wish there was more fandom' I would be repeating myself, so be it.

There is a lot to be said when comparing ice cream with lipstick, the first being that one is intended for consumption while the other is used to enhance appearances. Theo's fixation with the sweet wasn't that unusual and Jules was more than happy to oblige him whenever there was any at home. This wasn't all that often seeing as the only thing Tony was ever reliable at buying was cereal. Which meant the rest of the time they had to go out of there way to get it. Not that this was ever considered wasted effort, after all it was for ice cream.

With their pick of any ice cream stall throughout time and space it wasn't just a matter of getting to know all the flavors at Jules's local milkbar, or at the ice cream van down the beach. They had any possible combination at their fingertips and they took advantage of that fact. They also had their chose of location. Unsurprisingly they often ended up watching dinosaurs, and "Theo's special place" quickly became "Theo's special place to take Jules."

With practice Theo managed to control his hair and clothes to the point where he no longer stood out like a beacon. In turn Jules became more comfortable in potentially deadly situations, more likely to laugh at Theo's antics than to turn away in mortification. Theo was content not to be the centre of everybody's attention as long as he had Jules's.

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