Note: POV means Point Of View

If you see the word alternative after a POV it means that it's happening while the other POV is also occurring…

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Chapter 1

Today, if you would visit Gakuen Alice, you will only see rusty metal gates and a clean green lawn. Although it's like this, only prestigious students with alices are allowed to enter the gates. Only those who have alices would be the ones to see a portal that lies in the middle of the field. This portal is the only pathway to the academy. But let's not wander around, our main focus is the two heroes who through them, made the academy safer. These heroes were a 14-year old boy with raven-black hair, the famous fire-caster, Natsume Hyuuga and a 13-year old girl with hazel-brown hair tied up in pigtails, Mikan Sakura. This is where we'll begin the story.

It was a lovely day, perfect for a spring festival. Gakuen Alice held this fair every year and this day was not different. Mikan was strolling through the booths ahead of Natsume.

Natsume: Baka! You're supposed to be my slave for this day. I won the wager.

Mikan: uh…hai…Natsume! Look at that! It's a game! I want to join!

Mikan tugged Natsume to a dark room. A voice called out.

Voice: For you to win the game you'll have to look for three different things. The first one to hand it to the officials at the end of the maze would be the winner! The three things are a pink clock, a blue balloon and a yellow teddy bear. Good luck!

Natsume's POV

That baka shoujo! Having me participate in this kind of game is really annoying! Well, at least she's having fun, but with this darkness I could barely see anything. I called out her name but she didn't respond. She must be far in the maze now…sigh… I guess I need to find her…

Normal POV

Mikan wandered around looking for the objects but she was stopped by a girl. This girl was in fact her classmate. It was Sumire, a girl totally obsessed in Natsume.

Sumire: Mikan! Stop bumping into other people!

Mikan: Sumire…? Gomen….

Sumire: You should be! I saw you with Natsume again. Didn't I warn you before that if I see you hanging around with Natsume you'll be toast? That's what I'm gonna do now…

Mikan: Sumire! Iya!

Mikan uttered a shrill cry of pain and helplessness. Natsume heard her scream and quickly rushed to the rescue. Sumire heard someone was coming so she quickly hid. She was too late though, Natsume saw her.

Sumire: Natsume…?

Natsume: Sumire, I'm warning you. If you keep on doing this I won't hesitate to burn you to a crisp!

Sumire: Gomenasai Natsume… I promise I won't do it again!

Sumire quickly left heading toward the direction of the light.

Natsume's POV

"Why are you always like this?! You act like a damsel in distress and you expect me to save you every time?!" I said. Every word stung me more than it her. I knew I was insulting someone I love. I knew I was hurting her greatly. I saw tears in her eyes and felt really guilty.

Normal POV

Natsume: the important thing is you didn't get hurt that badly. At least she only pushed you to the floor.

Mikan: Natsume-kun, Gomenasai, Arigatou.

She said wiping tears from her eyes.

Natsume: You're still my slave polka-dots. I order you to go back to the classroom.

Mikan: uh…hai…

Once there…

Mikan: Good Afternoon everyone!

Natsume: You're so loud! You're giving me a headache!

Mikan: Gomen Natsume-kun. Hotaru!

She goes over and tries to hug Hotaru…


Mikan: Ouch Hotaru! That hurts!

Natsume looks at Mikan with a concerned but cold look on his face. Koko reads his mind and grins widely. Natsume shoots him a death glare. "Tell anyone and I'll burn you!" Natsume thought and Koko gets the message and goes away.

Ruka: (petting his bunny) Mikan, who were you with before you got here?

Mikan: Oh, Ruka-pyon. I was with Natsume. I got stuck with him because of that silly wager and for this day I'll be his slave…

Ruka: Oh… (With a hint of jealousy in his voice)

Koko: (Slyly) I seem to notice that you're spending a lot of time with Natsume nowadays, or is it the other way around…?

Natsume lights a fireball and torches Koko's shorts. Koko runs away.

Natsume's POV

If only Mikan knew I wouldn't be acting this way. If only Mikan's daftness finally sees that I like her. She's so stupid yet smart at the same time…sigh Koko came pretty close in exposing me. I'll get him later for that.

Normal POV

Natsume: Let's go Ruka.

Ruka: Uh…hai…