Extra Chapter

The last chapter was my last account of what happened in their lives. I still am studying at Gakuen Alice and find it really peaceful here. I really wished I was with Mom so she wouldn't be sad. But it's pretty fun here… I met new friends… I'm sure I'll do great… just like my father… I never got to meet him but mom said that he was a great person… quite perverted and badmouthed…but he was sweet… I sure could see that he was on this story that my mom told me… Mom said that I really looked like him. I have raven-black hair and a mysterious aura… but mom said that she wanted me to be cheerful so that I can fulfill the wish of my father so I smile as often as I could… tonight, I'll be on duty to guard the portal again… it's kind of boring… but with Yume senpai it'll be fun! Hehe… She's such a good onee-chan and she helped me narrate the last mission… Tomorrow I'll send another balloon up to the heavens with my message for my father tied with it. I hope he's guarding mom while I'm not with her and I wish he's happy wherever he is…