Adflicto Dilgo Chapter 3

Harry became fully aware some time later and saw the Malfoy patriarch arranging something on the dresser across from him. Harry tried to sit up but groaned loudly when his head started to pound.

"Good to see you fully aware again," Lucius walked over to Harry pulling out his wand, healed the cut on his wrist and vanished the bowl and blood. Holding out a small vial of bright red potion he said "Drink this."

Harry acquiesced and drank it down in two large gulps. The familiar spicy taste of blood replenisher filling his pallet. When Harry returned the vial he saw a slight bruise on the right cheek of Lucius. Harry blushed and whispered an apology.

Lucius lifted his hand to his right cheek smiling and shaking his head. "No need, it was an accident."

Harry tried sitting up again, but couldn't quite manage by himself, He still felt really weak, so Lucius offered his hand. Harry couldn't figure out why he kept blushing so much around this man. Why did he trust him so much now? Wasn't he the enemy? Dark? Evil?

'Well, Dark definitely,' Harry thought 'But not evil. At least not as evil as the Dursleys. Draco never came to school bruised and starving,' He'd even seen some private moments between father and son. When they thought no one had been looking.

Harry had been wandering the halls late at night, invisibility cloak securely in place, when he stumbled upon the two blonds hugging. It had been just after Sirius had fled in third year. Probably the first time in months Draco had seen his father. Draco hadn't been able to go home over the holiday's since Their family had been under investigation.

Draco had been crying silently and saying how much he had missed his father. While Lucius had been trying to calm Draco with soothing words and gentle hands.

Harry remembered running back to his dorm, tears filling his eyes because he knew he would never have a relationship like that with anyone. No one would ever want to hold him. No one would ever love him.

While Harry was lost in thought Lucius sat studying the small boy, or should he say young man because Harry was nearly of age. Far different from the boy he had met at age 12. 4 years can change a person. Whether that change, for Harry, was a good change or not was still to be seen. Lucius watched as Harry's expression turned from curious to reminiscent and then as his face fell into a frown and a single tear leaked down his cheek. The bed started to shake as his magic took on a physical presence once again.

"No, we can't have your magic taking control again. Out of that bed and follow me we need to release some of that pent up magic," Lucius said briskly uncovering Harry. Then he noticed the pajamas he wore had blood stains. "Hmm. Well that will just not do at all. Let's get you cleaned up first shall we?" Lucius then proceeded to lead Harry to the adjoining bathroom and turned on the shower with a flick of his wand.

Lucius turned around to witness Harry blushing. 'Maybe the bathroom wasn't the best place to bring him,' Lucius thought as he pulled a towel and flannel out of one of the closet furthest from Harry.

"While your washing up I'll go find some things for you to wear," Lucius said heading for the door. He saw Harry nod slightly before the door was closed behind him.

Harry spent a half hour cleaning himself of nearly 2 months of grime, though cleaning charms helped some in that time they could only do so much. He noticed that the wounds that had previously littered his body were healed into small pink scars and couldn't quite remember why. Though he somehow knew his memory was better than it had been the last few weeks.

Harry reveled in the heat of the water and the softness of the towel. It had been so long since he had been able to relax, even just a little. It struck him as quite ironic that the people who had saved him were the ones he should be afraid of. That the house he was occupying should have been the one he died in.

As he exited the bathroom he noticed Lucius laying out a set of clothing for him. Harry, who was only wearing a towel around his waist, blushed when Lucius looked at him. "The Dark Lord has provided a wardrobe for your use," Lucius gestured toward the large dresser Snape had been leaned against the night before.

"Thanks..." Harry whispered. Harry was still quite uncomfortable. Being in the same house as The Dark Lord Voldemort himself was making Harry's scar tingle. Harry rubbed at it unconsciously.

"There is no need for you to fear him. He has given his word he would not harm you," Lucius chuckled lightly trying to ease some of the young mans tension.

Harry frowned and said "What would you feel like if you were at the Headquarters of the Order and they gave their word they would not harm you?"

Lucius seemed to think on it a few moments. "I see your point. There is no way I would believe they would not take out whatever their revenge would be for my actions towards them. Well, at any rate, the Dark Lord requests a meeting with you in his study to discuss your situation. I will be just outside the door when you are ready."

So Harry was left to dress and attempt to calm his rapid breathing and pounding heart. It didn't help in the least that he barely remembered the last few months. Everything was a blur of rage, sadness, pain, and blood. All jumbled and blurry. At that thought Harry noticed he didn't have his glasses on his face. He vaguely remembered Dudley crushing them when...

Harry shook his head trying to dissipate the disturbing image. He couldn't let those thoughts distract him. He didn't want to loose himself in them. Not again.

Finally dressed in plain black robes, trousers and a white button down t-shirt, Harry hesitantly opened the door of 'his' room. Harry still couldn't believe that the Dark Lord would want him to have a room all to himself.

Lucius was standing sedately directly across from him. Harry nervously wrung his hands together as Lucius gestured to his right and started walking, Harry following only a few feet behind him.

Once outside a dark colored door, that looked like all the others Harry had seen on their way, Lucius stopped. Harry knew that Voldemort was on the other side of the door. Felt it when the tingling in his scar had increased considerably but there was no pain there like years before. Harry thought it might be because he wasn't fighting it anymore. Wasn't in denial about it or afraid that Voldemort might see something he wasn't supposed to. Harry could never hide it from him even with the best of occlumency shields erected in his mind.

Lucius opened the door and gestured for Harry to enter first. Harry's hands were shaking with anxiety and his feet barely complied to his mental order to enter the room.

The first thing he noticed was a large desk piled high with books and papers and a small lamp with a stained glass shade depicting a snake rearing to strike at an unseen foe. Harry kept his eyes on the small lamp without really seeing it, he could clearly see the Dark Lord standing just to the right of the desk.

"How are you feeling?" The Dark Lord's voice was like a warm blanket on a cold night. Making him shiver unconsciously and his mind flicker with memories of his second year and the younger version of the man. Then there was an image of a snake like man coming out of a cauldron, then a mutated face on the back of Quirrels head. Which was the real one, when was he exactly. Harry felt like he wasn't when he should be.

"I'm...not quite sure..." Harry's eyes blurred further out of focus as he concentrated his mind on his peripheral vision and Voldemort. Harry tilted his head to the right slightly.

"Lucius, come here please," Harry saw Lucius step out from behind him and close the distance between himself and the Dark Lord. Then Voldemort lifted the left sleeve of Lucius's robes and placed his wand to the Dark Mark.

The room was silent then and Harry allowed his mind to wander back to why he was here. Where he had come from. And why he trusted so easily after all that had happened to him.

Harry lost himself in the flashing images of his memory. Being at the Dursleys, being beaten by his Uncle, starved by his aunt, and raped by his cousin. Then he came here and none of that happened. He was touched with kindness, spoke to with concern and softness. Then they had fed him and that alone was the one thing that cemented his belief that these people, no matter how bad others might think they were, would be the ones that received his loyalty.

There was a knock on the door and Harry whirled around suddenly eyes wide. "It's alright, it's only Severus," Lucius said stepping toward the frightened teen.

It took Harry a moment to remember that Snape's first name was Severus, and he only did remember when the older man was in the room. Harry let out a relived sigh and visibly relaxed. He trusted Snape more than anyone else to tell him the truth without fear of the reaction the words might have. Trusted him to treat him as he aught to be. He always had. Always would.

"You called my Lord?" Severus asked bowing only slightly.

"Yes, it seems Harry may be having some...difficulty," Harry thought that the Dark Lord sounded quite odd calling him Harry like that. Especially since there wasn't any hate or malice in his words. Everything seemed a bit off though. Strange and contorted. Skewed slightly from what it should be. Like the world was broken into a million pieces then put pack together wrong with a few less important pieces missing.

"Harry?" Snape asked him. Making Harry stop swaying. Had he been swaying. He didn't remember starting to do that. He hadn't done that since before he started Hogwarts. It made him feel better. Comforted him. "Harry? Are you listening?"

Uh oh. Snape had said something and he hadn't been paying attention. Harry blinked slowly a few times to try and clear the fog from his mind. Tried to get the world to piece itself back together in a recognizable shape. "It's...hard," Harry said trying desperately to concentrate enough to speak clearly. "It's all broken and I can't fix it."

"What's broken Harry?" That was Lucius speaking from behind Severus whom Harry had been staring at. The two men were such contrasts and Harry had moved his head so fast his vision blurred and he began to get frustrated with his uncooperative mind. For that's what was wrong Harry realized. Snape had said so. Said something about his magic and it affecting his mind.

"I can't...concentrate. Everything is put together wrong and won't sit still," Harry was frowning.

"Right, that one treatment would not have cured you completely. Though it is a positive sign that you understand that your mental capacities are, as of yet, less than optimal," Harry somehow seemed to be able to concentrate better when Snape talked. It took some doing in order for him to follow Snape's odd way of speaking. "My Lord it may be fortuitous to allow him the use of his wand now. The use of his magic will ground him and make it easier for him to concentrate."

While Snape spoke Harry turned back to the cluttered desk and the snake lamp shade. It fascinated him. The Green cobra he realized was magical and moved along the glass, chasing after something that wasn't apart of the glass design. Harry smiled and repeated a little rhyme he remembered reading. Not realizing he was speaking in Parseltounge.

If I could unhinge my jaw, like a snake

I could open wide and swallow

The ugliest vermin of my life

I'd draw from them nourishment

And leave nothing behind

Chapter End

AN: The chapter is done put I still don't think it is at 100%. But they say the worst critic you can have is yourself so maybe it is as good as it is going to get. If there are any suggestions on what you would like the story to include please feel free to include it.

AN2: The poem is of my own creation just so you know.

Thanks to all the reviewers I am getting a little motivated on this story once again. A specific word of thanks to fraewyn for suggesting the poem be in Parseltounge, that makes more sense since Harry is looking at a Snake and I think it will help cement the kind of relationship I am looking to create between Voldie and Harry.