Title: The Little Things

Summary: Everywhere he looked, there remained bits of who she was. Just little things. Sometimes, though, it's the littlest things that make the biggest differences when you're grieving. DocRose Post DD

A/N: So I'm writing this to pretty much see if I can really make something nice with just a few words. So far... so good Is suppose...but that... my friends is really up to you.

Chapter: Possessions

Word count: 91

Everything Rose ever owned, from her polka-dot peep toe pumps to her silver angel pendant, remained with it was the littlest things that kept him going.A whiff of her favourite perfume, the feel of her clothes against his rough fingers, even something as insignificant as a rhinestone studded "R" that hung from a faux silver chain around his neck, tucked carefully under his was one small little thing, that meant the world for him. That kept her spirit close to his heart. A little things.