A/n: A One shot about my favorite character from Advent Children, Loz

A/n: A One shot about my favorite character from Advent Children, Loz. You gotta love Loz, he's a total bad, but he still cries. He's awesome, and definitely the best fighter out of the three. Did ya'll see that trick with the motorcycle? Totally awesome. I love the guy. Anyways, please review.

Summary: Loz doesn't think Mother likes him, because why would Mother like a crybaby?

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He put his head against his knees and sniffled miserably. They had failed, again.

"Mother…" he whined, sobbing quietly. The others called him a crybaby, and he knew they were right. He hated that he couldn't stop crying, that even the vaguest hint that they might not find Mother in wherever they were looking made him whimper, and his whimper would make Yazoo look at him in contempt and say "Don't cry Loz."

Sometimes he didn't say it with contempt, sometimes he said it like he meant it, like he actually didn't want Loz to cry, and that just made him even madder at himself, because his brother felt sorry for him. He could take just about anyone in a fight, even his brothers, but they felt sorry for him, because he was a crybaby.

Mother would make everything better. When she got here, she would do what was best, and he wouldn't have to cry anymore.

But what if Mother didn't like him? What if she thought he was a crybaby too, and called him weak. A tear rolled off his cheek and he wiped his eyes bitterly.

Why couldn't he be like Kadaj? Kadaj was strong; he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. Kadaj knew what Mother wanted; of the three brothers, he was Mother's favorite. Of course, Mother didn't even like Kadaj as much as she liked Sephiroth.

And Yazoo, Yazoo could keep himself together. Nothing fazed Yazoo; he never cried. Mother surely liked Yazoo more than she liked Loz, who was such a crybaby.

Which meant he was Mother's least favorite child, and that only made him cry harder. He sobbed, not hearing the sound of footsteps until someone suddenly kicked him in the side. He looked up at the man who was looking down at him with a sneer.

"What're you crying about, baby?" Loz stood up, his tears ebbing. Here was something that could make him feel better; games always made him feel better, until he started to cry again. The man backed away nervously as he realized just how big this 'crybaby' was, and just how much cool menace he had without even trying. Loz smiled slightly, thinking that Mother would surely like him better once she saw how good he was at the games she had them play, she just had to. He looked at the man before him and smiled wider, holding out a hand.

"Wanna play?"

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