A/N: Okay, I just got back from watching the movie, and if you ask me it was pretty worthless overall except for three things: 1) Caspian's hotness, 2) Peter's hotness (do you see teenage girl coming through here? XD) and 3) Edmund's hotness and overall bad-and-kickassness (sorry, I'd asterisk that out but stupid document editer won't let me). I love movie!Edmund. He's so sarcastic and amazing. Then I came back and looked the movie up on wikipedia 'cause I'm a dork and I do things like that, and I read this: ...so the writers saw him "as our Han Solo", "doing the right thing" and "probably going to be a little low-key about it", highlighting the immaturity of his older brother. And that just made my day.

So I wrote this, because in my opinion the ice-smashing moment was the best part of the entire movie (which has nothing on the book, duh). It's definitely not my favorite thing I've ever written, and it's short, and didn't quite turn out how I wanted to, but I wanted to post it anyway and I'm going to shut up now because this is a really long author's note. Disclaimer: Puhlease.

The ice shatters.

Her icy cold voice is tempting you, and her eyes are like frost and yet so persuasive, and you're lowering your sword, and you're wondering if maybe, just maybe, you should give her just one little drop of blood…and suddenly the ice cracks and shatters.

It's a colossal smash, sharp shards of ice splintering into a million tiny silver pieces, like a frozen explosion. And then the wall of ice comes crashing down and the enticingly cold witch is gone, and you see Edmund holding his sword, standing in front of a wall of flame and the grave face of Aslan.

"I know," he says. "You had it sorted." And he walks away.

And you and Caspian look at each other and in that moment you both know that Edmund is twice the king either of you will ever be.

It's a humbling moment. When you realize that you may be the King of Kings and Caspian may be the rightful heir to the throne, but neither of you have strength like Edmund. When you realize words like eldest and High King no longer instantly equal the highest maturity level. When you realize that while you lost sight of faith, your little brother was redeeming himself a thousand times over, with little or no fanfare, doing the right thing and never demanding any attention. When you realize that you and Caspian have wasted so much time and energy engaging in your little hubris-filled, immature, power-play squabbling while war wages all around you.

But Edmund has it sorted.

He always has. He dealt with the return to England better than you did; he didn't get into fistfights for no reason at all, except when he was saving you. He really has changed since your first trip to Narnia. You had a bit of a role reversal, you realize—he was the mature one, while you were the one complaining about stupid English schoolboys and whatever else it was that threw you off that particular day.

The ice shatters, and you look at Caspian, and though he hasn't shown you as much respect as you really think he ought to, you can tell he's just as humbled as you are. He finally sees a reason to respect these fabled monarchs of old. He realizes what you and he both nearly succumbed to. Edmund has already been through that. Edmund knows what the White Witch does.

Edmund has it sorted.

A/N: I'd love a review to know what you think! Oh, and this is technically my first Narnia fanfic-I've been planning on venturing into Narnia fic for forever, and I've planned and even written a bit, but I haven't finished anything worthwhile...I'm not even sure this was worthwhile. Whatever, review! :P