Ch.3 of: "An Idol's love"

Gill had never felt so terrible in all of his life. It was about afternoon now and the water was warm and still with the sun up above shining sharply through the water creating a magnifying glass effect on all who swam below the glassy surface.

After hours of endless swimming through the night and early morning, Gill was about ready to fall apart. His bad fin ached with a continuous throb of pain as he desperately tried to stay mobile. He was bewildered about this new pain but didn't have time to stop and ponder it. It never hurt like this back in the tank. He guessed that it was due to the cramped space of the box that never allowed any fish to move around. Back then he would often swim back and fourth in the tank to exercise his mangled fin but it never really did any good. Gill clenched his teeth and dragged on. Suddenly a shot of pain traced it's was down his scars causing him to veer right into a seaweed patch. Gill opened his eyes to find the ocean landscape spinning wildly in vertigo. Exhausted he gave up the fight to remain afloat and slowly sank to the spinning seafloor.

Panting in a steady motion, he drifted off into a dark sleep.

Wow…how could there ever be such a morning as this. Surly it must be an act of heaven to make an ocean scene this breathtaking.

The sun hit the waves above Gill at just the right angle causing tiny flecks of light to paint the reef in a specter of rainbow pulses. The soft current caused the various anemones and sea weed patches to lethargically sway back and forth in a quiet steady motion.

Paired with the glistening blue water above him, Gill concluded that this had to be the most beautiful sight he had ever seen…well the second most beautiful. He drew in a deep breath and lazily gazed at various families of fish who swam by him and smiled. Suddenly he was playfully bumped in the tail from behind. He spun around face alight and eyes twinkling.


Her long flowing dorsal fin which was formed into a sleek wave billowed behind her as she swam closer inch by inch. Her gorgeous deep blue scales reminded Gill of the night sky mixed with the soft sparkle of the stars. Then there was a ray of yellow sunshine that painted a thick vibrant line down either side of her middle. Her eyes, of course, were a deep magenta red. These were Gill's favorite.

As she swam closer and closer Gill's longing was getting harder to restrain.

He quickly closed the few inches between them and stopped a half a centimeter from her face. Gazing into her eyes he couldn't help stop severe sensation of adoration he felt for her. He moved forward to embrace her. When he was just about to make contact with her she vanished into a puff of white dust that stayed suspended in the water until in sank to the ocean floor about 6 seconds later.

Gill's mouth hung open as he blinked repeatedly. N-NO!

Gill frantically searched the surrounding sea weed patches, rocks, and coral.



Gill stopped all of his searching and suddenly stared down at something he saw that was stuck half way in the sand. It was a mirror. Staring back at him he saw himself as he was before ever entering the Tank. He had no scares and his fin was perfectly formed. His eyes were filled with terror and his mouth hung open. He saw Tera swim up behind him.

He spun around. She was gone.

Frantically he scrambled back around to face the mirror but recoiled and let out a frightened yelp. Now his once perfectly formed body was tattered, scarred, and so cut up that he hardly recognized himself. Surrounding him was a cloud of deep red blood.

Though the cloud he once again saw Tera. She was sobbing ferociously and being dragged away by a dark figure in the shape of and Idol. The figure's fin slipped and she rushed back to the reflection but was once again held back by the shady fish.


Gill turned from his reflection and bolted into the open space behind him.

Nothing was there of course, but he did not continue his search. He stared down at the sand beneath him and wept. Tera…please…

Darkness took his sight. With his final breath he uttered two soft words.

I'm alive…

Gill slowly opened his eyes but quickly shot up from his resting place in order to shake off the dream. Whoa! To fast! The seascape began to spin again. Slowly he lowered himself back down onto the sandy bottom. After about a minute he rose again…slower this time. Gill observed his surroundings and realized that it was very dim and dark under the shade of the seaweed that he was resting beneath.

Dim and dark…that figure…

Gill suddenly felt a new strength wash over him in a replenishing wave of energy.

His eyes narrowed towards the South. Suddenly he sped off leaving a trail of bubbles behind him. I'm coming Tera…