Diamond girls

Diamond girls

The screech of van tyres filled the garden as a huge white removal van pulled up to the diamond girls' house!

"Come on get in the van or we will be late!" mum puffed exhaustedly.

The rain beat down with almighty thuds the windscreen wipers swished franticly as the Diamond girls travelled to their new home!

"Here we are Emerald road!" mum cheered

"We're all going to be knobs together!" Martine exclaimed

"Do stop that nonsense we will be fine!"

The huge 5 bedroom apartment towered over them it looked just like a shopping mal!

"I miss Tony already, this can't be happening! I'm off to see Tony" Martine exclaimed.

She wondered off back where she came from!

Mum found Dixie in the garden playing with Mary they were jumping off the 2ft wall which was next to the 10ft one!

"You better be careful up there or you will be serious trouble!" mum shouted as she went back inside.

A loud scream came from the back garden which soon turned into silence.