Hi guys this is my first Gossip Girl. This is based off of the TV show, after Serena tells Blair she killed someone but the wedding never happened. It was stuck in my head and I had to get it out.

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Serena had no one to turn to. Dan had dumped her, and Georgina was still ruining her life. It amazed her that she could have ever been friends with someone so wicked. Blair was there for her, but Serena did not want to keep turning to her. Their friendship was different now that she had told her what was going on. Blair denied it, she said they were closer than ever, but Serena could see the disappointment in her eyes.

Serena felt alone, and she found herself turning to the one person she loathed, Chuck. She was annoyed and irritated that he was the only one she could turn to. All the same she was grateful, which was why she was getting out of bed, getting dressed, and heading to Chuck's suite.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

Chuck rolled over, and looked at the clock. He groaned it was three o' clock in the morning. He got up from his bed and stretched. He scratched his head and walked towards the door. This is going to cost her big. I can't keep doing this, he thought. He had barely slept in days, and it was starting to show, which was unacceptable. When he opened the door however his thoughts on how he was going to make her pay disappeared. Serena's tear streaked face made Chuck feel something that he was not used to.

"I'm sorry Chuck, it's late but-"

"No, come on in. I'll go get you a drink."

Serena nodded and walked in. She settled herself into the coach, as Chuck got her drink. He quickly made the drinks and sat down next to her.

"Thanks," she said as he gave her the drink. Chuck nodded but said nothing. They were quiet for a while but it wasn't uncomfortable, they enjoyed the company. Even if they would never admit it. Serena surprisingly did something she would never in a hundred years have done if she were in her right mind. She laid her head against Chuck's shoulder. He was shocked but he was not going to fight her. He wrapped his arm around her and soon Serena fell into a dreamless sleep, lulled by the rhythm of his heartbeat. Chuck soon fell asleep after lulled by the warmth she brought him, it reminded him of when he was younger sleeping by his mother's side.

Serena woke up to the smell of breakfast. She blearily opened her eyes, only to see Chuck eating some eggs with toast. Her stomach grumbled reminding her of how hungry she was.

"What time is it?"

"It's four in the afternoon," he replied with his mouth full.

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"I figured you would wake up once you smelled the food."

Serena ignored him and grabbed the plate. This is how it was every day, they didn't talk about why she was there, or why she went to him, they just ignored it all. Usually once breakfast was over she would leave, but she wanted to do something today.

"Do you want to take a walk?" she asked.

Once again he was taken off-guard, but he covered up his shock well.


While Chuck showered and got dressed, Serena went to her own "house" and changed. I don't know what came over me asking him to take a walk with me. Well I didn't want to leave, and spend the whole day by myself. I guess Chuck is better than no one.

They met up by the front of the hotel, and walked to the park. There was no need for talking, their presence was enough.

"Come on, lets go see the penguins," Serena practically yelled with excitement. She grabbed his arm and led him to the said penguins. He rolled his eyes at her enthusiasm. She looked like a little girl, and it was comical to see her this way especially after how she had been acting the last couple of weeks. Chuck was going to say a smartass remark until he saw Serena's face. He looked to where she was looking, and his blood bubbled in rage in response to what he saw.

There was Dan and Georgina sharing a kiss. That bitch has to go, and what the hell is that mongrel thinking? He has to know that people will see him, and that this would get back to Serena. They need to get put in their proper place.

Before Chuck could even move or utter a word, Serena turned away and ran for all she was worth.

Damn it, Chuck thought. He ran after Serena and was able to catch up to her. He grabbed her arm, but she pulled away. Still he did not relinquish his hold.

"Let me go, Chuck." Tears were streaming down her face, she looked like broken, like she would never survive this. He felt a spark of protectiveness, he wanted to take her pain away. So he did the only thing he knew, he embraced her. He held her until she was calm enough. Once she was they went back to Chuck's suite.

"You know, it wasn't even about Dan, it just made me so mad that he would believe her over me, that he would choose such a conniving bitch over me. Serena stalked to the bar and got herself a drink, once she gulped that one down, she got herself another one. It wasn't long before she got drunk.

Chuck was amused just watching Serena. She was like a kid buzzed on candy but without any of the innocence. She was everywhere and it was starting to make Chuck dizzy.

"Okay, calm down," he said grabbing her arm.

"Chuck why are you always here for me?"

"Because we're family, I already told you that sis," he said in a mocking tone.

"No, its more than that. Why don't you turn me away, why don't you just lock the door, and not open it?"

"Because I'm a masochist, I enjoy the pain you bring me."

"No," she stared at him long and hard, "you like me don't you?"

Chuck blinked in surprise. This conversation was not going the way he wanted. "No," he said.

"You do, you do," she said while giggling uncontrollably.

Suddenly she became very serious. "As much as it kills me to say this, I like you too."

Chuck almost opened his mouth and shock, but he remembered who he was, and instead he raised his eyebrow.

Then Serena did the most shocking thing yet, she kissed him, he also kissed her for after all he was Chuck, but he pushed her away after a minute. Although he was all for it, he didn't want to be accused of taking advantage of her, he may be scumbag, but he had never taken it farther than what a girl wanted. Well, except for little Jenny, but she was the one who was leading me on.

"You're drunk,"

"No, I'm not, honestly it takes a bit more than that to make me drunk." She tried to kiss Chuck again but he pulled away from her.

"Goodnight, Serena," he said as he walked away from her and into his bedroom. Maybe, I should take advantage of this opportunity. No, you did the right thing. His mind was split between doing the right thing or the thing he had fantasized about that popped into his mind once in a while. Just go to bed, and sleep.

Serena only briefly thought about the situation before she fell into an exhausted sleep. Surprisingly she was up before Chuck, she had a small headache, but she wasn't completely hung over. She groaned when thoughts of last night came to her, the alcohol had loosened her tongue, and she wasn't ready to deal with those emotions or repercussions. She ordered breakfast, and when it came she knocked on Chuck's door.

"Go away."

"I have food," she replied. She heard some shuffling before he opened the door. She smiled brightly at him and said, "May I come in?" He didn't answer, he just walked away and left the door open. Serena walked in and set the tray on the bed.

"So listen, last night I said some things that-"

"It's okay, you were drunk, lets skip this okay, I know how you are, remember who you're talking to Serena."

"No that's not it, the thing is…I meant those things, I do like you, I tried to fight it but I cant deny it anymore. You've been there for me, and I've seen how caring you can be. I know you care for me a little, or else you wouldn't have gone through all that trouble. Tell me I'm wrong Chuck."

Chuck thought about everything she had said and he had to admit that he felt something for the girl, so he went for it and kissed her. Serena pulled back after a minute, she didn't feel any sparks.


"You didn't feel anything did you?"

"Maybe we should try again," she said. He nodded and they kissed again. They pulled back again after a few seconds, looked at each others faces, and busted out laughing.

"Guess we just weren't meant to be."

"Well I guess now I can stop fantasizing about you," he said. Serena rolled her eyes and slapped him.

"See you later bro," she said as she walked out of his room towards the door.

"See you later sis," he said walking her towards the door. He closed the door once she left and leaned against it. She may have not felt anything, but I did.

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