American Dragon: African Heart

By: Orionstorm04

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African Sky's

Africa; considered to be the cradle of life for all humans in the world. When you think of it, you think of wild animals, open plains and natural beauty. And on any other night that's probably what could have been witnessed; but tonight was marked with a raging storm that engulfed half of East Africa. Deep in an isolated jungle in the heart of Kenya laid a city unparallel to any other with its magnificent architecture to its flowing rivers that ran through the city itself, it was call Zirenthea. The streets were deserted due to the heavy rains; no one would dare try to traverse the city in this type of maelstrom. Lightning flashed across the sky to illuminate everything below; but at the same time a cry could be heard somewhere in the distance. The crowning jewel of this magnificent city would be the palace which was placed in the center of the city, and in the palace its keepers were running frantically and with every few minutes another scream could be heard. Women carrying large basins of water were going from room to room collecting towels and other necessities.

Inside one of the rooms lay a woman considerably pregnant and very agitated by the constant traffic of people in and out of her room. All the disruptions nearly drove the woman crazy until finally she had enough and with a glare that could kill she address the attendants

" If you all don't leave this room this instant I will make all of your lives a living Hell!" she hissed through clenched teeth and barely contained pain.

The woman lying in the bed was no older than twenty-five with azure colored eyes that were in strake contrast to her brown skin and jet black hair; but it was her eyes that held so much wisdom that defied her age and made her people love and respect her. A middle aged woman sitting next to her began to chuckle as she noticed the expressions on the other women's faces, she like her friend was youthful in appearance but one could tell she acted well beyond her age.

While wiping a damp cloth across the other woman's head she tried her best to calm her friend

"Aannanie… please calm down. You know they are only here to help and you yelling at them is not making the situation any better." she said with a soft smile on her lips. She knew that her friend was in pain due to the labor but that gave her no excuse to yell at those trying to help. After telling the other midwives to continue what they were doing she turned back to Aannanie.

"Come now Aannanie; must you make these poor women anymore nervous then the already are?" she said with a hint of teasing in her voice. Aannanie turned her murderous glare to her friend and spoke with clear indignation in her voice

"Them nervous?! What about me, I'm the one who is feeling like I am being torn apart from the inside Akeeda. Let them try having this baby and see how they respond!" to which all Akeeda could do was laugh. She had been best friend with Aannanie for years; actually since they were toddlers and in all that time she had never seen her friend so afraid, well unless you count that time that they had broken that ceremonial urn at the summer solstice a few years back.

Aannanie simple stared at Akeeda as if she had lost her mind "And what in the Goddess' name is so funny?! I see nothing amusing here Akeeda."

After whipping the tear from her eye Akeeda tried lamely to compose herself "Forgive me I was simply marveling at your complete control in all of this…" she said sarcastically but when she looked at the other woman's face she thought it best to be serious. "Look; I know this is really, really tough on you. But you must stay calm or you'll only make it worse if you continue to overly stress yourself. Now I want you to try and calm down and we'll see how much you have dilated." Begrudgingly Aannanie did as she was told and took several deep breaths to relax herself while Akeeda went to the end of the bed and lifted the covers over her keens to examine her. After a few tense minutes Akeeda peaked her head over Aannanie's knees and with a jubilant smile announced that the time had come.

"You're fully dilated Aanna… I can see the head! The baby is crowning!" she said excitedly.

With a huge sigh and a smile to match Aannanie flopped her head back onto her pillow and said "Finally… I was beginning to think she would stay in there."

Akeeda looked at her friend with a quizzical expression on her face and asked "How do you know it's a girl? I thought you said you didn't want to know the sex of the baby until after it was born?" Akeeda distinctively recalled Aannanie giving specific instructions not to be told the gender of the baby, she said she wanted it to be a surprise and that none of the physician were to tell a soul.

"I don't know… it just feels like it's the right thing to say…" Aannanie responded to her. Though she couldn't see Akeeda's expression she knew what she was thinking "and no I didn't go back on my word and force the physician to tell me either so you can stop looking at me like that." Akeeda only shook her head and smiled; she knew once Aanna made up her mind about something she wasn't likely to change it, so she didn't give the matter anymore thought.

It was soon time for Aannanie to start pushing, which was something she really wasn't looking forward to.

"Okay Aanna I need you to push for me…" said Akeeda, and clenching her teeth Aanna started to push.

Not five seconds into her first push Aannanie let loose a bloodcurdling scream that could peel paint off a wall. The midwives winced in pain as they listened to the woman's scream; it was like nothing they had ever heard before; almost as if the woman was dying. With deep labored breaths Aannanie shut her eyes tightly and gasped to her friend.

"Keeda… I can't. It hurts… I-I don't think I can do it." By this time Aanna's forehead and hair was completely drenched in sweat and tears were forming in her eyes. Akeeda threw back her shoulders and set her jaw as she looked at her and with a tone that left no room for argument.

"You have no choice. You have to push… not only for you sake but for the sake of the child! You will be a mother soon Aannanie; you have to be strong and willing to make hard choices for you and your baby. Now stop you're wining and push, I don't have all night to sit here I want to see my godchild sometime this millennium." At her words Aannanie sat shocked, she knew Akeeda was right; she had no choice the baby was coming and there was no delaying any farther and besides she was eager to see her little one as well.

After hours of labor for which Aannanie thought she would surely die of there came the most beautiful sound in the world; the sound of her first born daughter's cries. Akeeda stood at the edge of the bed with the baby safely wrapped in a white cotton cloth, and all the while she had a look of bewilderment imprinted on her face. Finally lifting her head from pure exhaustion Aannanie looked to see where her baby was and why hadn't she been brought to her. Her gaze fell on the sight of her best friend being surrounded by the attendants and midwives all with the same awed expression on their faces. With a weary smile on her face Aannanie called out to them.

"Well… aren't you going to let me see my baby? Or will you hold her captive from me? Though I have to tell you after going through that much pain to bring her into this world I will not be so apt to let her go without a fight."

She was teasing they all knew but they thought it was wise to bring the baby to her. Once she had her child in her hand Aannanie felt a sense of fulfillment and completeness settle over her, she never felt so whole in all her life. Slowly removing the cloth from over the baby's head as to get a good look at her Aannanie's smile only brighten, the baby girl was beautiful. She had her mother's soft golden brown skin and when the child open her eyes Aannanie couldn't help but notice that she also had her azure colored eyes. The one thing that really made her precious bundle of joy radiate was her curly and slightly wavy pure white hair. Aannanie immediately recognized the texture of the little girl's hair as being that of the baby's father that had passed away before he even knew of Aannanie's pregnancy.

It was Akeeda who was the first to speak.

"Ohh… Aannanie; she's gorgeous and that head of hair, I have never seen such a pure color of white" she admonished. The woman standing next to her beamed at the little girl.

"She has been touched by the Goddess herself. Only those who the Goddess bestows her grace upon are gifted with such beauty. This child has a great destiny placed upon her."

Still in her own little world Aannanie had yet to acknowledge what the other women were saying, she just could not bring her eyes away from her little girl. All sorts of things ran through her mind; like how much she would love this child, how much fun she would have in showing her off, and finally how she would never know her father. The last thought is what brought Aannanie back to the present. It pained her to know that Orin would never get a chance to know their child, but she knew she could not dwell on the past. Orin was dead and there was nothing she could do to change that fact; and the knowledge of that brought a tear to her eyes.

Akeeda looked at her friend and notice the sudden change in her emotions but before she had a chance to comment on it the doors to the room were thrown open and in walked a procession of finely garbed men and women. At the head of the procession there stood a tall dark skinned man with a bald head and a graying bearded dressed in royal purple robes. Once he reached the bed he looked upon mother and child with a warm smile.

"Ah; Princess Aannanie it is good to see you and the child well."

Aannanie returned the smile with a little less warmth behind it as she responded to him.

"Well Councilman Dar; whereas I appreciate your kind thoughts I have not delivered my baby more than twenty minutes before you and the rest of the Magical Council have descended upon me."

Akeeda tried miserably to stifle her laugh as she looked at the council's faces as Aannanie reprimanded them under the guise of appreciation. Though Councilman Dar looked unfazed by the remark he and the other councilman moved closer to look at the newborn baby.

"I see she has her mother's beauty. And what peculiar colored hair…" he looked curiously from child to mother "surely she did not inherit it from you as I have known both your parent and neither of them had such hair."

Aannanie bit the inside of her check; she hated when people spoke of Orin be it good or bad it always tended to remind her that he was gone. Still with her smile plastered on her face she answered his question.

"No she did not receive her hair from my side of the family. And to answer your other question she did not get it from her father. It was a gift from the Goddess" she stated proudly. Whispering could be heard amongst the other councilman while Dar continued to speak with Aannanie.

"Hmmm… that is quite an honor for your child to be so blessed by the Goddess…" the man had a look in his eye that could only be described as full of wonderment his smile slowly grew into a fully fledged grin "we will have to keep an eye out for the young princess here. Her destiny proves to be an interesting one indeed. We will let you rest Your Grace; as we have another engagement. It has come to our attention that a new American Dragon has been born this day to. Maybe some time in the future the two young ones will meet." Dar said as he and the other member began to turn and leave before he stopped in his track and said "By the way what is the child's name?"

Aannanie did not hesitate in her response.


Dar looked carefully for a moment before he smiled and said "Ahh; a named derived from the combination of her parent: Orin and Aannanie." Before he could walk out of the room Aannanie called out to him.

"Oh and Councilman Dar… please send my greetings to the African Dragon Andam. It has been far too long since we have spoken to one another." Dar agreed to deliver the message then turned to leave the room leaving only mother and child as the attendant along with Akeeda had followed them out. Smiling at her now sleeping daughter Aannanie spoke softly to the child "Sleep now my little star and moon for tomorrow will be a big day for us both." Soon she too was fast asleep.

Fall of Zirenthea

Six Months Later…

Run, that was all that Aannanie could think of at the moment; just run and don't look back. She could hear the explosions and the cries of her people begging to be saved, to be spared. And as much as her heart ached to hear them suffering she could not stop, she had to make sure that her daughter got away safely before she could return to help her people, and as selfish as that sounded she knew she was doing the right thing. While running through the corridors of the palace she was able to get quick glimpses of the city out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and what she saw terrified her. Down below the city that was once a paradise now looked like it had descended into Hell. Fires were raging uncontrollably while its citizens ran for their lives from the monstrous creatures that attacked them. The beast were over 8 feet tall with skin that looked as though it had decomposed centuries ago and piercing red eyes with no pits, they just seemed like pools of blood; no emotion behind them but the need to devour flesh and mane anything in their path.

Aannanie was terrified, not for herself but for the welfare of her child. She did not believe she would be able to defend herself and keep the child safe; so that drew her to her current conclusion. Run, and get Orianna to safety then return to deal with the threat to her people. Nearing the passageway that would take her to the room she needed Aannanie let out a small gasp as a cloaked figure appeared in front of the large door. On instinct Aannanie raised her free hand and began to speak an incantation that would completely obliterate her cloaked assailant.

"EVITA ENIS…" she was preparing to complete her spell when the figure spoke in a voice that she could not forget even if she tried.

"Aannanie WAIT! It's me…" the figure quickly removed the hood to reveal the face of Aannanie's lifelong friend and Lady in Waiting Akeeda. Lowering her hand and placing it over her heart Aannanie let out a huge sigh of relief.

"By the Goddess Akeeda it is you…" she went to embrace her friend with a fierce hug "I had thought you were lost to me, taken by those horrible creatures." Akeeda returned the hug just as tightly.

"No, I managed to make it here. I knew this would be the only safe place once the monsters overtook the Evanti." Throughout the Zirenthea's history it had always been protected by not only it ruler but also by an elite guard know as the Evanti. The Evanti were skilled men and women chosen by the King or Queen to be endowed with sacred powers that could be used to defend the city and its ruler.

Finally pulling away from one another Aannanie looked Akeeda in the eyes and said "Well I'm glad you're safe; now you can help me."

Immediately Akeeda brought her full attention to her friend prepared to do whatever she asked of her.

"Anything Aanna." At her friends immediate response Aannanie beamed with thanks to Akeeda for she knew the request she would make would break the other woman's heart; she also knew that next to herself Akeeda would go to any lengths to protect her child.

"Good, now follow me we haven't much time. As we speak I can sense his demonic presence in the palace walls, and if we do not hurry all will be lost." Opening the door Aannanie walked swiftly into the next room followed by Akeeda. The room was large with torches burning in every corner giving it a half shadow atmosphere and in the center of the room lay what appeared to be a pool with ancient ruins surround its base. Once both were inside Akeeda quickly shut the door and used a sealing spell so that it could not be opened.

"Why are we here Aanna…this is "The Bath of Oshun" what are you…" at this point Akeeda was completely lost. What could Aannanie be doing here, she couldn't possibly be thinking of abandoning her people at this time of crisis that just didn't sound like her.

"We haven't the time to discuss it now! Come with me." Aannanie commanded with her hand outstretched to Akeeda and her eyes pleading.

Akeeda did as commanded and took hold of her hand and slowly stepped in the water. To any other who did not know what the bath was used for would have looked as though the woman had lost their minds but as the saying goes looks can be deceiving. The bath had been giving to the Royal Family of Zirenthea generation ago by the Goddess of Water herself. It was to be used to not only view the outside world but to travel to it. Concentrating hard on the task at hand Aannanie focused her thoughts on a place far from her home to where her friend and daughter would be spared the horrible fate that befell her kingdom. The waters surrounding them began to glow an eerie white color and churned around them. When Aannanie opened her eyes all color was drained of them and all that was left were milky pools and in a blinding flash they were gone.

Hundreds of miles away from the City of Zirenthea stood the Lake of Elementeita, normally during the dry season the lake is completely empty but not this night. Slowly as if arising from some underground spring, water began to fill the crater; once the water reached its maximum spouts of water began to rise into the air. Twisting and turning amongst themselves the spouts soon created a rising geyser of spiraling of water. Once the water accumulated enough it exploded outwards sprinkling the earth around the shore and standing in its place was Aannanie holding a crying Orianna and a slightly dazed Akeeda.

Walking on top of the water the women made their way to the lake bed and quickly made their way over to the dense shrubs a few feet away. After making sure they were not followed Aannanie turned to Akeeda with a determined look in her eye for she knew what she was about to tell her friend would be tremendously painful for her.

"Akeeda; I need you to take Orianna and go as far away from Zirenthea as possible. I do not have time to explain it all but you must make sure that she is safe." The moment the words "take Orianna and go" left Aannanie's mouth Akeeda began to shack her head vehemently.

"NO! Aannanie I can't do that… why would you ask me to do something like that?!"

Aannanie tried to reason with the other woman because she knew time was short and it would only be a matter of time before the demonic presence caught on that she nor her child was still in the city.

"Akeeda please listen to me. I can't protect Orianna and fight this battle. I need to know that she is safe and the only way I will know that is if I know she is with you."

Akeeda was not ready to give up the fight that easily.

"But why? I'm sure that the magical council is aware of what is happing. Won't they send Zirenthea aid, you don't have to do this Aanna; think of your child. What will she do if you are killed."

Looking down at her daughter Aannanie knew she was doing the right thing by going back and taking care of the threat head on, but she couldn't help but wonder what would happen if she failed. Turning back to Akeeda, she had a determined glare one that left the other woman with her mouth pinned shut.

"It is not up for debate. You will take this child and you will run as far away as you can and not look back…"then the look on her face softened "I can remember only months ago when you told me that I was to be a mother and that I would have to make tough decision for not only my sake but for the sake of my child. Well my friend that is what I am doing; making the decision that will keep her safe. I have no more options Keeda, I am more than sure the Magical Council is aware of our situation but at this point their help would be futile. T-This monster; whoever he is, is far more powerful than they are capable of dealing with so now I must take matters into my own hand and make sure that he is sealed away indefinitely."

All the while Aannanie was delivering her speech, she was passing her daughter to her friend and preparing herself mentally to say goodbye.

"That is exactly my point Aanna, if he is more powerful than the Magical Council to take care of what hope do you have. You would only be throwing your life away, please come with use you can raise Orianna with me. Please I-I can't lose you… I don't know what I would do if you weren't there. And what would I tell Orianna when she is older about what happen to her mother?" by this time Akeeda was in tears. The thought of losing her one true friend in the whole world scared her almost as much as raising said friends child and having to explain that her mother was killed trying to win a lost cause.

"You will tell her that her mother loved her very much…" Aannanie said with her own tears streaming down her face "you will tell her that I will always love her and nothing in this world will ever change that…" she continued to say while loving stroking the infant's curly white hair. After placing one final kiss to her daughter head Aannanie stared at Akeeda preparing to give her the last of her orders "And you will not tell her of past." That was what gained all of Akeeda's attention and she was prepared to continue arguing but Aannanie quickly cut her off.

"That too is not up for debate. You mustn't tell her of her home. In fact you will pretend you never heard of Zirenthea. I want no one to knowing that my child is alive for if I fail in my attempts' to seal this beast I want him to think that my child died with everyone else; not even the Magical Council is to know that she lived. Do you understand?"

At first Akeeda wanted to say no; that she would not lie to this child about where she came from or who her mother really was but after thinking it through she knew that it would be the best thing. Aannanie was right. If she failed in stopping the monster nothing would stop it from hunting her and Orianna down until they too were dead. With a deep sigh and bowing her head Akeeda agreed to keep her secrets. Smiling Aannanie hugged her friend for what she was sure for the last time.

"I still want her trained in her powers. I want her to be able to take care of herself if the need ever arose and I know she could not ask for a better teacher than you." Slowly pulling apart Aannanie started to remove the pendent she had made in honor of her daughter. I was a beautiful diamond in the shape of a star with a platinum crescent moon in its center.

"This is for you my little star and moon; so that you will never forget me. Be strong child and know that I will always be looking after you no matter what." With those final words Aannanie began to walk back to the lake. Once she reached the center of the lake she turned back to look at her family for the last time and with a soft smile on her face and tears in her eyes she called out to Akeeda.

"Take care of her Keeda… and know that you both will always be with me." And with that she disappeared in the lake.

For a long time all Akeeda could do was stare at the lake at which her friend disappeared in stunned. She couldn't believe that she would never see Aannanie again, and the thought of that tore at her soul. Looking down at the child she knew she had a responsibility to her godchild; she had to make sure she was protected and that meant getting her to a safe haven. Standing up Akeeda prepared herself for the long journey to the next village. After walking for a few miles she could feel the earth began to quake, she immediately turned her head in the direction she knew Zirenthea to be. And with a grim expression on her face her gaze fell upon what looked like a volcano erupting and in the pit of her stomach she knew what had just happened. Aannanie unleashed her full power and plunged their home into a perpetual tomb covered in molten rock and an impenetrable spell, to seal not only herself but one of the most evil being in the world. Soon she began to press on she would make sure that no harm would come to her child.

To be continued….