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Later that night at the Bayville City Park, four mutants were continuing their plot ideas for Operation "Get Rid of Bella" and Operation "Get Rogue and Remy together".

"So, we've run into a rough patch with Operation "Get Rogue and Remy Together"," says Wanda.

"I'll, like, say. Rogue and Remy have finally, like, admitted that they like each other to themselves, but are now going to, like, put off telling each because Remy, like surprisingly enough, is afraid of reject," says Kitty.

"Sheila's, we still have hope yet though. Oy mean didn't Rogue say that she was going to tell him through the movie, so as long as we can get him to realize that she's being sincere then there shouldn't be a problem," says John.

The four continue to discuss the issue as well as discuss how to get rid of Bella when the time comes, which after looking at the script again, they realized wouldn't be until they were completely done filming.

Back at the mansion, Tabitha is sitting alone in her bedroom, thinking about her character. 'She is such a jerk to everyone. I mean I'm self-centered, but even I'm not that bad. I guess not everyone agrees though. Do they think that I'm deaf or something? I can't believe that even Amara thinks that I'm exactly like my character.' Tabitha starts to cry. 'Augh, and now their stupid words are making me cry. I mean and who are some of them to judge. It's not like they're much better. Jean often acts like she's better then the rest of us or like she's are mom or something. Amara is just as bad as I am if not worse when it comes to being self-centered. Jubilee is..."

Just as Tabitha was about to finish that thought, her roommate, Amara, comes in startling Tabitha. Amara sees Tabitha's face and says, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," says Tabitha. 'Not like you really care."

"Alright then," says Amara not really believing her, but knowing that unless Tabitha wants to talk about it, she won't. "Well dinner's ready. So..."

"I'll be down in a second," replys Tabitha.

"Okay then," says Amara, who then leaves figuring it's best to let Tabitha freshen up by herself.

Tabitha washes her face to get rid of any trace of tears and then heads downstairs for dinner, even though she's not really that hungry.

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