Chapter 65: Storm Of Sorrow, Larxene 's Cruel Assault!

Last time, in tales of the Cosmic Wars, a long awaited moment for Ben had at last arrived, his long delayed date with one of the most popular girls of the Enji, Lisa Alster! Even the power of Darth Damonus did not worry him as much as this date! This is because, due to a series of bad luck, this marks his first real date with a girl that he likes, which makes him even more nervous.

Still, with advice from his friends and even Lacus, he was able to prepare a fun time for Lisa with a night at the main attraction of Neo Arcadia's entertainment district, the Platinum Saucer. Little did he know, Lacus was going there coincidentally, at the same time, to celebrate her younger sister Sara's birthday with her and her older sister, Shion!

At first things were going along great, that is until Ben and Lisa's dinner was ruined by a swarm of loud Harpy nobodies! They were dealt with easily and things looked like they were going great. But, then Lacus, who was nearby, traced the magic energy of those nobody minions to their source, and discovered a horrifying truth! As she rushed to where the two went, she sadly conformed the truth, and she saved Ben from being stabbed unexpectedly from Lisa!

Confronted, Lisa at last admitted she was the spy who sabotaged the shields of the world for Xehamaru 's massive invasion earlier. Then she revealed that the person he thought she was never existed!

All this time, Lisa Alster was really Larxene, the "Savage Nymph" of the dark Enji of Organization XIII! Ben's heart was broken when he realized that when he finally thought he met a girl that accepted him for who he was, the whole time she was just using him and did not like him at all! With his resolve splintered, can he regain his fighting spirit in time to help Lacus fight off the thunderous assault of this blond deceiver? The time to find out is now, so let's get started!

Our chapter started with a vicious thunderstorm breaking out over the Platinum Saucer. As many lightning bolts hit the large amusement park, a figure was standing on the top and observing the various large levels of magic energy that had broken out.

The figures hood was up and seemed to be taking pleasure in the storm." Ah, so she has finally showed her true face to the Enji eh? To be honest, I am surprised she was able to keep her cover for as long as she did with that temper of hers. But now it looks like she finally has been caught. Tsk, lucky for her I just happened to be sent here to rendezvous with her. Let's see, I wonder if she can finish off the wielder of the Star Sword by herself? Heh, if not, I will be happy to clean up her mistake and add killing the hope of the Enji to my list of accomplishments. At least if I get to will be a graceful death."

Back at the empty theater, Larxene had just started her assault. She giggled before having all the yellow knives in her fingers charge with electricity. She then glanced at Ben and Lacus with a devious grin before she let out a mocking innocent tone." Well then...ready to die...silly fools? It's been a while since I have been so charged up. It won't take long to be rid of you idiots!"

Saying this, Larxene had her magic aura spike, before throwing a few of her knives at Lacus. Yet her target was ready, and struck them to the ground with her Oath Keeper sword.

She then stared down Larxene and shrugged." Sorry, but it's not going to be as easy as you think. I see you have gotten a little overconfident. Keep acting like that and you will be the idiot Larxene."

Larxene then laughed in that way those arrogant women laugh with their hands up or something and threw back a haughty," Oh please! I know you have some talent little Raystar, but you can't beat me!"

"You seem to have the impression that because I come from a noble family that my skills are not on par, you will regret making that impression. And you're forgetting, it's two on one, so the odds are against you!"

This just caused Larxene to laugh again and retorted with a cruel," Oh, you mean mister Star sap? Please he is a broken man; I can see it in his eyes. Ah, men are so easy to break. Just have to strike at their heart to crush them!"

Lacus then saw Ben still in an out of it state, as he was blankly staring into the sky. She then shouted at the female dark side user with," Stop it! It's women like you that make things worse! Ben, can you hear me? Please, I know you're going through a rough time at the moment. But, this will go much smoother with your help. "

Ben seemed to respond with a detached." Lacus, sorry, I won't let you down."

The brown haired man got back on his feet and got into his fighting stance . However, Lacus saw Ben seemed to be struggling. Larxene then giggled at this and teasingly retorted with," Oh, and now you're going to strike a lady? How savage! You need to be taught some manners! And no better way to teach then shock therapy!"

Wincing at the comment, Ben's attempt to charge was stopped, and in a moment, the female villain fired a powerful Dark Thundaga spell at him to blast him into the wall. As he tried to get up, his hand hurt from the shock and he just stared at Larxene."Lisa, so you really are trying to kill me, huh? Well, looks like I was such a fool that the one time I thought a girl liked me...she really was just stringing me along...because she wanted to kill me."

Lacus replied with a sigh." Oh Ben, deep down I see you're still as gentle as you were back then. You have no problem fighting against the enemies. But, when its someone you know you have trouble fighting to kill, don't you?"

Ben tried to get up and said to Lacus," Lacus, I'm sorry, I know, it's pathetic. "

Lacus just shook her head and looked defiant." No, kindness does not mean weakness. I won't let her get away with this. Ben may have trouble fighting you, but I don't! You're not going to be laughing much longer!"

Larxene smirked evilly before casting another Thundaga blast at Lacus, but our heroine deflected it with her Oath Keeper blade before charging at her foe. She then went for a horizontal sword slash, but although she was acting fast, the blond hair women dodged it with ease.

Lacus pressed on her attack, but Larxene kept on being the faster women. After dodging a kick from Lacus, she jumped back and landed on the theaters balcony with one foot before laughing once more before she emitted a haughty," Oh please, darling! You can swat at me all day, but you will never catch me! You seem to have forgotten that my speed in combat is greater than even Ezan Kaiba's! And that was when I was playing around! You're out matched girl!"

"I see, it's true, your speed in both normal and flash-steps were the highest and were even on par with the masters. But, even if I cannot match you in speed directly I will just have to attack to find a way around it "

Larxene then stated," Oh, you can try, but you know something?"

At that moment, a flash of lightning hit the theater and Lacus was blinded for a moment. And, when she could see again, Larxene was right behind her.

She then slashed at Lacus from behind before she could even react. As Lacus was slashed across the back, Larxene gleefully reacted with," You're not fast enough to try anything on me!"

Ben then reacted and shouted out Lacus' name before getting back on his feet. Lacus then got back up from the floor and looked agitated ," Ow, I should have expected that."

Larxene widened her eyes before her reaction was a mocking,"Not like you could have done anything about it, Lacus. Face it, unless you show me your real power, the power of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, your next stop will be a one way trip to the nether-realm!"

Both Lacus and Ben were shocked about what the Dark Enji knew, and she just looked at them like they are morons before she giggled."What? Really think I would not be a spy for so long and find out all the top class info? Please, it's a topic of interest in our Organization. Yes, but unless you use that power, you're sunk!"

Lacus stood back alarmed, but then got angry."There is more to me than what is inside me!"

Larxene rolled her eyes before she reacted with," Oh face it dear, you're in denial. But, in any case, keep it up and I'll just rip it out of you!"

The blond traitor fired another thunder spell at Lacus, which was promptly blocked, but that was just to distract Lacus as Larxene then had her eyes glowed to direct a bolt of lightning from the storm clouds above head for the other woman.

However, just as it looked like Lacus was about to be struck, Ben flash jumped above her and blocked it with his Star Sword. He then landed and looked at Larxene before he glared at his former date, "No, I won't let you hurt her! If you keep pushing me, I will be forced to fight back. And, I still prefer not to kill you."

Larxene then laughed as usual and mocked Ben with," Hahaha! Kill me? Oh please, like you have the guts "tiger"!"

This got Ben angry and he grit his teeth." It would be wise not to push me if you want to avoid the same thing that happened to Xehamaru after he pushed me to far. Lisa, it's not too late, stop this!"

This got Larxene angry before she looks victoriously at her enemy." Seriously?'re even slower then I thought Benny boy! It's you who should be begging for mercy!"

"Don't forget, Xehamaru could not kill me despite all his magic and powers. And unless you are just playing around, your power level, while strong, is not as powerful as his. If you keep pushing me, it will be your last mistake. So play smart and back off Lisa, before you get me angry!"

Larxene then smiled cruelly and leaned forward." Oh it's true, I can't match the power level Xehamaru pulled off with that disgusting transformation of his. But, you men think only in your brute strength. Even with that fancy Bankai power you have, you have no shot! Oh, and one more thing, there is no Lisa, there is only Larxene! "

With this, Larxene went to slash at Ben with her knives, but Ben was able to block, and the clash in power caused a shock-wave that blew away the lights in the theater.

Ben then fired an energy sword wave at his foe, only for her to vanish. Ben sensed her coming from the left and went on to dash at her. And Lacus then sees the two of them collide at each other with such speed that it's like two blurs flashing back and forth. At last it ends when Larxene dove up into the sky and fires another blast of electricity at Ben. Our hero was able to block it, but then Larxene fired another blast from her other hand.

Ben was pushed back and as Larxene saw her former date looked strained she taunted Ben once more with," So this is your strength first hand, is it? Not bad, too bad you have no style! You were always so dull to be with, you really thought you could entertain me? HA!"

The Enji was hurt from her remarks and grasped his fist tightly." Lisa, or Larxene as you insist. Didn't you feel anything for the Enji after being with us for so long? Don't you feel bad for betraying all of us?"

Larxene then stated," Silly boy, you're too foolish. All you Enji are so moronic for defending such worthless ugly creatures. It's so amusing how you fight to defend those who you could easily rule. And you, Benny boy, you're the biggest joke of all! Always spouting about honor and dreams. The whole year you kept babbling on about being a hero. And you thought that was going to win the hearts of the ladies? HA! Let me fill you in on something, Ben Auro. It's true what they say. Nice guys finish last, dead last!

No one wanted to be with the boring stiff. The most exciting ones are the ones that will the hearts, regardless of what side they are on. Your continental pursuit of justice will just isolate you, mister "hero of light". Yes, you're the biggest fool I ever seen! Hahaah!"

Hearing this, Ben got really upset. In a burst of anger his magic energy exploded and blasted back the lightning bolts. He then charged at Larxene and furiously yelled out," Enough! You're wrong, you don't understand anything! I won't let you defeat me, traitor! I will defend Lacus and the others from you, even if I have to kill you! "

In a flash, Larxene threw more knives at Ben, but the Star Warrior used his magic energy to rip out some theater seats in to the air to block them. He then threw them at Larxene, and as she dodged, he charged at her and while she was caught off guard, and swiftly kicked her in the head with a powerful roundhouse blow.

He put such force that the blond villain was sent pummeling through the stage of the theater. Ben then landed back on the ground as he saw he landed a strong blow.

Lacus ran up to besides Ben and saw him breathing hard."Are you alright, Ben?"

Ben put on a grim smile as he stated," I will be alright; it's just been a rough night. Huh?"

Ben and Lacus saw some movement in the splinters of the stage. Ben signaled for Lacus to follow him and jumped on the stage ready to fight. He then saw Larxene reappear, but she seemed dazed. Ben was almost about to brace himself for round two, when he saw his foe look confused. She then spot Ben and shouted innocently,"Hey, Tiger. Oh? Where am I? Hey, does this mean you rescued me?"

Ben and Lacus looked at each other confusedly and a on edge Ben muttered, "What's going on, Larxene? You don't think you can just call it quits, do you?"

Larxene just looked innocently at the duo and giggled out," Larxene? Don't tell me you've forgotten little old Lisa already, darling!"

Lacus at once looked curious as she leaned forward and then responded with, "So, you're not Larxene, one of the thirteen elite dark Enji?"

Whoever the blond women was, she then responded urgently with," No way! Oh, but I can see your confused. Did I attack you two? Sorry about that. In one of my missions with Captain Stan, all of a sudden these drab hooded creeps appeared out of nowhere saying I was chosen to be part of the new world. And, after a bunch of darkness, now I'm here! Those creeps must have brainwashed me to attack you guys! Oh, I'm sorry, Hun. Can you forgive me?"

Ben looked relieved. He got out of fighting stance and took a deep breath." So, you were not betraying us through your own free will? I knew it! I knew all that was not just a lie!"

Lisa then gave a merry smile before with a chipper tone stated," Of course! I would never betray you. "

Lacus narrowed her eyes and looked at the blond woman carefully." So, you were acting under a mind control spell? When did you get captured, and when were you under its effects? After all how do we know this is not a lie? "

Lisa tried to think of a answer but racked her head before she winced." Ow, I know it's not helping much, but I can't remember much, my mind's all hazy and I don't know how long I was with them."

"Don't worry Lacus." Ben responded joyfully." I can't sense any darkness around her. I think we can believe her. I'm so relieved; it was not all a lie after all."

Lisa then laughed and nodded." Of course! I would never betray my star. Thanks for believing me, Ben, I knew I could count on you!"

Ben smirked, and went up to Lisa and offered his hand." Here, need some help up?"

With this, Lisa grinned, a little more eager than normal, and Lacus then started to sense something before she hastily shouted," Wait, stop Ben!"

Lisa then widened her eyes." Yes, I can always count on you, to be so pathetic!"

Ben then sensed something and turned around to see another Lisa, no, Larxene, jumped down and in a flash slash Ben across the back with her knives.

It seems that when Larxene was hit she cast a shadow clone spell to hide and wait to strike, and that meant her ploy was obviously a lie. The real Larxene laughed cruelly and fires a thunder bolt once more at Ben to blast him back before jumping besides her clone. She then giggles more at Ben's broken look and says,"

HA! Oh, did I hurt your feelings, idiot? Hahaha, you're so desperate, it's pathetic! I bet you never had a single woman that was not part of your family ever said that they loved you, huh? It's not hard to see, with how pathetic you are, it's no wonder! Oh man, it was SO easy to trick you, you really have no idea what its like to be with a women right Benny boy? All I had to do was pretend to be that cool girl that thought you were cool and you would come panting at my heels like the love sick puppy you are!

Oh man, you thought it was fate or something? You thought that we were a good match? Thought it was to good to be true? Well you should have listened to that voice inside your head moron, as if a gal like me would EVER be desperate enough to love a awkward idiot like you! Heeheehahaah! "

Ben then got angered at Larxene's deception and his face turned red before he clenched his teeth and bitterly shouted," You really are just a liar, and, I thought you might have loved me. You, I won't forgive this! You want to kill me, but you won't get the chance. Now it's time I show you up close what happens to those that underestimate me!"

Ben begins to power up his magic energy and the ground started to shake. Larxene looked amused and stated,"Oh, so now you're going to try and kill me? I don't think so, you will never kill me, fool! And, you should see why, right, about, NOW! "

With that, Ben tried to ignore her words, as his Star Sword powered up enough to turn to two blades as it always did during its Shikai state. However, just as Ben was about to finish his charge, all of a sudden he felt a severe pain from his chest and fell to the ground.

The shocked Lacus saw Ben's power drop as she run over to her while Larxene laughed. Lacus then looked at her friend with alarm."What's wrong, Ben? When did she attack you so hard?"

Ben then tried to get back up, but still felt pain."I don't know. But all of a sudden there is this big pain in my heart."

Larxene then flicked her hair back and stated," Oh, that's just because the poison I put into your dinner when you weren't looking is finally working! What? You think I did not pay attention to how you were powerful enough to match Xehamaru? Please, I'm no dumb blond. I knew it would not be enough to rely on my strength and magic, as marvelous as it is.

Heh, nearly all the greatest warriors in history are never defeated by being overpowered, but outwitted. And so shall you, star sap! I give you credit, Benny, that poison should have killed you. its Ginarat poison mixed of a Malboro 's toxin, and that of synox compound all mixed together in one lovely package! Its enough to kill a dragon in a minute, even your gaudy Star sword can't shrug it off!

You're one stubborn fool, but, if you won't take the hint and die, I will just have to do the deed myself!"

Ben then tried to power up, but just fell down in pain and mumbled to himself," Damn it, with this poison weakening me, I'm not sure I can power up to Bankai. But, even still, I can't let it end this way! "

Larxene then laughed yet again and reacted with a cruel, "Oh, but it WILL end like this, Ben. The hero of light and justice will be proven to be nothing more than a fool whose naïve hopes brought him his final downfall. Here, I'll kill you with a present. Shadow Clones are something I'm great at to!"

The blond woman proved her point and shocked Ben by having three more shadow clones jump out of her body.

They all surround Ben and he tried to jump in the air, but it was to slow. Seconds later, Larxene and her clones giggled in unison as, in a flash, they all attacked Ben at once.

Ben tried to defend, but he was not fast enough, and he was slashed at from all sides by what looks like five yellow flashes. Getting cut all over, Ben tried to fight back by firing a barrage of blue energy blasts to cover the area.

However, this did not bother Larxene at all, all she did was have her and her clones combine their power to form a web of electricity to catch all the scattered energy blasts. She then threw them back at the mortified Ben, and he was blasted with his own attack, and was sent right through a pillar of the stage.

Larxene saw Ben in pain as he got up and she and her clones all laughed together, as she stated," Oh, look at him struggle! Too bad that he has no chance! Tsk, your stubbornness was able to let you overcome Xehamaru, so I think I will stop playing around and end this dance! So long, tiger, maybe in the next realm you will figure out how to be less lame!"

With that, she threw a group of electrically charged knives to try and kill Ben. But then Lacus reminded her foe she was still here by having a magic shield form around Ben to protect him. As the lighting infused projectiles bounced off the barrier the brown haired women then jumped in front of him and fiercely declared,"No, I won't let you have your way any longer Larxene! Ben, you should rest, you're barley able to fight in this state."

Ben then winced before he wearily complied with ," Lacus, I'm sorry, I messed up. "

"Don't worry, all you did was try and reach out to the heart of your foe in an attempt of mercy. But she is to blame for tonight's pain. And believe me, she will pay for it."

Larxene then had her clones circle around Lacus and she mockingly threw out,"Oh, still think you can beat me all by yourself like that? Ha, and what do we have here? The knight is being defended by the princess. But you know, for all you rant on about me, you're hurting Ben just as much as me! You keep saying you're Ben's friend, but everyone knows your Brad's loyal groupie! Haha, you're as guilty as me in crushing this fool's heart!"

This made Lacus mad and she stated," Don't put me in the same league as you! I would never betray Ben like that. That's it; I think you talked more than enough! It's time I put a stop to your big mouth! Radiant Storm!"

Lacus powered up her magic and sent a group of energy flower funnels to surround Larxene and her clones before they all opened fire. However, even though Lacus's aim was dead on, Larxene was too fast to be hit when moving at full speed. The various blond fiends then all stormed on Lacus. And while Lacus was fast, the group attacked her from the front, back and even from above.

The brown haired woman attempted to defend herself, but it's just too overwhelming, and she was slashed various times all over her body.

Ben saw Lacus being hurt and was desperate to try and move, but the poison and his injuries was making that a problem. As he feels his left leg spas he curses," No, I have to move! I can't let Lacus get hurt because of me! Lacus, you're always defending me, no matter how much of a screw up I am. Lacus, I know you're strong, sometimes if not in raw power, I think your spirit is stronger than mine. Don't give up; I won't let this poison stop me! "

As he says that, Lacus is too busy blocking lethal blows with her Oath Keeper sword to hear him. At the moment, Lacus cast a magic barrier around herself to bounce back the vicious assault. This annoys Larxene and her clones jump back and surround Lacus. The Savage Nymph then callously says,

"Oh, trying to hide between your little shields? You can't keep me out, silly ray brat. One way or another I'm going to be the victor of this little scuffle. Now, lights out!"

With this, Larxene and all her doppelgangers have sparks break out around her magic energy and, in a flash, make an X shaped combined slash at Lacus. However, just as they hit her barrier, Lacus had it shatter, with enough force to create a shock-wave that blew all the foes back. At once, Lacus then surrounded herself with holy magic energy and channeled it to her most powerful energy blast. A shocked Larxene then heard Lacus cry out,"You're fast, but you won't get the jump on me! This will teach you to treat people's hearts so casually! Burst Stream of Judgment!"

With the rain from the storm in her face, Lacus fired off a powerful holy energy beam that hit the stunned dark Enji before she could react. The blast hit her dead on, and caused a powerful explosion that blasted apart the theater roof. Lacus then winced at the sight before she looked around."Err, I hope they do not mind the mess I made. Well, it's her fault, so when we capture her, it's going to be on a big tab. Huh? Oh, looks like she is going to drag this out."

Sure enough, from the smoke, Larxene came down. But, at least it seemed Lacus damaged her with that blast. Her clones were blown away and she looked battered and bruised.

It seemed feeling a painful attack like that had made her really mad, as she looked at her self and had her eye twitch." You annoying brat! You, you ruined my makeup! That's it! It's on, you are so dead! "

With this, Lacus tried to remain calm and responded with, "Don't get too upset Larxene, you look better this way. And, in any case, I would be more concerned about things more than makeup at the moment. Sigh, you were always such a diva."

"This coming from miss high and mighty? Tsk, no boy is going to want to look at you when I'm through with you! I am not about to lose to some spoiled pampered brat! Your nothing with out your power Lacus, and when we take that power from you you really will be nothing! "

The traitor then had lighting bolts strike her knives before they almost look like lighting claws. In a flash Larxene dove for Lacus like a tiger trying to impale its prey. But Lacus takes a calm moment, before just as the lighting blades come for her in a flash she springs forward like a blur to go past the attack, and soundly struck her blond foe with a powerful palm strike to the face hit Larxene hard in the right side of her face, sending the blond attacker flying through the ground.

As Larxene got up and looked outraged at the new bruise on her face Lacus looked sternly at her enemy and solemnly stated," You don't have any idea what my life is Larxene, its a far cry from a cushy life. No matter what you think of me, I can't let you get away with this."

Larxene just gave a vicious cackle before she snidely responded with," You know, I always heard the boys in the order whisper how we were the two biggest stars of the rookies. However, it's time the little Iris gets plucked by the marvelous black rose of darkness! Since I'm in an EXTREMELY FOUL mood because of you, I'll pay you back by whipping you into your place!"

Larxene then showed she was not kidding around, when she had a group of lightning bolts hit the ground around her, and even herself. She then seemed to get a charge from the bolts and her power level rose to the point that it shattered the ground beneath her.

She then summoned a new group of shadow clones to once again have Lacus surrounded. To top it off, she had the knives in her hand glowed, and used her magic to transform them. In a flash of red light, Lacus saw that Larxene has created what appeared to be one of those nine tailed whips with what used to be her knives now seemed like sharp thorns around the whip. Larxene cracked her " Live Wire" whip on the ground so hard she sliced in to it before she giggled maliciously."Too bad you're not dressed right, otherwise this would about to become an amusing torture video. Oh well, as they say, business before pleasure!"

She cracked the strands of her newly created energy whip and has her clones charge at Lacus. Still armed with her original knives, they all line up on one side of the room before dashing at Lacus in a blur of power.

Lacus had no choice but to jump into the air to avoid harm, but the real Larxene was waiting for her, and, in a flash, cracked her whip at her. Lacus tried to block, but it was a sharp octopus slashing out at sonic speeds all at once, and she was hit in the leg.

Not letting up, as Lacus fell to the ground, her foe rapidly lashed at her, inflecting major damage to the young women.

Although being simultaneously cut and shocked at the same time all over, Lacus refused to give into the pain. She blocked the newest strike with her blade and then counters with a holy magic spell! This forces Larxene to back off,and Lacus tires to get back up on her feet.

She then wiped some blood out of her eye before she calmly stated," Come at me anyway you like, but you will never be able to stop me. Your powers of darkness do not scare me, Larxene. It's time I show you what the light does to those consumed in the dark side. Rising Crescent!"

Lacus had her blade shine, before charging at the blond seducer. However, as she jumped in the air to strike her foes, clones appeared around her and all blasted her with lightning.

Being hit on all sides, Lacus could do little but take the damage. And to be even more ruthless, the real Larxene lashed her wipe around Lacus and lashed into her back.

She then laughed gleefully." Hehe, your good, that's for sure. But not good enough to stand in my way! It's such a shame, if only you were not so stupid and came here, then only that moron would have to die! Oh well, that's fate for you! "

Lacus screams out in pain, and Ben is getting angered from the side. Although still affected by the toxins, he has been trying to use the power of the Star Sword to nullify them. And, seeing Lacus in pain only made him work harder.

He then yelled out, "No Lacus! Stop this, Larxene! It's me you were targeting, so leave her out of it! "

"Oh don't feel singled out Tiger! " His former date retorted with contempt." In the end, all you idiot Enji have to die anyway! Still, it's very amusing. The only girl who could ever put up with you even after knowing you as a child is about to be killed for helping you! Ha, you can only blame yourself, Benjamin. If you were not so laughable, and were macho enough to attract girls willingly, then my little sham would not be able to work, would it? Heh, a hero that's going to save the universe from the ultimate deity of darkness, from Chaos Zannacross Necron? HA! You're just some dreamer who was so obsessed with being a hero, that that's the only thing you knew how to be, and in the end, you only gained death from following that path! It's no wonder you do not have many friends!"

Hearing this, Lacus looked pained before she sharply responded with,"You're wrong Larxene; it's you who is the fool. You have no idea about true friendship. You just deceive others and manipulate them to help your own ends. And, Ben is not a fool. While he may not be the guy you see in action movies, he always makes it when it counts, and has his funny moments. I could never stand those like you that treat boys like pets. He is too good for the likes of deceivers like you. AH!"

Larxene just got mad from this and shocked Lacus harder before her eyes narrowed into murderous silts." You know, I see why you two are friends, you're both idiots! Please Lacus doll, your speeches are as boring as Ben's! I may have to keep you long enough to bring you back to our place, but I'll still make it so that you never annoy me again!"

Seeing Lacus being shocked, Ben's anger surged as he thought about how much his childhood friend was in danger. NO! I won't let her do that to Lacus! Lacus, after all this time, she still is a real friend to me, even while being Brad's girlfriend. Even though she could have just ignored me, she always looked out for me.

And now, because of me she's in danger. And it's all because I let another girl's lies trick me! I'm supposed to be the chosen hero. The one the Star Sword chooses to stop the supreme god of darkness. I will not lose, I cannot afford, TO LOSE! "GRAHHH!"

Ben then gave it everything he had and powered up. His magic energy was so great that it was able to weigh down the clones of Larxene from the sheer amount of pressure.

He then charged at the real blond foe, surrounded in a sphere of blue energy, and aimed for her head. Shocked that Ben was able to do this, she barely broke off in time, and had a small part of her hair get burnt off. Ben then caught Lacus as she fell, and the amazed brown haired girl just blinked in shock."

Ben? You're okay? What happened to the poison?"

" It was annoying." Ben answered bluntly." But I was able to successfully break in within me using the Star Sword's power. I'm sorry you had to fight alone for so long. Are you all right?"

Lacus smiled before she nodded."" Don't worry, I dealt with bigger pains in training, but even, so thanks for helping."

Ben smiled back, before a ticked off Larxene shouts," Now your sword deals with poison too? How many tricks does that ancient relic have? "

The brown haired man then stared at the blond enemy with a dead serious look so cold, even the mocking blond foe is a little intimidated.

His magic aura then begins to grow as he coldly declared," Larxene, you're through. I'm not going to hold back any longer. Women like you, that just use me, are the worse kind of scum...scum that don't deserve any mercy!

You think you can just get away with toying with my emotions all year? You think that you can just treat people like toys and throw them away when you're bored? And then you think you can hurt my friends too?

You're dead wrong. I cannot...will not forgive you for this. I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU, LARXENE! You were smart to try and take care of me before I can power up, but guess what? It did not work, BAN...KAI!"

Ben started to once more power up to his current max state. The crystal shards he had gathered glowed and his Star Sword was covered in light. His magic energy then went up so much that all the walls were blown down as a light consumed him. When the light faded, his Star Sword once more is changed and his energy had turned a golden color. Now successfully at his Bankai state, Larxene looked annoyed and stepped back a few feet before her eye twitched."What? But, the poison should of drained most of his magic energy! He should not be able to do this! Ah hell, now this is going to have to get seriously ugly."

Ben responded with, "Oh, it's going to get ugly alright. Lacus, I have a favor to ask. I am grateful for all that you have done and I do not mean to disrespect you, but I will finish this from here."

Lacus just looked puzzled and responded with a uneasy," Are you sure?"

Ben then had his Star Sword glow and grasped the transformed blade tightly." To be honest, if nothing else, I am in a really bad mood right now. And I am not sure I can restrain my power at the moment."

Lacus then looked into Ben's eyes and sighed before nodding." I understand. But, please be careful, okay? And remember, no matter what, I have your back. "

" Lacus...thanks for understanding."

Larxene then giggled and coyly cut in with," Aw, trying to be macho again Benny? You just don't get it, acting like that will not help get anyone to like you, Huh? What?"

To her horror, as she was laughing, Ben had already flash stepped to the side of her and clutched his fist." Larxene...just shut up already!"

With that, he punched her so hard, her clones were blown away and she was sent flying not only through the remains of the room, but right out of the entire Platinum Saucer amusement park to the field below.

Ben burst off to go after her and, as Lacus saw Ben go off, she swept he sweat off her brow." Oh Ben, I'm glad you were able to get your mind back, before it was too late. I knew you would. Oh, hey! Sara, I told you not to come here!"

Lacus sensed the energy of both her sisters and turned around to see them try to duck behind the door, only for it to fall down.

Both of them laughed nervously and Sara cried out," Oh, come on sis! After all those big explosions, we just had to see if you were okay! And besides, we only went because the owner of this part of the park went here yelling out in a panic."

Lacus confusedly blurted out," What do you mean?" Her sister then points to the other door and seeing his cover is blown he stepped out of the broken down door. The man was not a human, but a giant smart alack gecko with the name Gex the Gecko!

Gex laughs and stated to the girls," Oh don't worry about me gals, I was just checking out my comedy act. "

Lacus looked embarrassed as she looked around," Oh, this is your theater? Sorry for the mess, I promise the Enji Knights will pay the damages. "

Gex just laughed and gave a thumbs up." Are you kidding? This is great! This ruckus is giving me more attention than I have gotten in years! In fact, I came here in person to ask if you want to be part of my comedy act?"

Hearing this, Lacus just had a sweat drop form as she let out a uneasy laugh." Um, sorry but that's not really my thing."

Gex panicked and got on his knees to beg." Please! I haven't gotten any big hits in years! I had to sell my house and my butler Alfred to the Tax hunters! My girlfriend broke up with me and now I live with my cousin Cuz and my friend Rex in an apartment! Can't you give a gecko a second chance? "

Lacus just slowly backed away and shrugged. " Heh, um sorry to interrupt, but I should follow Ben, just to make sure he has the situation under control. Good luck!"

The Enji used her magic energy to cast a flying spell to follow Ben. Gex saw this and shrugged as he walked over to Sara and Shion." My, that gal is quite in a hurry, no? As they say, opportunities fly away at a whim! Hey gals, since I'm here, want a free show! Don't be shy, you'll be laughing so hard that you will be dropping like flies!"

Shion just stared at the large gecko and rolled her eyes." Was that supposed to be funny? Maybe that's why your comedy act is not working lately."

Gex just looked down on the floor and sobbed." I know! I can't figure out any new material that works! Oh woe is this gecko!"

As the two sisters of Lacus just looked at each other, while trying to deal with the hysterical Gex, let's go back to the main event.

Larxene had finally landed after Ben's strong punch. She was hit so hard she landed way outside the Platinum Saucer; in fact she landed through the ground near one of the city's two main bridges, the Great Primus bridge. As she gets up and wiped the dirt off her face, she saw Ben land in front of her, still powered up.

Seeing his sword raised she smirked as sparks danced across her face." My, so you want to play rough now? Haven't you ever been told not to hit a lady?"

" Yes, but I see now, you're no lady." Ben coldly declared as he slowly walked up to her." You're just a demonic tramp hiding behind a pretty face. But that won't help you now, traitor! Ladies are one thing...but I don't hesitate to cut down two faced harpies! As long as you're alive you're a threat, and I won't allow you another chance to harm anyone! Now, it's time you face your fate!"

With that Larxene looked annoyed as she hissed out," Oh my, if you're going to play rough, then so am I! But, even if you unleash all your anger at me, you're still no match for me! "

Larxene summoned more shadow clones before they all giggled. In a flash they dashed around Ben at such speed that it was a blur. However, as he sees the real Larxene ready her thorn whip he just powers up his aura and says," Your going to regret laughing at me like I'm a joke even after all this. Lets end this!"

" You're right Benny, it's time to end this date for good!"

She fired a thunder bolt at Ben, but he was fast enough to hit it into the sky.

He then angrily hissed out," I thought I told you before, stop calling me Benny!"

One of the Larxene clones dived at him with her Foudre knives, but Ben caught her hand with ease. In an instant he spun her around and threw her into another charging clone, breaking them both.

He then blocked the charge of another with his sword and blew her back with his sheer magic power, before unleashing a powerful energy sword wave to destroy the rest.

As a large thunder bolt hit the ground, the real Larxene emerged from the sky with cracking her whip at Ben. As a blur of sharp slashed head to Ben, he flash stepped out of the way, just as the ground beneath him was sliced to bits. Fast as always Larxene pressed on with her whip, and Ben wass barely able to avoid her nine-tailed whip's many rapid lashes.

After a minute of this, Larxene snapped her fingers with one hand to have a lightning bolt come down from the sky aiming right at Ben. However, Ben was able to move fast enough to intercept the moves with his Star Sword. That little time of opening gives Larxene the time to dash at Ben and had her whip crackling through the air to target Ben's head. The member of Squad 7 was able to avoid getting his head slashed in to centimeters, but the cost is that all the threads entangle him.

Larxene was ecstatic as she saw Ben tangled up in her thorny whip and snidely cooed out,"See baby? You can fight all you want, but you can't escape me. No one escapes my web of death. And now darling, I have you right where I want you! "

With this Ben just smiled with confidence and quipped back," Oh really? Because the way I see it, I have YOU where I want you. Guess you don't know all my powers when in Bankai, so let me show you!"

Ben had an energy sword form above his head and sent it to cut through the strands of the whip entangling him. He then took it into his hand and, in a burst of light, charged right at the horrified Larxene.

She tried to block it, but he was too fast and in response Ben slammed down both his real blade and the energy sword to hammer Larxene like a battering ram. The force of his blow was so strong that she was sent flying, even though she blocked it and was sent into one of the pillars of the nearby bridge.

She hit it hard enough to cause an imprint, even though it's made of one of the strongest metals, and landed on the ground. As she moved her head back, she was horrified Ben was already up to her with his blade right at her throat before he declared," You had your fun, but now it's time you pay traitor. Your going to pay for all the suffering you caused from your web of lies!"

Hearing this Larxene walked back and shrugged." Oh, you can just put that on my tab." She tried to flash step and escape. But as she lands on the top edge of the bridge, Ben was right in front of her."Sorry, but escaping is not an option."

Larxene then gave a uneasy grin as she sorely stated," What, you're going to be so heartless as to try and kill dear old me. Ever hear of mercy, sweatheart?"

"Well, it's not like I can just let you get away."

"Star don't tell me what to do!"

A bolt of lighting shot down right into her knife, and she had the lighting surge around her blade before in a flash she tried to stab Ben. However the owner of the Star Sword parried the strike before roundhouse kicking her away. " Tsc... since you were so willing to kill me off, then I will repay the favor! Larxene, this light will end you and your lies! Divine Flare Edge!"

Ben surrounded his Star Sword with an extreme amount of magic energy, and dove towards Larxene to deliver the final blow. However, just as panic formed in the female villain's eyes, out of nowhere, a pillar of purplish dark magic energy burst out in front of Ben to block his attack.

As he jumped back, he blurted out a shocked" What? Where did that come from? Larxene could not have done that in such a short time. What the? Where did this tremendous magic energy come from? It's huge, it's as strong as Xehamaru!"

A new figure made its presence known, as a large dark aura busted out of the ground beneath Larxene.

Meanwhile, at this time, Lacus was almost to where the fighting was and she saw the new energy as well and tensed up. "What the, this intense darkness, it appeared out of nowhere! Was it hiding its presence before? Ben, hang on, I'm coming!"

Finally, the figure then calmly landed on the ground in front of Larxene, and Ben saw the hooded figure looked like yet another elite Dark Enji with his hood up before the new arrival let out a wry," Well Larxene, I see you have blown your cover at last. Not bad, since I thought with that temper of yours it would only last a month at best. And now it seems you got Ben Auro all riled up. As a professional, I can see quiet well when someone has a look of murder."

"Oh, be quiet!" The blond woman hissed out." It was time I stopped playing around with these Enji before they made me sick! What are you doing around here, anyway?"

The enigmatic man shrugged." Well, we thought it was time to check up on you again. And it's a good thing I arrived on this world when I did, or we would now have to try and replace two members."

"Oh, well EXCUSE me, but I was just playing around and it just happened to get boring!"

"Tsk, it looked like it was an ungainly performance to me."

"How dare you! You just don't appreciate the finer nuances of playing around with the toy! "

This angered Ben before he pointed his golden blade at the new arrival." Hey! Whoever you are, if your trying to help her, you're going to suffer the same fate as her."

The figure laughed before responding with a wry," Ah, and you are Ben Auro, the warrior chosen by the Star Sword who defeated Xehamaru. I have been waiting to meet you. Where are my manners, allow me to introduce myself."

The man removed his hood, showing he had pink hair. " You may call me Marluxia...the Graceful Assassin and one of the most powerful of the Organization of Dark Enji!

So boy, I see Larxene's " Cunning" was not able to short circuit your power. But, puppet of the light, if you want to face someone that is your superior, then I will be happy to oblige!"

Hearing this, Ben got even more furious so angry that his power level exploded with such force that it was great enough to have large chunks of the ground break up, and the bridge bent from the pressure." Enough! You caught me in a really bad time. Marluxia...I"m not putting up with any more of your orders" Jokes." Celestial Burning Shinryukenha!"

Ben then charged up his power and fired off his most powerful energy wave at full power at the two villains dressed in black. However, Marluxia just smiled evilly before he had a single flower petal fall into his hand, and in an instant transformed it to a scythe.

He then swung his scythe on Ben's upcoming blast, and shocked the warrior of light when he managed to slash the blast into two and smash its fragments into the nearby river. As the two fragments of Ben's energy wave caused a massive water geyser to burst out, the foe laughed out in a dismissive tone." Not bad. A moment later and I could have taken some damage. Ah, you have power, there is no doubt of that. But your emotions lead you astray, hindered as you are, you can't make the best of it, as long as you try and hold back your rage."

Ben eyed how the new enemy looked so calm and grit his teeth." He, he slashed my most powerful attack in half? Impossible!"

" Heh, thought you had gained the power to defeat any foe? Xehamaru may have have learned enough tricks to woo the masses into thinking he was stronger then he was, but he was far from as powerful as he thought he was. All you done is caused the" Big fish" to take notice, and get excited enough to get in on the hunt" Hero".

Tsc, you may be the hero of legend, but as long as you play by the rules of those inferior Enji you will never unleash your true potential. The darkness is the ultimate power that will rule this cosmos!"

"Oh really? Xehamaru paid for worshiping the darkness and keep this up and you two will be joining him faster then you can blink!"

"Oh please, as much as Xehamaru was obsessed with death and evolving past mortal limits, even he could not master power in the way's I, Ravxen and are Superior have. You turn from the truth since your heart is weak, you cannot defeat me! However, lucky for you I do not feel much like getting the attention of the entire Enji order for the moment. Come, Larxene, it's time to leave."

Larxene then let out a deranged giggle and eagerly said," Well, looks like you got off lucky today, Benny! But, next time I will be ready and my sting will not fail to stab right through your pathetic heart! I miscalculated how nasty your temper could be, darling. However, that's the only thing you have plenty of. All you're good for is being a warrior, darling. No matter how good you get at being a good tool, it can't make up for the fact your to dull to want to be around!

No matter how hard you try you will never be able to make up for your lack of a winning personality! No amount of hard work will give you love. After all, no one will ever love an awkward freak like you. So enjoy being the hero alone loser!"

Ben lost it and screamed out," NO! Your not getting away with this!"

The member of Squad 7 charged out as a flash of golden light to slash at the two, but Maraluxia just retorted with," We will meet again Ben Auro."

He summoned a portal of darkness and, in a flash, he and Larxene jumped into it. Ben tried to stop them, but as he thrust his charged up sword down the portal, and they vanished, all Ben hit was the bridge. He struck it with such force he shattered the whole side of it in a instant.

Thankfully, it was being worked on and no one got hurt as a result. As it dawned on him that the one who hurt him so badly got away, he screamed out in frustration just in time for Lacus to arrive to see it.

She then walked over to Ben and saw her childhood friend full of sadness and rage. After hesitated for a moment, she cleared her throat." Ben, are you alright? "

The brown haired woman saw Ben's Bankai powers fade as the Star Sword returned to normal. He then fell to his knees and looked at Lacus with a look of sadness and despair." They got away, after all that, I failed."

Lacus put her hand on his shoulder before she smiled. "It's okay, at least they were not able to do any damage. Ben, will you come back with me to check on my sisters? "

Ben then nodded and, to save time, she cast a warp spell to bring them back to the destroyed theater. Sara and Shion were happy that the two are safe, if a little roughed up. Then the supervisor of the Platinum Saucer and the parks security guards finally show up and demanded to know what happened.

Since Ben was worn out both physically and emotionally, Lacus volunteered to explain. After explaining about the betrayal of Larxene, the supervisor checks with the cameras, and saw she was telling the truth. With nothing more to do but begin to repair damages, he shortly left, dragging Gex unwillingly along before the gecko could beg again to have her on his comedy act. Lacus sighed and saw her sisters walk up to her again before Sara then snorted." Man, sis, looks like trouble seems to follow you around."

Lacus patted her sister on the head and let out a uneasy giggle." Err, sorry Sara. After all this and your birthday outing still got messed up."

"Are you kidding? All of this was a blast! It was far better than just sitting around! Even from a distance, we could see how amazing both you and Ben were! You really do look like heroes!"

This causes Lacus to blush." Oh, I guess we both have been training hard. Oh? Speaking of Ben, where is he?"

Shion looked at her sister and shrugged." When you were explaining things to the manager he just wandered off. He seemed pretty down, he was walking like he was a zombie or something."

Sara looked sad before adding," Oh, poor guy. His first date and he gets betrayed by that witch. You never told me how cute he got, Lacus! It's a tough call, but he is almost as cute as Brad!"

Shion then chimed in with," Not to mention he seems to have some manners. But that's beside the point. It's not hard to see this is hurting him pretty badly, Lacus. Come on, you should go find him and cheer him up."

Lacus then winced before she twirled her hair around with her fingers." What, why me? I am sure his friends will cheer him up. If you want to cheer him up go on ahead."

Sara rolled her eyes before leaning forward." Lacus! Ben looked like that blond bimbo shattered his heart! He knows you better than either of us. And you're much closer to him then we are! You're not saying you don't want to help him, do you!?"

Lacus looked ashamed and looked down before saying," No, of course I want Ben to feel better. But, I'm not sure I'm the one who can cheer him up. After all, Brad is my boyfriend. And he always loses it when I talk too long to other guys."

Shion face palmed in response." Oh, forget Brad for a second; he does not tell you what to do, right? Ben needs a friend right now, and, more importantly, he needs to see not all women are tricking him. Otherwise that might lead him to think all women are liars that are out to get him. Trust me; I know enough about psychology to know the symptoms. With all that's going on, you really want him to start thinking like that?"

Lacus had resolve form into her eyes before she nodded." You're right, at, at the very least, Ben does need to see that it's not his fault Lisa betrayed him. And, I hate to see him so down. Alright, I'll be back after I make sure he is okay."

The middle child of the Raystar family then went off to find her friend. Luckily, she sensed his magic energy and, in a minute, saw that he had wandered off to the side of the park.

Lacus found Ben was just staring blankly into the rain and in just a instant it was easy to see how hurt he looked. By now the rain storm was mostly gone, though its still drizzling a little. Lacus sees that Ben does not even seem to notice the rain and she sighed. She then walked up to him and made sure he knew she was there." Hey Ben, there you are. You just kind of wandered off."

Ben looked like he was broken for a few moments, then turned around to face Lacus and she can see his eyes were red before he hesitated." Oh...sorry about that, I just wanted to think. Are you alright? Larxene zapped you a lot."

" Oh, don't worry about that." Lacus retorted with confidence." I already healed myself. Err, good thing I got the receipt on this dress."

Ben then looked ashamed as he looked down at his feet." Oh ,I'm sorry Lacus, because of me, your outfit got messed up, and your sisters birthday was messed up. Sigh, I can't seem to do anything right today."

Lacus realized Ben's confidence looked shattered before she leaned forward." Don't worry about it.'s not like you meant for this to happen. And you look more messed up than me. "

She leans on the side and followed up with," Are you okay? I'm sorry about Larxene; I wish your first date did not go so badly. "

Ben just looks solemn as he responds with," That's okay, it's not like that's the first time I dealt with rejection. Heh...after all...rejection is all I got so far. Um, Lacus? I just thought...after becoming a Enji Knight that would change. matter how hard I try nothing seems to change at times. Can I ask you something? "

With this Lacus paused before she nodded." What is it? "

Ben then looked at Lacus in the eyes and tried to keep it together as he mutters," Am I ugly or something? "

Lacus was shocked and quickly muttered back," Of course not! Why would you think something like that? "

At this point Ben grasped his hands so tightly blood came out before following up with," Its, its, just that, after all this its just...I feel like there must be something wrong with me. Why, why is nothing I do good enough? I tried so hard, but I'm still a failure!

In high school guys who were in the same grade as me got dates just by making a few jokes in front of the girls they liked, but I would try so hard to get to know some of them, and when I asked them out all they did was laugh like the thought of me dating them was a joke, like, like I'm nothing but a joke.

You know, I always tried to be a good person. I never got a detention once and tried to stay out of trouble, even if that was not the cool thing to do. I don't want to be like my uncle or some of my Dad's friends, I don't want to be some loser who was never good enough to be loved and die alone, unloved there entire life by everyone not there family.

I always tried to act like Max. He, he could walk in to a place not knowing anyone and somehow always manage to have ladies adore him by the time the night was over. More often then not Max always had a girl at his side when he left. I, tried to be as cool as him but, it never seemed to work out. I just, seem to be missing something, something that makes people want to be with me. "

Lacus saw Ben was at the breaking point and took a deep breath." Don't think of yourself as a failure, Ben. You just have had some bad luck. I am sure you will find someone that sees you for who you are. You are...quite special you know. And even though it's hard to see sometimes, you can be funny and charming when you want to. And you're not that bad looking either. All you need is to believe in yourself."

Ben saw Lacus looked kindly at him and struggled to keep his emotions in check as he looked at his hands." But, I have been trying to do that. For so long I have been trying to try and be someone who people would want to be with."

"You should not try and be someone you're not. Just be yourself."

"It's because I hated myself that I wanted to change. Those first years of school, I was such a freak. No wonder everyone picked on me. I kept talking on and on about stuff, even when it was obvious no one cared what I was talking about. Sometimes even I did not really know what I was talking about other then just the first random things in my head.

Maybe that's why in the end only you and Rick stood by me, and now Rick is dead. But, how could I blame them, I was a nobody. That's why I came to the idea to become a hero. Then I could be someone that they would want to be with. But as the years grew on, I realized I did not want to be like the cool crowd.

After all, all they were was a bunch of morons that were only good at partying and drinking forever. That's what it means to be " cool" ? Nonsense, I thought I'd show them all I was better than them. And, that's one of the reasons I vowed to be the greatest Enji Knight. To show that I was better than those idiots! Well, I had other reason to dream of being a hero. But that was one of them. "

Lacus then saw Ben almost break down and cry and she then putt her left hand over Ben's and straightens out his shirt's collar with her right hand.

She then glanced at the shocked Ben and winked." Oh don't cry now. Heroes don't cry, right? Oh, you look like a mess, here, stand still. And another thing. I never thought you were a nobody, Ben. Even if you were hyperactive at times and talked before you thought things through, you were still the nicest boy to me. And not just someone who wanted to use me for my money and wealth, but really cared about seeing me happy. You were always someone I could trust. "

Ben then looked ashamed and reacted with," But, I let you down. On that family vacation, because of my dad being so cheap, we went on that cheap tour bus. And because of that. you were kidnapped by that group led by that crazy Albedo or whatever he was called. I remember how mad your parents were at me and my family. And after that you moved, and I thought I'd never see you again. Lacus, you were always so kind to me, and I tried to be someone you would not be embarrassed to be with. I, I just wish I was better at this stuff, at all the stuff that matters."

Lacus then just smiled and put Ben's hair out of his eye before saying,"Don't be silly, you never failed me. You're not embarrassing to be with. I trust you Ben, and I will always be your friend. "

With this, Ben felt a lot better and looked at Lacus warmly."Oh Lacus. Thank you, you're the best. Always looking after me even after all this time. I promise, I will always be there for you."

"Oh Ben."

With that Ben thought he was dreaming, as Lacus moved closer to him! As the two were nearly right in each others faces for a second it seemed like Ben might have gotten lucky after all as they seemed to go to kiss each other.

However, right before that happened, Lacus's phone rang. She swiftly grabbed it and checked it before her eyes widened in shock." Huh? Oh, its Brad. I guess he heard about the fighting. Oh? He is almost here already? Sigh, he is quick as always. Sorry Ben, I should go see him. You know how emotional he is. Are you going to be alright?"

An obviously disappointed Ben tried not to let his anger at Brad's timing show. and he faked a laugh. "Oh sure, I don't want to keep you waiting. Oh but wait! I collected the bags that Lisa , I mean Larxene " seduced" me to by over there. I was just going to sell them back, but since they are already there do you or your sisters want them? It could be my birthday present to Sara."

Lacus took a quick look and saw just what Ben brought. She then looked amazed as she looked things over."Wow, you were willing to buy all that for Lisa on her first date? You're so sweet. However, you might want to wait to give such expensive gifts for your next date. Otherwise your date will just think you're trying to buy love. And true love is something that when you know what it is, it's worth more than anything. "

" Oh, heh, thanks for the advice. Tell Sara I said happy birthday, ok?"

With this Lacus smiles, and surprised Ben by hugging him. As his heart raced she then picked up the bag and nodded." I'm sure Sara will be delighted to have more outfits. Feel better, Ben, and I'll see you tomorrow! Don't worry, the Enji Masters won't blame you, I'll make sure of it."

With that Lacus winked and darted off with her new bag, leaving Ben alone. As she does she winced as thoughts raced across her mind. Oh, Ben, you truly are a special person. And, I know you have feelings for me. But, while you're a close friend and always will be, you're not a kind of person that can understand my heart the best. Ben, you just can not understand somethings about me. Only he can, only Brad can truly understand what I am. Still, I really hope you find someone, that can make you truly happy."

With that she was out of Ben's sight, and a frustrated Ben starts into the now clear sky. He then thinks about how close Lacus was to kissing him and used all of his will power not to yell out in case Lacus heard him. Lacus, you, you are always so kind to me. And, I see now the truth. Lisa, I was just trying to hide my feelings by trying to make things work with her. But, I know it now more than ever, the only girl I ever can really love is you! But, although you see me as a friend, I wish I could find a way to get you to see me as someone more. But, as long as that guy, as long as he is around. Huh? What the?

Ben is walking by and sees a poster for another tournament in the cities under-sector, and it described the underground king, " come see the most powerful fighter in the universe? the Unstoppable Juggernaut Brad Fowltror!"

Reading this caused Ben's sadness to quickly morph into rage once more.That Brad, damn you Brad Fowltror! Why, why does someone as kind and refined as her, love someone who is such a crazy jerk! This whole year I tried to see Brad as Lacus sees him. But, while she keeps saying there is something more to him, all I have seen is him proving himself to be a reckless, self- obsessed, barbaric, jerk! Why? Why is it that no matter what I do, Lacus still sticks by him? It's always the same, I work twice as hard and those morons win them over just by being "cool' or whatever. , Lacus, why do you love him? I can't let Brad win like all the others did. No, I won't allow it, I won't let Brad turn her against me, like what happened with those jerks back in high school! You keep mocking me, but I'll show you, Brad!"

Ben was so angry that he punched the poster of Brad's pose so hard, it turned to dust on impact and a large imprint of the wall was made! Ben then took a few labored breaths before he fell to his knees.

Lacus, no matter what, I will do whatever it takes to become the true ultimate warrior of light, and save the universe. Even if it means I must face the supreme god of darkness and all of his forces, I won't back down. Maybe then, at last, I can finally show you, Lacus, that I am better than Brad. And, then , my other dream can finally come true. My dream, that you will finally love me, Lacus. I just have to try harder, and show that I am the real deal, that, I am worthy of her love.

Suddenly Ben thought about all the things Brad has done, and how Lacus seemed to always forgive him. Ben then remembered how Larxene mocked him, and then recalled how all the other women in his life that dismissed him. Larxene can't be right, I know that Lacus, that someone can accept me for who I am.

Suddenly Ben heard a chuckling , and then realized it was his own subconscious doubts mocking him before he looks in the water, and saw his own reflection. As the whispers of all the ladies who dismissed him got louder in his mind he got upset again before he grasped the railing so hard that a part of it cracked. He grasped his head, which was throbbing with more pain each second, before the fragments fell in to the water and caused his reflection to scatter.

As he saw his image look distorted and dark from the ripples, after a few seconds it faded and he grimaced .But, what if she, what if everyone is right, and that I am not good enough for anyone worthwhile to love me? What if I am just like my uncle, a guy that's just not good enough to be loved?

No, I have to keep going, I just have to try harder, work harder, I have to! I am not worthless, I know I am not worthless, ill show everyone that I am the true chosen one! If the person that I am now is to worthless to be loved, I just have to keep growing, till at last I am someone that people will like. That's all there is to it, its the only way to get out of this hole that I'm in, this hole that feels like a endless abyss.

With that Ben steeled himself before he slowly walks back to his dorm, alone.

Well, talk about a heartbreaking chapter! After pushing Ben's anger too far, Larxene almost paid for her cruelty with her life. But luckily for her Marluxia was in the neighborhood and bailed her out before the exploding wrath of the Star Warrior would hit its target.

Ben now knows that there is no doubt the one he truly loves is his childhood friend, Lacus Raystar. However, the fact that she is currently in love with the fight loving Brad Fowltror puts Ben in a tough spot! Will Ben be able to someday find a way to win Lacus over? And still fight of all the wrath of Zeon, the Organization and the Zannacross Empire! Our hero still has a long way to go, and to find out how Ben's fate unfolds, you will just have to catch the next chapter of Tales in the Cosmic Wars! In the next chapter, Ben is still heartbroken from the betrayal of Larxene, but he soon finds something to take his mind off things, the first attack of the Zannacross Empire! It seems the first planet to be attacked, is the world of Mario!

Yes, Bowser is using his new "buddies" and their massive power to try and settle the score with the Mario Brothers once and for all. And with the Inquisitors Nightmare helping out to move things along, our plumber and his pals are in real danger!

However, this marks the first mission Ben has as an official Enji Knight. And with him and Squad 7 racing to the Mushroom world, under the fleet of the Titan Special forces Commander Paptimus Scirocco to help their friends. Can they stop the Zannacross Empire from destroying the planet in the name of Chaos Zannacross Necron? To find out, tune into chapter 66: A Second Helping Of Mushroom. The Blaze of Hatred. Till Next time!