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Hello. I thought I add this to be more professional lol. Of course this is only two thirds complete. It's not completed yet but I thought it would be fun to add. Well, hope this helps just in case you were confused at some point. Enjoy.

Tales of The Cosmic Wars Character guide , note this is only about the story so far and all is subject to change, and if it looks familiar to the one I had in Volume one, it's because it is the same, just updated to have everything up to date from volume two hehe. Of course that means that it would not be wise reading this till you have readied the rest of this story otherwise you will be spoiling a great deal of it lol. Ah, but you have been warned, and let's get started!

Story Overview

Long ago, in the beginning of time a celestial one named Zannacross was created by the master of all light Cosmos to watch the souls of the dead in the realm of hell. After watching the sins of mortals over thousands of years he grew tired of mortals repeating them self's and decide that he would rule over them all. However the people of the living universes had a problem with that.

However Zannacross created an army of darkness that wiped out any world that opposed his new order. After a while the other celestial ones interview to stop Zannacross but he would not let anyone interfere. Zannacross was a special celestial one that absorbed the power of darkness to transform himself. In fact using the power of mortal's darkness he in essence became the first and true devil.

In the end he was known Chaos Zannacross Necron the Dark god who's desired to bind all realms in darkness. Soon his power became so great that he could destroy entire galaxies with one attack! In the end he tried to consume heaven its self but the combined forces of the army of determined people and celestial ones made a last stand on Necron's home world of Vandalgyon.

The power that the forces of the light had on their side was impressive and the army of Chaos was blasted aside without too much loss. However, then the dark god entered the battle himself. Wither it was a mortal or a celestial begin it did not matter as Chaos destroyed all that stood before him!

It was beginning to seem like all realms were doomed to be fused in to one realm of darkness when one last hope appeared. A warrior with a sword infused with the power of the supreme begin of light itself came to face Necron and to the ultimate dark masters shock the hero was able to endure his wrath! In the end it was an even fight that ended with the hero of the light holding down Chaos Zannacross Necron long enough for Cosmos to banish Necron!

Despite this victory its cost was high as 75 of all life in the universe was lost and many celestial begins died as well. To top it off the hero who was responsible for stopping the dark god lost his life in the process and his scared weapon was broken in to fragments in order to prevent its misuse.

So now that the past is out of the way let's turn to the relative present, err almost at least. Millions of years have passed since Necron was sealed away and the universe has recovered

From it's lost. Throughout space people of the worlds have rediscovered both magic and advanced technology. After a while the planets have formed together to make the Lylat Galactic Alliance but it was not to fell thought out. After lasting for a thousand years the Lylat republic was on the verge of collapse through the many greedy and selfish senators and others that could care less about the good of the people of the universe. Just when it looked like things were going to descend in to anarchy a radical movement happened under the idea of Akunumkano, a man who was told from a crystal of the celestial ones how to save the universe. He was told to create the Lylat Kingdom. It resembled the government that was before it but with more focus on the needs for all of the people. Although Akunumkano held elections once nominated he proposed the idea of having a king so the ruler of his people could focus on his people and not on special interests groups.

He also said that if people thought he was a tyrant people could overthrow him at any time and vote for a new king. Although most people were skeptical at first they soon found that the Lylat Kingdom was a rule of equality and true justice. What helped the majority take this view was that around the same time a group of the most powerful warriors of justice under the leadership of Myers founded the Enji knights in order to insure peace and justice to the cosmos.

As the Enji order grew the partnership between Grand Master Myers and King Akunumkao insured that the majority of the people of space were happy. Of course not everyone thought of the Lylat Kingdom as the ideal government but for the majority it seemed the universe had entered its golden age. Because of this prosperity the Lylat Kingdom is able to expand its area and make contact with new galaxies. This is how the Enji are able to make contact with the worlds of both the Final Fantasy games and the Tales of worlds and after convincing all of those valiant hero's join the Enji order.

Sadly just when it looked like things were going to be going great things once again went downhill. Six years before are story begins King Akunumakao dies of old age and the next king is his son Atem. Atem became the new king because people believed in his leadership and not just because he was the former king's son. But even though Atem is a good and fair ruler he lacks his father's confidence.

Because of this when a civil war on the planet of Irazois ends in a result of most of its people being wiped out it brings dark clouds over the Enji. Atem and the Enji blame the cause of the civil war on the multi planet corporation Servant and its greedy CEO Weil Zabi. When Atem and the Lylat Senate go to punish the corporation Ansem Zeon, the ruler of the southern galaxy and personal president of the world of Vana'diel decrees this as an act of tyranny and calls the Lylat Kingdom a dictatorship. This leads to a chain of events that causes a whole section of the Lylat kingdom to defect from it and form its own government called the united federation of Zeon.

As tensions mounted things were looking bad. Before long it seemed like Zeon would not be able to be brought back in to the Lylat kingdom through peaceful means and it looked like the first ever universal civil war was about to erupt. In a desperate last minute measure to avoid war King Atem was able to convince Ansem to meet him at the space colony of Twilight town for some final negations. Ansem agreed and it looked like peace might prevail until a tragedy occurred. As soon as Ansem set foot on the space colony a near buy transport ship exploded! The blast seemed to kill Ansem and all of his men! To make the tragedy even worse the ship that blew up was filled with toxic chemicals that made the whole area a hazard zone. Needless to say this did not go well, at all.

The Lylat Kingdom did all it could to try and prove that it was not a sabotage but the people of Zeon would not hear it. Just when things could not get worse it did when Weil Zabi became president. Weil and Ansem never got along and some think Weil was the one who had Ansem killed but no one could prove it. With a far more radical and self centered leader now in command of the Zeon Federation war all but looks imminent.

Although the amount of worlds that are part of the Lylat Kingdom is still far greater than the Zeon army, and of course the Enji are on the side it's far from an easy victory. Weil was able to convince more than half of the inter galactic corporations like the Trade Federation and the Banking Clan to go on to his side and nearly all of them are ones that create weapons of war.

Although outnumbered Weil can make billions of robot droids to fight on his army's side, along with having some of the most elite pilots/ commanders like Char Aznable and Haman Karn and even a former Enji Master Craft, so the outbreak of war does not look like it will be resolved any time soon. To top it off the Enji have noticed that a dark hand has been guiding the current events and have been on guard. Meanwhile, as the universes looks like it is going to descend in to chaos on boy is about to try and reach his dreams buy joining the Enji Knights.

His name is Ben Auro and his dream is to become one of the greatest hero's and Enji knights in the universes! Will he be able to achieve his dream? Little does he know that by reaching for his dream it might just contain the fate of the universe! With this we begin the tale of Tales of the Cosmic Wars!

Major Groups

The Holy Order of the Enji Knights

Also known as warriors of light. They are the elite warriors of the universe's that go throe out space to stop conflicts and bring justice to those that are suffering throe out space. They are kind of like a mix of Star Wars' Jedi and SeeD from Final Fantasy 8. The Enji are not as strict as the Jedi in terms of relationships but they do demand devotion to the light side and respect for life, all the other stuff you'd except from the biggest enforcer's of justice in all space. They were founded by Grand Master Myers, who at the time was renowned as one of the most powerful warriors in the known universe, and a firm believer in what is right. The original founders were him, Zoda, Gandowand, and Yondaimem, with others like Yamamoto and Craft joining later on. There primary motivation and inspiration was meeting with the supreme Ethereal Queen of light Cosmos, after stopping there greedy comrade Garland from ruining the fabric of time with a two thousand year time loop with the power he made from four elite elemental fiends, although it was another who the traitor made the deal with. When Myers and the others defeated Garland even after he fused with the fiends and became, a spawn of Chaos, he only had a fragment of the true dark gods power and was destroyed in the temple of fiends located deep underground in the core of Corneria's moon.

The Lylat Kingdom saw that uniting officially with the Enji Knights would help spread a positive image and they have spread out over the years till now nearly a thousand elite warriors from all over the cosmos are in there ranks! While Enji Knights primary use swords, they can use any weapon or non evil magic that they are good with. The basic official rankings for a Enji are the rookie level Genji class, the full fledge Enji Knight, the higher Enji Captain, which commands the normal average of four Enji, the elite masters, and of course the Grand Master, which Myers has held since he founded the order. Their main area is the Hallowed Bastion castle on the mountains of Corneria. Although treated as heroes by most citizens of the cosmos some see them as a powerful wild card.

Lylat Subcommittee

A group of the most powerful men in the Lylat Kingdom that monitor the activates of the King to insure he does not abuse their power. If they can vote together they can even overrule the degree of King Atem, although it can go back and forth with the courts

The first member of the committee is Lacus's father Erich. The second member is a black skinned man by the name of Himmler. The third member is a man named Siegel Clyen, who has no children, and has no relation to Lacus what's so ever. Err, any way the fourth member is a man with long black hair named Sakyou. And the filth is Albert Yurieve.

The sixth is Xiza. And the seventh and last member, who is the current public speaker and comes from a long line of military family members, he is also head of his own army group called Logos. He is the white haired man named Djibril. When Kira makes his move he gets Xiza, Albert, Sakyou and Digbril to side with him to legally take power. When Siegel and Himmler oppose this they are killed in a instant, but little did the others know that Kira no longer needed any of them, and to insure any who could stop him was out of his way Dijbril and Sakyou soon joined there comrades. With Xiza dead the only living members are Erich and Albert, making its efficiency quite limited.

Titan Special Forces

Founded by Kira Myers and Lylat Generals Bask Om and Jamitov Hymem in order to create a elite division of Lylat troops and pilots to swiftly deal with a budding crises before it can spread after the Irazos Civil war. At first it's praised as a highly efficiency unit that swiftly deals with any kind of situation. However, as time goes on some wonder if their actions are a little to, brutal. Soon rumors of them resorting to poisoning entire countries and wiping out entire governments for minor disagreements! However, these actions could never be proved to be anything more than rumors from radicals, because proof could never be found, and anyone who proposed such a rumor either were soon found out to be mad or disappear from society. However, when Kira makes his move just how cruel they are. With the help of such brutal and elite commanders such as Paptimus Scirocco, Alejandro Corner, Revolver Ocelot and Ribbons Almark, his legions of Salvation Storm troopers, and his own followers like Tosen and Gin, he planned to take over the Lylat Kingdom and destroy anyone who stood in their way to total peace. The Titans are such diehards that the majority fallowed Kira to the Zannacross Empire! !

Dark Enji of the Organization XIII

A group of Enji that broke off from the Enji knights because they viewed the power of the dark side as the true power of the universe. Like there Kingdom hearts version they command Nobodies but they are with a different purpose. Still leaded by Xemnas, in fact nearly all of the members are the same. However instead of Roxas he has been replaced with my own charter the egomaniac Ravxen. Each of the elite thirteen members have enough power to overpower a handful of Enji Knights! However, they are not invincible, as proven by the deaths of Demyx, Luxord, Lexaeus, and Xaldin. Even now, no one is sure just what Xemnas wants. However, he seems to be passionate about having all of the ancient celestial beats, monsters of extreme power created by Zannacross himself in the midst of the deadly celestial war. So far they have two, the massive bird beast Falzar and the mystic aqua monster Leviaus. If they are ever able to get their hands on the last two, the deadly Gregar and the most powerful one of the four, the fabled Blue Eyes White dragon, then it's clear the Enji will be in even more danger!

The Order of Sithantos/ Zannacross Empire

This religious order of darkness has existed since the creation of space travel. An order that believes that mortals are going to soon be wiped out for their sins, they worship the ultimate dark god Chaos Zannacross Necron. For thousands of years they have mostly kept to them self's in their own chaotic galaxy. But lately they have been acting more aggressive under their current Patriarch Havoc Drashid. From the Sithantos home world of Ormus many mysterious events have been going on and many suspect Havoc was involved in the build up to the universal civil war. To top it off the Enji are most concerned when they see the mysterious Necrocalcous monsters appearing on the Sithantos worlds. Whatever this organizing is up to it's not hard to guess it's nothing good. As the war continues on, Ben and the heroes find even more disturbing information when they corner Havoc after he revives the King of Evil Ganondorf! And they find that Havoc was just a disguise, and his true identity was the mad Xehamaru; Master Myer's former apprentice!

It seems Xehamaru had joined Sithantos to find out the secrets of life and continue his desire to use the powers of the dark side to become truly immortal! However when he found the real Havoc was a spineless coward content to have Sithantos rule from within his galactic borders, and was quickly killed so Xehamaru could take control! At once the slithery villain was eager to "put the wheels of destiny" in motion, and its likely his hand was what gave the galactic civil war a kick in motion! However, as the Enji fought with all they had to stop his plans, at last they defeated Xehamaru for good, only to realize that was the start! Xehamaru 's nightmarish last words soon became clear to everyone when his true master appeared to everyone, the pure evil demon lord of Zannacross Darth Damonus!

It seems that Sithantos was merely a front to keep the Enji from noticing that the achent empire of darkness had returned, and rearmed! And as if they were never beaten, there main goal is to massacre the entire cosmos so that enough energy can be gathered, to free Zannacross himself! Yes, for millions of years the true god of evil has been locked away in his Trans dimensional prison ever since the outcome of the last grand war between light and darkness, and now he wants out! After Xehamaru fell Damonus announced the official return of the Zannacross Empire as he showed his power by destroying a planet with one attack! Yes, with their elite members including the Inquisitors of darkness, Nightmare, Sigma, Genesis, Formerly Ganondorf before being replaced by Sephiroth!

Other members include the scared witless King of Koopa's Bowser, Doctor Ivo Robotnik, Sigma's top man Vile, Meta-Knight, and now the entire elite armed of the Titans Special forces leaded by the traitor Kira, now known as Darth Judicar! And with the recent additions of the newly revived group of evil villains like "Emperor" Matus Palamecia, Exdeath, Kefka Palazzo, Ultimecia, and Kuja its clear the Zannacross Empire just might the biggest threat to the known universe in history! However they must be stopped, for if they succeed in freeing there master, the restored dark god will complete his desire to annihilate everything in the entire cosmos, before he tries to gain command of all time and space, merge all dimensions together, and recreate all of existence in to his twisted definition of a paradise of darkness!


These creatures are composed of darkness. They are like a cross of a non Disney version of Kingdom Heart's Heartless and the Hallows from the Bleach Manga and Anime. They have lots of tricks up their selves like extending their limbs and sinking in to the ground. Taking many kinds of shapes, and even merging together to form even more deadly monsters! They are under the command of Sithantos. The Enji are worried when they see theses monster because the legends say that the same kind of monsters were the direct servants of the Shin Dark God himself! Ben and the others will be fighting many of these guys thou out this story.

Main Characters

Heroes and other good guys

Ben Auro,

age at the start 19. Blue eyes, brown hair, favorite foods are pasta and sweet related. Other hobbies besides fighting are piano and painting. He was born December 18th.

Our main hero comes from the small suburb of Corneria the capital of the Lylat Kingdom called Transford. Ever since he was young his biggest dream was to become a hero and because he hated the thought of a job that did the same thing every day did not want to be destined to a boring bureaucratic job like his parents, he wanted to be an Enji knight and become the greatest hero. Because of his shy nature, he had trouble meeting friends when he was young, and the fact that several of them ditched or renounced him at the orders of the upper class bullies. In time this would have a great negative effect on his confidence. After admiring both real like the Enji Knights, and the heroes he read, watched and played about in his books, hologram movies, and video games, his greatest desire was to become an Enji Knight, and most of all, to be like his idol; favorite cousin and mentor Max.

Despite this dream however his skills were not the best as he failed twice to enter the entrance exam for the Enji. However after spending months training hard and getting training from his genius of a warrior and his cousin Max he is barely able to pass the trials after the two contestants before him were disqualified for cheating. Once in the Enji order his destiny begins. At first he is a normal warrior with no special talent under the lead of Captain Cloud Strife of Enji squad 7. Although Ben is a quick learner of magic and skills he has trouble controlling his power and mastering said skills and that at first he is barely able to hang on to being in the lowest rank of Enji trainees. However his destiny changes forever when on a mission to prevent an outbreak of war the space ship he is on is attacked by a mysterious and powerful dark knight and he and his squad is blasted in to an escape pod.

When he wakes up he is on the world of the Mushroom Kingdom and after a lot of unlucky events he eventually finds some good luck when he finds a million year old temple that looks like the crystal rooms from all the Final Fantasy games. Once he enters the shrine he is attacked by the spirit of the swordsmen Gilgamesh, although out matched he refuse to give up and for showing his resolve the legendary Star Sword responds by chosen Ben to be its new welder. With the scared power of the blade welded by the one chosen to stop the supreme god of darkness millions of years ago Ben joins his friends and the Mario bros and fed of a powered up Bowser. From there Ben's destiny truly begins as he tries to fulfill the task given to him. And while it's an uphill struggle, Ben is slowly able to get better, and with the training he receives from Cloud, Master Myers, and all the other Enji he slowly becomes a formidable warrior that even the elites like Ezan Kaiba have to respect.

Ben also begins to prove his worth by defeating foe after foe, and after defeating the likes of the dreaded Metroid Prime monster on his own his name becomes well known. As he continues to find more of the Crystal Fragments that he received from his trails through Gilgamesh he is in time able to unlock more of the power of the Star Sword, and able to get it to turn in to its next form Shikai, and, when he is at the blink of being overwhelmed by Xehamaru in their final battle, Ben's resolve to protect everyone lets him unlock a even deeper power and unleash his Bankai state, which is enough to out match even Xehamaru and his extreme power!

However, it's been a bumpy road. While Ben knew he was not going to have an easy time reaching his dreams, the intense pressure of war, and the horrors it brings takes its toll on his kind mind. However, while he nearly became consumed with despair, his friends were able to drag him back to the light after showing him he really had people who he could trust and count on. After in depth training one on one with Grand Master Myers, and learned his secret moves like the Kaioken, he has become someone that even Zannacross and his empire has been forced to take seriously. Still, can Ben become a true hero, live up to his destiny and be the chosen hero that saves the cosmos from the ultimate dark nightmare? Only time will tell. Oh, and also he has a pet moogle named Moz.

Ben's favorite attacks are: Shining Flare Slash, a powerful energy slash used by charging up his magic energy and putting it in to his blade for a powerful slash. Shadow clones, using magic to create copies of himself to confuse and gang up on his opponent like Narato. Shinryukenha; a dragon power wave attack.

At first Ben cannot control the move but after training, he can pull it off. First uses it against the spirit of General Leo in one of Ben's tests to receive a part of the Star Sword. In his Shikai state some of his new moves are Shining Flare Storm and Shining Flare Tornado, and in that state his Star Sword becomes two blades. In his Bankai state he can form countless golden swords of pure energy, even up to a thousand at a time! The attacks he uses in this state commonly are Divine Flare Edge, Burning Celestial Shinryukenha, Divine Millennium Slash, and Final Atonement Slash.

Lacus Raystar

age 19, long brown hair and blue eyes. Is a master of the Gentle Fist martial arts style, as well as a kick boxing style sort of similar to Chun Li from Street Fighter. Sword style is a sort of fencing style using her Oath Keeper sword. Born March 20th.

Ben's childhood friend in elementary school. Her kind heart and pretty face hides the fact that she is in fact part of the noble Raystar family, a family that has been one of the wealthiest and influence of the Lylat government for centuries. Her father is Archduke Erich Raystar and she is the middle child of three sisters. The oldest is the genius Shion Raystar and the youngest is the perky and party loving Sara Raystar. Despite the fact that most people fought it was odd that Lacus was enrolled in a public school Ben did not mind because she soon became his best friend. Even though Ben was not one that stood out or had a lot of money Lacus still liked Ben for his own talents and other things and the two soon became best friends. In turn Ben quickly cared deep for her, even if he was too young to capitalize on his feelings on her.

However, this did not last forever as when High school came along Lacus moved away because of the reason for coming under an illness. Or at least that was what Ben first was told; he soon found out that the real reason was that the Raystar family did not want Lacus around such an easy targeted place since Lacus had magical power the level of a sorceress. In fact Ben found out that the truth was in the family vacation that the Ray stars only brought Ben's family along because Lacus asked, Ben's father took the two on a cheap tour ride to save money and because of it Lacus got kidnapped by terrorist trying to take her power. It was because of this that the Raystar family wanted to break all ties with the people they knew in Transford town and when Ben found this out he became bitter towards his father.

That's why when Ben found out that Lacus had become an Enji knight in training as well he was never happier. He thought he would never see her again and seeing her after all his lonely high school years made him feel it was destiny to become an Enji. Ben was always shy and had trouble finding girls he liked that did not already have jerks for boyfriends. This was all the more reason why Ben is so happy to reunite with the one girl who he truly felt close with. Sadly for Ben though, although Lacus still thinks of Ben as a close friend she does not seem to have the kind of romantic feelings Ben hoped for, at least for now. Even more infuriating for Ben is when he finds who she does love. In any case Lacus is not in the Enji just because she comes from a noble family. She is almost as strong and fast as Ben is and her swordsmanship with her family's royal emblem sword the Oathkeeper is great. In fact her magic talents exceed Ben's greatly! Despite the fact that Lacus is always cheerful and kind she seems to hide dark secrets, and in fact it's a rather monstrous secret!

When she comes to Ben's aid during his fight with Xehamaru, the dark lord forces her to unleash her true power, and to everyone's shock that power is that of the ancient celestial beast, the Blue Eyes White Dragon is fused with in her body, giving her a tremendous amount of power! However this is just as much a burden as a gift, as the dragon does not like being trapped inside the young women's body, and would like nothing more than to be free and over take Lacus! It seems the dragon once nearly went wild before when Lacus was in high school.

While the details are not know due to the sensitively of the situation, it seems terrorists tried to kidnap her either to take control of her power, or because of her high standing. But it is known that a ace mobile suit mercenary pilot named Ali Al-Saachez nearly got his job done, till the beast inside her went berserk and went on a rampage, killing both terrorists and students alike! Because of this she found herself hated by everyone in her school, till somehow because of the "slick" moves of Brad, everyone accepted her again! Between this and the previous kidnapping attempt from other terrorists when her and Ben's families went on vacation its clear Lacus had a hard life even before she joined the Enji Knights! However, Lacus seems to be able to handle that pressure, for now.

It's unknown at the time how she and Ben's fates will intersect. Is under the squad of Enji Captain Terra Branford and her team mates are Yuna and Collette Brunel. It's likely that she was grouped with those people because Terra also knows what it means to not be normal due to being a half Esper. And both Collette and Yuna knows what it means to be burdened with fate since Yuna had to deal with maybe giving up her life to be the final summon to " stop" the deadly Sin monster, even while it was a scam from Yu Yevion. Likewise Collette had to deal with being the chosen of regeneration of the people of Sylvarant and throw her life away, only for it to have been another deception by the order of Cruxius and Mithos Yddrasill. However, even with their support Lacus still holds a deep sense of fear that she does not belong with others, which might explain why she is with Brad. However, even so she still sees Ben as someone important to her, and time will tell if she will be able to move past her pain.

Attacks are Burst Stream Of Judgment, Rising Crescent, Radiant Burst (attack that has her aura become flying flowers funnels, so she can barrage her opponents with energy blasts on all sides at once), Blossoming Gradation, Godly Sixty Four Strike Divination,

Ezan Kaiba

Age 20, Has short white hair and black eyes. Fighting style is a sort of lighting fast samurai style. Born October 20th.

He is a cold and quiet elite warrior who is always professional, putting the mission before anything else. Despite his rookie statues he is considered super elite and is on par with most Enji captains. Not one for social talents he does not think much of bothering on anything else but his missions but at least he has the skills to back it up. He comes from another noble family, one of a dynasty of elite warriors. The son of Ramba Kaiba he wields the family's Soul Eater blade. He also has the special Sharingan eyes, that among other things allow him to predict his opponent's moves and even copy some of them! An elitist, he does not think much of Ben at first but finds his dream to be the best Enji of all amusing. Ben finds that despite Ezan's cold attitude he his becoming his rival. And while Ezan at first does not even notice Ben, he is forced to recognize Ben's skill when he forces a draw in their match! Not being able to beat Ben, a person that in his eyes was a mere talentless fool with a special sword was a big stain on his pride. However, it soon became clear to everyone that Ezan's high expectations were brought on by his father Garma, who made Ezan spend nearly his entire live training in extreme conditions so that he could be a perfect soldier. And it's clear Ramba made sure Ezan's priorities were on how to be the best, and not how to make friends.

However, during the course of the war Ezan finds that his identity is not as clear as he believed, thanks to the clams the Dark Enji brought to him, that he should be fighting for their Organization, since he is in fact not a member of the Kaiba family, but in fact a son of Ansem Zeon! This fact causes Ezan's previous unshakable resolve to waver, and it causes him to focus even more on enforcing order, even to the point that he fallows the orders of Kira and the Titans without question! However, as he sees both Kira and his father become more extreme, he is able to see whose side is truly on the side of justice. Also, after his frustrations with seeing Ben's progress come to the point where he has surpassed him nearly drives him mad. And it also causes him to seek the truth about himself, which leads him to the world of Vana' he finds the horrifying truth!

Not only was what Lexaeus told him true, but it was just the tip of the iceberg! It seems the truth of his origins was that he was indeed the son of Ansem and Namine, the child of the head of the planet's Uchiha clan, and how he got his Sharingan eyes! But what is more is that he found out he had been experimented on before he was even born, to have his body modified to truly be a perfect super solider! While this nearly drove him mad, when he realized his mother, and perhaps even his true father cared for him caused him to remember where he stood, on the side of good! Despite his pride and elitist nature, Ben and the others are slowly able to get him to see to trust in others a little more.

And, despite the darkness in his heart, he has proved he has more than enough light to even drive of the spirit of Sephiroth from taking over his mind and body! While there are still many questions that Ben's primary rival desires to be answered, at least Ben can know despite his behavior Ezan is someone he can count on, even while all the time he seeks to surpass Ben and prove he is the superior Enji! He is in squad 6th and his squad captain is Squall Lionheart. His teammates are Zidane Tribal and Senel Coolidge.

Some of his favorite attacks are Delta Ray Slash, the Light Divider energy blast attack. Chidori Blitz, and Chidori Nagashi. And his Mirror Backlash Flare attack when he absorbs his opponents magic or energy attack and fires it back at his opponent with double the power!

Doug Fitter Age 20; blond hair and green eyed. His birthday is on July 13th. Favorite food is pizza. He enjoys socializing, and helping those in need.

He is an easy going guy that Ben meets when he joins the order. The two soon become friends. He focuses on martial arts, using his fists in battle. Not much is known about Doug's past accept that it was a easy going one, and he joined the Enji because of his passion for justice. He may have also met Ben once before years ago when they were at a martial arts camp. His skills were so great that his talent was recognized by one of the greatest masters of the art, Master Gouken Kusangi, the younger brother of the Undefeated of the East. Some of his attacks are Hammer Of Might, Sphere Of Might, Bursting Machine Gun Punch, Thousand Steel Hurricane Kick, Shoryureppa, Shinpuujinrai Kyaku, Shin Shouryuu Ken ! And after even more training, he is able to unleash his Fury Aura power, which causes him to have his magical energy explode around his gauntlets and grieves for even more deadly attacks! In this state he has a few more deadly attacks, that are, Sanjuu no Kiwami and Shitenshuu . And now that Gouken has picked him up to unleash the final stages of his training he will be able to kick evil's but even harder when he returns!

James Elrond. Age 19; red hair and hazel eyed. His birthday is April 13th.

The last part of Ben's squad, a man from a high standing noble family of magicians. He is pretty good with magic and also with a special archery style called the Quincy style. And after his own in depth training, to unleash the true potential of the Quincy powers by advancing to its next level, the Ginrei Kojkyaku!

Hiryuumon, a special dragon Digimon that is found on a temple on Sonic the hedgehogs world that Ben stumbles in to while on his mission. Not a normal Digimon as he can combined with summon sprits. Is fiercely loyal to his "boss", and no matter how much trouble Ben is in he can always count on his Digimon Partner to have his back! As at this point he has reached the full potential of a Digimon, he Digivole in to his Champion form Wyrmmon when Ben was knocked out by a Malboro's poison as they were under the attack of Doctor Robotnik in his Egg Mammoth. He was able to reach his ultimate level form of Geno Wyrmmon when he saw Enji Knight Suzu and Lylat troops nearly get wiped out by the Space Pirates X parasite clone of the massive Krad and Ben unleashed more of the Star Swords power! When Ben's darkness nearly consumed him, it affected Hiryuumon as well when he became the raging dragon of death Helldramon! However, he was able to at last transform to his true final Mega level when Ben and the others were paralyzed by the deadly Mother Brain's gas, and became the Royal Knight digimon Shinryudramon! Is this all Hiryuumon can do, or like his master can he get even stronger? Only time will tell.

Ben has met many other heroes' in his "odyssey" so far. Some of them are the Mario brothers and their pals like Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Hero of Time Link, along with princess Zelda. The blue blur Sonic the Hedgehog along with his friends like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Sliver, the ace bounty hunter with Chozo armor Samus Aran. The ace pilot Fox Mccloud along with the rest of his Star Fox team, and the three elite Maverick Hunters Megaman X, Zero, and Axl.

Grand Master Rodimus Myers. Age ? Looks kind of like a mix of how the first Final Fantasy's Warrior of Light looks like in Dissida mixed with how Colonel looks like in the Mega Man battle Network games.

This man is the founder of the Enji Knights and one of the most powerful warriors to exist in the universe. He founded the Enji knights 50 years before are story began. He created the Enji in order to have all the most powerful begins space under one banner to protect the innocent from those with evil desires. Although his age seems to be at least one hundred by know that's not stopping him from being one of the most powerful knights that no villain wants to get near. His manners and behavior makes him the ideal gentlemen, hero, and Enji Knight. However his great power has come at the cost of his family. His wife died tragically twenty years ago from an accident that he rarely likes to speak of. And then he lost his second son when he, Kira and Max were betrayed by their Captain, Aizen Sousuke in the Irazos Civil war. Perhaps because of that he overlooked some of Kira 's more extreme and disturbing activities because he thought Kira was just dealing with his pain in his own way, and did not want to be forced to admit he had lost his other son as well.

However he was forced to face the terrible truth when he found that Kira had overthrew King Atem and proclaimed himself the new ruler of the Lylat Kingdom, before having his Titans forces and Salvation Storm troopers commence order 66, and nearly wipe out his father's own order! With this he was forced to renounce his son as he became the dark lord of the Zannacross Empire Darth Judicar. Between that and the regret of seeing his former best pupil Xehamaru also go mad and see him die as a heartless demon he has a great deal of sadness he shows to no one. But even so he does not let his feelings interfere with his duty. And after seeing Ben nearly go mad and be executed as a traitor as a part of his son's plans for his takeover he takes it to himself to make sure Ben turns out right, and teaches him his own secret ace moves. Ben looks up to him like a father figure due to him having the charisma, strength, resolve, and intelligence his own father never had . Master Myers has managed to keep the Enji Knights, and maybe even the Lylat Kingdom as well through its darkest hour, hopefully he can continue to do so throughout the rest of this war. Some of his attacks are Grand Divide, Shin-Zantetsuken, Over Soul, and Divine Matrix.

Cloud Strife, current age 27. Mako Blue eyes and spiky blond hair

The almost First Class Soldier from the world of Cetra who with his friends defeated the evil Sephiroth twice was easley able to be accepted into the Enji Knights when the Lylat Kingdom made contact with the WRO, and because of Tifa and Barrets pushing and nudging the aloof warrior reuenctly becomes a Enji Capitan to help new recruits become true Enji. When he first sees Ben he nearly sees a reflection of himself long ago, and also sees that how like he could not hack it in SOLIDER, he thinks that despites Ben's deep desire to become a Enji he lacks the focus and pure reflexes to make it through the demands of warfare. However, he is surprised when he sees Ben is able to land a punch on him in the special test he has for Ben, James and Doug to see if they are indeed good enough to be under his command. However, he sees Ben also has resolve like his and with that, lets him and the others fight with him as the squad 7 unit! He then tries his best to imprint the honor and courage Zack taught him and pass it on to Ben. By now he has gotten over the deaths of Zack and Aeris, although he does not mind at all when Aeris comes back from the dead, even if it complicates his long growing relationship with Tifa! Now that Sephiroth has also returned though, he Ben and the others have a long way to go to settle the score and put an end to evil's ambitions for good!

Max Bruder AKA Janus

Ben's favorite cousin, also a genius of a warrior. Was the one who first gave Ben the hope that he could be a somebody. The two trained weekly in the town's virtual simulation chamber. Max was everything Ben was not. Max was not only an ace fighter and an ace pilot; but he had good people skills, and always seemed to be the life of the party were ever he went! It was because of this, and the fact that Max looked out for Ben like a younger brother, that Ben looked up to Max like he was his mentor. And in many ways he was. Max was the one who taught Ben both his beginning Sword and Martial arts skills. Two years before Ben made it to the Enji Max joined the Enji and seemed to pass with flying colors. In fact Max was given a deep cover mission in Zeon territory and Ben has not seen since.

Max still contacts Ben through hologram messages to keep in touch but Ben wonders when his cousin will return so he can show Max he has become as good a warrior as him. However, little did Ben know just how little he really knew, and that was all a lie. Ben did not meet Max again till he was in the middle of busting a operation of the Space Pirates on SR-388! However, he did not even realize it was Max, because he was hiding in a mask, and taking the name of the bounty hunter from Zandalor, the ruthless " terror of death" Janus! Ben saw him as the man who killed Rick in cold blood, and someone who was powerful enough to even cause the deadly Ravxen some trouble! However, it would be much later when Ben ran in to Max again, and it would be in the world of Pakamino !

Just when Ben was nearly overwhelmed by the Zeon forces leaded by Char and Tarkin who were trying to hurl a space colony in to it, all of a sudden he saw his cousin reappear, and it seemed just like old times as the two saved the day! However, Ben's joyful reunion with Max would soon turn in to a nightmare. Later on, when Ben and Max were at Lacus 's birthday party, a league of bounty hunters under the command of the Frost Brothers and the Dark Enji Luxord attacked, all seeking to capture Lacus to obtain her power!

But the most shocking event occurred when Ben ran in to Janus again, and after drawling him away from the Raystar estate and to the nearby Valley of the End and with his Bankai powers blast his mask off, to his horror he saw that underneath that mask he saw the cold eyes of his cousin Max! Yes, it seemed that the man who always use to talk about passionately defending the innocent and enforcing justice with honor and pride while striving to reach your dreams had become a cold blooded killer, who only cared about his own profits! He told Ben that he saw that believing in the things he use to see important he now saw was naïve, and that in the end the only thing you could count on was yourself! And that's why he told Ben he betrayed the Enji, and was now going to help capture Lacus for his own profit! Ben refused to believe he was talking to the same person that he looked up to, but when Max attacked Ben, he forced Ben to admit he was the same person as he predicted every move his cousin threw at him, and unleashed all of his best moves on him!

Max fled the battle after disposing of the backstabbing Frost Brothers, telling Ben he and him where threw, and that the next time they met they were enemies that would dual to the death! However, even while this broke Ben's heart, little did he know that as cruel as Max was being, he was doing this to protect him! Only later would Ben see that Max was in fact protecting him, and they would meet when Ben was fighting someone who truly wanted to kill him, Kira! When Max appeared just as Ben, Ezan, Master Myers and the others were fighting against there former comrade, Max saw that all pretenses were gone, and at last it was time to reveal the truth! And the truth was that Max did not turn traitor because he wanted to make more money, he had no choice! And he never sold out the Zandalorin's and faked his own death, the one who framed him was Kira! Max was in fact good friends with the planets leader Grando Fett, along with being a close friend of one of their bravest warriors Bardock. And when he saw Vector troops being leaded by Candora slather an entire village, he in a rage defended his friend and killed Candora. However Max was horrified to then find himself be attacked by one of Kira's loyal knights Gin Ichimaru, as he said the Enji were under Kira 's orders to kill all threats to the Lylat Kingdom!

After surviving a bombardment Max confronted his teammate, only to see just how mad his former friend had become! Not only had Kira deemed the prideful warrior race of Zandalor to be a wild card that would never fall in line, but he would not hesitate to label Max a traitor if he supported them! Seeing just how mad Kira had become, Max refused to fallow the leader of the Titan's views of true justice! However, he could not stop Kira, and as he was pinned down by Metroid's he saw Kira use his tremendous power to shatter the planet! Max barley escaped suffering the same fate, but knew nothing would ever be the same. Max hid in the remains of the destroyed planet, and by chance found the planet's shine to their ancestors had survive.

Inside he found the armor of there legendary warrior, and took it for himself, along with the planet's sword, Beskar. With this armor he became Janus, and his life's mission became revenge. Knowing that Kira had more than enough power to tell the media whatever he deemed fit, and that Kira could with a order kill all of the people Max cared about like Ben if he tried to expose Kira 's acrostics! To try and someday take Kira and Xiza down, Max became a phantom of the shadows, becoming a bounty hunter to in the mean time kill criminals and others to find a way to the truth.

Even when he killed Ben's pal Rick, while he did to it to tie up loose ends, he also did it because he knew Rick was a rat that would betray Ben again if he continued to live. He in time managed to break out a new Titan Gundam, what would become his Tri-Edge Gundam from the special prison moon Oovo IV, and with the processor and intelligence droid he found nearby in the base, T4-5X, he was able to slowly begin his vengeance. He got closer to his goals when he made a alliance with the cyborg Bacchus, who was willing to help Max find the truth if he could help him link Xiza to the Juggernaught Project, being the only survivor the scientist turned battle robot wanted to find out the full length of Xiza 's dark acts. With the true face of Kira at last forced to the light everyone saw Max did what he could to survive, but Max would not have their pity and even with his name cleared he still returned to the shadows so he would not be bound by the Enji 's rules.

Ben would not see Max again till they both tried to corner Xiza and Weil, and Max almost had his revenge, till Brad blew it. Max was able to get Ben and the others to help him chase Kira 's partner in crime back to his headquarters the Dämmerung instead of fallowing Weil and his Death Star, in order to bring the many faced villain to justice at last! At last Max nearly had Xiza again, only to find out it was part of Xiza 's plans all along, for he counted on Max's revenge to bring him to this spot, to unleash Halo! Realizing he was tricked yet again nearly cased Max to go over the edge, and all the pain he had suffered since he had become a Enji nearly consumed him!

It seems while Max repressed it all he could, all the pain and death he had gone through had caused him to have a form of war trauma! And Ben, knowing what it's like to have your darkness consume you, and when he fallowed Max to Halo he saw his former mentor and nearly gone insane, and was about to attack him and the others to insure they stood out of his way in his revenge! Ben then decided it was time to settle things with his cousin once and for all, and he tried to snap Max out of it the best way he could, with a match between warriors! And this seemed to work, as the harder they fought the more Max seemed to become who he once was! Max saw that Ben had grown, but refused to believe that his cousin, one who needed others to be strong, would ever be strong enough to be the chosen hero!

But Ben proved that despite the pain he was ready to do whatever it takes to not only complete his dream, but have everyone have a chance to live their dreams in a world without fear of a dark nightmare! And with all of his power and resolve Ben unleashed all of his power to in a final device blow at last defeat Max! Stunned, Max admitted Ben had truly grown, but his time was not done yet!

After Lacus arrived to heal him he busted to where his cousin was to join the fight against Xiza, just as his foe showed his true powers as a demon lord and transformed! However Max did not buckle in the face of his foe's extreme power, and rallied Ben and the others to battle with all they had, till with one combo blast Max was at last partly able to avenge his friends by destroying Xiza! After then quickly shutting Halo down in a dare devil stunt, Max was confronted by Ben, Cloud and others to know join the Enji Knights once more since he no longer needed to hide. And, to Ben's relief Max seemed to be on board! However, tragically just as Max had become his old self, it seemed his luck had ran out !

After surviving for years from Kira and Xiza 's forces, and defying death by beating Xiza and stopping Halo, when he let his guard down he was shot in the heart by a Anti Enji sniper shot! A horrified Ben saw that despite all of his efforts, and all the others that tried to heal him, the effects of the special poison's bullet, and Max burning out his energy so much, was too much. Ben with deep sorrow saw Max give him his last words, and saw that at least Max was grateful for Ben letting him die a hero, and gave him his sword and his Gundam so his cousin could fulfill his legacy.

And, with one more heroic speech, Max died. Even if he did not live a perfect like, Max still did what he could, and Ben was forever grateful that Max looked after him and got him this far. After giving Max a Enji 's funeral Ben swore to make a world that Max and all the others that lost there life's in this war would be proud to have given their life up for! However, one burning question remains, just who killed Max? Both Ravxen and Kira were in the area, and both have the magic to hide their presence. However both villains denied taking credit for the kill. But, its illogical, if neither the mysterious deranged masked phantom of chaos nor Max's deranged former friend who has mastered the powers of light and darkness and would do anything to secure his plans killed Max, who would be evil enough to kill Max in such a cruel manner? One thing is for sure, Ben will find who ever really killed Max, and do whatever it takes to bring the killer to justice.

Major Antagonists

Havoc Drashid

The Patriarch of the dark order of Sithantos. While in years past he has kept his domain isolated from the rest of space in recent years he has been more arresiveas well as supporting Weil Zabi and the Zeon federation. Not know for his power, however his new apprentice is a much different story. In fact, it turns out Havoc is lacking a spine, and is also arrogant enough to underestimate Xehamaru, a costly mistake when Xehamaru brutally murders him to take his place as leader of Sithantos!


Appearance is a mix of Kingdom hearts Xehanort and Naruto 's Orochimaru

The mysterious fallen Enji knight that is now the dark lord of Sithantos. Once the hopeful apprentice of Grand Master Myers, he soon could not control his lust for power and became known as the scholar of darkness in order to gain immortally. Master Myers found him as a child as the only survivor of a battle involving there world and the Zandalorin's. With all of his relatives and friends dead and sensing that he had some magical power Myers took him back with him. However, despite being raised as an Enji the hatred of his parent's death and his hatred of mortality and society in general always was a dark shadow in his heart. Not only that but he found most people disgusting and inferior to him and decide they were all sinners that were unfit to live. With an altitude like that it was not hard for him to turn to the dark side. When he was injured in a suicide bombing he went berserk and massacred the entire city block with a blast! He then instantly returned to the command ship and decided to cause the planet's civil war to end by bombarding the entire planet!

Before anyone could hold him accountable for his actions he instantly vanished from the Enji. He reappeared five years after the civil war on the planet Irazazos . He latter reappears leading the order of Sithantos, an order that worships the supreme god of darkness, and in truth was fallowing the orders of the demon lord Darth Damonus to collect the Key Fragments needed to break the seal of Chaos Zannacross Necron! He has learned a great deal of forbidden spells, including magic that between that and the experiments he has done on his own body has given him a near total immortal body that can even regenerate destroyed body parts! He also learned from Damonus the ritual revival spell, one he used to bring back Vile, Sigma, Ganondorf, and nearly Sephiroth back from the dead to serve him!

Ben and the others face off with him many times, but in his most ambitions plot, one that involved combining his forces with Zeon forces and even having the Organization XIII assist as well for a massive sudden invasion of Corneria when all of its members leaders have gathered for a massive assault! Admits the massive amount of chaos, death and destruction Xehamaru's true goals were to capture King Atem to bring him back, and eliminate Ben Auro, who by the time Damonus has labeled a priority threat. He was able to capture Atem and bring him to his stealth Nova Crusher the Invisible Hand, and made sure Ben and his friends fallowed him. Having the revived four elite elemental fiends that once served Zemus along with the Tabuu defense program separate and hold back Ben's friends, Xehamaru corned Ben. And while at first it seems like Ben was doomed, even an unlikely arrival of Brad and his full power could not compare to a serious Xehamaru, and it looked like the hope of the Lylat Kingdom was going to be swallowed up by the dark snake's evil jaws!

However at the last moment, Ben dug deep in to his power, and unleashed everything he had to have the Star Sword go in to its Bankai state! Xehamaru instantly became horrified to find this "mere fool" had become stronger and faster than him and with ease cut through all of his various attacks! In desperation Xehamaru received a power boost from Ravxen, and absorbed all the Necrocalcous he had brought along with an advanced curse seal crystal to transform in to a gigantic demonic form! However, even this power was not enough to overcome the combined might of Ben's new power, the fusion of the three Lylat summon gods and all the other forces set against him, and at last the dark lord was destroyed! While Xehamaru to the end showed no remorse for what he done, even so it's clear he was neither the root nor the single factor in this galactic war, and that something must be done to prevent more cases like him from emerging.


A very powerful dark knight that serves Sithantos and is the first of its Inquisitors. It is the same person from Soul Caliber but with a different past and much more powerful in this version. Is absolutely loyal to Zannacross, and makes sure all others who serve the Empire stand in line. Loves combat, and is a master of warfare. As a ruthless opponent as he is, when he is challenged by Ben's power at the Bankai level, he shows his true power and from after becoming Night-Terror! A fierce Inquisitor with absolute loyalty to the dark god, was he created to be like this or is there a history to the Azure Knight of darkness? Only time will tell I suppose.


The former leader powerful leader of the Maverick Reploid's that nearly brought the capital planet of Corneria to its knees several times one hundred years ago before being destroyed by X and Zero for good. That is until Havoc resurrects him as his newest Inquisitor! Also note that the events of the Mega man games in my story all happened on Corneria and not Earth. Also the events of the Zero games and the ones after them do not take place in this story.


The King of evil is also revived by Havoc/Xehamaru on Death Mountain and serves Xehamaru out of debut. While not use to such advanced technology he is a fast learner, and quickly becomes a ruthless inquisitor of darkness reducing entire planets to dust! The former King of Gerudo thieves has always been ambitions, and while even he does not dare to challenge the authority of Zannacross, he still invasions himself as the dark god's ultimate envoy. His ultimate plan to secure his position unfolds when he manipulates events on the world of Terca Lumireis and entices some of its powerful power holders like Yeager, Alexei and Duke! And when Link, Ben and the Enji came it was just what he was hoping for! Because as they helped its local brave fighters like Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scfio, Princess Estelle, and the others, little did they realize it was all just to keep them distracted so the evil king could really obtain his true goal, Princess Zelda! And after appearing before the startled hero's only to taunt Link and the others, and murder the misguided Duke in cold blood, he lured them right in to his Black Omen warship! And when his arch nemesis Link and the others clashed with him it was only then did they all to late realize his true desire, to use the powers of Zannacross to force out of Link and Zelda what Ganondorf sought most, the Tri-force of Wisdom and the Tri-Force of Courage, to at last give himself the full power of the Tri Force and have overwhelming power! However, even with this much power, he still underestimated how much strength his enemies had, and once more, and hopefully for good, Ganon was destroyed, much to the fury of the Zannacross Empire!

Genesis Rhapsodos

Ever since Zack defeated him in the events of Crises Core he had sealed himself away from the events of the world. But when he was awoken after Weiss and Omega Weapon were defeated by Vincent Valentine he saw that people were just as corrupt as before. The powerful warrior has been gathering energy since the events of Dirge of Cerberus but him and Weiss have hid from the Enji knights for years. Finally comes out of his isolation when Xehamaru convinces him to join his cause out of their shared contempt for humanity. Is the forth Inquisitor of Sithantos.

Others who have joined Xehamaru's order so far Bowser, Doctor Ivo Robotnik and Meta-Knight.


Cloud's hated foe, The powerful genealogical spawn of JENOVA, the former hero of Shinra and the world, and the man who went mad when he found the truth and tried to destroy Cloud's world, killed Aeris, and use the Black Materia to summon a meteor to wreck the planet in order to become a god, and then come back again through the pain of Geostigma. A man with such a list of deadly achievements drew Xehamaru like a magnet since the Sithantos leader wanted to revive the most deadly villains to serve him! However, while Xehamaru almost brought back Sephiroth at the last minute Ben fires a blast to ruin the revival ritual! However, Sephiroth's will would not be denied so easley. While he was not revived the ritual did awaken his sprit form the life stream, where it sensed a great power, and appeared before Ezan just as he was struggling with one of Xehamaru's elite minions Velgamon, and as Ben's rival was injured and in a bind he hastily expected his offer, and Sephiroth merged with Ezan, giving the man with the Sharingan eyes a massive boost of power, dark power! Ezan slowly began to become aware he was being possessed as he had blanked out only to regain conscious to find his opponents no more!

And Sephiroth became dangerously close to taking Ezan over several times, but Ezan managed to get lucky breaks thanks to first the mysterious Diz sealing Sephiroth away, then using the Sol Emeralds. Finally this came to its climax when Sephiroth enticed Ezan from within his mind to find the truth about himself and find out his true power, so Sephiroth could utilize that power to revive himself with his own body once more! However just as it looked like his control was assured, at the last moment the sudden appearance of a recording of his hosts mother gave him a burst of light to repel Sephiroth out of him!

However even then he would not be denied! He at once took over the nearby startled Zeon Commander Nag'molda and then hurled the body in to the energy that once was the corrupted celestial one Promathia! This onslaught of power at last became Cloud's worse nightmare; Sephiroth was now fully alive, with his own body, and with more power than ever! And while Sephiroth was ready to instantly butcher Cloud and his friends, thanks to his body not fully adapting to his new power, Ben, Cloud, Ezan and the others were able to ward him off. However, the Enji are destined to settle the score with Sephiroth, especially since he took the offer by Damonus, and took up the void left by Ganondorf's death as another inquisitor!

Weil Narche Zabi

President in name, but in reality absolute dictator of the united federation of Zeon. Although Ansem Zeon was the one who founded the idea of the Zeon when his life seemed to be lost Weil was all but to happy to take over as ruler. While Ansem wanted independence from the Lylat Kingdom because of ideological differences about the ideal government Weil mostly just wanted free rain for his inter galactic corporations like Serpent Corps and OZ. Some say he might have been pushing for Ansem's demise but no one dares try and prove it. He is very greedy, and deals only in extremity.

Even though he owns entire galaxies thanks to the power of his companies when King Atem issued a degree limiting his power he was outraged and that was what put him on board with Ansem. Has on his side many other powerful CEO's of half the major business in the universe. Together even though the Lylat Kingdom outnumbers them there combined army of droids is enough to leave the universal civil war in an unbreakable stale mate. Although all the moves he has made in the war so far has been made from him by Havoc and Xehamaru he only thinks of himself as the true ruler of all space.

Even when Xehamaru and Damonus show just what place Zeon has in their new era Weil refuses to listen to the advisors that recommend they stop the war, make a treaty with the Lylat Kingdom, or combined forces to fight the Zannacross Empire, and he responds by calling them disloyal and killing them! In fact, Weil is so paranoid that in his obsession to have total control he has executed several bloody purges in his own federation, killing more than seven five percent of the federation, along with all the other members of the Federation like Nute Gunray and the High Profit of Truth!

And it's all to insure that loyalty to Weil is the number one requirement! While such bloody and ruthless leadership is badly effecting the moral of both his citizens and his few remaining living members of the army, Weil could care less, in the end he has no qualms using fear and oppression to secure total control of his" Property"! As delusional as Weil's ambitions now are, he will stop at nothing to wage his two front war against both the Lylat Kingdom and the Zannacross Empire till he is totally neutralized! And while the chances of him succeeding in his insane plot, but as long as he continues to unleash and mass produce dangerous weapons like the Big Zam, Apsalusm Neue Ziel, and even his ultimate weapon the Death Star Space Station Ragnarok, a battle station that can destroy entire worlds ! Weil seems to love machines so much that even his own body seems to be nearly totally robotic! It's clear that while Zannacross and his forces are the biggest threat , it's clear that Weil must be stopped before they can divert all of their attention to ending this long deadly war! Is the same design and personality of Weil from the Mega man Zero games but different past.

Arzrael Tarkin

The biggest genius in the Zeon federation and responsible for all the massive robot of mass destruction that they unleash on the Lylat kingdom like the Big Zam. Does not seem to care about Zeon at all nor does he care about Weil's murderous ideology and is only in it for having unlimited funding for his endless resruech. At the moments is working on a battle station the size of a moon with the power to destroy planets .Is responsible for designing most of Weil's "toys" like his mobile armors, his battle droid army, his Death Star, and even his odd robotic monsters of death like the Cyber End Dragon! Because of this he is one of the few men who can talk back to Weil and not be killed on a whim.

Commander Craft

A former Enji master; he is one of the four Enji masters that founded the Enji with Master Myers. Left the Enji after the Irazam Civil war over ideological reasons, losing his friends in battle and becoming a cyborg some of them. He commands an elite warrior group in Zeon called Dead Cell and is called Big Boss among his crew. His four elite warriors are Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir, and Phantom. While at first he refuses to let the Enji persuaded him to see how corrupt a cause he is fighting for. However, when he sees how Weil does not care at all for the cause that its original leader Ansem Zeon, and those like him like Char, , Casval Deikun and others. And when he sees just what Weil thinks of his soldiers' patriotism, he and the Dead cell unit are ready to attack Weil! However Weil shows him just how much control he has over his soldiers, and using the built in systems he installed when Craft became a cyborg, he forces Craft and the others to obey his every command! Is Craft doomed to die a solider chained to fate? Or can Ben and the others free him?

The Organizing XII from Kingdom hearts 2 are in this story of mine but there role and purpose is much different. All of them are there and they are still have Xemnas as their leader . However Nobody's work differently and they are all true humans. Instead they are Dark Enji that embraces the darkness. Also since there is no Sora in my story there is also no Roxas he is replaced by my new person.


The King of Koopa's, along with being the king of incompetence and failing. Of course as soon as Vile meet him and King K Rool he took his offer for the power to crush the Mario brothers in an instant! However, even with a boost from the Curse Seal Crystals he still could not beat his own ineputed or the Mario brothers and Yoshi. He then went to Xehamaru to officially be part of Sithantos and took part in the invasion of Neo Arcadia. He almost reached his long desire to pound Mario for good, till Brad showed up and made him look like a fool again by kicking him out of the city with ease! When Xehamaru died and Nightmare brought him and the others to see Damonus the Koopa King realized he was WAY over his head, but at this point since he was now official in the club for dimensional massacre he was at the point of no return unless he wanted to join them! With this he and Nightmare launched a total invasion against the Mushroom Kingdom to at last try and make Princess Peach his! And with him even enlisting those like a rebuilt Smithy, Sir Grodius and more, Bowser was being serious this time, deadly serious!

Even though he was not to keen about Nightmare using the Obelisk of Judgment to gather all the life-force energy of the planet, he knew if he did not follow orders Nightmare would not heaste to slice him up in a second. And that's why when Nightmare fought Ben and Cloud was trying to deactivate the Zannacross doom machine Bowser had no choice but to be a hard core villain and use the advanced curse seal of Necrocalcous crystal to transform in to Giga Bowser! However even though with that much power he had become impervious to all of the Enji and his long time advisers attacks, it was too much power for Bowser to control, and it looked like this was his end. However little did Mario or the others know but as the Obelisk of Judgment went circle and blew up, taking Bowser's castle and most of his followers with him! Now a broken Koopa Zannacross punished Bowser's failure by having him go through " remolding" which was in essence him going through tremendous physical and mental pain in order to make his heart embrace the dark side totally! It seemed to work, because when Ben's group saw Bowser again, he was a totally different Bowser, one who had become a ruthless enforcer of the empire and could become Giga Bowser without any trouble! Bowser may have never been a nice guy, but he is clearly over his head. Is Bowser fated to commit himself fully to a path of evil, and suffer the ultimate game over?

Doctor Ivo Robotnick, AKA Doc Eggman.

The mad creator of robots who is obsessed with creating his robotic utopia the Egg man empire. After seeing his forces brushed aside by a Zeon fleet he was enticed to join the Zannacross Empire to gain more power to his creations and at last give him what he needed to get Sonic and the others out of his way for good! However, even when he invaded the world of Mobius with Zannacross World Devastators and teamed up with his other dimensional counterpart Eggman Nega, he still could not finish off his long time adversaries and the Enji! His grand plans fell apart when his new and improved Metal Sonic betrayed him yet again as he absorbed the Sol Emeralds to settle the score with his original, and when he fell Eggman Nega tried to blow everyone away with the weapon's of the Death Egg only for Kira to show who had the trump card when the Ark, powered by the Pysco Gundam Mark two blasted him to dust! Like Bowser Robotnik realizes that he is in involved with powers that play far more rougher then he would like, but knows he must continue to do everything he can to support the Zannacross Empire, less he is no longer useful to them.

Ravxen, The Phantom Of Chaos.

This mysterious dark figure wears a mask to hide his face and is extremely mocking wherever he goes. Despite that he acts crazy and sadistic, he always has a method to his madness and has much control over himself. Despite the fact that he acts like a fool at first, he is extremely deadly and is second only to Xemnas in the order of fallen Enji. In fact, despite his mocking nature he seems to be one of the most powerful villains around. And to make it even more confusing, he seems to be secretly on the side of the Zannacross Empire without Xemnas and the others being aware, and the way he talks makes it almost seem that he has been around for centuries or even longer! In fact, when are hero's manage to finally damage him he seems to snap himself back together like a corpse! His motives are unknown but whatever his deal is its clear that were ever he goes death is not far behind.

Lisa Alster/ Larxene. Blond hair and red eyes.

A charming girl that was voted most popular girl of the Enji rookies. Promises to go on a date with Ben after he saved her from certain doom when on a mission together on the world of Popstar. This makes Ben ecstatic as it's the first time a girl ever asked him on a date. However Ben begins to wonder if Lisa is just teasing him since she has been holding back on the date now for an month because of her busy schedule. Despite acting like a diva she is quite powerful. However, even though she has been a tease she is still the first girl that has officially went out on a date with Ben, and after being rejected so many times by other girls in his past and with Lacus seemly firmly in Brad's hands Ben was all too happy to finally have a chance of having someone love him that was not his mom. However, in the end all of Ben's romantic hopes were to be cruelly crushed. When they finally went on a date to the Platinum Saucer after Xehamaru invasion just when she leaded Ben on that she was going to kiss him, Lacus appeared, with the shocking revelation that Lisa was just about to kill Ben!

Lisa then showed that she was really Larxene, one of the elite dark Enji! Ben's heart was crushed when he found out Lisa Alster was just a persona created to sneak in to the Enji order, and leak there secrets. However, her later added secondary mission was to get close to the one chosen by the Star Sword, and either convert him or kill him! Devastated that the only girl that had wanted to date him was just using him, and weakened by poison she sneaked in, Ben was nearly finished by the Savage Nymphs lighting fast attacks, but when he saw Lacus, the one person who truly meant so much to him, defending him and becoming in danger, Ben snapped in to action and gave the blond traitor his full fury! It looked like he was going to make her pay the ultimate price for her actions when Maraluxia appeared and warped both of them out of the area. While the female fatale may have gotten away from justice for now, she can't run forever and one of these days Ben and her are going to have a nice, chat.

Albert Yurive

Another member of the Subcommittee, and one who has been a long partner with both Kira and Xiza. He is very mysterious, and is not open with his personal life. What we do know, is that he worked for a long time in the Lylat Robotics division, and is one of the best in its filed. After Kira 's failed coup, he has vanished, but its likely he is not done yet. And one more thing, seems to have a great, interest in Zero,,, now, does that reminded you of anyone?

Kira Myers. Age 30

The son of the Grand Master. His power is almost as great as his father and some call him the most powerful warrior of all. Has journeyed across the universes and is a master of both light and darkness. It seems his travels have made him even more powerful as its now said that he has mastered all forms of both physical and magical combat.

He is also head of the Lylat Titan Special forces, the elite secret army that handles the most dangerous missions. However ever since he was tortured in a mission and saw his brother Shin Myers die his views have been getting radical. The vast amount of fighting he has seen as driven out all compassion from his heart. In fact he desires to bring the war to an end and bring order to the universe at any cost even if it means the complete destruction of the Zeon federation. However both the Enji masters and King Atem continue to try and find a way to end the war without massive deaths and Kira keeps questioning wherever there path is the way to true justice. More than anything he dreams to end not only this war but all war, no matter what must be done to create such a kingdom.

Little does the rest of the Enji know however, just how radical Kira 's views of true justice are, and they only find out to late! After being tortured and seeing Shin die because his own Captain, Aizen, sold them all out, Kira 's original kind heart was shattered, to be replaced by a emotionless heart that only sought enforcing order at any cost. This caused him to establish the Titans, and behind the backs of his Father and the king do whatever brutal acts he deemed necessary to bring about "peace". Kira's views became so extreme, that with a little help from Xiza and Damonus, he soon came to the conclusion that the only way to save the universe, was to destroy it!

That is why he ruthlessly destroyed the entire planet of Zandalor and poisoned its remains to ensure the warrior race was wiped out. That is why he framed his former comrade Max Bruder and made him appear to be the one who betrayed the order and wiped out the Zandalorin's before ensuring he would not interfere. And that is why before the war between the Lylat Kingdom and Zeon even began, he secretly joined the Zannacross Empire without even Xehamaru knowing! Yes, Kira was to pretend he was fighting against Xehamaru while secretly setting up his forces so that the time was right he could hit the Lylat Kingdom and the Enji when there guard was down and destroy them!

That is why in secret Kira enlisted the help of the former God General from the world of Auldrant, Dist the reaper, and used his expert knowledge of cloning or " fomicry" to with his other elite Titan scientists create millions of elite soldiers all based of the ace Spartan Commando Master Chief ! And the purpose of his new Salvation Solders was to help him over throw his own comrades!

And when he purposely had Ben crack and become Darth Idious to see if he would be his pawn, only to see him fail but knock out his father and weaken the Enji Kira at last showed his true move, he nearly massacred King Atem's royal guard, froze the King himself in carbonite, and then created a fabricated video of Idious killing Atem to justify making himself the Supreme King of the Lylat Kingdom! Kira at last showed his true cruel nature when he instantly killed the majority of the subcommittee, even those that sided with him besides Albert and Xiza in order to tie up loose ends, before issuing order 66, the order for all Enji Knights to be killed! While Kira had indeed caught the Enji and everyone else off guard, he made on crucial mistake. He and driving all emotions out of him, so he had forgotten how much emotions like the will to survive can change situations! And because of the merging Enji's will to survive, and with a little help from insiders like Diz and Max, they were able to survive his ambush, and lead a attack to kick him out!

And while Kira was all too happy to show just how powerful he was with mastering both light and dark magic, along with the power of his Absolute Hypnoses magic, he was shocked to find he could not crush his former friends! When Ben, Ezan, Max, Grand Master Myers and everyone else all attacked him at once, he was forced to realize that human emotions are not merely what makes them weak, it's what makes them strong as well, and he felt this the hard way when Ben cut off his hand! However, it was then that he revealed he had been working with the Zannacross Empire all along and warped away to win another day. With this he totally cut off all links to his humanity, and with a new demonic hand given to him by Zannacross he was now Darth Judicar, one who would judge all life and bring about the utopia, the utopia of darkness! Kira truly believes justice is on his side and it's the only path humanity has to fallow, but will Ben and the others be able to show him that Armageddon is not the only path humanity can fallow?

Xiza Belphagos.

The mysterious green skinned humanoid with many faces, he is a master manipulator. He is also apparently a master at multi tasking, because he has many titles under his robes! He was a member of the Lylat Subcommittee, and the CEO of one of the few massive corporations not belonging to the Zeon Federation, the Vector Corporation. His power is nearly as much as Atem or Weil's with all the influence and money he has, and his moon like ship the Dämmerung as a testament to his wealth! However all of this is just the first polite mask Xiza has to full everyone, his true face is far more sinister! In reality he has been supplying we ponds to both sides under the black market, for he is also the true leader of the Space Pirates! Yes, both Mother Brain and Ridley are just the public leaders while he remains the true person of high command, along with being the godfather of the Twilight Mafia! In fact it's because of him that Samus Aran lost her parents, for he was the one who ordered Ridley to raid the space colony K-2L in order to erase evidence that linked his true evil nature . Yes, Xiza has a lot to answer for, he was one of the ones who helped mold Kira in to what he became, and he has started countless devilish secret projects under the veil of his many fronts.

One of those projects was the Juggernaught Project, a secret project being worked on that was even more radical then the super soldier project that Garma Kaiba had done to Ezan! It was a project to create a being who would have no weaknesses, get stronger after each battle, and in time have power to challenge the gods! Thankfully for the cosmos this project never made its completion when something when wrong and the whole lab exploded! However this caused another crises, because it exploded in Irazos, killing many important personal and causing the planets two primary races to unleash a savage civil war, which is what in time caused both Xehamaru and Kira to turn the dark side! Its clear Xiza has no qualms killing who ever stands in the way of his profits, when the warrior race of Zandalor refused to let him and the Vector company command them he instigated a war and had Kira wipe out nearly the entire race for him! However, as bad as this is, that still was not the worse part! What made all of that look like nothing, because the truth about Xiza and all of his plotting is that he is really a demon, and one of the seven great demon lords of the Zannacross Empire! It seems he managed to break free of his seal two thousand years ago, and the truth was that the one who freed him was Garland! It seems that the time loop was created by Garland meeting the sealed four fiends, but when there merging of power caused a time portal, it threw him to where Xiza was, and when he broke the seal it was Xiza who gave him his power!

And ever since the demon lord was freed he plotted to insure he was the one who got his master freed, for he was the most ambitions of the demon lords and sought to have enough power to oust Damonus as the voice of the Emperor! His many plots webbed for centuries, or even longer, however his hand was finally forced when the vengeful Max at last exposed him for his true nature and cornered him with Ben Samus and the others! And it was then that Xiza showed his true master plan. Long ago he found one of the ancient weapons used against Zannacross in the last war, Halo. However a demon like him could never unlock its seal, but a human with tremendous magical power could, like Ben or Max! And that's why he lured Max right to his office room, because his blast of rage was the key to his master plan! Xiza wanted to use Halo to reprogram it to instead of firing on demons, it would wipe out humans! However he was confronted by the Enji and the others only for him to unleash his true wrath on them! Xiza showed everyone just what powers a demon lord had when he could make any bone in his body extend any way he liked, and that was before he transformed in to his four armed giant true form! However, even while he had enough power to bring everyone on the brink of death, even this level of power was not enough to out match the combined resolve of Ben Max and the others! And with one flash Xiza saw the plans he had spent several lifetimes making, along with himself, shatter! However, while Xiza was defeated, his power still pales in comparison to the more experienced Damonus and his master!

Darth Damonus

The most loyal and rumored powerful servant of Zannacross. He hides his face in a mask, maybe because he does not like showing it to lower beings. He was able to break free of his own imprisonment three thousand years ago, but he knew he alone could not single handily free his master. And he was the one who single handily slowly rebuilt his masters empire in secret to insure he would not be noticed till the time for revenge was right. It was he who created Sithantos to ward off any suspicion as well. He was also the one who gave Xehamaru his power and advised him on how to free Zannacross. And while he knew Xiza was also free, when he figured out Xiza had his own ambitions Damonus just let him go, knowing he would fail due to his arrogance. While he has not taken much personal involvement, when he does it makes an impact! When Zeon forces on the planet of Castion under Kycilia Zabi tried to make the Zannacross empire surrender to Zeon, Damonus with great pleasure put her in her place when he with ease massacred her, the entire Zeon fleet, and the entire planet with one blast! Since then he has mostly just been hanging around Neo Pandemonium lashing at his minions failure like Lord Zed or other Power Ranger villains. However, with the death of a fellow demon lord and Zannacross getting more and more impatient to be free he might take a more active role making the Enji see just what happens to those that defy the Zannacross Empire!

Darth Idious

Ben always strived to be a hero, but in his heart he always had a stored a deep anger and resentment to his life, the anger he had at the bullies that picked on him, the anguish he had on his friends that betrayed him, the fury he had at his father for being so weak and unremarkable, and seemly nothing more then bureaucratic cogs destined to be followers in society. And while he knew that he could have it a lot worse, that many people lived far worse life's, and that while his father could be a lazy selfish jerk, but he still cared for him, he still at least in some part unconsciously blamed them, and even himself for all the misery he had. But, this pain was always just something eating away at him that he could not describe, and it spiked when Lacus left the first time. When he joined the Enji Knights he was at first despite the many dangers the happiest he was in years, he had found many more true friends, even found Lacus again, and at last had a shot of fulfilling his true dream! However, he soon had the burdens of a hero hit him like a ton of steel! First there was his former best friend Rick showing up after all of those years, only to try and kill him to make sure he did not interfere with the profits of his Toxin Vulture's gang! And as bad as that was it was even more traumatic when he saw Rick die! But that was just the start of Ben's chain of sorrow. Later on he had his heart crushed when Lisa showed she never loved him like he hoped, in fact she was just duping him because she was really the dark Enji Larxene, and that she thought he was a loser! That pain was made even worse when only a little while later he finally was reunited with his cousin and former mentor Max, only to find out that all along he appeared to be deceiving him and he had betrayed the Enji Knights and became the bounty hunter Janus.

Seeing the man he looked up so highly trash talk everything that he once admired, and tell Ben he and there bond meant nothing to him hurt him deeply. And, the fact that at the time Kira had made him go through nonstop brutally demanding and border line torture like training as he isolated him in his Titan moon base just made his suppressed anger nearly consume him! But the breaking point was when he saw Lacus had seemly decided that to choose Brad over him, even to the point where she would not talk to Ben at Brad's request, drove Ben to the brink of despair! And, the last straw was when he was on a mission on Kira's orders looking for what he thought was the last crystal shard on the planet of Michtam, along with the extra mission of eliminating traitors. When he found them, he was horrified to see before him Doug and James! While they were in fact different rookies named Ryan and Alex who were made to look like Ben's best friends because of the illusionary magic of Kira! But Ben had no idea of that, and he thought he killed his two friends after they betrayed him. This was the last straw, and all of Ben's anger, sadness and hatred exploded and he snapped! The pain was so much that he could not take it, in fact, the only way he could survive having a total mental break down was to form a new personality of pain! And with this and the explosion of darkness that he accidently fused in to him Ben's mind was totally fractured, and out from it came the embodiment of carnage, Darth Idious!

This personality of hatred only sought to dish out pain himself, and secretly guided by Kira he attacked the world of Taris, brutally and casually slathered the entire combined Zeon and Lylat armada with Helldramon, the dark mega form of Hiryuumon! Idious even defeated four Enji Captains without a scratch. In fact he would have killed his former comrades without giving it a second though it Captain Rahm Kota sacrifices his life by unleashing all of his power in to a futile Tri Beam attack that manages to hold Idious back enough for the others to escape in the Strahl, but that act of valor just cause Idious to respond by blowing up the entire planet with his Final Flash attack! Before the Enji can react Idious attacks Hallowed Bastion with just Helldramon and a swarm of summoned Necrocalcous! After he is in essence piled on by everyone they are shocked to see the deranged pale faced red eyed killer that swore to kill the entire Enji order is in fact Ben, or at least Ben's body! While Idious taunted his former comrades that they wanted to kill him anyway, Doug, James, Cloud, Master Myers, Lacus, and even Ezan all try to reach out to the real Ben locked in the depths of his mind. And in a desperate attempt, and even though Zannacross himself tries to ensure Idious stays dominant, when Lacus shows Ben she was so sorry for making him suffer and that she is still his friend he is at last able to see he has not been abandoned, and with a little help from the Grand Master is able to break out of Idious's control! It seems that Ben has at last seen the true light and won't have to worry about his pain being unbearable anymore as long as he has his friends at his side. However, even though it seems like Idious was destroyed, as long as Ben as negative feelings; is it really possible that we won't have to worry about his dark other personality trying to resurface and take control again? Only time will tell I suppose, who the true really is but hopefully for everyone the true Ben is the one that their friend is.

Supreme Emperor of Evil Chaos Zannacross Necron.

When the universe was in its earliest stages, the supreme being of existence created celestial ones to handle roles in governing the cosmos. When the cosmos split in to different dimensions more specific types were created in order to better insure the laws of time and space were kept. One such "angel" was a being that was created to watch over the souls of the dead, or more like the souls of the dead that were "corrupt". This one was Zannacross, and he was made to have the perfect understanding of the negative emotions, the darkness, that drove life forms to the realm that would become hell so best to govern them. When existence first stated this seemed like nothing that was too bad, even if in high sight giving one being the knowledge all of the full various types of evil of man, for eternity would soon be seen as a grave error. However, I suppose even god itself could not predict something when it had no experience or history to base it on. However, in time everyone would soon regret ever creating Lucifer Zannacross. While for a few million years or so he did the job no problem. As time went on, and as mortals become more advanced, and learned to tap in to the magical energy of the cosmos grew, there acts of evil grew even worse. And in time Zannacross, who was to govern and look over all of time's evil souls, grew disgusted with how he saw beings like humans repeat the same bloody acts again and again.

It was one thing to make new mistakes, but what angered and disgusted Zannacross the most was now no matter how advanced a society, they would still be the same disgusting inferior beings locked in there cycle of greed and hatred forever. In time there greed, there madness, became his madness, and he sought to punish mortals for being such unworthy creatures. First he used his powers to cause his creations, demons, to manifest in the living dimension and cause havoc where ever they went, for they had extremely high destructive magical power, and grew even stronger from the dark side. By this point Zannacross was able to create demons and other monsters because he had absorbed and witness so much evil acts that he had no longer become a angel, but the original devil. And in time he thought it was his right alone to force existence, which Cosmos and the others and neglected, to mold, to evolve, in to a more worthy existence, and that is why he broke the rules and in time left from hell, and established the Zannacross Empire in the living dimension for one purpose, to concur all of the living dimension!

With beings like the Necrocalcous and using his own magic to create the most advanced technology of genocide to crush anyone that defied him! And when angels came down and instead of helping him unleash the Apocalypse on all life aided with mortals and defied him, he became even more furious, and deemed that heaven and Cosmos herself and become corrupt over time, and that it was his destiny to break apart the cosmos so he could find it in darkness, and recreate existence as the absolute ruler! No one was quite sure just what Zannacross planned to do, but it's clear his continued existence threaten time and space itself, and he was powerful enough to erase entire galaxies! After a long deadly war that history would dub among other things the war between light and darkness would reach its climax when the largest collation of forces in history consisting of a armada of celestial beings leaded by Cosmos's top warrior archangel Gabriel Celeste, to confront Zannacross and his army in his home world of Vandalgyon to stop him, just as it seemed the dark god was attempting to create a space anomaly to rip a hole in time and space! The forces of light attacked with everything they had, and they managed to break through the imperial defenses and even hold back his demon lords! However all this did was anger Zannacross, and cause him to take to the battle and show them his full wrath when he nearly instantly wiped out half of their forces! Soon it seemed hopeless, not even the most powerful angels could harm Zannacross and he slathered anyone in his path. However when all hope was lost, four warriors of light, four mortals appeared. At first Zannacross thought nothing of this, and with a glace tried to blast them in to nothingness, but he soon found out they were not just any mortals, they were mortals with the power of Cosmos herself!

While Cosmos would not confront Zannacross directly for damaging the borders of the dimensions Zannacross had already weakened with his onslaught of attacks, she would still do what she could, and entrusted the four bravest of all warriors with her power to stop the dark god! The battle to decide the fate of the universe then reached its climax, and there resolve was so great they were even able to harm the dark god! However he would not expect defeat, and unleashed the full fury of a god on the four! Even so it was a vicious battle, one that nearly shocks the very foundations of the cosmos! However, things soon looked grim when Zannacross cruelly killed one of the warriors and injured the other three severely!

However, the leader of the hero's soon gathered all of the power he had left, and with one strike with all of his power, using his sword, the final true form of the Star Sword, he slashed right through Zannacross and damaged his body severely! With this Cosmos at last participated, by casting a spell on the severely injured dark god, and before he could recover or retaliate he was sealed in a inter dimension prison in-between dimensions, along with his demon lords! And just like that, the war ended, for his demonic armies could not function without their masters power, literally, and the rest of the forces were quickly crushed! However, while peace had at last returned to the cosmos, it came with a heavy price. Because before he was stopped he and his empire nearly destroyed more than half of all sentient life in the universe! And what was more, the hero that stopped and sealed Chaos Zannacross Necron used so much power, that it cost him his life, and the two surviving heroes vanished from history. However, while with the Zannacross Empire's campaign gone, it was not erased permanently.

Zannacross, was sealed away, but he still lived. And his hatred would burn for intrinty! And while for millions of years he would remain trapped, the wheels of the dark side would slowly turn once more. In time the amount of greed and hatred in mortals would cause the seals of Darth Damonus and Xiza to be broken. And while he may be sealed, he could still influence the world. While his body was trapped, his powerful will could take control of other lesser beings as his puppets. And he could leak out small fragments of his power in the form of Curse Seal Crystals to give those seeking power, to cause more to serve his cause. Throughout the years nearly everything can be linked to Chaos Zannacross Necron. Jenova, Ibis, the Dark Matter creatures that tried numerous times to cause suffering for Kirby, the Necron spawn that appeared before Zidane and his friends, the source of the dark energy Doctor Willy used to empower his machines, and if the rumor was true use as the source of the Maverick Virus, and nearly every other powerful threat to the universe in recent history can be linked in one way or another to him. But all of those threats were nothing, compared to the devastation that could be unleashed if Chaos Zannacross Necron were ever to break free! With all of his minions doing whatever it takes to free him, Zannacross is truly the greatest threat to all life, and Ben's ultimate fate is to insure the mad dark never steps free, or to somehow stop him if he does. Does Ben have a chance of obtaining such a power? Well, that's what this story is about, so

Other, characters

Brad Fowltror

Age is 21. Has small black eyes and crew cut hair. Most resembles Brad Pit from that Fight Club movie

An extremely powerful and selfish member of the Enji. Is so powerful he calls himself the "Unstoppable Juggernaught. " His arrogance knows no bounds as he thinks of himself the most powerful being in the universe. Does not seem to care much about the values of the Enji much and is only in it to get more power for himself. Is not very good at learning magic or skills and does not use it much. In fact in combat he most of the time just uses his raw strength and energy blasts to fight. And boy does he love fighting, and winning! Yes, Brad is what you call a sore winner, even though he is a sore loser as well, and takes pleasure in making his opponents suffer before he painfully kills them, and sometimes he even does that to his alleys before he is stopped!

Despite his lack of skills he makes up for it in raw power alone. He plowed his way through the Enji entrance exam in a blood thirsty rage without even stopping! His power is so great that he looks normal most of the time but when he encounters someone that he can't beat him at one his trick is his muscles expand in size like the Hulk, Toguro from Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and Dragon Ball Z's Broly. Is the kind of person who enjoys the thrill of fighting and will only do what he wants. Because of his violent behavior he is put in to the Enji order's behavior reform members.

Thinks of Ben and his dreams to be the greatest hero as nothing but joke and it's not long before Ben and Brad develop an intense hatred for one another. The rivalry between them is at typical at first, but soon it gets even worse as Ben does not even consider him a rival.

Ben may consider Ezan his rival in the same way Ryu and Ken, Yugi and Kaiba, Narato and Sasuke , Goku and Vegeta and others like that. But that's because while Ezan is cold Ben respects his talents. Brad on the other hand is in Ben's eyes as nothing more than a bully who has no business being an Enji.

The thing that makes Ben have an undying hatred for Brad though is when he finds out to his horror that Brad is the one Lacus loves as her boy friend! Seeing his childhood friend that he loves in love with such an arrogant ruthless jerk, someone who she use to despise when they were young, more than any other thing eats away at him at no end. He dealt with similar cases in high school, and Brad is everything he hated about the punks that made his life hard before he went to the Enji, and Brad's all of those guys mixed together!

However it's even worse for Ben when he challenge Brad to a fight he is beaten with ease! To Ben's horror even after all of his improvements and the bad guys he had defeated, all of his moves are shrugged off the lazy brawler like its nothing, and just using ruthless raw power and muscles, he wipes the floor with Ben, even though Ben still wins the match because Brad was so carless he landed outside the ring when he sent Ben flying! Even so losing to Brad makes Ben even more determined to train hard and surpass everyone in order to beat Brad. While Ben's level of disgust for Brad is well known, after a while Brad's cocky selfish nature gets on everyone's nerves. In fact, just about everyone wonders just how Lacus and Brad ever got together. But as much of a mismatch as it seems, Lacus and promises that there is more to Brad, and underneath his rough front he is a nicer person. Apparently while Brad does not disclose his past to anyone, the rumors are that Brad's father killed his mother when he was young, and after that he lived with his dead beat uncle, which might explain part of his lack of manners.

It seems that Brad did something to help Lacus be popular after the outburst meant that she was ostracized, but somehow Brad had the charisma to get everyone to be friends with her , and for that Lacus became extremely grateful to him, which is why she over looks his many, personality defects. However, even Lacus could not condone Brad's uncalled for bullying and constant tormenting of Ben, including nearly beating him to death in their match, crosses the line even for her! However when Brad goes too far all he seems to need to do is act sweet in his bad boy sorry attitude, and most of the time Lacus is able to expect it. However, recently, Brad had gone too far.

No matter how many times Brad finds himself trashed by superior opponents like Ezan, Ravxen, Xehamaru, and even Ben himself when he was Idious, he always blames it on luck, and refuses to learn anything from his defeats! But the worse is when on the mission to capture Weil Zabi to try and end the war with Zeon, Brad's desire to gain glory caused him to blow of his orders and rush in to take Weil for himself! Not only did this fail spectacularly, but as an end result it caused the chain of events that leaded to Xiza brining out Halo, and also Max's death! Brad's disrespectful behavior to Max for him looking down on him , even in death, was the last straw, and a fed up Myers punished Brad for his disgraceful behavior and disobedience and not only announced he was no longer part of the Enji order, but he would be punished for his many acts by being locked up in the Sekkiskek! The crowning moment was when Lacus at last saw that Brad's ruthlessness and desire for glory was the true side of his heart.

With this Lacus at last broke up with Brad, enraging him to no end! With this it seems Brad's done for, but, maybe not. As dumb as he acts, the most shocking thing of all is that he is in fact much smarter then he lets on! While he barley pays attention in his classes, it seems to be because he does not care, because he is disturbingly smart enough to hack in to high level computers in areas as secure as Xiza 's own ship! Just what is Brad's true nature, is he simply an extremely powerful thug, or something even more devious? What matters now is that Ben might have a chance front he get Lacus to notice him as more than a friend now that Brad is finally out of the picture! However, with Brad all ready enraged, this just might make Brad even more determined to make Ben pay, at any cost! Ben has gotten leagues stronger since Brad defeated him, and should be able to wipe the floor with Brad when they have their rematch. However, there is still a dark truth between the pasts of Brad and Lacus, and it may be the key to Ben finally understanding his child hood friend! However, can Ben bring the truth to light, and do so without him, Lacus or anyone else having to suffer? Brad's captain is Sabin Rene Fargo and his team mates are members of his loyal followers, CJ and Jerid, along with the other members of his posses, Mondo and "the Slate".

King Atem

Son of the one who founded the Lylat kingdom, the much loved former king Akunumkanon. Is a good leader and is trying his best to keep the people of the universe happy, or at least as many people as he can. When war between Zeon and then Sithantos/ the Zannacross Empire breaks out Atem does his best to run the war properly, without compromising the beliefs of the Lylat Kingdom in the process. When he sees Ben ready to do whatever it takes to stop Xehamaru Atem gains the resolve to do what he must to protect the citizens of his kingdom, and using the own celestial power handed down to him by his father stored in the Millennium Puzzle, he is able to summon the three supreme Lylat Summon gods, Obelisk the Tormenter, Zodiark the divine sky dragon And Supreme Bahamut Ultima! With the help of his aids and friends like the Dark Magician Mahado and Shimon, he strives to work with the Enji Knights to end the war and create a peaceful world for everyone. Ben believes in his rulers will and will do what he can to see if it can be a reality.

Rickey Okeaf

Ben's best friend from child hood. The two use to do everything together but Rick gave in to his anger of his patents divorce and was sent away to a reforming center after being caught stealing many times. Ben runs in to him one day in the capital city of Neo Arcadia on a weekend but finds that Rick has changed. In fact Rick has changed so much that he has become the leader of teh Toxic Vultures gang and tries to kill Ben with the power of a Curse Seal Crystial and two stolen Gundam 's! However, when Ben's freinds arrives and Ben sees Rick truely has no qualms killing him he swiftly defeates his former freind. And while Rick agrees to surrnder, before anything he is killed, by non other then Max. If any thing Rick's sad end shows just how time can change even pepole you thought knew well.

Ansem Zeon

The mysterious found of the Zeon federation. Created the Zeon Federation because he claimed the Lylat Kingdom was too oppressive. Did not get along with Weil and his greedy cohorts much and many people wondered if Ansem would have the war going on still if not for his tragic death when the Twilight Town space colony. Also rumored to be the real father of Ezan, well, it's been conformed thanks to documents.


A mysterious man clocked entirely in red. He seems to be on his own side, but he appears to be an ally of the Enji. It was he who prevented Sephiroth from taking over Ezan and he also with Max insured the Enji survived order 66 and even arrived in person to insure the survival of King Atem. Seems to have a Mangekyou Sharingan , which means he is either from the Uchia clan or obtained there power ! While he is a enigma warped in layers of secrecy time will tell just what he truly desires.


The same one from Final Fantasy five. After giving up his life to help Bartz and friends stop X-Death the celestial ones showed mercy for his deeds and gave him a chance to repent for his deeds under X-Death. His chance was to be the guarding of the Star Sword and it is he who first tests Ben for the right for the Star Sword. Ben is outclassed by Gilgamesh but Ben's resolve impresses the multi armed swordsmen and he lets Ben take the Star Sword.

As Ben continues to stumble in to shrines across the universes Gilgamesh continues to test Ben for crystal shards of the Star Sword by having him face other powerful deceased warriors. The spirits that he has faced so far are Leon Magus, General Leo, Asch the bloody, and Zack Fair. Its been a while since Ben found his last crystial Shard, Ben's gotten a little side tracked, but he will have to find the last one eventualy if he wants to complete the Star Sword to fufill his destiny

Hahah, if you think this is big, wait till the one for volume three muahahahah! But for now, let me just worry about starting it, but stay tuned for Tales of the Cosmic Wars Volume three: The Dream that Lights up the Dark Nightmare! ( Title subject to change.) Till next time!