NOTE: This is a story that came to me in a dream (my dreams are the strangest) and from what I could remember is this. This will include violence; do not read if easily affected.

I do not own transformers, Hasbro does.



"No! Turn, turn! Ack!"

"Sweet! I'm winning!"

"I'm SO going to own you."

"Over my off-line body."

Bumblebee and Sari were doing their usual routine when play racing games. As always it was the same winner…

"Ha, finish line, beat ch'a". Sari sighed as Bumblebee jumped from the couth as he started walking the moonwalk. Bulkhead had watched from a distance as he continued to work on his new sculpture made out of tires and scrape metal. Strangely listening to the music of the game passed the time as he worked on a new project, even got the beat stuck in his head. "Where did learn that anyway?" Sari asked. Bumblebee stopped in place as he simple said. "T.V."

'Of course'. "Another round"

"Your on" as Bumblebee sat down again and the two resuming their game. As soon the two started playing, neither of them noticed the black and gold mech approaching them. As soon the game started, the screen was pulled down, thus shutting the computer off. "He what's the big deal Prowl." Prowl might have been in his room but he still could hear the music and Bumblebee's annoying voice. "It's bad for you, do something else." With that he simple took the computer with him as he walked back to his room. "HEY!"

With some peace and quite, Prowl can now think. Placing the computer aside, he simple laid down in front of his tree, deep in his meditation. 'Why does he and Sari spend their time on that game anyway?' Prowl thought. 'Why waste your time with it and not appreciate the beauty of nature?' After a few minutes of meditating, the silence was interrupted again…

"Autobots, theirs been reports of Decepticons in downtown Detroit, transform and roll out!"

Optimus Prime had called out to his troops. Bumblebee had nothing else to do and already transformed along with the others. Prowl too had transformed, already annoyed yet again.


As the team made it to the warehouse where the humans had reported, each was prepared to face on what is to come. The warehouse was too dark too see when entering, so their headlight were turned on. Everyone stayed close to each other and kept their optics open. Bumblebee then let out a yelped. "Did you see that!?" It might have been dark, but the Autobots could see enough if something was moving. The others saw something move too, but it was impossible to tell where it was coming from.

"TAKE COVER!", yelled Ratchet as Prowl was hit to the wall behind them. Prowl tried to get up but his arms were held in one place, whatever caught him was something made from an organic. The attacker then moved around them until it reached Bulkhead and Ratchet. Bulkhead and Ratchet were strung by something sharp and before either of them knew it, both fell unconscious. Optimus was close to Bumblebee as the attacker jumped in different directions. Optimus then turned his headlights as the thing approached closer to them. The thing was on the wall as the lights found it and revealed its identity. A familiar giant black widow spider starred at them with its four ruby red eyes as it jumped off the wall and towards the two Autobots. Optimus then realized who the attacker was and was prepared for battle.

"It's that spider bot!" Bumblebee screamed. At That moment the spider transformed into the beautiful femme bot, Blackarachina.

"Missed me, Autobot?" she said in a sweet voice before shooting her silk at him. Bumblebee slammed into the wall behind him as the silk wrapped around him, but had the strength to stay online. Optimus took out his ax and charged to Blackarachina and swung with a powerful swipe, but Blackarachina easily attempted to dodge the crimson and sapphire leaders swipe.

"I know all your moves Optimus, strike me all you want you can hurt me." With a high jump, Blackarachina had enough time to shoot her silk at Optimus. Optimus laid on the floor helpless against the spider as her pinchers begun glow. "You should have never have left me", she said sharply. Bumblebee saw what was happening and with a free hand, Bumblebee tried using his stingers to cut the silk. Before Blackarachina had a chance to strike Optimus, a lightning bolt hitting her side caught her attention. Bumblebee had managed to escape the silk and would never let this spider lady hurt his leader. Bumblebee continued to fire his stingers but caused little damage as she touched Optimus then grabbed his ax.

"You are an annoying little Autobrat." Blackarachina jumped in the air along with the ax in her hands, as an attempt to dodge the stingers. When close enough to Bumblebee, Blackarachina grabbed his throat, slammed him to the wall and did the worst. With a powerful swipe, Bumblebee cried out in pain as the ax sliced through his chest. Bumblebee couldn't hold back his tears as the ax repeated the same all over his body. Energon and oil leaked all over his scars as he started to feel his systems fail. As he begun to lose energy, Blackarachina released her grip and Bumblebee fell to his puddle of energon and oil on his knees and soon on the cold hard floor.

"BUMBLEBEE!" Optimus voice was all he heard as his systems made him fall into stasis, shutting him down.

Please don't hate me, but this is what happened when Bumblebee is hurt by Blackarachina, I hope I got the personalities right.