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"Get up you piece of slag," a deep, harsh voice spat. Baby blue optics fluttered slightly as he forced them opened. Two figures came into view, each with glowing red optics. Bumblebee tried to escape, but found himself to a rock wall pinned down from a massive foot. The youngling, scared as he was, didn't show any fear to the towering figures when one of them moved closer to him. "Let me go!" Bumblebee screamed while activating his stingers and firing at the triple changer. Blitzwing, unaffected by Bumblebee's stingers, switched to cold and froze the youngling's arms in hard ice.

"You Autobots are zo weak," the cold personality replied. "Enough Blitzwing!" Lugnut yelled at the triple changer, his foot still pinned Bumblebee's chassis. "We waited under the master's orders, now we can find the fragment."

Blitzwing's personality changed to hothead and fired at the purple and green Cyclops. "You fool! Megatron can have ze fragment after our little fun with ze Autobot scum!" Hothead was suddenly switched to random. "Oohh, and such fun we have with ze bubbly kid, AHHAHAHA!"

Now Bumblebee was terrified, and there was no holding back the evidence that he wasn't. If he knew the Decepticon's, their fun was torture to anyone weaker then them. Blitzwing and Lugnut turned their attention back to him and hands grabbing his shoulders and hefting him up to their height replaced the massive foot. "Now," random switched back to cold. "Where are you hiding ze fragment?"

"Why would I want to tell you, you scum's?!" Bumblebee screamed. A blow to his optics silenced him, pain spreading through him like wildfire, and followed by actually fire to his frame.

Hit by hit they smashed his optics, until he saw pitch black and fuzzy outlines of the Decepticon's. He felt his chassis burn from fire, his arms crushed from strong punches and arms roaming to his knees.

The scream he let out was so loud that no one heard the sound of transforming.

Bumblebee felt his legs ripped off him and he heard the 'cons actually snicker in his pain and the sound of his legs being thrown away. "Oh, I think I found ze fragment," Blitzwing hollered in joy, reaching to the youngling subspace with the sight of the ice blue glow.

"Don't you dare touch that youngling," cam a voice with plenty of venom in it.

Bumblebee, almost completely blind now, weakly looked passed the Decepticons and thought he saw the newcomer in the shadows. Before either could react, Lugnut and Blitzwing were pulled back by a strong force leaving the youngling falling to the ground. With no energy left in him, Bumblebee fell to the hard ground with a dull clank rumbling through his head and laid still. He heard signs of struggle, crashing and someone screaming.

"You fragging slagtards!"

"Stop," someone begs. "Please stop!"

"Did you stop for the youngling?! DID YOU?!"

Bumblebee couldn't see what was going on, he only heard the fighting and the begging. Whoever was winning had the defeated pinned to the ground unmoving by something strong. The youngling yelped when he was suddenly picked up and felt his holder started running with him. He started to fail, or at least he tried too but strong arms held him close to a broad chassis.

When the sounds of the fighting started fade away, Bumblebee and his holder stopped. The youngling started to struggle out of the hold but failed. His holder was silent but he pulled the youngling closer to him and the youngling felt his spark rejoice from a wave of comfort.

Even in his blindness, Bumblebee saw sky blue droplets gazing down at him.

"Bumblebee, it's me."


Bumblebee wanted to cry if his optics weren't shattered, but he left out choked sobs and huddled closer. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Optimus. I never meant any of that, I never should have ran without understanding."

"Shhh," Optimus cooed, pulling his youngling closer to him. "I understand why you left, I not mad at you."

Bumblebee arms found their way out of the hold and wrapped them around the neck of his creator, as if he would of disappeared into thin air at any moment. Optimus cupped his yellow helm until it lay safely under his head and joined into the embrace.

None of them didn't know how long they stood there embracing the hug until the sapphire and scarlet mech loosened the grip slightly and soft footsteps approach them.

"As much as I want to offline them, they're in stasis lock for now, buried in three face's own ice." It was no doubt it was femme, and very familiar. Bumblebee cowered in fear and huddled closer to Optimus, but felt a new wave of comfort flowing through him. "It's okay," Optimus whispered understanding his fear, "She's not going to hurt us, she saved you."

Bumblebee didn't know what his creator was saying but he started to hear light footsteps walk closer to him until firm but soft arms hesitantly wrap around his damaged body. "I'm sorry, truly I am" the femme whispered with a hint of hurt in her voice. Bumblebee didn't know what he was feeling from this, but when a wave of apology flowed through him, he replied by hugging the femme while staying close to Optimus chassis.

Suddenly the femme broke the embrace and the youngling felt weight on Optimus shoulder. "Have you're medic fix him, he's going to need these."

"Come with us."

There was silence for a few minutes until the femme spoke. "As soon as I get rid of this organic contamination, I might forgive Autobot's."

"But Ratchet can fix your-"

"I don't need a medic," the femme replied. Bumblebee managed to catch a glowing ice blue droplet from his blindness and heard the all too familiar sound of an Allspark fragment healing something and dimmed.

Again firm but soft arms wrapped around Bumblebee and felt a soft peck on his helm with a soothing feeling from his spark. Then it clicked to him who the femme could have been.

"Elita One?"

Blackarachina didn't answer but smiled softy at them and turned to walk away with an Allspark fragment secured around her neck but by a string of silk.


Optimus carried Bumblebee the rest of the way back, with the youngling clinging to his neck like a leech and the older mech holding him protectively. Bumblebee's legs hung around his creator's shoulders with the help of the silk holding the separated limbs together like humans did with their skates. Even if he couldn't walk or see, Bumblebee never felt anymore safer. His creator's were still alive and that's all that mattered. Through everything they've been they still loved each other, like a family should.

It would be a while before they make it home and Ratchet working on Bumblebee's legs on repairing the optics, so Optimus told him everything, he didn't have to lie anymore to him.

"Really, I did that?"

"Yeah, you wouldn't let anyone hold you. You'd cry you're spark out until you we're handed to me."

"Even Elita?"

"Even Elita. You actually hissed once when Sentinel tried to hold you while I had to get energon."

A small fit of laughing. "Guess I hated that glitch-head before I even knew him."

They talked, laughed and enjoyed every minute they had from the walk. Bumblebee's wounds didn't seem to hurt anymore. As if his creator was soothing the pain with past memories. But there's still something the youngling couldn't get out of his processors…

"Hey Optimus, how come there's always three beats that calms me?" Optimus looked down to the baby blue optics before a smile plastered his blue frame. "Because that was your name."

Seeing confusion in the baby blue optics, the sapphire and scarlet mech grabbed his son's hand and lead it to the chestplates of his spark chamber. The tempo changed. 'Three beats?'

"You probably never felt it from you're plating. Those three little beats your spark made is your name."

Suddenly an old memory clicked. "Oh yeah," the youngling said, understanding. "Blackbird did mentioned that once, but I thought he made it up and just named me after the first Bumblebee."

"I didn't even realize that until Blackbird did." Optimus chuckled.

Bumblebee chuckled too, and rested his helm against the broad chassis before allowing his shattered optics dim. He needed the rest from last night's events, and there was no rush.


"Primus kid, what happened to ya?"

It was dawn when Optimus walked in cradling a recharging, damaged Bumblebee. The others were still asleep and only Ratchet was awake, having not falling into recharge after worrying over the previous events. "Decepticon's found him because of a fragment."

"Well who has it now, us or the slaggers?"

Optimus only smiled. "Someone… who needs it the most."

Ratchet didn't questioned at the moment and hurried over and grabbing a hold on Bumblebee. "Well right now I'm more concerned about the kid, come with me."

Optimus followed the medic to the med bay and helped the damaged body lie down on the berth. From the sudden movement the youngling's shattered optics slightly online and groaned in discomfort.

"Primus kid, I just need to repair you all the time don't I?" Ratchet muttered, gathering up his supplies. "You're gonna need to be turned offline from these kind of injuries."

Bumblebee only looked in the direction where he thought Optimus was a tried to reach out to him. Optimus took a hold of his son's hand and held it tightly.

"I'll be here when you wake up."


Optimus laid a hand on the youngling's black hand and gave it a gently squeeze. Sky blue optics gestured to Ratchet where the old medic smiled at him, understanding what he did to help the young mech accomplish earlier. "I promise," he smiled.

At that moment when the shattered optics fell into recharge, the youngling never felt safer then he was now with his creator. He was here. He wouldn't leave him.

He never felt so alone anymore, falling asleep by three simple beats of someone who loved him.

Bum-ble-bee, bum-ble-bee, bum-ble-bee.

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