NOTE: Again this will get more violent so don't read if easily affected. I've been getting complaints saying that Bumblebee won't live and that I'm mean to hurt him, for your information to some of you, Bumblebee will live because I'm a Bumblebee fan so don't freak out. At some point it might be confusing, but as the chapters catch on, it will explain why. This takes place in transformers animated in case your wondering, and no I do not own transformers.


Optimus watched the torture of Blackarachina to Bumblebee. He saw the energon and oil leak from the little yellow body, the gushes growing on his body as the ax continued to damage the young bot. Until finally, seeing Bumblebee falling to his knees into the puddle of energon and oil until finally, falling to the cold hard ground.

"BUMBLEBEE!" With all the strength in his body, Optimus was able to break free from the silk wrapped around his body. Blackarachina never noticed Optimus coming towards her; her mind was on destroying the yellow brat. Optimus stopped in his place and used the grappler on his arm to grab Blackarachina's leg. With all his fury and anger at her, Optimus was able to drag Blackarachina away from the damaged Bumblebee. "Get away from him Blackarachina!" Before Optimus was able to completely separate her, the femme's arm transformed into Bumblebee's stingers was able to cut the grabbers cable. "Now Optimus, I was just having fun with the little wretch".

Before he knew it, Blackarachina then stood up kicked Optimus on his faceplate. The force was strong enough for the red and blue mech as he fell to the floor with a loud crash. When Optimus was able to get up, what he saw shocked him. Blackarachina's arm was around the neck of Bumblebee and the free hand was around the scared body, her pinchers were close to his body. This was too much, seeing a hurt youngling in the arms a someone who wants to hurt him. "Don't move Optimus, or this brat will be offline, permanently." This got Optimus furious.

"Let him go, Blackarachina, what do you want?"

"What do I want, I want to be free from this organic contamination, I want to be normal again, and I want you, Sentinel and this bot gone!"

Blackarachina then clutched Bumblebee body tighter as she mentioned him. Optimus didn't know what to do; if he attacked her she would hurt Bumblebee.


Prowl was able to gain consciousness as he felt the silk around him. When turning, Prowl froze. What he saw was Optimus facing Blackarachina and in her arms was an offline Bumblebee. Every inch of the yellow body was covered in many slices, oil and energon leaking everywhere, it was too horrible to see someone this hurt.

Without making a sound, Prowl was able to reach his shuriken and successively slice the silk. Once free, the stealthy bot made it to the shadows, his color blending in the pitch-blackness. As he was moving through the shadows, Prowl heard what Blackarachina said and nearly froze. 'What does she mean about Bumblebee'. Moving back to reality, Prowl was close enough to Blackarachina and took out his shuriken.

Jumping out, Prowl was able to get the femme's attention. Blackarachina saw the black and gold mech and shoot her silk at him again, but this timeā€¦ her silk passed through him and disappeared. Prowl had used his holograms to confuse the spider bot, making this the perfect time to strike. "What the- wait I remember that trick of y-" Before she could finish, a shuriken sliced her left leg, causing her great pain to her. A second shuriken then sliced the arm holding Bumblebee, and this time she released the captured Bumblebee. With the slice on her leg Blackarachina fell to ground, unable to put weight on it. Before Bumblebee had a chance to fall, Prowl used his quick reflexes to catch the damaged bot in his protective arms. Optimus had his chance to grab his ax and face Blackarachina, who was bleeding from the slices on her arm and leg. With his ax in hand, Optimus made his way towards her but the femme made her escape with her silk shooting to the ceiling.

Making her way to the roof, Blackarachina tripped and hissed in pain from the slice in her leg. "You will pay you annoying Autobots, you too Bumblebee," she whispered. To avoid the pain, silk shot out as she swung to building to building.


Right now, Bumblebee was all that was important. Prowl still held the damaged Bumblebee in his arms as Optimus ran towards them. As a relief, Prowl could feel Bumblebee's spark pounding. "He's still online, but his spark is faint." When hearing the news, Optimus quickly transformed into a truck and said. "Prowl, place Bumblebee down carefully, I'll take him to the medbay, wake the others and tell Ratchet about his situating." Prowl nodded without hesitation and place the sliced Bumblebee on Optimus as he drove off.

As soon as Optimus left, Prowl made his way towards the fallen bodies of Bulkhead and Ratchet. "Bulkhead, wake up!" Prowl nudged the green mech as he began to move. Moving to Ratchet, Prowl repeated the same nudge. "Ratchet wake up, Bumblebee is hurt and needs medical care!"

Bumblebee's spark was becoming weaker and weaker, every minute that passed. Optimus made his way through the streets, as he was concerned about the yellow bot's safety. Once at the base, Optimus transformed with Bumblebee close to his chest, his spark at it's weakest. Optimus heard the familiar sirens as the others made it towards the base. Making his way to the medbay, the blue and red mech carefully placed the small body from his chest on a berth.

While waiting for Ratchet, Optimus grabbed a wet towel and carefully wiped the energon and oil away. Bumblebee started to lose his colors when his spark was losing its pulse, he was too weak.

Ratchet soon made it to the bay with the others behind him, and quickly started his work. While Ratchet was working on the young bot, Optimus was next to Bumblebee, looking at his offline face and clutching the bot's hand with his own.

"Please live, Bumblebee, I know you can make it, please."

As he said those words to the lifeless body, the leader could feel oily tears falling down his faceplate, promising that he wold not leave him to die like this.

This is confusing to some of you is it? I know in the series that the Autobots never heard of crying but in my fics, they do, and the reason why Optimus is so worried about Bumblebee will later on be reveled, and for some of you for the last time, Bumblebee will not die, okay.