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Interest Caught


The sun slowly slid over the horizon, waking everyone up. Its rays peaked through the pink curtains and shone directly on a sleeping hedgehog. It was quiet at six in the morning. All that could be heard were the soft snores coming from the dreaming girl.

The quiet atmosphere was too good to be true.

"Amy, get up now!" A motherly voice yelled sternly from the bottom of the stairs.

Awaking from her pleasant dream, Amy groaned and threw her covers off, muttering a sarcastic comment about the morning. She shakily withdrew herself from her rosy pink bed. Shivering from the cold, Amy rubbed her arms.

The pink hedgehog made her bed neatly and then walked over to small, barely-there closet. She looked through her clothes trying to find something suitable for school. Amy ended up pulling out a red halter top with dark skinny jeans and a pair of red flip-flops. She brushed through her tangled pink quills until they were perfectly straight. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Amy smiled with satisfaction. She padded down the creaky stairs as quickly as she could, nervous for her first day. Grabbing her rosy colored backpack, she rushed out the door.

"Amy, what about breakfast?" My mom called after her daughter, her hands placed on her hips as she shook her head in disbelief.

"Not hungry!" Amy yelled as she shut the front door behind her.

Amy slowed her sprint into a light jog when she saw Cream the Rabbit waiting for her outside. Cream smiled when she saw Amy and gave her a tiny wave. Amy nodded at Cream's orange mini dress and cowboy boots with approval. She was lucky that she knew someone going to her new school or she would have been freaking out. Amy had been friends with Cream when they were toddlers because her mom and Cream's mom had been roommates in college. The Roses moved when Amy was young to Mobius, but they couldn't afford living there anymore because her dad had died along with their only source of income. Amy and her mom had to pack up again and move to Station Square, leaving behind the luxurious life Amy had worked so hard for.

Amy pushed her miserable thoughts away as she hugged Cream. Cream returned the hug before saying with excitement, "I just know you're going to like Station Square High! How cool is this? You and me together again?"

They walked down Cream's driveway and then across the street. "I'm excited, but I'm also freaking out here. I'm so nervous, you know?" I gushed to her.

"Hey, everyone's new sometime. Besides, everyone loves the new kids…especially if it's a gorgeous girl like yourself," Cream teased. "My friends are insanely excited to meet you, Amy."

"Really?" Amy asked, her eyes widening. She didn't want Cream's friends to be expecting someone…well…cool…

"Just be yourself."

Amy nodded before saying, "I've never been to a public school before. Is it…harder to get adjusted to?"

Cream snorted. "Private school snob." Playfully, Amy elbowed her in the stomach before laughing with Cream.

"I'm being serious," Amy said with laughter.

Cream offered her a smile. "You'll have a great time, here…I promise."

Approaching the school, Amy stared skeptically at the huge red brick building. At the very top of the building, it read "Station Square High." Amy held her breath when she saw the several crowds of people chilling on the grass or on their cars. She tried to hold her head high when she noticed a group of girls watching her and whispering.

"My friends are over there," Cream said, instantly pulling Amy out of her thoughts. The pink hedgehog looked in the direction that Cream was pointing at and saw four girls sitting on top of a wooden picnic table, chatting. There was a tan echidna, a green alien, a yellow mongoose, and a white bat.

"I'll introduce you to them, Amy," Cream said with excitement as she grabbed the pink hedgehog's hand and lead her over to where Cream's friends were sitting. Suddenly, Amy felt four pairs of eyes watching her with interest as they approached the picnic table. The pink hedgehog's cheeks flushes and she shifted from one foot to another.

"Girls, this is my old friend Amy I told you about. She just moved here from Mobius. Amy, this is Rouge, Mina, Tikal and Cosmo." Tikal and Cosmo smiled sweetly at me, while Rouge smirked and Mina checked me out from head to toe.

"Cute outfit. It's about time someone around here had a decent fashion sense. Wheredya get it?" Mina asked, with a grin.

Caught off guard, Amy looked down at her clothes and flushed. "I um make my clothes." Since her mother didn't make that much money, Amy had to improvise sometimes…

Mina's eyes widened. "You made that? That whole outfit?"

"Minus the flip flops," I joked. Mina cracked a smile at that and high fived me in response.

"Dude! That's awesome! You're like a breath of fresh air around here. All of the girls strut around the place in their designer wear." The mongoose rolled her eyes and tucked a black strand of hair behind her ear.

Rouge scoffed and placed her Gucci shades over her enticing blue eyes. She swung her designer bag over her shoulder and left in a flash. Amy glanced down awkwardly at her shoes. Guess, someone didn't share Mina's opinion. The pink hedgehog's insecurities started to resurface.

"Don't worry about Rouge, Amy. She's a cold at first, but once she get to know you, she'll love her," Tikal said reassuringly, placing her hand on Amy's shoulder. She muttered a goodbye before following Rouge like a puppy. Cosmo and Cream exchanged laughter while Mina rolled her eyes at the sight.

To keep the friendliness going, Amy blurted out, "So do any of you know where locker 24 is?"

"My locker is right next to yours. I'll show you," Mina said as she stood up from the table and motioned for Amy to follow her.

Amy ignored all of the whispers regarding her as she walked into the school building with Mina. Watching with interest, the pink hedgehog observed the way people reacted with each other in the hallway. Two brainless jocks whistled loudly as a few giggling girls passed them. Three boys with abnormally long hair were skating through the halls on their skateboards, bumping into everyone on their way. Mina placed her hand in front of her and managed to stop the skaters from bumping into Amy.

"Haven't you heard? This is school, not a skatepark." Mina snapped as they looked at her blankly and dumfounded. They skated around us with ease, muttering impolite words.

"Idiots?" Amy suggested.

"Idiots," Mina repeated with a smile, leading her new friend to her locker. Amy's nose crinkled with disgust when she saw two gothic people sucking each other's faces in front of her locker.

"Move it or lose it," Mina shouted at them impatiently. Amy smiled, deciding Mina was going to be a close friend of hers. The gothic couple rolled their eyes at Mina before walking away, probably to hook up in some dark corner of the hallway. Amy entered the pin for her locker and started to place her books into the small, metal locker.

"I'll wait over here Amy," Mina said quickly before disappearing in a flash. Curious, Amy looked over to see Mina wrapping her arms around a handsome black hedgehog with red stripes. Amy shook her head with a knowing smile and continued to place her books in her locker.

She missed her friends already…especially her ex boyfriend, Johnny. The pink hedgehog would make new friends though…and her life will be better here, she just knew it would. Besides, like Cream said…it won't be hard to find some guys willing to hang out with her, she thought to herself with a smirk.


A blue hedgehog sauntered down the hallway with his arrogant swagger and sarcastic grin. He wore a black leather jacket and ripped jeans. His emerald green eyes watched his peers, who had stopped to stare at him, with interest. The blue hedgehog smirked, knowing exactly what everyone was thinking.

Sonic the hedgehog was the hottest thing alive.

He winked at a couple of echidnas who swooned at the sight of him. As he walked through the hallway, all of the girls giggled and whispered about him as he walked by, hoping to catch his attention. Sonic ran a hand through his messy quills and ruffled it a bit, giving the girls a good show. Sonic didn't have to watch the girls to know they were arguing over who he was looking at. It was his normal routine, which was now incredibly boring. He needed someone to make things more interesting for him. His girl projects were getting tedious and overrated.

Catching his eye, a pink curvy hedgehog was putting her books away.

Well, hello newfound interest.

Sonic noticed that he had never seen her around before. As much of an ass he could be sometimes, he knew everyone that went to this school by name. She was definitely new…

The blue hedgehog checked her out and licked his lips when he saw her bending into her locker. He'd like to see her bend over and…

Sonic shook his head and smirked at his dirty thoughts. He would have to save the suggestive dreams for later. He needed to act now…which would be easier than usual because she was new, therefore…pinkie here didn't know his tactics.

Sonic looked at her in appreciation. Her eyes were a startling, but piercing emerald and it was as if her puffy pink lips were taunting him. The hedgehog's rosy quills messily cascaded down her back. Sonic's attention shifted over to her studded stomach that was peeking out beneath her shirt.

Deciding to make his move, Sonic sauntered over to the lockers and leaned against them, waiting for her to catch his eye. He stood there for a minute, before his impatience started to kick in. He threw his hands into his pockets and clicked his tongue to get her attention.

"Ever heard of take a picture, it'll last longer?" She snapped at him, not even bothering to look at him. Sonic knew that if she had looked at him, she would already have been eating out of his hands.

"Hey," Sonic said suggestively, running a hand through his blue quills. He knew all the girls loved it when he did that.

"Need something? Or are you just here to ogle at me?"

Sonic's eyes widened, but in a flash his playful attitude was back. He ignored her comment and said," I'm Sonic the hedgehog."

"How nice for you," She said with disinterest, still not looking over at him.

Sonic smirked, already liking this girl. "Don't you have a name?"

The pink hedgehog snorted with laughter before shutting her locker. "If I wanted to tell you my name, I would have before." She looked over at him for the first time and Sonic noted that she wasn't staring at him in awe…something that always happened when girls looked at him.

"Is that supposed to be funny?" He asked her, raising an eyebrow. His cockiness was being replaced with confusion and uncertainty.

"I think it's funny that you're trying to hit on me and it's clearly not working. The bell is going to ring any minute. Bye Sonic the hedgehog," She said mockingly, waving at him before walking over to Mina and her boyfriend. The three headed down the hallway to their first class.

Sonic watched her retreat with disbelief. She wasn't whispering about him or giggling. She didn't even look back to see if he was checking her out. What was up with that girl? She wasn't affected by Sonic's charm at all…

Sonic grinned before licking his lips with pleasure. She was going to be a challenge, but he was ready for it. It was about time things got interesting around this dump. That pink hedgehog was going to fall for him...harder than any other girl.

That he was sure of.


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