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The Player:Chapter 2: Invitation


Amy glanced at the clock, impatiently. She couldn't wait for her history class to end. The teacher blabbered on about some topic that no one cared about. Every single kid in the classroom was either asleep, texting, or eating. Amy, herself, felt like sleeping.


Amy jumped out her seat quickly and she hurriedly packed her books. She smiled at her teacher politely before she walked out the door with Cream's friend, Cosmo. Cosmo was the only one that thanked the teacher several times.

"Honestly, Cosmo. Why do you like that class so much?," Amy asked her, as soon as Amy was sure their teacher couldn't hear.

Cosmo shrugged and pulled her books tighter to her chest. "I guess just like AP history."

Amy bushed and said nothing. Even she wasn't sure how the hell she got into AP History as a sophomore.

"What class do you have?," Cosmo asked Amy, interrupting the pink hedgehog's thoughts.

Amy pulled out her schedule from her pocket. "I have chemistry, then gym," she yearned for Cosmo to stop talking about school. It was so...boring.

"Really? I have chemistry, but then AP calculus," Cosmo said taking out her schedule, and looking at it.

"Smarty Pants. Hold up, Cosmo. I have to stop at my locker to get my books," Amy said, leading Cosmo over to her locker.

What she didn't notice was that a blue hedgehog was undressing her with his eyes. He grinned and watched her lean forward in her locker, pulling out her books in the process. She quickly scanned herself in her locker mirror, fluffing her pink quills a bit. He watched her bite her lip in satisfaction.

"Who is she?," a husky voice asked from behind Sonic.

"Whatcha talking about, Shadow?," Sonic asked turning around, with his eyebrows raised in fake innocence.

"Who's your new project?," Shadow asked him with a playful smirk.

Sonic turned around and stared at Amy again. He looked at her seductively while running a hand through his quills. Sonic licked his quills and couldn't help feeling tempted by her appearance and...rejection. It was hot.

"That must be her," Shadow said while staring at the pretty pink hedgehog.

"I asked around. She's new and get this...her name is Amy Rose," Sonic said slowly, taking her in once more. He suddenly felt an urge to smash his lips upon hers. Damn hormones.

"I don't know about this. You should stop breaking hearts. Remember what happened to Blaze? She hasn't come to school yet and you broke up with her last year," Shadow said cooly, trying to knock some sense into him.

"Yeah, well that's her problem. Shouldn't you be with Mina trying to coax her to sleep with you?," Sonic asked Shadow slyly, turning the tables on his black furred friend.

Shadow turned red in the face and shoved Sonic. He grunted and swore under his breath before lightly punching Sonic in the chest. He was a gone in a nanosecond.

Sonic shrugged, rubbing his hands together. Shadow was just being a pussy because he couldn't get his dam girlfriend to sleep with him, Sonic thought to himself.

"Time to turn on the sexy charm." Sonic whispered to himself before taking off to find out where Amy Rose disappeared to.

"Hey Cosmo, can I ask you a question?," Amy asked confidently her as they were walking down to their next class.

"Sure, what is it Amy?," Cosmo asked giddily, as they turned left into another hallway.

"Who's Sonic the hedgehog?," Amy asked, reminding herself of the pig headed hedgehog who tried to sweet talk her earlier.

"No way! Shut the hell up! You don't know Sonic the hedgehog?," Cosmo asked Amy with complete disbelief.

"No," Amy replied with irritation before asking, "Who is he?"

"The school's sexiest player of all time! He's the biggest, bad ass, hottest, and most flirtatious guy here. Not to mention has a total six pack and he has chiseled features," Cosmo said ranting on about Sonic.

"Oh, well he tried to flirt with me today." Amy recalled with a shrug.

"Lucky bit-," Cosmo tried to say, but then she saw Sonic approaching her and Amy. Her eyes widened and her lips completely shut. She pleaded for her lips not to say anything that could be used against her, but that hedgehog was oh so sexy.

"Hey ladies." Sonic cat called as he wrapped his arms around Amy's waist.

"HEY SONIC!" Cosmo said giggling, not able to control herself.

"You can take your hazardous arms off my squished body, now," Amy growled at Sonic. She elbowed Sonic in the stomach and continued walking with her friend. She ignored his curious glance.

"Feisty and aggressive. I like my girls like that, Amy," Sonic said slyly making sure he emphasized Amy's name.

"I bet your ego is bigger than your head and believe me, it's huge enough. Keep walking Cosmo," She spat at Sonic and made Cosmo know that she was not pleased.

"Seeya around, Sonic." Cosmo grinned and giggled before she and Amy walked into the chemistry room.

Sonic checked out Amy's butt as she walked away, making him moan slightly. He licked his lips and smirked. He sped into the classroom, knowing a certain hedgehog would not like that, which made he grin.

Amy walked over to a set of two desks and sat in one seat. She motioned for Cosmo to come sit next to her. Cosmo started to walk over, but Cosmo stopped when she noticed a blue figure sitting next to Amy. Sonic had sped over to class and sat next to Amy. Cosmo frowned and looked around for another seat. The only other seat was next to Tails. He was waving at her, frantically. Cosmo soon forgot about Amy and hurriedly took the seat next to Tails. Amy watched as Cosmo smiled at Tails, who was blushing as bright as a tomato.

"Hey Amy." Sonic whispered huskily in her ear, making her shudder slightly.

Amy groaned in return and banged her head on the table. She didn't need this on her first day of High School at Station Square. A pervert that wanted nothing more than to do her and then throw her to the curb. That was against every single moral she believed it.

"My name is Professor Hertz and the person next to you will be your lab partner for the entire year." The lady said as she looked sternly at every one. Amy shot her a pleading look, but Professor Hertz ignored her. Amy grew angry, turning her face red. She turned and faced Sonic.

"I hate you," She growled with her fists up. She slowly dropped them and turned away from Sonic. Amy made sure she crossed her legs on the other side of the table. Sonic caught a peek of her creamy pink thighs.

"But why? I feel chemistry between us," Sonic replied with fake confusion. She pushed her books towards the edge of her side, ignoring him. Sonic growled in frustration. The chick was harder than he thought.

"Class, copy down these notes," Professor Hertz demanded as she scrolled through the active board's notes.

"Seeya Hertz, baby. Check ya later Ames," Sonic said as he kissed Amy's cheek. His kiss landed on the corner of the upper, right corner of her lip, making Amy flush slightly.

Without another word Sonic sped out of the room. Girls swooned at him and boys grinned madly as if Sonic was a role model of some kind. Professor Hertz looked like she could kill, while Amy touched the corner of her lip in disbelief. He obviously couldn't take no for an answer.

"SONIC! That hedgehog. Skipping class again!," Professor Hertz said with disgust.

Amy wasn't sure if she wanted to kill the hedgehog or thank him for that lingering kiss that wasn't even a...kiss. It was totally irresponsible for him to leave like that, yet it was kind of...intrugiung. Damn hormones.

The rest of time period passed by quickly. The bell rang signaling for another class. Amy walked out with Cosmo and the fox named Tails. She stayed silent, eavesdropping on Tails and Cosmo's conversation.

"I guess I'll see you two at Sally's party tonight," Tails said politely to Amy and Cosmo before walking into the AP math class.

"Well, I gotta go to AP math. I'll see you later." Cosmo said as she walked into the same classroom as Tails did. Amy waved bye to her as she walked through the halls by herself. She saw Mina flirting with a black hedgehog and decided not to bother them. Unfortunately, Mina saw her and called her over. Hesitantly, Amy walked over with a shy smile, extending her hand to Shadow, who shook it heartily.

"Amy, this is Shadow, my boyfriend," Mina said with a huge grin.

"Hi, I'm Amy," She said with a smile, watching Shadow's eyes lit up with acknowledgement.

"So I've heard before. You're quite...popular, Amy. What class do you have next?" Shadow asked Amy, trying to cover up his bluntness. Mina looked at him with on eyebrow raised.

"Gym," Amy said smile, wondering what Shadow had meant about being popular. It was her first day here.

"Us too. We'll walk with you," Shadow replied persistently as he grabbed Mina's hand. All three of them walked down the hall, chatting heartily. Amy found herself liking Mina's boyfriend...

Watching closely and intently, Sonic frowned at the retreating three. He didn't like the way Shadow looked at Amy when she introduced herself. She was his property and just because Shadow can't get his prudy girlfriend to-

"Lucky, huh? We have gym too." Silver said grinning, ignoring that upset Sonic.

"It'll make my day." Sonic replied, covering up his confusion. He grinned.

"Not for long. Look the bitch is approaching," Knuckles said smirking, punching SIlver in the stomach.

Sally Acorn. The slut of the school. Oh, how Sonic appreciated her.

But now, she was just an obstruction, blocking his view from little Amy Rose's ass.

A sexy looking chipmunk/squirrel approached Sonic and the others, strutting in her tall boots. She was wearing a tight blue top that exposed her nipples. Her skirt was so short, it was practically her underwear. She walked over to Sonic and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hey babe. You're invited to my Halloween Party with one catch. You're my date," Sally said whispered in his ear.

"How about we just hook up there instead?," Sonic said holding her closely.

Sally pouted, but soon stopped when Sonic nibbled on her ear. "Okay, babe." She strutted away, blowing her hero a kiss.

"Whore." Sonic said as the three guys walked in the opposite direction.

"I thought you liked her a lot." Silver replied suggestively, pointing to his pelvis as they walked outside.

"Nah. You'd think the slut would give up by now. She wants me as her boyfriend and we both know it's never going to happen. Sal was fun at first, but then she wanted too much from me. Anyways, I've got me a new project," Sonic replied, as he winked at a couple of girls sitting on the bleachers.

"You're such a player," Knuckles commended Sonic as they showed up for the beginning of gym's role call.

"Okay, let's begin now that you three delinquents showed up," Coach Artie said looking at his clipboard.

"Jordan Armadillo." "Present."

"Rouge Bat." "Present."

"Blaze Cat." "Present."

"Knuckles Echidna." "Present."

"Tikal Echidna." "Present."

"Jet Hawk." "Present."

"Shadow Hedgehog." "Present."

"Silver Hedgehog." "Present."

"Sonic Hedgehog."

Sonic ran a hand through his thick quills before flicking a leaf off of his jacket. He ignored the coach's question and continued to pretend he wasn't there. Students around him giggled except for Amy Rose who muttered a swear word under her breath. Sonic managed to hear her, which made him smirk at her. He waved at her with a wink and suggestive smile, which made her turn away in disgust.

"Sonic the hedgehog! You answer when I ask if you're here." Artie screamed at the blue figure.

Sonic shrugged and responded cooly, "I'm not here, Coach A."

"Dammit Sonic! You can go grab yourself a detention slip because I will see you in my office, today after school," Artie yelled in frustration, throwing down his clipboard.

"Gladly," Sonic yawned, making the girls whisper and giggle. The boys high fived each other, playfully.

Ignoring his comment, Artie continued with, "today we are going to be running the track." Amy smirked, because she knew she was an amazing runner.

"Shadow, Mina and Silver don't have to race today. They are excused," Coach Artie said as Silver, Shadow and Mina cheered and started walking towards the classroom building.

"Rouge, Jet, and Swallow, you may fly instead of running," Coach Artie said as all three of them cheered weakly.

"What about me?" Sonic asked confused, knowing he was the best runner. Why the hell wasn't he excused from gym?

"Since you've decided to skip out on gym class last year, you're going to run this race, no matter how fast you are trouble maker," Coach Artie yelled. Sonic just smirked and shrugged. A bunch of girls fake-fainted as he waved to them. Amy rolled her eyes at the sight. Sonic grinned, loving the idea of bothering Amy.

"On your mark get set-," Coach Artie tried to say, but Sonic had already started the race and was already half way done with his first lap.

"DAMMIT SONIC!," Coach Artie yelled in frustration, throwing himself to the ground, swearing.

'He's not going to win that easily.' Amy said to herself as she took off and eventually caught up with Sonic during the second lap. Everyone basically starting running or flying as soon as Amy left the starting line. 4 words.

Coach Artie was pissed.

"Aren't you a fast one? I thought Shadow was the fastest thing alive." Amy told Sonic cockily as they both ran side by side. Amy controlled her breathing, hoping it didn't sound like she was out of shape. She was anything but out of shape.

"You think this is fast? I'm the fastest and hottest thing alive...in bed and outside of it." Sonic replied slyly, throwing her a suggestive glance, which Amy responded with a roll of her eyes.

"I'd like to see you try," Amy challenged him.

"In bed?" Sonic's eyes went wide with shock, yet triumph.

"No, you moronic idiot! Here!," Amy snapped as she slapped his arm.

"Watch me," Sonic replied, accepting the challenge before his legs went into hyper mode and he speeded around the track. Amy stopped running and watched in amazement as Sonic the hedgehog finished the race in only one second!

"Wow," Amy gaped, wondering if Sonic really was the fastest thing alive. A handsome green hawk swooped down next to Amy and extended his wing.

"Need a lift?" Amy blushed and nodded. She wrapped her arms around his neck before he took her up in the air.

After he crossed the finish line, Sonic lifted his head and looked for Amy. After glancing through the entire track field, he couldn't see the pink hedgehog anywhere. Finally, when he looked up into the sky he saw that Amy was flying with Jet; Sonic's arch enemy who was now carrying Amy too close for comfort, which made Sonic curse under his breath.

Jet and Amy had just finished the race and they were both laughing. Sonic sped over to where his Amy was blushing at whatever the hell that asshole was saying. He grabbed Amy's hand and took hold of Amy's hand and rushed her over to the bleachers. Far away from that mother fuc-

"What's the hell is your problem?," Amy asked Sonic with irritation, shooting Jet an apologetic look.

"Jet's a fucking asshole, Amy. Don't get involved with him," Sonic spat with anger and jealousy.

Amy raised her eyebrow in question, but Sonic was too busy laying down on one of the benches of the bleacher. His eyes closed almost immediately. Amy couldn't help but realize that he looked really...peaceful.

"So, what do you want?," Amy asked him in a bored tone of voice. She made sure to extend her vowels, to empathize impatience.

"You should come with me to the party tonight," Sonic responded cooly, with his eyes still closed.

"Gee, seems like a pretty enticing offer, but no thanks hedgehog," Amy responded, observing her nails.

Startled, Sonic opened his eyes immediately and looked at her in confusion. No one ever said no to Sonic the hedgehog. And she seemed so..unresponsive and emotionless about his invite. Every girl wanted to have Sonic as a date.

"Well, I guess I'll see you there, Miss Rose," Sonic recovered, whispering huskily in her ear. Amy's body shook with pleasure when his warm breath tickled her ear. Sonic watched her flinch with pleasure, making him grin. He knew she wanted him even when she acted like she didn't.

After watching him disappear in a split second, Amy shook her head in disbelief as she climbed down the bleachers to where Cream, Rouge, Tikal, and Mina were waiting. They stared at her wickedly, their smiles widened as she approached them. Since Amy didn't know the girls as well as she knew Cream, she raised her eyebrow at Cream.

"What's up," Amy asked, crossing her fingers for an acceptable response.

They all looked at each other giggling and then they screamed, "SHOPPING!"

"Are you sure it's okay that I use your credit card?," Amy asked Rouge with uncertainty. She barely knew the girls she was shopping with, especially Rouge.

"Sure thing, babe. I have fifty of these, so go crazy with it," Rouge reassured her with a semi grin.

"Thanks," Amy said a warm smile. Like giggly school girls, they all ran inside the Halloween Store to pick out their costumes for Sally's famous party.

Everyone already had their costumes picked out except for Amy. Rogue was going as a sexy devil to the party. Her costume was a short sequenced dress that exposed her legs, a bit of her cleavage, and shoulders. Rouge wore red high heel shoes and a horned headband. A tail came right out of her perky butt.

Mina bought a naughty nurse costume. It was a white dress that had a tiny red plus sign in the corner. The dress exposed her shoulders and showed off her long legs. It came with a cute mini white hat.

Cream bought an angel costume that included a white dress that went down to her knees. She had wings and a halo. She looked like Mommy's little angel.

Cosmo decided to go with a bumble bee costume. It was a short black and yellow stripped dress with black fishnets and wings. She looked adorable and sexy at the same time. Tikal decided to wear a rodeo babe costume. She wore a dark blue short dress that exposed her nipples. She had a hat and a whip. She looked dangerous and sexy.

Amy still hadn't picked out her costume because she was too busy admiring her friends.

The pink hedgehog squealed in delight when she saw a witch costume. She dressed up in their changing room and came out with the costume on. She wore an ugly black dress with tacky boots and a crummy witch hat which made Rouge and Mina snicker.

"What's wrong with it?," Amy asked with worry, checking the mirror to see if she had a zit or something. She then realized she was being insecure, so she smirked at her friends, challenging them to continue their snickers.

"Well, it's just that you have to follow the three rules of high school costume shopping," Tikal replied, sweetly. She shot Rouge and Mina a nasty look.

"Tell me them," Amy demanded, wanting to follow the rules.

"Your costume has to be sexy, seductive, and gorgeous at the same time," Mina replied with disbelief that Amy did not know this.

"Okay, how about we pick three outfits for you and you decide," Cream suggested, trying to make Amy feel better. Amy shrugged, but then nodded. Rouge, Mina, Cream and Cosmo took off looking for different costumes that followed the rules. Tikal stayed behind and decided to keep Amy company. A few minutes later, all four of them returned.

"Okay you can either chose between being Cleopatra, a French maid, or a Greek goddess." Mina explained, handing her the costumes.

Amy made her way into the dressing room and prayed that she would find the right costume. She tried on the Cleopatra outfit, but sadly she didn't like it at all. The dress hung onto her body tightly, making her look slutty for wanting to wear something suggestive. Also, it gave her a wedgie.

Next, she tried on the French maid costume. The clothes weren't too tight, but her boobs were way too exposed. She felt really exposed and naked, as if she was a sex object. Amy shook her head and whispered "hell no", before taking it off.

Hoping for a perfect fit, Amy decided to try on the Greek goddess outfit. Opening her eyes, she gazed at herself in the mirror, shocked that she liked what she saw. It was a short white dress that hung loosely to her body. Her gold sash clung around her waist, bringing out the green in her eyes. A crown of leaves and roses was placed upon her head and on her feet were a pair of gold gladiator sandals that wrapped around her legs.

She walked out of the dressing room and modeled her dress for her new friends. They cat called and cheered appreciatively, approving her outfit.

Exhausted, Amy plopped her body on her tiny bed, not really sure about the party. She felt excited, yet nervous because it was her first party and it was..pressuring. Yet, she wanted to have every boy stare at her with envy.

Especially, a certain hedgehog.

"I might as well go," Amy whispered to herself as she placed the dress onto her body, and then she strapped her shoes into place. Placing the crown on her quills, Amy straightened her hair.

She outlined her eyes with a brown eyeliner and then outlined her eye lids with golden sparkly eyeshadow that seemed to make her emerald green eyes pop. She applied rosy red lip stick to her lips to fulfill the goddess look. Amy smiled wickedly at her reflection.

"Go break some hearts," She spoke to her reflection slyly, before walking out of her room.


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