It was the time during the Silver Millennium and everything was peaceful under the rule of Queen Serenity. During this time there was a princess that lived on the Sun alongside her mother, Queen Solaria. The Princess's name was Celest.

Celestria was happy most of the time. She loved her mother very much and her home on the Sun was peaceful. But she longed for more. She wanted to be a part of the court on the Moon but she knew that she could not. For it was forbidden for the people of the Moon and the people of the Sun to interact. The sun and the moon could never be in the sky at the same time or something terrible could happen. So instead of actually being able to go to the moon she would have to settle for looking at the royal family's magic mirror.

The mirror was able to view anyone or anything at any time. So she would have the mirror focus on certain people such as Princess Serenity, Queen Serenity's daughter. Or she would focus on the royal court, the other princesses of the solar system. Whenever she did this, it made her feel like she could be a part of that wonderful world. Celestria also wanted to be able to help protect the princess of the moon alongside the other princesses. They were also known at Sailor Senshi. They were girls with incredible fighting abilities with magical attacks.

One day while Celestria was doing some battling practice in the palace's gym she felt the ground shake underneath her. She ran to the throne room where her mother was.

"Mother what's going on?" Celestria asked in a panic stricken voice.

"Queen Beryl has launched an attack on the Silver Millennium kingdom and the Moon palace has been destroyed!" cried the queen.

"No, it isn't possible!" Shrieked Celestria "Why is the sun shaking then?"

"We were caught in the after wave effect of her dark energy." "I'm afraid that the sun is collapsing in on itself and becoming a star." Said the queen

"What are we going to do?"

"I have asked Queen Serenity to use her silver crystal to save you along with her daughter and her royal court by sending you all into the future to be reborn." "She has agreed to do so."

"But Mother, what about you? I don't want to go anywhere without you."

"I don't want to leave you daughter but this has to be, I'm sorry" Solaria replied as she started to contact Serenity giving her the go ahead to use the silver crystal.

Just then as Celestria was about to call out to her mother, a bright pink light engulfed her and encased her in a crystal and started to float in the air towards the earth along with the other people of the Silver Millennium. "Good bye my daughter" said the queen as she started to collapse.