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Chapter 3

The woman that walked out of the parlor soon dissolved in mid air and then reappeared in a dark cavern outside of town. She then changed from being a petite woman with dark brown hair that came down to her shoulders to a woman whose around 5 foot 5, has dark green scaly skin, brightly glowing yellow eyes, sharp pointy teeth with her hair being a dark red color that is in one long braid flowing down her back. She was wearing a tight black halter top that showed off her midsection along with tight black leather pants that covered her long slender legs.

"I've returned, Aviva-sama," hissed the woman "and I found some information that you would be interested in."

She was speaking to a person that was sitting in a throne that was located in the shadows of the cavern. "Welcome back Morgana, what news do you have to report?"

"I was searching the realm for the energy aura of the Sun Princess as you commanded and I felt a small energy sources coming off of a young girl." Morgana replied as she was kneeling before her mistress.

"I want you to be absolutely sure about this before you do anything more." Mistress Aviva said as she was still sitting on her throne in the shadows of the dark cavern.

"Yes, Mistress Aviva." With that said Morgana stood back up and shimmered out of Aviva's sight. "Soon the dark one will be revived and with me at her side, we will be invincible!" Aviva thought to herself as she smiled wickedly.

Back at the Crown Arcade

"So Celest-chan, what do you think of Japan so far?" Makato asked with interest. "It certainly is different than living in Florida. For one thing in Florida it is mostly always sunny and warm, which I really do miss but it is nice here too." Celest said while having a sip of her drink. "I also miss my friends from back home but if I haven't of moved here I would never have met you guys would I?" She said with a grin.

"You're right, we're glad you moved here too." Replied Usagi. After that was said Celest told everyone that she had to go or her mom would throw a fit in wondering where she was. She then got up and left leaving the girls to themselves and their food.

"Usagi-chan, do you sense anything strange from Celest?" asked Rei cautiously.

"Umm….Nothing strange, just familiar, like I know her from somewhere." "Why, do you sense it too?"

"Somewhat, like I know her but I have never seen her before today." Said Rei. "We should probably speak to Luna about this, maybe we knew her during the time of the Silver Millennium."

"Right!" Replied the rest of the girls in unison.

Later that night at Celest's house

"Good night mom, dad, I'll see you in the morning." Then Celest started to settle in for the night by crawling under her covers and closing her eyes. While she was dozing off she began to hear someone's voice speaking to her in her head.

"Princess you will soon be needed to join the court." "Your wish will finally be granted."

Celest sat up in bed after hearing that and looked around her room to see if someone was there. "That's weird; I could have sworn I heard that coming from some place close." She thought to herself. Just then Celest started to see a shimmering bright light appear before her. That light was replaced by a girl that, surprisingly, looked a lot like her, only she was wearing a bright yellow, red dress. The girl in the dress had a sun symbol on her forehead.

"Hello Celest, my name is Celestria."

"What, who are you and why do you look like me?" Asked Celest in a shocked voice.

"I am your past life, that is to say, I was you in the past." "I am here to help you awaken your Senshi form."

"What do you mean, senshi form?" "Am I a Sailor Senshi like those girls who help to protect the Earth?"

"In a way, yes, replied the princess. "You see in your past life you were the princess of the sun planet. You helped to protect it from evil. Although you had to do so alone since you couldn't interact with the other senshi."

"Why couldn't I be with the others?"

"If the sun princess and the moon princess interacted with each other a disaster would occur since the sun or the moon couldn't be in the same place at the same time." "Now since you live here on Earth, you can now help the others in their quest to protect this planet. You no longer have to be alone." After saying that, the princess floated towards Celest and placed her hand on Celest's forehead. Once she did that an image of the sun appeared on her head. She then felt a surge of energy flow through her body.

"Whoa! That was different" said Celest as she then calmed down.

"Now all you have to do when you want to transform is to should out "solar planet power! Make up!" And then you will be Sailor Sun." Then the sun princess dissolved as quickly as she appeared in the room.

"Did that just happen or did I dream the whole thing?" wondered Celest.

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