1. Strong.

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I had finally moved out from Phoenix, and back with my dad. I really didn't like Phoenix. Not one bit. I was glad to be getting back to Forks, back to my dad, back to Jacob. Everything would be peacful again, and maybe people won't hate me too much at school. Not that I'm wishing, but I hope no one tries to introduce themselves to me, that just tells me that they would want to talk to me more and more and I would be getting non-stop phone calls at home.

I had arrived at my dad's house just a half hour ago, and I was happy. My mom told me to stay with her in Phoenix, but I didn't want to. No one liked me, I had no friends and I had nothing to do. What's the point on doing something if you don't have friends to be there with you?

I had gathered my stuff, and put them into my closet and dresser. My room hadn't changed, except for the cradle that used to be where my new bed was. Oh well, I'm too big for a cradle anyway. If I even sat on it, it would crumble down and smash into little pieces. Ha.

It was a Sunday morning (Well, right before lunch) and I had just finished put everything away. I went downstairs and found my dad watching E.S.P.N. He has changed alot since I went to live with mom. "Hey, dad."

"Hey, kiddo."

"What's up?" even though I knew what the hell he was doing, it's still good question because I wanted dad to know that I was concerned, but not blind.

"Watching T.V."

I stood there, nodded and watched him gaze at the television screen. It's actually funny thing to see, because Charlie looks so amazed about what's happening, it looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his socket. "I'm gonna take a walk," I told him. I actually wanted to take one, to remember Forks. To look around and maybe see a couple of old friends. Jacob, for example. Him, and all of his other buddies that I loved alot.

He nodded, "Sure. Go ahead."

I turned around, headed straight for the door and grabbed my skateboard. Yes, I road a skateboard. It was fun. At least, after I learned how to keep my balance. I went out the front door, and closed it behind me. I remembered where Jacob lived, and it would take long to go with a skateboard, but I'll survive.

I jumped onto my skateboard, and started pulling myself forward, with one foot on the ground, pushing me forward as the skateboard gliding against the cement. I pulled my iPod out of my jean pocket and brought the earphones to my ears. I always carried my iPod with me, everywhere. Who didn't? Music was something I utterly loved and no one could say anything about it. No you, not dad, no God and not the pizzaman (I was actually good friends with the pizzaman back in Phoenix.)

I played 321 from Hedley and put the volume on full blast. It pounded in my ears, which I liked. When I finally got to Jacob's house, I knocked on the door twice and awaited for someone to come.

But no one did. I guess no one was home.

Oh well, I think Jake comes to my shool, so it's fine. I get to see him tomorrow. At least I have him and his friends to depend on tomorrow. I won't be completely lost once I enter school territory. I skated back to into the direction of my house, hoping I might bump into Jacob as I skate by.

Crap, it's Monday. My first day at Forks High School. Shudder. I was not fond of school. Not now, not before, not ever. School never really interests me, and now it was putting more stress on my back. Thinking about how all the kids are going to stare at the new girl.

Breathe, Bella. Breathe. You have Jake and his friends. No problem, nothing to fear. I don't want to bring too much attention to myself, so I'll dress so plainly that I'll even blend in with anyone. I took a shower, and got dressed in a black T-shirt that had a design that looked like blood squirted all over it. I wore baggy capris, and my black Converse All Stars, the ones with the skulls on the side. Let's see what kids at school have to say about that.

I straightened my hair, and put on my thin black hat. No, not a baseball cap. I'm talking about a hat you wear during the winter. I put on a think bracelet and put on some eye-liner.

Maybe a bit too much eye-liner. . .

Oh, well. I'll just freak out some kids some more. I like doing that. Freaking out other teenagers is just too funny, the look on their faces is priceless. Maybe that's why people didn't like me back in Phoenix. I went downstairs and ate cereal.

"You excited?" Charlie asked, sitting across from me.

"Yeah," I lied. I wasn't that excited. There was nothing to be excited about. It's just going to a new school, where most of the majority of the school is gonna hate you.

"You all ready?" Geez, can we stop with the twenty questions?!

"Yes," I replied, with an annoyed voice.

"Just checking."

I put my dishes in the sink, and grabbed my school bag. "See you dad!" I picked up my skateboard and opened the front door.

"See you, Bells!" he called out. I closed the door and sighed. Time for high school. I threw my backpack onto my bag and hoped onto my skateboard. How else was I going to get to school? I didn't have a car, which sucked, 'cause I wanted one. But, I guess my skateboard is going to be my transportation.

For now.

I pulled my earphones from my iPod into my ears and played on By Myself by Linkin Park. I loved how the sound of the drums and guitars just slam in my ears. It actually calms me down when I try to stop thinking about stuff. You know, like it's blocking out my thoughts. And right now, I needed to block out my thoughts.

I got to school, in one peace. Thank God. When I got there, I noticed that the kids there are just like the kids from Phoenix, all stuck up. I turned off my iPod, and skated through the parking lot and picked up to walk up the stairs. I started to hear insane bass coming from behind me, in the parking lot. I turned around, since that was just awful music.

I noticed a couple of people in this silver Volvo, the windows rolled down and the music blasting. Which song was that, anyway? Oh yeah, it was Sexy Can I. Kids in Phoenix always played it all the time, so I knew it by heart. But it was just an awful song. Ugh.

No wonder, it was a jock driving the damn car. Show offf. I turned around and went into the school. It was so different than the school in Phoenix. I went to the secretary, told her my name and that I was new and she gave me my schedual and my locker number. I told her thank you, and walked off to where my locker was. Thankfully, without difficulty, I found my locker.

I tried the combination, as it opened up. Damn, it was so empty. I need to hang up some posters in there. And stat.

And look who just came to brighten up my fridging day. That dude in the ugly Volvo (Pft, I'd buy myself a Lamborghini) came up beside me. Apparently, his locker was right beside mine. I hope he doesn't talk to me, it'd be so freaking awkrawd and weird. He wasn't that bad-looking, though. He had bronze hair, that was reallu spiky, and he had these really adorable Emerald eyes. I'm sure he gets girls whenever he wants, who would reject to him? Except for me, of course. I wasn't really into dating jock types. I took some of my things out of my bag and stuffed them into my locker. To my success, I already brought posters with me. And tape. Couldn't do it without tape.

I posters of Green Day, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Hedley and One Republic. I had time till class, I think about five to ten minutes. Good enough for me. I pulled out those posters and started sticking them all over my locker. I sighed, now this was my locker. "You're new here, right?" I heard a voice from the left of me. I turned to the left and noticed that Volvo dude talking to me.

Today was going to be a fun day. "No," I said simply. "Geez, if you could remember your classmates," I muttered under my breath, but I made sure he heard.

"Sorry," but he didn't sound sorry. "You just don't look familiar."

I was about to reply with a comeback but I was distracted when I noticed someone open their locker to the right of me. I looked to see who it was, and to my luck, it was Jared. "Jared?!"

He turned his head to me. A smile broke into face. "Bells!" I gave him a hug, but wow he was huge. Not huge, as in fat, I mean huge as in strong and husky. And tall . . . So damn tall. Why is everyone so freaking taller than me?! "Bells, you came!"

"'Course I did! So, what's up?" I asked him. He just lightened up my day, but it would be even brighter if I saw Jake.

"Nothing much. You liking Forks High?"

"Not so bad," I replied. "Where are the others?"

"Jake's been looking for you, everywhere! The others are probably at their lockers by now, but Jake is so excited to see you, Bells. I'm happy to see you, too."

"Well, I'm happy to see you too, Jared. Jake's looking for me? I don't think I have time to search for him." I was disappointed that I couldn't go and find Jacob, since class is in just a couple of minutes and I'd get lost easily and be late for class. "So, how's things with Kim?"

I remember Kim, she was a nice girl. I liked her alot, actually. "Going great, thanks for asking Bells!" Geez, Jared is so excited that I'm here. I'm excited to see him too, but he is so hyper. "I guess we have homeroom together."

"What do you have next?"


"Ah, I have English."

I heard the bell rang, and I rushed into my bag to grab some books. "Hey, Bells. Do you want to eat lunch with us, today?" I heard Jared ask me. I turned to face him, and gave him a smile.

"'Course I will. I wouldn't miss seeing all of you." I grabbed all my books and went into my classroom. I had no idea where to sit, so I walked up to the teacher and pocked his shoulder, "Sir, where do I sit? I'm a new student."

The teacher looked up to me. "Ah, yes. You may sit at the back," he gradually waved to the back. I looked to where the desk was. I always get stuck in the back. Oh, well. I walked towards the back and took my proper seat. Some students were looking at me, but more like glaring. I shot them a look.

"What?!" I snapped and they turned away, and looked at the front of the class. I may be a new student, but hell I don't need this much attention! I just want to be left alone with my friends, is it too much to ask?!

Someone tapped my shoulder. Apparently, it is too much to ask. "What?" I asked, whipping my head to my right. It was the Volvo Dude. What the hell does he want now?! Does he want to tell me that my shirt is a fashion statement?! Because it looks like real blood squirted all over like I slashed someone with a knife?

"I knew you weren't an old student," he said, glad that he was right.

"I'm glad you figured it out," I said with an annoyed expression. "What's it to you? You gonna T.P. my house?"

"No," he said like I was crazy. If it was your birthday, or you were new, the kids in Phoenix would do whatever to prank you. So I had to avoid my birthday every single freaking year.

I don't even know how the hell this guy came beside me during class. He didn't even sit beside me. What, does he want my iPod? If he does, then I'll just have to fight for it. Nobody touches my iPod! Never. I went back to doing my work, ignoring the Volvo Dude beside me. Him and his ugly football jersey. Don't get me wrong, sports are awsome, just jocks really tick me off.

I swear, this guy won't stop staring at me with his Emerald eyes. He just kept staring and staring. I finally wanted to stop it, so I pulled out my phone and handed it to him. He rose his eyebrow, looking at my phone. Yeah, I know it's a hot color. "Take a picture, and then I'll print it and mail it you and then you can hang it up in your room and stare at it forever."

He pushed my phone back to me. "Sorry."

I took my phone back and shoved it back into my pocket. Sixty minutes later, the bell rang. Saved by the bell, and now it was time for English.

I took off out of the classroom, and looked at my schedual to see where my next class was. I read it and headed off into that direction. When I arrived, I noticed only a few kids were in class. A few kids that I knew.

Volvo Dude caught my sight, sitting in the middle of class. I also saw Embry and Paul. "Guys!" I called to them. They looked up, and their expressions were something I couldn't explain.

They stood up and came running to me. "Bella!" they yelled. Embry came to me first and pulled me into this ginormous hug. "It's so good to see you!" he put me down, and of course, it was Paul's turn to give me a hug.

"Paul, Embry! I haven't seen you guys in forever," I said to them. I noticed Volvo Dude watching us. I feel like taking my shoe off and whipping it at him. Not like it'll hurt him. "Ma'am, is there anywhere I am assigned to sit at? I'm new here," I told the teacher as I walked up to her desk. She told me to go to the desk that was right beside Embry and Paul. Lucky day.

"Bells, man, how've you been?" Paul asked as we all took our seats.

"I've been great, actually. But I'd rather be here than in Phoenix," I leaned forward to him. "Trust me," and then I leaned back. "Those kids in Phoenix are just nutjobs. I couldn't take it anymore!"

"Sorry you had to suffer, Bells."

"It's okay. I'm home, now."

Class begun, and it was utterly boring. Boring, boring, boring, boring, BORING. See, this is why I hate school. I start yelling "boring" in my head. Unless someone dares me to scream it out loud.

So, I basically have to write a story as an assignement for English. First homework I got for my firtst day, but writing stories was easy.

When lunch rolled around, Jared led me into the cafeteria, where I was bombarded by Jacob. I was just as happy as he was. We sat down at a table near the back, and started to talk. "So, how was your day so far, Bells?" Jacob asked.

"Some guy keeps bothering me," I said, referring to Volvo Dude. Then again, they didn't know who Volvo Dude was. I didn't even know what Volvo Dude's name was, and I didn't even like him.


"Some guy who drives a Volvo."

"Many kids drive a Volvo, Bella."

"Fine. The jock with the bronze hair and the green eyes. The one in our History class, remember Jared?" I turned to Jared, waiting to see if he remembered Volvo Dude.

He didn't even need to think to know who it was. "Oh, you mean Edward Cullen?" Was that his name? Edward Cullen?

"Uh, I guess."

"Please stay away from him, Bells," Jacob warned me. I thought he was joking, 'cause he knows I could take care of myself, but right now I could tell he was dead serious.


"Because," that wasn't an answer. "Unless you want to lose your virginity when you're seventeen, you stay away from him." So, Volvo Dude was that type of guy? Or should I say, Edward? It felt so awkrawd calling him by his name.

I think I'll stick to Volvo Dude, for now.

So, Volvo Dude was the type of guy who went around picking up chicks, getting into their pants and then dumping them later? This is going to be fun. Much, much fun. I turned to see where he was. Maybe he was making out in the locker rooms.

Nope. He sat at a table with four other people. One was large and muscalar, and had dark brown curly hair. Across from him was a girl with curly blood hair, but her back was faced to me, so I couldn't see her exact features. Beside her, also facing their back to me, was a guy with blonde hair. I could see the person who was sitting across from him - it was a pixie-like girl, with spiky black hair and quite short. Well, compared to the big guy. I wonder if they were his family or just really close friends.

But it didn't matter who they were.

All that mattered was that I wasn't going to let Volvo - Edward get to me with his charms.

Throughout lunch, I spent it with Jacob and our friends. I was happy that I had them by my side, but people were staring at me. Again. If they were going to stare at me till the bell rings, I'm gonna start charging money. I swear, it's like I'm a runaway model, except that I don't have the curves, or the face, or the right posture. Screw the model stuff! I just want people to stop staring.

"So, what do you have next, Bells?" Jacob asked me as we walked down the hall of the school. I turned my head, looking up to him. Damn, he was tall.

"Biology, yuk," I made a disgusted face and Jacob laughed.

"Don't worry Bells, you'll have gym with Embry later."

"Thank God for Embry!"

"Yeah, we all love Embry."

"Yes, we do," of course we all love Embry. Who the freak doesn't? Embry is the nicest, funniest and most oblvious guy I've ever met! (Second to Mike Newton. I met that guy during English, and not too fond of him either) "Jake, I don't have a car yet, so I was wondering if you could give me a ride after school?"

I really didn't want to go home using my skateboard. My foot would fall off, and I bet some hungry racoons would come and eat it. Ew. Mental images are popping into my head! Oh God! Oh-disgusting!

"Yeah, sure, Bells. Anything for you," he grinned warmly to me. I loved that grin. It was a special grin that he did especially for me. No, not romantically, just out of making me happy and making all my problems go away. That was Jacob's specialty. That's what I love about the big guy.

Suddenly, the bell rang and it was time for class. I said my goodbyes to Jake and the others and went to grab my books for Biology. It wasn't really that hard to find where my Biology classroom was, but the only hard thing was ignoring people staring at me. I just continued walking until I finally came across my Biology class.

I walked in, and noticed that some kids were already inside. But the class wasn't full, so I'm guessing that I'm not late. "Uh, hi . . . Sir. I'm Isabella Swan," I hate using my real name. It sounded like I was an old woman. That's why I like keeping it short. "I'm new here."

"Ah, yes. Isabella," stop calling me that.

"Bella," I corrected him.

"Alright, yes. Bella," he scanned the classroom, to try and find a seat open for me. "Right over there," he pointed out this empty table. Good, I was by myself. I walked over to the table and set my books down on it. I gladually took my seat, and sat there quietly.

Some kids started to pile up in class, and I hoped none of them came to the seat beside me. I watched the kids get into classroom, until I saw Volvo Dude come into class. This dude is seriously following me around, everywhere.

I'm gonna start charging him money for that.

I'm gonna start charging everyone money now. No more freebies.

Oh snap, he's coming towards me. Why the hell is he doing that?! I want him to go away. He's like an attracted puppy that never wants to leave the person they just met.

And guess what?! He took the seat beside me. Ugh, he had to ruin the rest of my day. It was going . . . okay, so it wasn't going that good, but he made it even worse. I really didn't like this guy, and yet he appeared everywhere I went. I want to listen to Jacob, and stay away from this guy as much as possible. I trust Jacob, but I don't trust this guy.

Can't this day just end?