15. My Girlfriend, Madonna.

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Heels Over Head by Boys Like Girls.


It basically took a full half hour to explain to Edward what the hell was happening. And then there was the arguement inbetween Edward and Mark, with the "What the fuck?!" yells here and there, and the "Get the fuck out!" screams, but of course, no one listened to anyone. What a complicated and disturbing life. Story of my life.

And here we are, at least six months after.

Time has been passing by fast, like the speed of light. It just flashs through, and then you're like "What the hell? Didn't that happen yesturday. . .?" and then you look at your calendar, and you realize you are six months into the future. To be honest, throughout the six months, everything has changed. Alice and Jasper got married, and so far, Alice is pregnant. Apparently, she's having twins.

Rose and Emmett are engaged, their wedding is in just a month. They are really happy together, you can tell from their eyes. Their expressions. It's amazing, isn't it? How love can just work it's magic on everyone?

As for my life, yes, things have changed.

Mark ended up staying with us. He didn't live with us, he just dropped by every now and then. He didn't lick any of the utensils, thank God. He has really changed, thanks to his therapy. Sometimes when Edward and I kiss, and he's there, he would yell "Too much PDA! God, stop it!" But, now he doesn't say it anymore. He just looks at us like we aren't even kissing. But he doesn't watch us kiss, he just either watches TV or eats something. He has changed, I could see it, and I have spoken to his therapist, and she says the same thing. I asked her if I would be able to trust him, and she said - from her results - that, yes, I could trust Mark.

And I did.

And nothing bad had happened. Everything had gone through swimmingly. I had gotten a job at a bar, where I play my guitar and sing, along with other members. There was Mira, the drummer. She had black hair with red streaks, and her hair was long and silky. Then there is Josh, the bass guitarist. To me, he looked like Adam Brody. You know, that actor who played as Seth Cohen in The OC ? If you don't know, type him up in google. Anyway, Josh looked exactly like him. It was weird, but then again, Josh was this funny and nice guy.

I had spoken to Jacob and the guys over the phone. They were doing really well. And apparently, Embry can't stop photo-copying his face. When I heard that, I couldn't stop laughing. And then it tempted me to go and photy-copy my face. But then Edward told me not to.

I was going to go visit them in Forks tomorrow.I'm going there for a week, and Edward gets to come with me.

"Can we buy a chocolate cake?" I asked Edward, suddenly.

He rose an eyebrow.

"What for?" he replied slowly.

"I wonna stick my face in it. . ."

"Why. . .?"

"Because I'm hungry."

"And you need chocolate cake?"


He got up from the couch. "I'm not even going to ask."

I was now on my plane to Forks. Edward sat beside me, as I looked out the plane window. You have no idea how many girls have flirted with him today. With me right beside him!

One girl with dark brown hair came up to us in the airport. "Hi," she said seductively. Bite me, I wanted to tell her. "My name is Delilah, and yours?"

"Frankenberry," Edward answered her.

"Excuse me?"


I tried really hard not to laugh. And that's when Edward brought me up into the conversation. "Oh, and this is my girlfriend, Madonna."

Then I couldn't it anymore, and just burst out laughing. The girl just blushed and was completely embarrassed, as she turned around and left. Good ridence, bitch.

By the time we got to Forks, another woman flirted with him. "Is this your sister?" she asked, pointing to me. I wanted to break her wrist so badly. "You two look alike."

"Really?" I said, gasping. I wanted to play a game, just like Edward had at the airport in Phoenix. "Too bad. Anyway, I'm Bella, and this is my gay best friend, Edward!"

Yes, I pulled the This Is My Best Friend, Who Is Also Gay, Edward card, like I did with Charlie. Charlie. Just remembering him made me sad instantly. It was really hard, loosing your father. Every now and then I would go visit his grave, and leave some flowers and I'd light up a candle, for essence.

Thank God Edward played along with me. Again. "Like, hi!" he squealed. He quickly shook her hand, grinning madly. "Wow, isn't this, like, amazing?! Bella and I have met so many people today! It's, like, unbelievably! Like the time I moved into my new home, in the gay village area." Then he sighed happily. "Remember Bella?"

"Oh, my God!" I gasped. "Yes, I do!"

"Oh my God!" Edward squealed again. "I love how we can remember things at the same time!" he said to the girl.

"It is just a-mazing!" I said.

The girl made a face, her lip wrinkled up, as she turned around slowly, and left.

"Billy!" I called.


"Jacob!" Edward yelled to Jake.

"Edward!" he replied.

"JACOB!" I yelled, running and hugging him. "Maia!" I then hugged her.

"Embry!" Edward called out to Embry, them doing this man-hug.

"Edward! Mah man," Embry replied, grinning mad.

"Screw you, Embry," I joked. "He's mine."

"No he's not!" Embry then tugged Edward, pulling him closer. I then grabbed Edward's other arm, and pulled him towards me. "Bella!" he groaned.

"Embry!" I mimicked his tone.

"Quil," Quil said, smiling brightly, with confidence. We all laughed at that, and I went to hug him, Paul, Jared, Kim, Seth and Leah. Wow, they all freaking grew. Kim has a nice curve, Jared built more muscle, Seth grew taller, Leah cut her hair. "You haven't changed, Bella. Except for the scar."

I chuckled. "Yeah, I'm stuck with it forever."

Forver. That scar that's across my face with all be there, haunting me. Reminding me of that dreaful day.

"Dude, that was MY hot dog."

"You just left it there, unattended."

"Doesn't mean I wasn't gonna eat it!"

"Well, you should have eaten it!"

"You're an asshole!"

Embry was basically fighting with Paul, because Paul ate his hot dog, while Embry went to the bathroom. But of course, Paul thought Embry didn't want it, and just ate it anyway. And now, Embry is a pissed bitch. Might as well end this fight. I went behind Embry, who was having this death glare contest with Paul, and I looked over his shoulder. "Guys do you really think you should fight about a -"

That's when Paul swung his arm back, and launched it at Embry's face. Except, Embry ducked down, making Paul's fist collide with my face. I fell back on the floor, holding my face. Paul just stared at me wide eyed, just like everyone else. I looked up at Paul, and stood up. "You're mine," I said coldly. Paul then turned around, and dashed away, me running after him. I heard many laughs from behind me, I screamed to Paul to stop being a sissy, and to come let me punch him.

I wasn't bleeding or anything, since - thank God - Paul didn't throw a hard punch. I ran faster towards him. He ran down the highway, me in tow.

Until he ran to the destroyed town of Forks.
When I noticed this, I stopped deadin my tracks.

I looked around. Everyone was like it was back when the earthquake hit. There were builders rebuilding some places, but all in all, it still looked bad. I looked over to where Paul was, and he was running towards Forks High.

I ran after him, making my feet move faster, as if I was flying.

Paul ran into the school, which I noticed wasn't blocked off. I wonder why. I ran after him, but walked slowly once I got inside.

It was still destroyed. Lockers were tumbled over, portraits and picture on the floor, broken. The walls cracked. It's weird how it's been eight months, and yet things still haven't changed. I walked down slowly, hearing Paul's echoing voice as he said, "Catch me if you can."

I walked down the halls, not caring about the destroyed bricks and floor, and crumbled pieces from the ceiling. I just kept walking, ignoring Paul.

I found my locker.

I went to it, the door of it wasn't attached, and I looked down to see it on the floor. The posters that I had glued to it were still there, just ripped. Some of my books were still in there, but all at the bottom of my locker, since the top shelf was broken.

I looked to my right, and then something caught my eye.

It was a glow. A shine. A white shine. It was somewhat bright, and somewhat small. It caught my attention, as I slowly walked towards it. I noticed it was a silver chain, sitting on the rock. The rest of the chain was underneath another rock. What the hell was it?

I picked up the rock, throwing it to the side, as my eyes widened at what I saw.

It was the necklace. The little silver metal heart that was attached to the silver chain, to match. The necklace that had my lullaby inside it. But it was destroyed now. I slowly up the lid, and the little melody sang, but it didn't last for long. It soon faded away.

"What's that?" I heard Paul asked from behind me. I closed my hand, the necklace in my hand.

"Nothing," I replied. My voice cracked. "Nothing at all."

I got up, still holding the necklace. We walked down the hall, and I noticed that there was a garbage can, still standing straight. Weird how it didn't tumble down. I walked towards it, and held my hand over it, and let the necklace fall out. I had no use for it now. I knew Edward loved me, and I didn't need a small object to tell me that.

I watched as it fell into the black garbage can, disappearing as it fell straight down.


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