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I remember the first time I meet him, I had just run away from home and ended up at some strange bar. I hid in the back of his pick-up truck and he almost made me walk, out in the cold. As I started to think about how I was going to make it by foot, I heard the screeching of his tires.

As Rogue leaned back in her chair she stared at the ceiling of a room that had become her home for at least 4 years. What hectic years those were. She closed her eyes and sighed as she started to reminisce but that was soon interrupted by a knock at her door. Slightly annoyed she sat up and made her way to the door to see none other than Kitty Pride.
She wasn't really sure how to feel about Kitty. For one, she completely stole Bobby from under her nose and it seemed as if Kitty was taking her place.
"I just wanted to give you this. You dropped it outside of one of your classes.."
Rogue slowly reached out and grabbed the piece of paper from Kitty. She examined it realizing it was the piece of paper that was missing from her essay. Her eyes narrowed for a moment as she forced away the spark of happiness that was trying to come from this missing paper.
"Thanks.." She quickly closed the door and sighed walking back to her desk and placed it on top of one of the many piles of paper on her desk, but something caught her eye. She glanced over at her dresser, her white gloves were peeking out of the dresser drawer.
Rogue hadn't worn them in quite some time now. Since the cure, she was free to hug people, hold their hands and even kiss her boyfriend. But it turned out that Bobby really didn't want her to give up her powers so he left her a week after she came back, for none other than Kitty. Stroking the smooth white leather she placed the gloves back in the drawer and left her room.
"Well, Logan..If you're going to keep leaving and going like this. I'm not sure whether to let students use your room or not.."
Rogue could hear the voice of Ororo Munroe coming from the staircase leading to the front door. As she walked closer toward them she became more and more nervous. She hadn't seem Logan in about 2 months. After Jean's death he didn't really keep in touch with anyone. She stopped a bit of a distance away from them and watched them converse amongst one another and catch up on a few things. Before she knew it Ororo left back up the staircase and Logan had made his way over to Rogue.
"So you really did it.." Logan said as he adjusted the straps on his bag.
Rogue quickly looked down at her bare hands then back up at Logan, by now it had become normal to her. "Yeah.." Awkward silence slowly started to creep in she then started to get the feeling that he also didn't want her to get the cure.
"Well..? What did that kid say?"
As soon as he mentioned it, it got even more awkward.
"I.." Then she did the absolute last thing she should've done. She looked into his eyes. Those confusing yet mesmerizing eyes. He could say anything and she'd agree with it in a heartbeat. "Have to..go.." She quickly turned away from him and sped down the hallway. As she made her way back to her room she could've sworn she heard her name being called but she just kept moving. She felt so stupid! She was acting like a love struck puppy.

As she rolled over she noticed how dark her room had gotten. She then looked over at a small alarm clock and saw the red dashes figured in 9:30 and slowly made her way off her bed. Roaming empty dark halls of Xavier Academy wasn't a very wise thing to do. The only light was at the very end of the hallways and most of the guys took this time to scare the girls. But seeing as Rogue wasn't one of the most 'popular' girls, they stayed away from her. She made her way to the kitchen and opened the fridge and spotted a Cola. She opening it and the moist fizzing bubbles soothed her dry throat.
"You can't sleep either, huh?" said a familiar voice from behind her. Rogue turned from the fridge and looked at the table spotting Ororo sitting at the table smiling at her.
"Uh..Yeah..I guess.." Her eyes drifted down to her coke and she sat down on the opposite side of the table facing Ororo. "Why are you up so late?"
Ororo just shook her head a smile on her face. "Just a few things on my mind is all. It's still strange not seeing them around..." Her smile faded for a moment, but soon returned.
"You mean.." She almost said their names but decided not to. "Yeah..But..It's been fine though..There really hasn't been as many attacks around the country since then..and if he really did get the cure. Then things'll be fine.."
Ororo nodded "Yes..That is true..Well..It seems as though we're starting a little pow-wow.."
Rogue perked an eyebrow at Ororo, but she just gestured toward the door. Rogue looked over her shoulder and saw Logan standing in the doorway, she quickly turned her head back around and stared at her bottle.
"Hope you two don't mind if I get something to drink." She sensed the hint of laughter in his voice.
She saw Ororo smile. "Of course not, actually..I'm getting tired, I think I'll be off. See you two tomorrow morning for training." She then got up and left the kitchen and Rogue couldn't help but feel like Ororo was doing this on purpose. Silence once again crept around them and she heard the sounds of Logan's feet against the tile of the floor. She felt him move around and sit where Ororo was sitting and opened his bottle of pop.
"I think since I've been here, I've been drinking less..." He randomly blurted out before rising the bottle to his mouth for a drink. Rogue just smiled, but her eyes were still fixed on her own bottle.
"I don't think that's a bad thing...You are in a school full of kids. Don't think it would be too wise to be drunk around 'em..."She heard Logan chuckled, that was a good sign.
"I guess you're right. So what's everyone been up to since.."
She didn't let him finish. "Oh,well nothin' much. Ororo's been great as the head of the . he's been tryin' to help out as much as he can. Everything's been alright.."
"Doesn't seem like it.." Logan took another drink from his bottle and she could feel his eyes on her.
"What do you mean...?"
"I'm anything but dimwitted, Rogue..." She could sense the annoyance in his voice and she couldn't help but look at him.
"What are you talkin' about..?"
"Rogue..Whatever he did to you..."
"I don't wanna to talk it about it.." She said as she stood up looking down at the table.
"Since when don't you talk to me..? You haven't even looked at me since I've gotten here..? Did I do something..?"
She bit her tongue, she would've said something really embarrassing if she would've spoken. "See you tomorrow mornin'.." She quickly left the kitchen and this time she didn't hear her name being called.