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Rogue slowly got up and looked over at the alarm clock on her desk. It was 7 in the morning, it was time for her to get up. A light sigh left her lips as she got up from her bed and she made her way to her wardrobe and opened it. She gave a long and bleak stare at the green and yellow outfit hanging in her closet. She quickly suited up and grabbed her yellow gloves putting them on quickly. As she made her way down to the bottom of the institute she ran into Kitty again.
"Ready..?" Kitty said with a slight smile on her face.
Rogue saw nothing to smile about, she let out a slight sigh and nodded not willing to start up any arguments to early in the morning. As they reached the newly made X-jet she noticed the others had started to get on-board. As soon as Rogue was about to say something to Kitty, she quickly ran off. "Peter! Wait up!" She watched as Kitty went after Peter, her eyebrow perked a bit, something was going on there, but she decided to ignore it for now. As she got on-board she noticed that Logan hadn't gotten there yet.
"Where's.." Rogue said as she walked over toward Ororo, who was already pressing buttons on the panel and making sure everyone was seated.
"Perhaps you've forgotten that he's not a flyer.." Ororo said with a smile, she then gestured Rogue to sit down beside her. "You're going to be my co-pilot today.."
Rogue slowly sat down and let out a rough sigh. "Last time I tried to fly this thing.."
"Yes. Yes. I know..but you're the only one I trust with this, Rogue.." Ororo's smile had disappeared and her brown eyes had locked onto Rogue.
"Alright..alright, fine.." Rogue let out a sigh and strapped herself in. "So..what do I do..?"
Sooner than they expected, there were there at Alkai Lake. "You did good Rogue.." Ororo said as she unbuckled her seatbelt. Rogue's eyes were rather wide as she slowly got up and turned to see the others.
Kitty's hand was half-way phased through Peter's shoulder while Warren and Jubilee looked as if they were going to vomit. "Good..really..?" Rogue muttered to herself as she made her way off the jet and onto the shore of the lake.
"Where do we start..?" Kitty said as she moved up alongside Rogue. Ororo turned to them and crossed her arms. "Warren, you head south of the lake and take Jubilee.." Before Warren could ask a question, "Flight of course…" He then nodded and soon enough Jubilee and Warren were 20 feet up in the sky. Ororo's sight then went back to Peter and Kitty, "You two..head east..If you hit and blockades, you know what to do.." They simply nodded and headed off. Rogue watched them growing even more interested in the two when she noticed Kitty move even closer to Peter. She merely smiled lightly and shook her head, her eyes then moved back to Ororo. "I'm with you then..?"
"No..You're waiting for Logan. You two will go west. I'll cover the north side of the lake."
"Ororo…" Rogue said, but with that a slight fog started to cover the area and she was gone in an instant. Rogue merely sighed and tapped her foot. "Yeah...stick me with Logan..perfect.."

The puttering sound of a motorcycle brought Rogue out of her slight daydream and she made her way over to Logan. "I'm with you..The others are covering north, south and east of the lake. We're stuck with the west side."
"No point of me getting off, hop on.." Logan said, and he started it back up.
Rogue let out a sigh and hopped on behind him and held onto his waist, the entire time thinking 'This is ridiculous..'
Logan came to a quick stop and looked around, Rogue almost fell off the bike, "The hell's gotten into you! Almost killed me!" She yelled and gave him a slight push.
"Ssh.." Logan blurted out and he slowly turned off the bike and got off.
"What is it..?" Rogue said as she started to ready herself for the worst.
Logan quickly turned to her and grabbed her arms. He pushed her up against a tree and glared at her, holding her there with an blunt force.
"Logan! What are you doing? Let me go!" Rogue yelled, she was trying to reach one of her gloves, but he had his hands on her wrists.
"What is up with you Rogue..What did I do to you to have you not even stand to be around me..?" His voice was so harsh, and it hit her so hard that she couldn't help but yell out what she had been meaning to say all this time.
"Logan..I.." Her eyes averted from him but slowly moved back to him. "It's 'cause of her…I..I don't know how you feel..But I know that I feel a lot for you..I'd never do what she did..Never.." They then moved away from him again, "Ever since you've gotten back..I didn't want to say anything to you 'cause you've been through so much..I.."
Logan slowly let go of her wrists and watched as she brought them close to herself and gently rubbed them. He slowly turned away from her, "That's all you had to say, Rogue..Come on.." He muttered as she hopped back onto the motorcycle, she reluctantly got on but suddenly gripped Logan's shoulder. "Wait..I think I see something." She quickly got off of the bike and made her way ahead of it on foot. "It can't be.." She muttered her hands curling into fists, "B…bobby.." As she came into a safe distance from him, her eyes narrowed. She started to get so infuriated, "Where have you been?! Everyone's been worried about you!" She yelled.
"Rogue wait!" Logan called out but it wasn't heard. Before he knew it, Bobby had walked up to Rogue and punched a hole right through her stomach. Rogue's eyes grew wide and she slowly pulled her gloves from her hands and gripped onto Bobby's arm. As Rogue fell to the ground Bobby's body started to change rapidly from person to person, revealing that this was indeed Mystique.
"Rogue!" Logan was already at her side and quickly pushed Mystique's unconscious body aside, he quickly placed his hands on hers and started to gasp and gag as Rogue drained his healing powers. Her eyes stayed on him as the hole in her stomach slowly started to heal, "No.." She gasped. "No! Let..go.." She quickly pulled her hands from him. "I could kill you!"
Logan had placed his hands on the ground and was coughing and gasping for air. "Then we have to get you back!" He quickly picked her up and made his way back toward the jet. As he laid her down on one of the emergency beds, he pressed an 'X' shaped button on the panel sending out a signal to the others to regroup.

After a few minutes, Warren and Jubilee returned. They came in and Jubilee let out a high-pitched scream, "Would you shut up!" Logan yelled covering his ears, now his ears and hands smeared with Rogue's blood. "Warren, come with me. We have to go get Mystique, Jubilee watch Rogue and don't touch her!"
Warren and Logan took off and to their surprise Mystique was still there. Warren carried her and Logan drove back to the jet. By the time they were there, Kitty, Peter and Ororo were already onboard. This time Logan decided to fly with them as long as they would be willing to carry his bike along with. Ororo quickly agreed and they took off. Logan sat beside Rogue and held her gloved hand the entire way. "Rogue..don't do this..Just hang on..We're almost there.."

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