"Rogue." She opened her eyes but quickly closed them as light seeped in. "Guh!" She yelled as she rubbed at her eyes. Soon the cold Canadian air hit her pale skin.

Must be cold..were the words that entered her mind. Her eyes squinted as they connected with Logan's. She watched as he pulled a warming blanket from the trunk, very handy indeed. She gripped Logan's shirt with her ungloved hand as she was helped from the car. She certainly was craving the attention, but she somewhat felt helpless.

As her boots collided with the fresh snow, her eyes traveled towards the cabin in front of them. "Where are we exactla'?"

"My old cabin..I spent my days here before the institute.."
"I see.." She murmured as they made their way towards the door. She watched as Logan grabbed the mat and dug a key out from underneath. Rogue merely smiled at how incredibly cliché that was.

She made her way inside looking around a bit. It was a spitting image of that pick-up truck "home". Half bare and meant for a man on the move.

"It's not much but.." Logan said as he made his way in and wandered around as if he wanted to tidy up a bit.

"But it'll do.." Rogue finished, she knew a good ol' spit shine couldn't even make this place sparkle.

"Is there anything to eat, besides bugs and excessive amount of bacteria, of course.." Rogue said as crossed her arms under the blanket.

"I have some instant soup..I'll cook that." He quickly made his way to the kitchen, too hungry and tried to force a comeback, or so she she made her way into the kitchen she finally found a way to block out his thoughts, but this was just one person. How could she deal with an entire institute?

"So Magneto and Mystique?" Logan muttered shoveling noodles into his mouth.

Rogue fell silent. Should she tell h-"And Jean.." She blurted in a half pained mutter, beating her thought to the punch.

She watched as Logan slowly swallowed his scolding hot noodles, "What..?"

"She was the one who held me, Logan. She told me herself.." her voice was a bit distant, scared as his emotions altered like a shaking etch a sketch.

"Rogue..I killed her..We buried her.."

"Well not deep enough.."

"Damnit Rogue!" He yelled slamming down his spoon.

"What? What do you want me to say, huh? She's alive Logan! I don't know how, or why, but she's livin' and breathin' and waitin' for us to make a move.."

Rogue watched Logan's fist clinch so tightly that it started to turn red, she swore for a second that he might strike her. "Whatever the hell are they getting at…"

Rogue's hand hidden only slightly behind the blanket slowly reached out to touch him, and finally it met his hand securely surrounded by the blanket. "Logan.." But the look he gave her almost made her withdraw her hand and sprint from the table. Her hand traveled up his arm and towards his face. "calm down. You're no good to me if you can't think straight.." before he could speak up, she continued, "I have her powers now. So the more unstable you are the harder it is for me to control these powers inside of me..It gets a little cramped sometimes and her powers isn't making it any easier.."

Logan's eyes slowly met hers, his expression becoming less pained.

"Now. We know that Magneto, Mystique and Jean are working together, that's obvious. What's even more obvious is the fact that the damn cure didn't even work. Seein' as Magneto is back to his ol' contolin' ways. Mystique is as slimeh as ever, and Jean has somehow resurrected.." She heard a grunt come from Logan, he was agreeing but not happily. "But how she mixes into this situation, well..that's what we're going to have to figur' out.."

She noticed Logan's sudden jolt of thoughts and sighed, "They'll be able to reach us..I have the communication device, I grabbed it before the whole destruction went on.." His eyes met hers and she immediately felt embarrassed for reading his thoughts, "Sorry…but..for now we should just stay here until we figure things.."

"You stay here.." Logan then made his way out the kitchen.
"Logan!" she yelled but before she could even get out of the chair, he was already out the door.

She let out a huff and continued to eat. After finishing she was still hungry. She lifted her hand and motioned Logan's bowl of soup towards her. She pulled to hard and the soup spilled all over her. "Damnit all!" the words slipped from her mouth loudly. Getting up she found the bathroom and turned the faucet on. Dropping the blanket behind her she took off her jacket and top exposing her shoulders, arms and stomach. Covered in bruises and scarps, she placed her shirt under the hot water and started to scrub the stain with soup until it was barely noticeable. She heard him come back in but didn't worry because the bathroom door was already shut.

"Rogue!" she heard him yell, "I found some gloves, there from the shack outback. A little dusty but it's all I have.."

She then emerged from the bathroom one hand towel drying her hair, she got a bit carried away with cleaning and decided to wash her hair as well. The other hand was held out, ready to receive the gloves.

"Rogue.." Wolverine muttered.

Rogue took the gloves from Wolverine and tossed the towel aside. She wasn't sure why he was acting so strange. She was wearing a bra.

Her eyes scanned the gloves, clearly some type of working gloves but surprisingly they fit her. A small smile appeared on her face. Her eyes then met with Logan's, "They'll do.."

She then made her way back into the bathroom, closed the door and started to redress.
"Rogue!" She didn't respond, but the door opened and her arms were now crossed.
"What Logan..?" irritation found strongly in her voice.

"You shouldn't walk around like that! You're a young woman..and you might catch a co-.."
Rogue's eyes slowly narrowed causing him to stop his sentence, "Logan, I am not a young lady, and after 4 years at the institute I'd think you would've figured that out by now." Her words came out much harshier than she intended, but before he could argue a chirping noise broke the tension. She dug into her jacket pocket and pulled out her communication device.
"Ororo! Oh…wait..what?" Rogue's eyes narrowed as she strained herself to hear through the static.

"Ororo! Where are you?!" Then the call dropped. Rogue muttered and put her device back in her pocket. She looked over at Logan who was looking sterner than ever.
"We have to find them.."

Rogue without another word, nodded and they both quickly left the cabin, not exactly sure where they were headed, but tracking the call would have to be their first step.