the world is cold and lost in my view,

maybe...if your light could shine a little brighter i would know where i was going?

but, i don't want that light to be brighter

in fact, i want it to blow out so that mine can finally fade soon after,

but you keep me here tied to you,

alive by your blood

and i hate it...

i could kill you, it would be so easy

just to slit your throat and let you bleed to death

or take to much at once and kill you and me,

and though i know this and i tell myself all the time the same thing

over and over

but i can't find the strength to hurt you knowing that even though it was selfish

you kept me here because YOU fely you needed me

and everytime i think of that i stop,

i freeze

the meer thought of you scares me you in all your glory

i'm just a star slowly fading flickering,

un-decided wether their life is worth it

but your a sun shining brightly in a useless atempt to guide me

and after all this time, i know longer find strength to even THINK of hurting you

feeding off of you, stealing the blood from your body,

is enough to make me shudder in fear, fear that one day,

i'll lose what small control i have,

and i wish i had the strength now to leave you

but i don't and now my realization may be to late,

your home,

mines lost,

and i love you, will do no good i could stay here but the kids...

i wish i could stay and i wish i had the courage to pull you into my arms...

hold you there and never let go,

maybe, just maybe, i could...maybe i could do it now and find some miracle way to make it work

but i smile and say good morning you look at me and ask me if i'm okay

i blink, and pull my desguise up, it hurts to lie to you but i have to

you scowl that attractive scowl and say that 'my mask is cracking'

my face flickers and i stare a you...i you knew?

'idiot' you mutter i feel your hand clasp like iron over my wrist and gently tug me close

i lay in your arms and sigh vlosing my eyes

'don't lie to me, fool' you pause 'i can see right through you'

and i wonder if the same thoughts ever run through your head, about how i feel and how you feel or if i care

or why i stuck around, 'Fai?' you whisper and i realize, this was the fisrt time you acctually ever said my name

while i'm here laying in yourr arms 'hai, kuro-pon?' i whisper in respinse

'' a long silence spreads between us and i know we're thinking the same thing

is now the right time?

your arms tighten around my thin waist 'kuro-puu? can i tell you something?'

'me first' you say

i love you

we say at the same time

and i think of how, this is perfect just this moment is enough to make me happy, truly happy

i reflect back to outo

'toki no mukou kaze no machi he nee tsurette itte, shiroi hanna no yume kanaette'