Title: Transformers Animated – Untitled

Author: LJ

Summery: Prowl is working on advancing some of his holograms, especially his human forms. With Sari's help he develops holographic human forms for each of the Autobots, unfortunately when they're activated, the holograms trap their sparks outside of their robotic bodies.

Rating: PG

Pairings: Platonic Bumblebee/Sari

Author's Note: Inspired by Prowl's holographic form and Star Trek: Voyager's Doctor being a tangible hologram. Oh yes, and the fact that I just got back from Botcon 2008 and got an Animated! Prowl toy. ;) Takes place just after Nature Calls but before Megatron Rising. Also, MUCH thanks to Ookami at the SDGF Fansite for help on the 'transfer' scene! I bow to my living muse!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! All is owned by Hasbro. Please don't sue I'm a poor college student!

Chapter Two:

"WHAT?! How can that happen? I mean we're here aren't we?" Bumblebee cried panic visually running through his body. "We aren't dead! Unless...GAH! We're GHOSTS!" Prowl sighed and grabbed Bumblebee's shoulders firmly.

"We're not ghosts, Bumblebee. So calm down," he said with a slight glare. The blond looked at him, still in panic mode.

"Well if we're not ghosts then what are we?!"

"We're lucky," came Ratchet's steady voice looking over the readings on the scanners. "At least for right now. Our sparks are lodged within these holographic bodies. As such it's allowed them to function just like any normal shell, with some 'minor' exceptions." Optimus looked at the medic and frowned.

"Then why do you look and sound worried?" the young commander asked trying to keep his own nervousness down. Ratchet sighed and frowned.

"Without a spark, a shell can only last for three or four solar cycles on it's own. Then systems start shutting down one by one." Bulkhead blinked and rubbed the back of his head.

"So if we don't go back soon we're stuck like this?" Ratchet shook his head slowly and sighed.

"The holographic drives are powered by the shells, once the shell is dead, the holograms stop functioning. Then we really do kick the bucket." Ratchet frowned deeply, his face downtrodden at the thought of figuring out how to go back to the way they were. "As it is, spark extraction is painful on every level, even in robot forms. It's literally ripping out your soul from it's body, and...to be honest, I've never seen it done successfully," Ratchet said with a low voice. Prowl frowned and turned away from everyone, heading for his quarters.

"Prowl wait!" Optimus called but stopped short when Ratchet put his hand up.

"Don't, Prime." he said simply looking at him. Frowning, Optimus stepped back and ran his fingers through his hair, unsure of what to do.

"Hhhrraaaah!" Prowl winced as he punched the tree in his room, pain radiating through his knuckles and hand. He glared darkly and struck the tree again, not even causing a leaf to flutter from his strikes. Again and again he struck the massive plant that took up the majority of his room until his knuckles were raw and bloody.

~How could I have been so careless?~ he thought to himself his body shaking in anger. It was rare for him to loose his temper, but he didn't really care. He had just sentenced his friends and comrades to death. He looked at his hands, bruises starting to appear beneath the skin.

The holograms acted as a shell because of the key, and as such acted as any human body would. They were perfect. They were exactly what Prowl was going for when he began writing the program. The body reacted to any physical stimulus with pain and physical damage. He could feel that the key had done much more though. He wasn't sure if it was completely organic, but he could feel his heart beating, the constriction and relaxation of the diaphragm in his chest allowing him to breathe. He wondered if the bodies were too perfect.

Rage again began to rise in his heart and he went to strike the tree again, but stopped. He frowned and gently put his hand on the bark, some of it flaking off from his onslaught, as if to apologize to the faultless organic plant. He walked over and sat cross legged on the floor and tried to control himself. Just because he had failed did not mean that he had the right to loose his control and his training. Taking several deep calming breaths he began to meditate. It wasn't long before Prowl felt Ratchet's presence nearby.

"You know, just because you screw up big time doesn't mean you need to dwell on it," Ratchet said crossing his arms over his chest. Prowl didn't bother looking up, he simply set his face in stone and tried not to grind his teeth. "For the love of Primus, Prowl, stop beating yourself up over something so stupid! It's not completely hopeless!" Ratchet stormed closer and Prowl allowed his head to snap up.

"And what would you know about this?! Because of my irresponsibility and stupidity I sentenced everyone to death! Is that something YOU could live with without problems? Something that YOU could just not think about or blame yourself for!" Prowl stood up and bristled with anger again, barely keeping it in check. Prowl mentally yelled at himself for letting the worst part of his concealed heritage get the better of him. Ratchet glared and cuffed the young man hard upside the head, something that startled the younger Autobot.

"You think I'm that heartless? Yeah, I blame you, but I've done the same stupid slag too, nearly cost my bond mate their life! That doesn't mean I'm going to sit in my room and sulk about until the end comes! That smack upside your head was to wake you up! You're so self absorbed right now you can't focus on that ninja-bot slag!" Ratchet's own sharp temper began to settle and he took a deep breathe. "What we need, what I need, right now is help. I don't know head from tails on holograms and you're the only expert we have. You need to focus your energy into something other than feeling sorry for yourself." Prowl looked away and frowned. Ratchet was right, just as his sensei was on Cybertron. He needed to stop dwelling on his mistakes, and focus on finding a solution. Maybe that's why he gave up on the rest of his Metallikato training.

"I...I apologize..." Prowl said, his composure regained. He still didn't look at the older man, ashamed at his own short sightedness. Ratchet shook his head and he put his hand on Prowl's shoulders.

"Forget it. I came up with an idea that might work to give us more time. If we can get everyone back in the ship, I should be able to put them into stasis chambers. It should keep our forms functional for a longer period of time." Prowl blinked and nodded.

"It makes sense. We'd have more time to find a solution to this." Prowl furrowed his brows before his green-blue eyes brightened and looked up at the honey brown eyed Autobot medic and smiled just slightly. "Thank you, I needed that." he said with a chuckle. Ratchet shook his head and smiled.

"You're welcome. Come on, we need to load up your alternate form and Bumblebee into either my alternate mode, or Bulkhead's." Ratchet turned around and walked out, Prowl following behind after retrieving the motorcycle that was his robotic form and pushing it out to the living room. There he saw the group mulling and talking with each other. Optimus looked up and smiled as Prowl came out.

"Feeling a little better?" he asked with a warm smile. Prowl put the kickstand down and nodded.

"Yes...thanks to Ratchet. I'm sorry I stormed off earlier."

"Don't worry about it!" Bumblebee said, his chipper mood obviously having returned. "We'll just mark you as unsatisfactory in the 'plays well with other's' category!" the blond laughed and so did Sari. Prowl sighed and rubbed his temples, to hide a smile that threatened to break his composure, wondering how long it took Bumblebee to come up with that little jewel.

"You need to work on the lines, Bumblebee..." he said before looking at the blond. Bumblebee crossed his arms over his chest and he sulked.

"I thought it was pretty good if you ask me," Bumblebee said with a sulking look on his face. Sari patted his shoulder and smiled.

"It's okay, Bumblebee. So what can I do to help guys?" Ratchet smiled at the young girl and looked around.

"Well, we're going to need to get Bumblebee in either Bulkhead's vehicle mode or mine. Thankfully we'll be able to wheel him in." Ratchet looked up at the loud metallic noise coming from the S.W.A.T. van that used to be Bulkhead.

"I've got a ramp. It'll probably be easier to put him in my vehicle mode. It's a little wider too. He should fit right in there." Bulkhead had put the ramp down from the back of what used to be his own vehicle mode. Ratchet nodded and walked over to where Bumblebee's form was on the ground.

With everyone helping, the move was quick and wasn't as tiresome as once thought. Bulkhead easily lifted up the heavy ramps and slid them back in place before closing the door carefully. Prowl whipped his brow and moved his form into Ratchet's back locking it down with ratcheting bands and floor locks.

"Well that's everyone," Optimus said sighing. He ran his hand through his hair and frowned. Ratchet looked at the young commander and sighed.

"Something wrong?" he asked. Optimus frowned and shrugged.

"Just something I've been thinking about. Once we're down in the ship, what do we do for supplies? Sari can't survive down there for too long, we don't have human facilities or food." Optimus' observation put a damper on everyone's mood. Bumblebee looked to his young friend, whom he loved as though she were a sister and steeled his face.

"I'll stay with her," he said confidently. "It's not like I'll be much help in the ship anyway. I don't have a clue what to do with holograms or stasis pods or anything." Sari looked up at Bee and smiled before jumping at him in a massive hug.

"You can stay with my dad and I! We can hang out and have fun!" Bumblebee grunted at Sari's strength and hugged her back, a bright smile across his darker skinned face.

"Awesome!" Having his fears quelled Optimus smiled and nodded.

"I don't see a problem with that. Although we still should have a vehicle to ride to the surface in case we need things for ourselves." Ratchet sighed and rubbed his face looking at the vehicles.

"Which means we'll need to borrow a car that can not only survive the pressure at the bottom of Lake Erie but also is air tight." Sari giggled and headed over.

"My dad has an old VW Bug, it's air tight and he doesn't want it anymore. Why not take that?" Sari suggested with a smile. The Autobots looked at each other before nodding.

"All right, we'll bring it back when this is finished anyway." Optimus smiled at the group and sighed. "Okay Autobots, let's roll out. We'll drop Bumblebee and Sari off at Sumdac Tower and pick up the other car. Maybe even Professor Sumdac will have an idea of how to help us." Ratchet thought over the words and nodded.

"Right, okay let's go, the longer we're here the more dangerous it gets." With the precision of a well oiled machine, the five human Autobots and one human girl got into the vehicles. Bumblebee jumped into Bulkhead's vehicle mode's passenger seat as Bulkhead got into the driver side. Sari decided to jump into the truck cab that was once Optimus Prime's vehicle mode to keep him company. Prowl in the meantime joined Ratchet and buckled in. He was glad that there was no need to ride his own vehicle mode. He neither had the proper safety equipment for a human motorcyclist, nor did he know how he would be able to handle driving alone.

"I'm sorry for everything, Ratchet," he said softly looking over at the older gentleman. Ratchet looked at him and shrugged.

"Don't worry about it kid. We've all done stupid slag, it's what lets us learn," he said as he turned the car over and put it into drive. Waiting for the others to move first, Ratchet followed his eyes on the road.