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"Mushroom Kingdom, Sarasaland, Beanbean Kingdom, and many other locations in the world. The world is so fascinating…but even now we always take it for granted. With so many places to explore, it seems like a dream come true to even get the ability to see it, but now…were giving twenty-four people lucky people, grouped into teams of two with an existing relationship, the ability to explore the many lands this world has to offer. However they are not only racing for the thrills. There are one million coins on the line. It will be given to the team that can overtake all the others in a race around the globe. This…is…the Amazing Race. I'm your host…Erik. I'm a Dry Bones." a Dry Bones said. He could be seen in the distance looking down upon a castle on top of a hill.

"This hill," The Dry Bones, now identified as Erik started, "stands above Princess Peach's castle…the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom. It stands tall in the center of Toad Town, the capital of this magnificent country. It is well known for its generosity, its fine exports, and for being the hometown of the heroes Mario and Luigi."

"Just below me are twelve blimps, each carrying one team of two people with an existing relationship. These teams are…" Erik said before the camera faded off of him.

Plenn T and Thriff T.

"Plenn T and Thriff T. Shopkeepers and brothers, one comes from Rougeport, the other from Keelhaul Key."

Plenn was wearing a white vest and had on black pants. He also had white gloves on his hand. Thriff was wearing a green shirt with white pants. Thriff was also wearing a small black bowtie.

"Now that we have different shops across the sea, Plenn and I hardly ever get to see each other." Thriff said, wiping away a small tear. "After hearing about this race we thought this would be a great way to hang out again."

"You said it bro. But we aren't here just to see each other again and to sightsee. We are here to win." Plenn said smiling.

"Right on brother. And with our financial skills, we can easily win this thing."

Bowser and Bowser Jr.

"Bowser and Bowser Jr. The evil, nasty, Koopa king, and his young but mischievous son."

Bowser is wearing his red hair under a hat that reads "Can't Take the Heat? Get away from ME!" He is also wearing a black hoodie over his shell. Jr. is wearing his bandanna over his mouth and his paint brush is attached onto the back of his shell.

"I may be trying to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but I always love take vacations with my little boy." Bowser said, grinning. "This race, not only could it give me the funding for my next attempt at conquest, but it will also let me leave with many memories of the great world."

"You said it poppa." Jr. said to his dad. "We're gonna' win this race before the other teams even know what hit em.

"That's right Jr. Nothing is stopping us from winning. You hear me? NOTHING!"

Popple and Croco.

"Popple and Croco. Professional thieves and penpals, one from the Bandit's Way, the other from the Beanbean Kingdom.

Popple is wearing a black sweater with black sweat pants. He is also carrying a gray bag over his shoulder. Croco has an orange hat on and is wearing a black shirt. He too has a gray bag over his shoulder.

"Popple and I met on the internet on a website called "Thieves Corner". He seemed like a nice guy and we soon began sending letters to each other." Croco said. "Once I found out about this race, I sent Popple a letter informing him of it and asking him to team up with me. Although it didn't matter. I would steal the money anyway. However…this way is more fun."

"Tch. I don't think you could've done this on your own. You needed help for this job…that's why you got me." Popple said.


"You heard me dino-breath."

"Oh it's on. I'm sure you'll heal in time before this race starts so I can pummel you a bit.

Axem Red and Axem Pink.

"Axem Red and Axem Pink. Robotic soldiers who are members of a mercenary group known as the Axem Rangers."

Red's body is shining in the sun. He was also wearing a pair of sunglasses. Pink's face was covered in makeup and her pink body was all wet.

"After being re-made, we Axem Rangers ran around the world. Since Lord Smithy is gone, we have no work…so we earned our money through mercenary jobs we were assigned. However they aren't that well playing." Red said with a sigh. "We need money to get all the oil we need to live."

"Whatever Red…just lead us to victory already and stuff so I can get myself some makeup." Pink said scoffing.

"…I just bought you some yesterday."

"Well I'm out now. Now just win this thing already. My face needs more."

Red just stared at Pink before walking over and punching her in the stomach…er…robotic stomach.

"Hey watch it Red. I just got a paint job." Pink yelled.

Vivian and Beldam.

"Vivian and Beldam. Shadow Siren sisters who hail from Twilight Town.

Vivian and Beldam were both in their usual attire…nothing but their hats.

"Vivian and I were told to partake in this quest by Marilyn for some reason. I don't know anything else about it. Why are we here again?" Beldam asked.

"Oh come on Beldam." Vivian said with a smile. "Marilyn said it would be a great way to bond…seeing as how we treat each other. Besides…isn't it going to be fun…to travel around the world?"

"…so this was just to get us to bond?"


"…and you didn't tell me this…why?"

"Well I thought you…"



"King Boo and Boolossus"

"King Boo and Boolasus. A greedy, ruthless king…and his loyal and true servant."

King Boo's crown had multiple jewels in it, most of which were rubies. Boolasus was only wearing a small, black bowtie.

"I do not care for what this world has to offer. I could care less about the chance to 'bond' with others. All I want is the coins, and I will have it." King Boo said with a laugh.

"As you wish, milord." Boolossus said meekly.

"I mean…I deserve it more than all the other teams…I've been stuck in a painting for seven years. !"

"Right milord."

"If they aren't going to do the generous thing and give the money to me…than I'll just have to play dirty and show them why you never try and take what belongs to me. Right Boolasus?"

"Yes milord."

Wendy O and Lemmy.

"Wendy O and Lemmy. Siblings and children of the Koopa king, Bowser.

Wendy O was wearing a pink sweater that had the words "Not Daddy's Little Girl" written on it. She also had a big, pink bow on her head. Lemmy was wearing a baseball cap over his hair and was wearing a small, yellow t-shirt.

"Poppa has no idea that we joined the race too. He thinks he knows everything about us but he is wrong." Wendy said with a look of disgust on her face. "He treats all of us like trash except for Jr., because he looks just like him when he was a kid and Ludwig only because he is the oldest."

"Poppa is always so cruel to us. Treating us like trash, saying he is doing what a good parent should do. That is the biggest lie EVER." Lemmy said, equally disgusted.

"We are here to have fun and win…but are only REAL goal is to beat poppa and Jr. That's our only goal and we will complete it."

Misstar and Mamar.

"Misstar and Mamar. Lifelong friends and professional wish granters from star haven."

Misstar can be seen a ribbon around her head while Mamar is only wearing her headwrap.

"Now naturally…as girls…we are expected to be weak compared to all the men. Everyone who grants wishes always wishes for Muskular's strength, or Klevar and Skolar's wisdom, or Eldstar's judgment." Misstar said with a look of disappointment. "Do you know how many people ever ask US a wish? Only a handful."

"Misstar, while I don't agree with her entirely…is right." Mamar said softly. "Just because were woman does not mean we aren't capable of winning this race."

"We are looking to prove all sexists wrong and have fun…plus maybe I can get some of those hunks in Star Haven to like me if I win."

"…yeah…you do that Misstar." Mamar sighed. "Just contradict everything you said."

Kooper and Bombette.

"Kooper and Bombette. Friends and neighbors from Koopa Village. One is an amateur archaeologist in training. The other is a demolition specialist."

Kooper is seen wearing a red neckerchief and he is wearing a pair of black sunglasses. Bombette has on a red bandana below her fuse and a pair of black running shoes.

"I love exploring the world. I was always so thrilled when I was traveling with Mario to a new place." Kooper remarked. "Now this race brings back the opportunity to explore again…but this time with my friend Bombette and we can actually win one million coins."

"Kooper's right." Bombette said. "This race is a great way to see the world and I need the funding to help rebuild the Koopa Bros. Fortress so the other bob-ombs and myself and can go back to our old home."

"Don't worry Bombette. We'll win. And we'll have a blast winning."

Bow and Bootler.

"Bow and Bootler. A wealthy and luxurious young boo lady and her overprotective butler."

Bow was wearing a purple jacket over body and had a small rose over her left ear. Bootler was seen only wearing a gray shirt and holding a white towel.

"Bootler and I have what it takes to go all the way." Bow said laughing. "We can easily out manipulate all the others and lead the way to a victory every time."

"As long as the madam does not get hurt or hurt anyone else of course." Bootler said…throwing Bow for a loop.

"Oh come on Bootler. We'll have to get rowdy sometime so just let me mess around a wee bit. Please?"

"Nonsense. What would happen if you were injured? The boos in the Forever Forest would be in constant panic till you returned to perfect health. I am afraid you will have to let me handle the rough stuff."

"…senile old fool. I'm not a child anymore."

"What was that madam?"

"Nothing Bootler."

Tundra and Rawk Hawk.

"Tundra and Rawk Hawk. Well renown fighters and friendly rivals from the Glitz Pit."

Tundra could be seen in a white shirt…almost as white as his skin. He was also wearing a green baseball cap backwards with the words, "We're number one." Written on. Rawk Hawk was wearing a black shirt that had the words, "FEEL THE RAWK!" on it.

"Rawk is an okay guy. He's tough…yeah that's all I can think of." Tundra said.

"WHAT!? IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY ABOUT ME!?" Rawk Hawk said angrily.

"Chill Rawk. This race is all about being tough. That's all I need to say man."

"…well when you put it that way…you're right. I am tough. When the other races see me they better run, or else they'll 'FEEL THE RAWK!'

"…yeah…you do that." Tundra said sighing.

Lima and Peasley.

"Lima and Peasley. A heroic young prince…and his old, but wise advisor.

Peasley is seen wearing a red t-shirt with white sweat pants. Lima is also with him, wearing an orange dress that covers her whole body.

"I was going to have one of my friends participate in this race after mom approved of me going on it. Oh but once 'Lady' Lima found out she convinced mom to make her go with me." Peasley sighed.

"I'm only trying to look after you. You are the sole heir to the throne of Beanbean Kingdom and I will not have you lollygagging around the world unsupervised." Lima scolded.

"…humph…I still think I should be racing with one of my friends."

"Does it matter? We are still going to win this race. Or do you lack faith?"

"Oh I know we'll win…but still…"


"…eek." Peasley yelped.

All twelve teams were standing at the top of the hill where they saw Erik.

"You all are about to begin the race of your lifetime. However there are a few rules you all need to know." Erik said to the twenty-four people.

"The race is divided into fourteen legs. At the end of each leg is a place you can rest at called the pit stop. You need to get to each pit stop as fast as you can because if you are the last team to check in…your team may be eliminated." Erik said, smiling, as he saw the gulps from the crowd.

"Before each leg of the race you will receive a pre-determined amount of money. This amount will cover all of your funds for the leg except for airline tickets. Any money you save can be used in future legs. If you run out…you make try and get some from the locals…but don't break the law." he said. The Dry Bones than glared at the pen pals, Popple and Croco "That includes stealing from them."

"Also this race isn't all about speed. Many tasks will be held out that you will have to complete. Some may require one participant from each team…while most will need both team members various skills."

"When I give you the signal you will all jump off the hill and will land in the lake just underneath. You shall than swim to the shore and than run to the grassland in front of Peach's castle, where your packs are. On top of each of your packs is the first clue you will receive for the first leg of the race. After reading them…you're on your own." Erik stated.

"Now…everyone. Get ready." The Dry Bones started. Many of the participants crouched down and went into running position.

"Travel safely." Most of the racers looked like they were about to run.

"…GO!" Erik yelled.

All the racers ran at full force with their partners. They were prepared to beat their competition.

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