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Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

Loading the Memory Card… The save file in Slot A has been loaded!

Previously on the Amazing Race…

Twelve teams of two jumped off a hill in Toad Town and began a race around the world for one million coins. This was a journey unlike any other! The teams had no idea what they were getting involved with, or what would happen. Their relationships varied, from best friends to family, from service to their partner to rangers, from pen pals to rivals.

Each team got to see sights they have never seen before: sights that amazed them!

"…okay…this is creepy. I could have sworn it was a new moon for this area this time of the year. How is the moon visible?" Tundra asked himself.

"…wow…" Thriff sighed at the sight of Stardust Fields. "I wasn't expecting this bro! This looks…amazing!"

"…" Beldam smiled as she watched the snow fall. "…oh how I love this place! The snow! The weather! The temperature! This place is perfect for someone like me!"

"I've only read about places like this before! I'm a tad jealous that Star Haven isn't anything like this…" Mamar told her partner in amazement.

The race tested each individual to their very limit! Teams had to face their greatest fears…

"…" Axem Pink sobbed. "…I can't do this! I can't!"



"…I can't do it." Popple mumbled, nervously.

"Come on. Yes you can." Croco encouraged.

"NO I CAN'T, SEE! WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE MAIN ROUTE!" Popple started to raise voice in anger

"WHAT! WHY!" Croco yelled back.


impossible tasks…

"CRUD!" Thriff grumbled as he walked out of another door. "I'll be here for eternity.

"…how do we work this thing?" Bootler asked himself, staring at the racecar in front of him.

"…I wonder how Mario drives these things." Bow wondered to herself.

"…how…how can everyone else do it and not me?" Peasley sighed as he walked up to the obstacle course to try again. "…why am I such a failure!"

Vivian didn't have any time to prepare. The koopa had already gotten up close to her and fired in his ball.

"…shoot!" Vivian frowned.

dangerous yields…

"…you've got to be kidding me." Lemmy sighed.

"…they got an earlier flight than us…and than they yielded us." Wendy cried.

"…no way…NO WAY! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Rawk's eyes were filled with shock and anger. "CRAP!"

"Great! Just great!" Tundra rolled his eyes.

"…shoot!" Beldam groaned at the sight.

"…this is not good…not good at all…" Vivian frowned, turning the hourglass over.

and even each other!

"Excuse me sir. Could you give us flights to…AWW!" Peasley screamed as he was pushed backwards by Bowser.

"The world doesn't revolve around you, you know." Kooper yelled.

"Well if it did, the world would be a better place." Beldam hollered back.

"Oh you are SOOO lucky we don't choose who gets eliminated, because you two would be at the top of that list." Bombette retorted.

"So it's agreed?" Wendy asked the other two teams.

"Yes it is." Lima replied. "We will stop at nothing until Bowser and Bowser Jr. are gone."

"Oh I can't wait for it. They'll regret their personality towards everyone in this race." Thriff added.

Nine teams fell and were eliminated from the race.

"King Boo and Boolossus…"

"Kooper and Bombette…"

"Popple and Croco…"

"Bow and Bootler…"

"Wendy O and Lemmy…"

"Axem Red and Axem Pink…"

"Bowser and Bowser Jr.…"

"Vivian and Beldam…"

"Plenn and Thriff…"

"I am sorry to tell you…that you have both been eliminated from the race." Erik apologized.

"…I see." Vivian frowned.

"I was afraid of that." Bow sighed. "Well you can't win everything, eh? Well whatever I guess."

"…well this sucks!" Bowser groaned. "…I can't believe it…we are actually eliminated? Really?"

"…" Pink had tears in her eyes.

"…that hurt worse to hear it than I thought it would! Geez!" Thriff mumbled, trying to make a joke.

Rival Fighters Obtain First Place Grant; Toad Bros Denied Final Three

Now, there are only three teams remaining!

Tundra and Rawk Hawk, a pair of rival fighters from Glitzville. The two fighters proved strong and competent in the beginning of the race with consistent strong performances.

"…Tundra and Rawk Hawk…you are team number one." Erik said with a happy tone.

"…Tundra and Rawk Hawk…you are team number one." Erik announced happily.

"FIRST AGAIN BABY!" Tundra yelled.

Their success started to fail, when accidents started occurring in their race.

"…the tire…IT'S FLAT! DANG IT!" Tundra yelled.

"…no way…NO WAY! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Rawk's eyes were filled with shock and anger. "CRAP!"

"Great! Just great!" Tundra rolled his eyes. He looked over to see the Rangers yielded them.

"Should have seen this coming! They'd be yielding anyone behind them cause they're marked for elimination! Crud!"

"You have got to be kidding me…was this seriously delayed?" Rawk frowned, looking outside.

"…we aren't getting to the Dinosaur Land at all…are we?" Tundra groaned.

The two fighters had to lower their cocky attitude and start seeing the race as it truly was. They started becoming more aware of the other teams.

"You know…this is kind of surprising. I didn't think the two star spirits were that strong." Rawk Hawk admitted. "No offense to them, it's just they haven't stood out in the standings and they don't seem physically strong. They just seemed to be sliding by. After watching them breeze by this leg, after starting off behind everyone due to taxis, I see that they are more threatening than they appear…it seems like they need to get eliminated fast."

The fighters faced great dangers in the race, but were able to overcome them…

The fighters were running in to the Crystal Palace. Tundra seemed to have his back hurting and Rawk was clutching his side but they were still running at a good speed. They landed on the mat as fast as they could.

and still manage to excel in the race!

"…Tundra and Rawk Hawk…you guys are team number one!

"First! Awesome! We will take it!" Tundra stated.

"Yes we will!" Rawk added in agreement.

The prince of the Beanbean Kingdom, Peasley, had not originally intended on bringing his advisor, Lady Lima, along with him on the race. In the end though, something happened…

"I was going to have one of my friends participate in this race after mom approved of me going on it. Oh but once 'Lady' Lima found out she convinced mom to make her go with me." Peasley sighed.

At the beginning, the two beans had a rocky start…

"…you are team number ten."

"Phew." Peasley mumbled. "I thought we we're done for.

but quickly rebounded when they started working together with the other teams!

"…you know…we should probably get them taxis." Peasley mumbled. "I mean…we are in an alliance with them."

"…Plenn and Thriff…you are team number one!" Erik started. "Wendy O and Lemmy, you are team number two. Lima and Peasley, you are team number three!"

"Looks like we all do work good together." Lima noted.

When the alliance started to die, the two beans started to work on improving themselves and making themselves better racers and better partners.

"YES! I will do it this time! I have to! I must!" Peasley repeated to himself. "…I've done this like, what, nine times now? I will succeed! I have to!"

The Beanbean Prince walked back to Lima and took some of her bags.

"Ooh! This is heavy!" he groaned as he started back up the path.

"My prince? What do you think are you doing!" Lima fired at him. "I can carry my own bags!"

"You look horribly tired Lima! So I'll carry some of your load! We can't really take a break, so lightening your load should help you a little at least!"

As a result, there relationship improved…

"But Lima…it means a lot to me that you care…really…thank you."

Lima blinked, shocked at the prince's words. In little time though, she was smiling, returning her prince's hug. "I don't think I'll ever stop worrying about you Peasley…you are more than the prince to me…you're like a son to me too…but I recognize what you are saying and I'll try…"

their standings improved…

"…Lima and Peasley…you are team number two!"

and they were welcomed into the final three!

"We made it to the end, my prince! We made it to the final leg!" Lima informed her partner.

"This is unbelievable!" Peasley shouted, going back to give his advisor a hug.

Misstar and Mamar, lifelong friends from Star Haven, came into the race with one true goal: to have fun! They never expected to win and were only there to enjoy the ride while it lasts.

"Who knows? We might end up arriving first."

Both girls were laughing at the thought which they deemed impossible. They just wanted to make it to the next leg and have fun.

As the race continued, though, the girls started caring more about the race and their performances.

"You can never feel all to well in this race. I personally do not." Mamar sighed. "It feels as though Misstar and I are always behind the majority of the pack and we are fighting to avoid last place. We came to have fun, but the stress of the race is causing me to think a little more than I want to think . So…we need to start getting higher places or I'm probably going to get irritated."

They got more competitive and more focused. This new attitude was rewarded.

"…" Erik said nothing as he stared at the two. "…Misstar and Mamar…you are team number one!"

The two friends continued to grow in confidence. They surprised the other teams by emerging as a new threat for the win, as they became a stronger and more powerful team!

"Winning last leg really showed us that we are still a force in this game and competition to win it in the end. The first time we got first, we know now, was not a fluke. We really think we have a chance to take it all now!" Mamar exclaimed, excitedly.

Their growth in confidence, competitiveness, and strength helped bring them to the final three!

The two star spirits sighed in utter relief as they gave each other a hug. On the inside, they were screaming in excitement.

Tonight, one of these three teams will walk away as the winners of the Amazing Race! Who will it be? Tune in…and find out!

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

This is Chai City, the capital of the Chai Kingdom and all of Sarasaland! The region houses a beautiful culture different from the rest of its country. The city benefits from this in its tourism industry, with millions of tourists out of the country coming to visit the kingdom each and every day. The King and Queen of Sarasaland rule directly over the country from here, in the Royal Palace. Located in the very heart of the Chai Kingdom and in the center of Chai City, its beauty astounds all who witness it, inspiring everyone in the world to come visit. This palace, rich in beauty and history, was the pitstop for this leg of the race.

Teams checked in at the end of the last leg to take part in a mandatory pit stop that allows them to eat, sleep, and mingle with the other teams.

Will Tundra and Rawk Hawk be able to keep their lead over the other teams and reach the finish line in first? Will Lima and Peasley, after going this long without getting a first place finish, be able to finally obtain one on their final leg? Will Misstar and Mamar bounce back from last place and ahead of the other teams to obtain a first place finish? Ultimately, one question truly remains: who will reach the finish line first and claim the million coins and the title of the winners of the Amazing Race?

Tundra and Rawk Hawk, who arrived first at 8:27 P.M…

"YES! YES! OH MY GOSH YES!" Tundra shouted, giving his partner a hug.

"THIS RAWKS! WE MADE IT THERE!" Rawk added to the shouting.

will depart first, at 8:27 A.M.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

The sun was rising in the morning in Chai City. The Royal Palace was shining in it brightly. No one was coming by to see the palace, however. The King was now out into the city, with millions of locals and tourists trying to get a peak at the King of Sarasaland. As a result, the palace seemed empty on the outside. There were only two people around the palace. They were standing on a mat in front of the building.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; First to Depart; 8:27 P.M.

The two fighters were grinning, excited beyond belief about where they were and what they were about to do. Tundra waited as patiently as he could while holding on to the clue. He was wearing a dark blue long-sleeve shirt. Rawk Hawk sported a red sweat shirt along with a pair of black sweatpants. The former champion was also wearing a pair of black sunglasses and also had on a golden belt. The two fighters were excited when time came. Tundra ripped open the clue immediately when it came.

"Make your way to Sarasaland Central Airport and board a flight for Koopa Village! Once there, take a taxi to the Koopa Bros. Fortress, where you will find your next clue!'" Tundra read. "'You have one coin for this leg of the race.'"

Teams now drive themselves to Sarasaland Central Airport and board a flight to Koopa Village, a small town in the Mushroom Kingdom near Toad Town. Once there, they must take a taxi twenty-one miles to the Koopa Bros. Fortress, an old fortress that was once used by the Koopa Bros, a group of ninja koopas that used to work for Bowser. It is here where teams will find their next clue.

"One coin eh?" Rawk shrugged it off. "I think we have been fine with coins, so we will be hopefully fine on the last leg."

"We should be." Tundra replied, putting the coins and the route info away.

"We made it! Rawk and I are in the final three! We got the chance to run the whole race!" Tundra was hysterically excited in his interview with his partner. "We've gotten the opportunity to go the whole way and see everything the race has to show us. It's been amazing! But now, we only have one thing left to do to make this perfect. We have to win! The other two teams are tough and will make this hard, but we are going to make it as impossible for them to win as possible! Rawk and I want to win this thing and we are going to make sure we don't blow it in the final leg!"

"Exactly! Now that we've made it this far, we don't intend on losing in the final leg. We intend to win this thing and take home the coins and the title." Rawk Hawk added on to what his partner said. "We've won quite a lot of legs, but this is the one that truly matters, the one we need to win. The prize and the finish line is in our line of sight, and we aim to reach it in first. It's time to RAWK this thing!"

The two rival fighters got in their car and started off, heading towards the airport as fast as they could.

"Time to get on the first flight out of here and get on with the final leg." Tundra declared. "One last leg Rawk. Let's kick butt today!"

Rawk Hawk's grin was the only response needed to his partner's words.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; Second to Depart; 8:36 A.M.

Lima and Peasley gave each a thumbs up before Lima started to open up the clue. She had on a yellow shirt with her green jacket over it. The advisor was also wearing white sweatpants. Peasley was wearing a white t-shirt along with black athletic shorts. He watched as Lima started to read the clue.

"Make your way to Sarasaland Central Airport and board a flight for Koopa Village! Once there, take a taxi to the Koopa Bros. Fortress, where you will find your next clue!'" the advisor read. "'You have one coin for this leg of the race.'"

"One coin eh?" the prince sighed. "Whatever I guess. We'll just see what the next leg has in store for us."

"We made the final three, which seems so unbelievable! I was worried on the first day when I saw the other competition and I was afraid we wouldn't last too long. To think we made it this far…now that is amazing!" Lima laughed at her joke. "Peasley and I worked hard to get here and we are honored to have made it to the end! The only thing we have left to do is win this leg. The other teams might underestimate us because we haven't won a leg yet, but this truly is the one that counts the most!"

"Exactly! Lima and I are going to work just as hard as any other team and give them both a run for their money." Peasley announced. "We've made it this far and we aren't going down here! Winning the race would make the feeling of getting this far even better! That's what we are aiming to do and that's what we are going to do!"

"Here's to a good final leg! Let's do our best and take it all!" Lima told her prince in encouragement.

"Yes, indeed!" Peasley told her, a smile on his face.

The two beans got into their car and started off, heading towards the airport.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; Last to Depart; 8:42 A.M.

Misstar and Mamar were looking at each other, excitement visible in their eyes. Misstar had on multiple colored ribbons on her head. The ribbons were all different colors in green, purple, pink, blue, yellow, and red. It appeared like a rainbow as the ribbons blew together in the win. Mamar was wearing a green bow on the top of her head, as well as her star-shaped necklace. When time came, Mamar ripped open the clue and started to read.

"Make your way to Sarasaland Central Airport and board a flight for Koopa Village! Once there, take a taxi to the Koopa Bros. Fortress, where you will find your next clue!'" Mamar read. "'You have one coin for this leg of the race.'"

"We've been fine with coins I think! I don't think we'll have a problem in the final leg…hopefully." Misstar stated, taking the coin away from her partner and putting it in their bag.

"Final three! Oh my gosh! When we first started this race, we came on for the fun of going around the world and for personal reasons! Still, we never expected to get this far!" Misstar laughed, thinking of her and Mamar before the race. "As the race went on, we became stronger and more confident in ourselves! And more competitive! We got here after all!"

"We laughed a little bit at the idea that we could win at the very beginning. As the race went on, we started to realize we actually could. And now we are here to prove it!" Mamar continued for her partner. "We are going to give this thing more than a hundred percent and just work our butts off. We want first place in the end, and that's what we are going to work for! The other teams better be giving it there all, because we certainly will be!"

"Let's do this thing Mamar!" Misstar declared as she got in the driver's seat.

"Right! Let's do it indeed!" Mamar agreed.

The two star spirits got in their car and started driving, heading towards the airport.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

The two fighters got out of their car and headed straight into the airport. They immediately began looking for the fastest flight to Koopa Village.

"Hey! Excuse me ma'am!" Tundra stated, calling the attention of a goomba agent behind her counter. "We need to get on the fastest flight to Koopa Village!"

"Koopa Village huh?" the goomba replied as she began typing in on her computer. "…earliest flight leaves at 10:02 A.M. and arrives there at 4:04 P.M."

"Nothing faster at all?" Rawk asked cautiously.

"I don't see anything else at all." she replied.

"Then that's fine! Can you get us tickets?" the yoshi asked. The goomba responded with a smile as she printed out two tickets.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: First on Bullet Airways 2008

"Thank you very much ma'am!" the two fighters thanked the goomba as they walked away with their tickets.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"Hello sir! We need the fastest flight to Koopa Village." Peasley requested the assistance of a pionpi agent.

"…" the pionpi started to type into his computer. "…Bullet Airways 2008. Leaves at 10:02, arrives at 4:04 P.M."

"Nothing faster, right?" Lima asked. The pionpi shook his head. "Very well then. Tickets please!"

Lima and Peasley: Second on Bullet Airways 2008

"Thank you so much so sir!" the beans told the pionpi as they walked away with the tickets.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends

"…so you promise us? This is the quickest way to Koopa Village?" Mamar asked the koopa ticket agent for confirmation.

"Yes! I assure you! There is nothing faster! No connection will get in faster either!" she exclaimed back to them.

"Well, that'll do then!" Misstar smiled. "Can we have tickets?"

"Certainly!" the koopa proceeded to print out the tickets.

Misstar and Mamar: Third on Bullet Airways 2008

"Thank you so much ma'am!" the two star spirits replied as they took the tickets and walked off.

Bullet Airways 2008

"Looks like everybody's on board." Lima noted.

All three teams got board the flight to Koopa Village. They all noticed each other. Each one of them had one intention going in to this leg: to beat the other two! They all had begun planning to do just that!

"It's time. No hold back!" Tundra proclaimed to his partner, who nodded eagerly in response.

"Let's do this!" Misstar stated. Her partner smiled in response.

All three teams are on board Bullet Airways 2008 and are on their way to Koopa Village, a small town located in central Mushroom Kingdom near Toad Town. The teams left at 10:02 A.M and will arrive at 4:04 P.M.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

Koopa Village was a town that could rival Petalburg for its peacefulness. It was a small town with not too many people living there. Nearly all the people in it know everyone and are well acquainted with each other. It was a relaxing spot to take a break in during trips through the Mushroom Kingdom. The people living there are recognized as some of the most polite people you'll find in the Mushroom Kingdom. Any tourists that have visited the town know this for a fact!

Not too much tourism exists in the little town, and therefore, people normally do not fly to the Koopa Village Airport. The airport is rather large, however, due to it being a perfect spot to make connections. Very few people actually make their flight plans for the small little town. Today, however, a plane would come to the town with people on board who mean to visit it. They were coming for perhaps the most important event of their lives! This event began days ago, but was brought here once that plane landed.

Bullet Airways 2008 (Arrived at 4:04 P.M.)

"We've landed! Hurry Lima!" Peasley called to his advisor.

"Faster Mamar! We need to get out there now!" Misstar told her partner.

"Come on Tundra! No way are we getting behind now!" Rawk roared.

All three teams rushed off the plane as fast as they could and ran straight to the exit of the airport. Once outside, they began to look for taxis.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; currently in First

"Sir! SIR!" Rawk nearly screamed to a taxi. The taxi stopped, the koopa unrolling the window to see the noise. "We need you to get us to Koopa Bros. Fortress!"

"Sure thing! Hope in boys!" he told the two.

"The faster, the better! We have important business there!" Tundra explained.

The koopa nodded in understanding as he started his car and took off towards the Koopa Bros. Fortress.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; currently in Second

"Excuse me! Sir!" Mamar called to a taxi. The car stopped in front of them. "We need to get to the Koopa Bros. Fortress as fast as we possibly can! Can you take us?"

"Sure thing! Hope in girls!" the koopa told them.

"Thank you so much!" Misstar added as the two girls got in. "As fast as you can, if possible!"

The koopa took off, taking the two girls in the directions of the Koopa Bros. Fortress, like they requested.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; currently in Third

"Sir, can you get us to the Koopa Bros. Fortress?" Lima asked the koopa in a taxi.

"Sure thing. Hope in guys!" he told them.

"Thank you!" Peasley said as the two got in. "Please hurry though! It's an emergency!"

"Got it!"

The taxi took off, heading towards the Koopa Bros. Fortress and the next part of the race.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

The Koopa Bros. Fortress stood tall in the middle of Pleasant Path, right by Koopa Village. The giant gray fortress was originally the home of the Koopa Bros. and was used as a stronghold for them when they worked for Bowser. In present day, now that the Koopa Bros were defeated by Mario and they stopped working for Bowser, it is now under possession of the bob-ombs that have worked here for years! They work each and everyday to fashion the fortress to one they can be proud to call home.

Normally, only bob-ombs visit the site. It is currently under construction and, therefore, many people tend to avoid coming here. Today, however, the bob-ombs were not working and the fort was left nearly abandoned. What could have been the reason? Perhaps it was the clue box right in front of it.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; currently in First

The two rival fighters got out of their taxi. They requested their taxi driver stay there while they go get the clue. The two fighters did just that, opening up the box and ripping their clue open.

"Roadblock! 'Who is ready to storm the fort?"" Tundra read.

A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform, and no one person may perform any more than eight on the entire race.

In this roadblock, one team member will be admitted into the Koopa Bros. Fortress. Once inside, they must begin searching the fort, looking in each corner for a clue box! Teams will find the clue box hidden within a former large prison cell in the fortress. Once teams are able to find the cell and the clue box inside, they may take the clue and read it with their partner outside. The fortress is large and confusing, so teams may have a hard time figuring out where they are. Still, if teams are quick on their feet and are able to locate the cell fast, they will be on their way just as fast.

"Sounds like something for me!" Rawk declared, taking the clue.

"Don't screw up the final roadblock dude!" Tundra told him. The former champ ignored the comment as he continued to read.

"Alright, just looking for a clue inside? This seems simple!"

The former champion grinned as he ran into the fortress to begin his search.

Rawk Hawk

"…whoa…" Rawk mumbled, looking at the fort around him.

The Koopa Bros. Fortress was indeed large on the inside. Rawk Hawk was only in the first room and he could already received a taste of its immensity.

"…shoot!" he groaned as he started running around, beginning his search for the clue. "Got to find this thing fast!"

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; currently in Second

The two star spirits got out of their taxi the second it arrived at the fortress. After requesting their taxi driver to wait for them, they rushed over to the clue box and took out the clue. Tundra sighed as he watched them read the clue.

"Roadblock! 'Who is ready to storm the fort?"" Mamar read.

"I'll try I guess. I mean why not?" Misstar stated as she took the clue and read the information.

The ribbon-wearing star spirit put away the clue, understanding what to do. She ran inside the fortress, ready to start the roadblock.

"Good luck Misstar!" Mamar encouraged.


"…oh geez!" Misstar gasped at the size of the Koopa Bros Fortress.

Only one room in and she was amazed at its height and enormity size.

"…hopefully this won't be too bad…" she gulped as she ran further into the fortress, looking for her clue.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; currently in Last

The two beans hopped out of their taxi and rushed over to the clue box after asking their taxi driver to stay. They reached in, took out their clue, and started reading it as fast as they could, hoping to get ahead of the other two teams there.

"Roadblock! 'Who is ready to storm the fort?"" Lima read.

"…sounds like a good one to use my final roadblock for, eh Lima?" Peasley told her.

"Why not? Go ahead!" Lima replied, handing him the clue.

The prince of the Beanbean Kingdom read the information over before he nodded in understanding. He ran into the fortress, ready to find the clue quickly.


"…dang!" the prince's eyes got wide at the sight of the fortress on the inside.

"Basically, the roadblock info told us the clue was somewhere in the fortress and it said to go running inside to find it." Peasley stated, thinking of the task. "I certainly wasn't expecting it to be as large it was inside! I mean, it looks large, but I didn't expect it to be as large as it is! Dang! Only thing I could hope was that I wouldn't blow the final leg just because I got lost in this thing and couldn't find the clue ever…"

Peasley walked further inside the fort and opened the first door he found.

"…better get this long search over…hopefully won't be here for too long." he sighed.

Rawk Hawk

The former champion made quick work rushing through the fortress. He was now on the second floor of the fortress.

"Okay, it's got to be here somewhere!" he mumbled as he continued his search.


Misstar walked into a room with many small former cells. She looked around the room, scanning each corner for the clue. She was not able to find it.

"Ugh!" she frowned. "…whatever. It has to be somewhere…"

The star spirit walked off to the next room, hoping to see the clue there!


The prince of the Beanbean Kingdom walked into a large, open room. Nothing out of the ordinary appeared to exist in the room. There was only a large staircase and a hole in the wall that seemed to be in repair, both of which he had no access from where he was. Still, the prince scanned the area, hoping to find the clue.

"…not here it seems." he sighed as he walked over to the next door. "….maybe next room?"

Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk opened another door in the fortress only to be taken outside.

"…there's no way it would be outside the fort! It said look for the clue inside it!" he noted as he walked back inside the fortress. He then proceeded to continue with his search.


"…oh wow!" Mamar gasped.

The star spirit had wandered into a room where there was fire moving around in a circle. It was moving relatively fast as well.

"…I don't want to go past there…that'd be too dangerous!" she exclaimed.

The star spirit ran up to it and got as close as she could to it without possibly getting burned. She proceeded to look to the other side. The other side appeared to be a dead end, surrounded by water with nothing there. There appeared to be no clue box there.

"I'm going to assume it's not in this room then!" she stated as she ran back out, away from the fire and to the room she came from.


"…so this takes me outside?" Peasley noted as he walked through a door.

The prince was about to look around when he realized the roadblock said to look inside the fortress.

"…best not to waste time outside!" he stated as he started up his search again.

Rawk Hawk

"Ugh! You have got to be kidding me!" Rawk groaned, not finding the clue in any corner of the room he was in. "Where the heck is this thing?"

"Tundra described that roadblock in the Specter Forest where they searched that haunted mansion for the clue to me. Based on what he said, I'd say THIS was the much harder of the two roadblocks!" Rawk explained, thinking of the roadblock. "The fortress was definitely larger than that mansion! And there was only one clue box! And the stress of the final leg was really affecting all of the others, including myself. The only thing I could hope for was to find the clue as fast as possible and get out!"

The former champion moved on to the next room, hoping he could find his clue there.


"Ah!" Misstar frowned, looking around her.

There was no denying it: the star spirit was lost! She was lost in this gigantic maze known as the Koopa Bros. Fortress!

"…this sucks!" she exclaimed.

"The fortress was huge! It was bigger than it looked on the outside, and it already looked huge out there! I don't know if it was because of its size or because of the stress of the final leg, but I got lost inside…" Misstar sighed, thinking back. "It was not good…I couldn't remember which part of the fort I was in or where I had already looked. Didn't remember where the exit was or anything. It was as if my brain had collapsed. And it chose to do so at the final leg! I was getting so nervous because of that…I just started hoping I would find myself with the clue as soon as possible…or that the other two were just as lost as I was…"


"…" the prince gulped.

Peasley was standing in a room with a giant hole in the middle of it. When he looked down to see what was down there, he was surprised by seeing nothing.

"…I wonder how far that goes…or where it even takes you! Geez! I'm sure that would hurt to fall down that!" he mumbled, a little weary.

The prince hastened away from the hole and continued to look around this room for the clue he was looking for.


"They've all been gone for awhile now…" Lima mumbled, staring at the fortress door.

"Yeah…" the yoshi sighed. "…come on Rawk…please hurry…"

"…" Mamar didn't really say anything. She just watched the door, hoping to see her partner come running out.

Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk opened up another door only to be greeted by the sight of a large prison cell.

"…well I'd hate to get locked up in there." he mumbled.

The fighter walked around and saw there was a hole in the wall of the cell. He walked inside it and was greeted by a surprise: the clue box was in the cell!

"No way! No frickin way!" the former champ was grinning as he ran over and took the clue out of it. "I got it! I got the clue!"

The former champion sprinted out of the cell and walked out of the room, elated at having the clue. Then, realization hit him.

"…now I need to get out of here…" he mumbled as he began searching for the exit.


"…hmm…" Misstar opened a door and walked out to a balcony area at the top of the fortress. She was excited to see the sun and outside again, but she quickly went back inside.

"I don't think the clue would be outside, so I shouldn't spend much time out there." she sighed as she went back to her search.


"Holy crap!" Peasley was shocked when he walked into the room with fire.

The prince moved a little closer, being careful not to get burned. He proceeded to look over to the other side, only to see nothing but a dead end.

"…don't think it's here…" he mumbled as he ran back in the direction he came.


Misstar proceeded to walk further up on the stairs she was on only to reach a dead end. There was nothing of value up there and no real area to search.

"…okay…time to go back down then…" she mumbled in disappointment as she started to run back down.

Rawk Hawk

The former champion opened up another door and was elated to finally be back outside where his partner was waiting.

"Tundra! Got it!" he shouted as he ran up to his partner.

"Yeah! Awesome!" the yoshi was grinning.

"…" Lima and Mamar shared uneasy looks.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; currently in First

"'Take a taxi back to Koopa Village and travel to the Fuzzy Forest, where you will find your next clue!'" Rawk read.

Teams must now travel by taxi twenty-one miles back to Koopa Village and then travel ten more miles to the Fuzzy Forest, a small forest near the edge of the village that is inhabited by fuzzies. It is here where teams will find their next clue.

"Alright, let's start off! Go!" Tundra declared, rushing to their taxi. Rawk Hawk followed right behind.

The two rival fighters got in their taxi and instructed him where to go. In little time, the two fighters were off, hoping to keep the lead they had obtained.

"…calm on Peasley…" Lima mumbled to herself.

"Hope Misstar is doing fine…" Mamar silently mumbled to herself.


"Ah…okay…calm down Misstar…" Misstar told herself as she start running back down stairs, trying to get to another room to check.

The star spirit was getting very nervous. She was lost and confused. She was rushed, stressed, and needed to find the clue. This was not the time to get nervous: she needed to remain calm. The ribbon-wearing star spirit stopped running and tried to calm herself for a second so she could focus better.

"…ah…" she breathed in and out for a second. "…okay…I feel better…"

The star spirit ran to the next room, calmer, hoping to find the clue quickly.


"…is that it?" Peasley mumbled as he walked into the larger cell in the room he was in.

To the prince's delight, he had spotted the clue box. He ran over to it and took out the clue immediately.

"Yes!" he was excited at the sight. "Now, I need to get back to Lima!"

The prince of the Beanbean Kingdom proceeded to sprint out of the room and headed in the direction he thought the exit was, hoping to get back to his partner.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"How hard was that thing? Sounded like the one I had to in Specter Forest…" Tundra noted to himself as he asked Rawk about the roadblock.

"Probably harder. More pressure. Also it was just a larger building." Rawk replied.

"…hmm…" the yoshi thought to himself. "…hopefully just hard enough to keep the other teams behind us…"

"Yeah hopefully. It'd be really easy to get lost in there!"

"I hope so…I don't want to see them catch up to this…not now."


"Lima! I got it!" Peasley declared as he ran out of the fortress, holding the clue in his hand.

"Great job my prince!" Lima told him, ecstatic.

The prince of the Beanbean Kingdom ran to his advisor. Once there, he opened up the clue and began reading.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; currently in Second

"'Take a taxi back to Koopa Village and travel to the Fuzzy Forest, where you will find your next clue!'" Peasley read.

"Back to Koopa Village? Alright! Let's go catch up to those two fighters!" Lima declared.

The two beans hurried back to their taxi and got in it. Soon, they started back off to Koopa Village, hoping to catch up to the team in front of them.

"…Misstar…please hurry…" Mamar mumbled, looking away from the taxi that just left.


"…oh my!" Misstar gasped at the sight of the large prison cell.

The star spirit walked around the cell, amazed at its size. Soon, she saw a hole in the wall in it. She walked inside of it only to be greeted by the sight she had been looking for: the clue box.

"…OH MY GOSH!" she screamed in excitement as she ran over and took the clue out of it. "…now that's a relief!"

The star spirit ran out of the room she was in, excited to have her clue. She was now about to face her last part of this roadblock: getting out of the fortress and back to her partner. She began it immediately, trying to remember where the entrance was.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"We really need to catch up them and fast…hopefully the detour will be hard for them. Something we can maybe catch up at." Peasley mumbled in hope.

"…sir, is it possible to speed up just a little bit more?" Lima asked their driver.

"Eh, no point. Not going to risk getting a ticket for you guys." the koopa driver bluntly responded.

"Oh…okay, thanks anyway." Lima sighed, turning back to her prince.

"…yeah, let's just hope for a good detour for us." Peasley mumbled.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"Awesome! Back in Koopa Village!" Rawk noted as he and Tundra looked at the town they were reentering.

"Great. We are getting close." the yoshi responded. "…would it be possible to speed up just a little?"

"Can do!" their driver replied as he put his foot further down on the gas pedal.

The two fighters watched as the car increased in speed and proceeded to get closer to the forest.


"Mamar! I'm here!" Misstar exclaimed, running out of the fortress.

"Yes! It's good to see you again!" Mamar laughed as her partner ran up to her.

"I'm sorry it took so long…I got lost and screwed up bad…" Misstar frowned as she opened up the clue.

"Don't be sad! It's okay! This race is hard, so it's perfectly understandable!" Mamar told her, a smile on her face. "Only thing we have to do is get back in the race and pass the other teams! Let's see what we have to do next!"


Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; currently in Last

"'Take a taxi back to Koopa Village and travel to the Fuzzy Forest, where you will find your next clue!'" Misstar read.

"Okay, got it! Let's go then!" Mamar stated.

The two girls hopped back into their taxi, informed the driver of their next destination, and were off, hoping to catch up to the other two teams in front.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

The Fuzzy Forest was hidden in the back of Koopa Village, behind a couple of houses. The whole forest was teeming with fuzzies. The little black creatures called this forest 'home' and lived there in their own peaceful society. Occasionally they would come to the town to wreak havoc on the peaceful lives of the koopas, but they would be put in their place and would be sent back to their forest. The forest, itself, was no different than any other. It was just a plain old, green forest, filled with lots of trees, plants, and green. It, too, could be described as peaceful.

Peaceful was an adjective used too much when referring to Koopa Village and even the forest right here. Today, however, that adjective would no longer be the case. The source of this was a clue box right in front of the entrance of the forest. This would become vital for a taxi that was pulling up close to it.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; currently in First

"Please stay here! We will be back soon!" Rawk informed their taxi driver.

The two fighters ran up to the clue box and wasted no time in opening it. They proceeded to read out the information on it.

"Detour! 'Koopa Tea or Koopa Shell? Which will you obtain?'" Tundra read.

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this detour, teams will have to choose one item that many koopas in this town covet more than anything: Koopa Tea or Koopa Shell.

In Koopa Tea, teams take a taxi back to Koopa Village and go five more miles to the house of Koopa Koot. Once inside, the koopa will request that the teams will make him many cups of Koopa Tea. Each team will be escorted to his kitchen and will be handed multiple Koopa Leaves. They will use the leaves to prepare fifteen different cups of Koopa Tea for the old koopa. If old Koopa Koot is satisfied with all fifteen cups, he will hand them their next clue. The ingredients to make Koopa Tea are very limited and it is simple to make, but it is also difficult to produce fifteen cups that will satisfy the koopa. Still, if teams can create a nice cup of tea quickly they may be on their way as fast as the old koopa will drink them all!

In Koopa Shell, teams will stay in the Fuzzy Forest and walk into it. Once inside, they will see a koopa without a shell, due to a fuzzy taking it. Team members must chase that fuzzy, catch it, and take back the shell. Once they are able to take the shell back, they will return it to the koopa who owns it and will receive their next clue as thanks. Fuzzies move very fast and hard to grab and capture, but if teams are quick on their feet, they may prove to be faster, and as a result, will be continuing with the race just as fast.

"Koopa Shell is right here and it seems like a task right up our alley!" Rawk declared.

"You got that right!" Tundra nodded in agreement.

The two rival fighters ran further into the forest, ready to chase a fuzzy and get on with the race.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

As the two rival fighters ran further into the forest, they saw three separate fuzzies. Each of them were holding on to a koopa shell.

"MEORK!" they all squealed.

"Okay, there they are! We just have to get one of the shells back!" Tundra stated.

"Yeah, yeah. Not too hard I think." Rawk shrugged as he started running.

Two of the fuzzies scattered away while one stayed right in front of the former champion. As Rawk got closer and closer, he did nothing until the moment it appeared Rawk was going to get him. At that moment, the fuzzy squirmed away, hoping around at a great speed.

Tundra replied to the fuzzy's antics by getting into the chase. He ran behind the fuzzy at a great speed. The yoshi was indeed faster than the fuzzy. Still, the fuzzy was not going to give in yet.

"MEORK!" it shouted as it proceeded to hop in an unorthodox pattern that was hard to follow.

"…what is thing doing?" Tundra looked over, confused.

"Doesn't matter! We got to get it and fast!" Rawk explained. Tundra nodded as they followed the fuzzy.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"Okay! Back in Koopa Village!" Peasley told his partner, excited. The two beans were officially entering the town's gates and were inside the city.

"Hopefully we can catch up to the two fighters and pass them now…" Lima mumbled.

The two beans proceeded to watch their taxi driver as he continued through the town, heading to the Fuzzy Forest and to their next clue.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends

"Sir, would it be possible to go a little bit faster?" Misstar asked politely to their driver. "We need to get to the Fuzzy Forest as fast as possible!"

"Yeah sure thing!" he replied, speeding his car up.

The taxi was now going very fast, going even a little higher than the speed limit! The two star spirits were excited at this.

"Hopefully we can get to the clue as fast as possible, make up time at the detour, and get ahead of the others." Mamar stated.

"That would be nice indeed!" Misstar agreed.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

The two fighters had worked together and encircled the fuzzy and were preparing to pounce, capturing it and obtain the shell. Just as the two were charging in, the fuzzy squirmed out of the way, causing both fighters to miss and fall to the ground.

"MEORK!" the fuzzy cackled in laughter as it bounced away, getting more distance on the fighters.

"Get back here!" Rawk shouted.

"Ah! We have to catch that thing!" Tundra groaned.

"I know that already! So let's finally do this thing!"

The two fighters got up and charged after the fuzzy, hoping to catch it as fast as they could.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; currently in Second

"There it is!"

The two beans hopped out of their taxi once they arrived in the Fuzzy Forest. After requesting their taxi driver to stay, they ran over to it and took out their clue, wasting no time to start reading it.

"Detour! 'Koopa Tea or Koopa Shell? Which will you obtain?'" Lima read.

"Koopa Tea actually seems easier than Koopa Shell! The recipe seems easy, and don't you know make tea a lot?" Peasley thought aloud. When he saw his advisor nod, he turned back to the clue. "That settles it then! Let's go make some tea!"

The two beans ran over to their taxi driver.

"Where to now?" the koopa rolled his eyes.

"Do you know a koopa by the name of Koopa Koot?" Lima asked.

"Him? Psh! Everyone does! Old coot doesn't shut up, ever!"

"Then do you know where he lives? Can you take us to his house?" Peasley asked.

"Ugh, whatever. Get in."

The koopa started off the second the two got in his taxi. They were now on their way to the house of the old koopa.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends

"We are making really nice time! We are back in Koopa Village after all!" Mamar noted, looking around.

"Yes we are!" Misstar replied with a smile.

The taxi driver continued to drive through the city and headed in the direction of the Fuzzy Forest, hoping to get his passengers there as fast as possible.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"You got it Tundra!" Rawk exclaimed as his partner hurried on ahead after the fuzzy.

The fuzzy was bouncing at a good speed but the yoshi was right on its trail, going even faster. In time, the yoshi would catch up to it. The fuzzy realized that. The fuzzy proceeded to keep bouncing in a straight line until it got to a tree. Instead of being cornered there, it jumped to the side as fast as it could, just before Tundra was able to grab it. As a result, the yoshi rammed himself right into the tree.

"YEOUCH!" Tundra groaned.

"You okay Tundra?" Rawk asked.

"MEORK!" the fuzzy cackled in laugher as it ran off.

"Grr…why you!" Rawk mumbled as he went after the fuzzy himself.

"Ugh…ouch…" Tundra sighed in pain. He ignored the pain to the best of his abilities as he got up and started his chase again, following his partner and the fuzzy.

"Rawk and I are indeed two fast guys, but fast isn't really what you needed to be in this detour. Well…you did, but you kind of didn't." Tundra was trying to think of words to describe the detour. "The fuzzy's movements were extremely sporadic and random. We may have been faster than it, but it would always find some way to squirm away and hop off. And it would enjoy doing it and watching you struggle! It was getting more frustrating each and every second…ugh!"

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

Koopa Koot's house was located in the far eastern section of the city. The house was very old, for the koopa had been living there for many years. It was hard to tell if the house was colored red or pink, or if it was some sort of combination of the two. The house was not always the most pleasant site for tourists or locals to see. Koopa Koot, the owner, was thought of in a bad light by a couple of the people who lived there. Still, he was regarded as a wise man that could do no harm to anyone. If someone was brave enough to visit him, he would regale them to a story that he would probably think was interesting.

The old koopa was sitting in his house, minding his own business, not doing too much. He had been expecting company for awhile. This company would come for a reason, however, and he had planned to watch them try and accomplish it. He was thirsty after all! The old koopa got up from his chair and started to look out his window. In a few minutes, he saw a taxi pull up to his house. His company had arrived.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

After the two beans requested their taxi driver stay, they ran into the house. Koopa Koot was right there at the entrance and he greeted them.

"Well hello you two. Are you here to give me some company and make some tea?" he asked, a smile on his face.

"Yes we are." Peasley nodded.

"Excellent! Please follow me!" the koopa stated.

The older koopa led the two beans into his kitchen, where there were piles of Koopa leaves laying around. He older koopa led them to an area where there was a stove and oven for them.

"Now, start making the cups! The recipe is right by the stove! I'll taste test them to make sure you are doing them right! You may leave after you made fifteen cups." Koopa Koot told them.

"Um…okay!" Peasley stated for the team.

Koopa Koot walked over to the side of the room and started to watch them. The two beans looked at each before nodding.

"Time to get started with this thing!" Lima stated as she walked over to the recipe and began reading. Peasley went over and grabbed a koopa leaf to start out with.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"MEORK!" the fuzzy squealed, getting further distance from the fighters after they failed to capture it again.

"GET BACK HERE!" Rawk roared as he started to chase it again. He would have gotten farther if his partner didn't start talking.

"…hey Rawk." Tundra sighed. "…you know, I once saw a chef make a Koopa Tea. Didn't seem that hard…"

"You think we need to switch detours or something?" Rawk asked, a little confused.

"Well…yeah. We aren't making any progress with this! That fuzzy keeps squirming out of our way and avoid capture all the time! We are getting physically tired doing this. I think we need to switch over to the other detour before we get behind the other teams." Tundra explained his reasoning.

"…" Rawk sighed. He didn't like the idea of switching detours in the final leg, especially since he wasn't fond of the idea of making tea. "…you sure?"

"Yeah…I think we are just spending too much time here and getting ourselves too tired. I think it would be better for us to switch over…"


The two rival fighters sprinted away from the forest, ignoring the fuzzy's cackling laugh. They ran back to their taxi and instructed him to take the two to Koopa Koot's house, hoping to make up for the time they wasted at the detour.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; currently in Last

As the two fighters left the detour, the two star spirits had arrived. They got to the clue box and opened it and began reading the information on it.

"Detour! 'Koopa Tea or Koopa Shell? Which will you obtain?'" Misstar read.

"I think Koopa Tea seems easier for us! Besides, I remember watching Eldstar make Koopa Tea once. It didn't seem that hard." Mamar noted.

"I think you are right. So let's get on with it!"

The two star spirits hurried back to their taxi and were off again, heading in the direction of Koopa Koot's house.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"…okay. I'm ready!" Peasley stated, having studied the directions enough that he was confident he could make some good tea.

"Good! Start making cups! I've already got the first one done!" Lima explained, taking out a cup of tea she had prepared.

On cue, Koopa Koot walked over to test out the tea. He took the cup from Lima and took a sip. Immediately, his eyes were lit on fire and he poured the tea out in a nearby sink.

"Too hot! Try again!" he exclaimed as he rushed as fast as he could (which wasn't that fast) to get a cup of water.

"…" the advisor frowned, but went back to preparing another cup of tea.

"Making the tea wasn't too hard. The directions were relatively simple and it didn't take too long. Maybe a couple of minutes?" Lima thought to herself. "Still, you had to make it to that koopa's satisfaction. And he apparently was very picky with tea! And since we had to make fifteen cups that satisfied him…Peasley and I were prepared for a long challenge ahead of us…we just only hoped we could make them fast enough…"

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"…okay! I finished a cup!" Peasley declared, happy.

Koopa Koot walked over and took the cup from the prince. After taking a sip, he spat it back out and poured it down the sink.

"I should have had this when I needed water, cause that what this tasted like! That was too much water!" Koopa Koot scolded.

Peasley frowned before going back to making a cup of tea. Lima finished another one of her cups and handed it to the koopa. He was hesitant, fearing for his tongue, but he took a sip and was pleasantly surprised.

"Now this is a cup!" he stated as he put it down on the counter.

"Okay! Good!" Lima grinned. "One down!"

"Fourteen more to go…" Peasley sighed as he was preparing another cup.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"Oh look! More company!" Koopa Koot declared as he left the kitchen after hearing a knock on the door.

Lima and Peasley were stunned when they saw the two fighters walk into the kitchen and start the detour.

"…looks like Lima and Peasley are here." Tundra sighed. "Whatever, let's finish before they get out of here!"

"Right…" Rawk mumbled as he followed his partner. Both fighters ran over to star looking at the directions to make the tea.

"…apparently we are ahead of them. So let's take advantage of this and keep a lead over them!" Peasley told his advisor, who nodded in response.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (1/15 Cups)

The two beans finished two more cups and placed them on their counter. Koopa Koot took a sip of the one prepared by Peasley and spat it out and dumped it.

"When I said you had too much water the first time, I didn't mean use none of it!" the koopa scolded.

"…" Peasley shook his head as he went back to preparing another cup.

"…now you can make tea! Good work!" Koopa Koot told Lima after he took a sip of her cup.

"Thanks!" Lima replied as she went back to making another cup.

"…how do you do that?" Peasley mumbled.

"I'm just that talented!" his advisor chuckled.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (0/15 Cups)

"Hey! Sir! We got a cup for you!" Tundra told the old koopa.

Koopa Koot walked over to the two fighters and took a sip. He then poured out what was in the cup with a disgusted look on his face.

"How sweet do you think I like my tea? Good lord, I didn't think it was possible to make it like that! Try again!" he lectured.

"…" the yoshi sighed as he and Rawk went back to preparing another cup.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (2/15 Cups)

"…okay, how are these?" Peasley asked the old koopa.

Koopa Koot walked over and took a sip of both teas. He was satisfied after each sip.

"Okay, you are getting the hang of it now lad! And your partner sure is!" he told them as he put the two cups with the other two.

"Excellent! Thanks!" Peasley told him as he returned to preparing. "Just eleven more…"

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends

Koopa Koot walked over when he heard the star spirits knock on the door. He let the two girls in and escorted them to the kitchen, where they saw all of the other teams.

"Looks like we are back together again." Mamar noted. "Now, let's make some good tea and get ahead of these guys!"

The two star spirits immediately started studying the recipe for Koopa Tea. They then began preparing to make their own cups of tea.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (0/15 Cups)

"…here you sir." Rawk sighed, putting another cup on the table for the old koopa to try.

Koopa Koot took a sip and immediately dumped it. He didn't even bother to explain his reasoning. Rawk sighed as he went back to preparing another cup.

"…what about this one?" Tundra asked as he put another cup on the counter.

"…" Koopa Koot hesitantly took a sip. "…you know, not bad kid. Not bad."

The koopa sat down the cup and gave it back to them.

"Yes! One down!" Tundra cheered. "Now…let's hurry up and make fourteen more!"

"Easy for you to say!" Rawk retorted as he began prepping another cup of tea.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (4/15 Cups)

"…bleck!" Koopa Koot spat out Peasley's next cup. "Boy, that water problem is back! Fix it!"

"…yes sir." Peasley sighed, going back to preparing another cup.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (0/15 Cups)

"…what do you think?" Mamar asked, calling the attention of the koopa.

Koopa Koot walked over and took a sip of Mamar's cup. He was excited after a taste.

"Perfect! Please, make more!" he told her, placing the cup down.

"Yes! Will do!" she replied, going back to make another cup.

"What about mine?" Misstar asked, hoping for the best when she handed the old koopa her cup.

"…too sweet." he finally said after taking a sip when he was pouring out the cup.

"…I see…" she nodded in understanding as she went back to prepare another cup.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (1/15 Cups)

"…ah! Water! Water! Too hot! You, bean boy, make tea fast!" Koopa Koot shrieked after taking a sip of Tundra's next cup of tea.

"…" Peasley groaned at the mention of his watery cups.

"…" Tundra shook his head at the reaction.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (4/15 Cups)

"…here you go sir." Peasley and Lima told the koopa after finishing two more cups.

"I don't need water now, boy!" Koopa Koot told Peasley as he sipped his cup. He then moved on to Lima's. "…actually, you both made decent cups! Not bad!"

The koopa placed the two with the other ones they made. The beans looked over at each other and smiled before they went back to making more.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (1/15 Cups)

"…what happened to your perfect cup?" the old koopa frowned as he dumped Mamar's cup she made him. "That was way too sweet, just like your partner made."

"I'm sorry…I'll make it up to you with a better cup!" Mamar explained, going back to prepare said cup.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (1/15 Cups)

"Ah! Hot! Hot!" Koopa Koot was screaming again after he took a sip of Rawk's tea.

"…you have got to be kidding me." The former champion rolled his eyes. "This thing isn't that hot…"

"It's always too hot with this guy. Or too sweet. Or too much water. There's always SOMETHING wrong with the tea to that guy!" Rawk sighed, annoyance on his face. "It was making me irritated. The only good thing was that I saw him make the same comments to the other teams. But still…I wish he would finally be satisfied with our cups!"

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (1/15 Cups)

"Sir, what do you think?" Misstar asked as she pointed to the two cups that she and Mamar made.

"It'll take a lot to beat what I just took!" Koopa Koot stated, having come from Peasley and Lima's section and having tested another cup of Lima's tea.

The old koopa took a sip of both cups and his eyes lit up.

"Very nice girls! I like them both!" he said as he put the two cups by the first one.

"Excellent!" Mamar replied as she and Misstar continued making more cups of tea.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (7/15 Cups)

"…eh not too shabby. Pretty good I think." Koopa Koot told Peasley when he put his cup by the other sets.

"Thanks a lot sir!" Peasley replied as he went back to making more cups.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (1/15 Cups)

"Here you go!" Tundra said, handing another cup to the koopa.

Koopa Koot took a sip and smiled after finishing.

"Well done!" he stated with no further comment. He placed the cup down with their first one.

"Awesome!" the yoshi exclaimed, going back to make more.

"What about mine?" Rawk asked, handing him another cup.

The old koopa took a sip and immediately dumped it.

"HOT! HOT!" he started to scream again.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (3/15 Cups)

"Mm…very good!" Koopa Koot told the two as he put the two cups he just tasted down with the others.

"Yay! Thank you so much!" Misstar told him as the two went back to preparing more cups.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (8/15 Cups)

"…you should really consider selling tea. You would make a fortune!" Koopa Koot complimented Lima as he put down another cup.

"Thank you! I appreciate the compliments!" the advisor laughed as she went back to make another cup.

"…you not so much though, but you don't make them bad. Still pretty good." the koopa told Peasley as he put up his cup with the others.

"…thanks." the prince replied.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (2/15 Cups)

"Very good! Very good!" the koopa told Tundra as he put away his cup.

"Thank you sir!" the yoshi replied, going back to make another cup.

"…what about mine? I went out of my way to make this one not hot! There's no way it will be!" Rawk reported to the koopa.

Koopa Koot still was hesitant to taste it. When he did, though, he was surprised.

"…that's cold! Way too cold! Did you even prepare this?" the koopa scolded, dumping the tea out.

"…" Rawk didn't have a verbal response. He did look like he was going to punch himself in the head, hoping he could wake up from this horrible nightmare of dealing with this koopa.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (5/15 Cups)

"Pretty good. Pretty good." the koopa stated as he put Misstar's cup with the others.

Misstar smiled in thanks as she went back to making more cups.

"…and you are still doing well as well! Keep it up!" Koopa Koot told Mamar as he put away her cup.

"Awesome!" Mamar stated, excited to see another cup finished.

"Once you start getting used to making the cups of tea, the easier it became. That old koopa was picky, but once you start figuring out how he likes his teas, you start preparing them that way and you begin doing better!" Mamar explained with a laugh. "The more Misstar and I kept making the teas, the better we were getting at it! Which was good, since we needed to get done with that task fast!"

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (10/15 Cups)

"Fantastic as always!" Koopa Koot told Lima, taking a sip of her tea.

The advisor continued to laugh at the compliments as she went back to making more tea.

"…but you. Very bad. Your water problems always come back after awhile." Koopa Koot scolded the prince as he dumped his tea out.

"…" Peasley sighed, but went back to making tea.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (3/15 Cups)

"You really are getting better! Your teas get better each time!" Koopa Koot told Tundra.

"Thanks!" the yoshi laughed, not expecting much praise as he went back to making another cup.

"…" Rawk was prepared for any complaint the old koopa would give him.

"…" the koopa was stunned after taking a taste of Rawk's tea. "…not bad. I'll take it."

"…really?" Rawk looked over, amazed, as the koopa placed his cup with the others. "YES! FINALLY!"

The former champion immediately started to prepare his next cup of tea, excited that it was accepted.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (7/15 Cups)

The old koopa didn't really say much. He didn't know what else to say other then putting the two cups he just took a sip from and putting them with the others.

Misstar and Mamar knew what he meant by that and smiled. They went back to preparing more cups for the old koopa.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (5/15 Cups)

"How are these?" Rawk asked as he and Tundra gave the koopa two more cups.

"…getting better! Getting better!" Koopa Koot stated after he took a sip of each. He put them with the rest of their cups.

"Awesome!" Tundra stated as he and Rawk went back to making more cups.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (11/15 Cups)

"…watery." Koopa Koot exclaimed, pouring Peasley's cup down the drain.

"…" Peasley rolled his eyes as he went back to preparing another cup.

Lima came back at the moment to hand the koopa her cup.

"As usual." the old koopa didn't say much this time as he placed the cup with the others.

Lima smiled as she went back to where her prince was. She started working on her next cup, hoping to get this task finished with.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (9/15 Cups)

"A little too sweet." Koopa Koot told Misstar as he poured her cup down the sink.

"…sorry." she replied as she ran back to start making another cup. Mamar was still working on preparing another cup for the old koopa.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (12/15 Cups)

"Again, water." the koopa groaned as he dumped the prince's cup of tea.

"…why do I bother with this?" he shook his head as he went back to preparing another cup. "And Lima's going to come back with another perfect tea."

As on cue, Lima ran up and handed the old koopa another cup of tea. The koopa drank and smiled.

"Perfect." he told her.

"…called it." Peasley almost laughed as he went back to working on his next cup.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (7/15 Cups)

"Yeah, you boys are getting the hang of this." Koopa Koot told the two fighters as he placed their cups with the other ones they made. "They are getting consistently better each time!"

"Good to here!" Tundra laughed.

The two fighters ran back and started working on their next sets of cups.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (9/15 Cups)

"…mmm…good." Koopa Koot told Mamar as he placed her cup away with the others.

"Excellent!" she laughed, going back to work on her next cup.

Misstar ran back this time, holding on to her next cup.

"What do you think? Not too sweet this time, right?" she asked.

"…nope. It's fine." Koopa Koot told her.

Misstar smiled as she watched the old koopa place the cup with the other ones they made. She then went back to her partner and started working on the next cup.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince (13/15 Cups)

The two beans finished preparing two more cups, hoping they were the last ones they needed to make. They placed them on their counter and old Koopa Koot walked over to take the sips.

"…yours right?" he asked Lima after he took a sip. "Cause it's phenomenal. Good work."

The advisor smiled at the compliment. Peasley looked anxious when he saw the old koopa take a sip of his.

"…please don't be too watery again…" he mumbled to himself.

"…eh not bad. Good enough." he stated, placing it with the others. "…oh? You guys got fifteen already?"

The two beans nodded, enthusiastically. "Yes we did!"

"Ah, okay. Well thanks for your time. Here's your clue." he stated as he handed the two beans their next clue.

"Thank you so much!" Lima told him as she and Peasley walked out, waving goodbye.

"…shoot…" Rawk mumbled as he was preparing his tea. He did not like the sight of the beans getting done with the detour.

"…we have to hurry!" Misstar declared, finishing her next cup.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; currently in First

"'Make your way by taxi to Toad Town and find the house of Merlon, where you will find your next clue!'" Lima read.

Teams must now travel by taxi out of Koopa Village and fifty miles down on the road to Toad Town, the capital city of the Mushroom Kingdom and the site of Princess Peach's Castle. Once there, teams must travel twelve miles into the city to the house of Merlon, a shaman who is well-known in the city for his accurate predictions of future events. It is here where teams will find their next clue.

"Toad Town huh? Alright, let's get on there before the others finish!" Peasley declared.

The two beans hurried out and ran to their taxi, hoping to get on their way to Toad Town as fast as they could.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"Huh? Toad Town?" the koopa taxi driver asked them.

"Um, yeah." Lima nodded, confused at the koopa's question.

"Nuh uh. Not taking you. I only drive in the city." the told them.

"…what?" Peasley asked. "But you took us to Koopa Bros. Fortress. That was out of the city."

"Yeah, but it was still close. Toad Town's too far. I don't care how much money you offer, no."

"But-" the advisor opened her mouth to say something, but the driver interrupted her.

"Okay, I'm not taking you out of the city! You have to go there yourself!" the koopa informed them.

"No sir, please! Please! We need to you get us there and fast!" Lima pleaded.

"No means no! I don't just drive away from here at anyone's request!" he replied, shooing the two away.

"You don't understand! We need to get there fast!" Peasley begged, hoping to get him to take the two beans.

"Just pay me for what I've done for you already and get lost!" the driver spat.

The two beans realized it was useless. They paid the taxi driver the money he demanded and watched as he hurried off.

"…jerk…" Peasley frowned. "…this is bad…"

"We need to find another taxi and fast! Before any other team finishes!" Lima explained.

With those words, the two beans began to search for another taxi, hoping to find one as fast as they could.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (9/15 Cups)

"Now I can say you boys know how to make tea! Good!" Koopa Koot told the two fighters as he placed their cups with the rest of the ones they made.

"Awesome!" Tundra laughed as he and Rawk went back to finish the last few necessary cups.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"…shoot…" Peasley groaned when he and Lima kept walking down streets. They had yet to see a single unused taxi.

"This is not good…at all…" Lima sighed in frustration as the two beans kept walking, hoping to find one soon.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (11/15 Cups)

"How about these?" Mamar asked for her team as the two girls placed their cups on the counter.

Koopa Koot took a sip of each cup and placed them with the others. "Still very good!"

Both star spirits went back to business and started preparing two more cups, hoping that would be the last ones.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"…you have got to be kidding me." Peasley groaned as the two beans still had not found another taxi.

"Calm down, my prince. We will find one. We have to!" Lima informed her prince.

"…we better…" he mumbled.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (11/15 Cups)

"…not too bad." Koopa Koot told the two fighters as he placed their two newest cups over with the rest.

"Okay…just two more then we are out of here…" Tundra told his partner.

"We better be!" Rawk explained as he began preparing his next cup of tea. "I swear, I will never drink this stuff again after all of this!"

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"Oh my gosh! There is one!" Peasley nearly screamed at the sight of another taxi.

The two beans rushed over to the taxi.

"Sir, can you please take us to Toad town? We need to get there immediately! We will be paying you a lot of coins!" Lima pleaded.

"Yeah, sure thing. Get in!" he told the two beans.

With that, the two beans were in a taxi off to Toad Town, now on their way to the house of an infamous shaman.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends (13/15 Cups)

The two star spirits eagerly placed their last two cups on the counter. They were anxiously awaiting the verdict as Koopa Koot took a sip of Mamar's cup.

"…good, very good." he stated, putting it with the others.

The old koopa walked over to the second cup, Misstar's cup, and took a sip. The girls looked nervous as they waited for the result.

"Very good!" he replied, putting it with the others. "…oh wait, now you guys got fifteen?"

"Yes we do!" Mamar replied, a smile on her face.

"Oh. Well then, here you go." he stated as he took out a clue and handed it to the girls.

"Thank you so much!" the star spirits replied as they ran out of the house, opening the clue as they were going out.

"…shoot…" Rawk groaned. "We are last…"

"Whatever…we can pass them…we just have to get this right and fast!" Tundra exclaimed as he put the finishing touches on his cup of tea.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; currently in Second

"'Make your way by taxi to Toad Town and find the house of Merlon, where you will find your next clue!'" Misstar read.

"Okay! Let's head out there!" Mamar declared.

The two star spirits ran to their taxi and explained where they needed to go. In a short while, the two girls were on their way to Toad Town, heading towards the next task.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"…I wonder if that fiasco caused us to fall behind anyone…" Peasley mumbled his question as he imagined the consequences of the loss of their first taxi.

"Hopefully not…" Lima sighed, hoping for that not to be the case.

The two beans waited as patiently as they could while their taxi driver continued to take them to a certain shaman that resided in Toad Town.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals (13/15 Cups)

"Okay! Done! Sir, can you try the last cups?" Tundra asked the old koopa.

"They aren't the last ones if I say they aren't!" the older koopa corrected.

Koopa Koot walked over to the two fighters and took the one that was made by Tundra. He nodded, pleased with the taste and set it down with the others.

"Well that one was good! Very good! So, let's see what the other is like?"

Rawk grew nervous as Koopa Koot brought the cup to his lips. The former champion imagined any possible little complained the older koopa could have and began praying that none of them would be uttered.

"…I like it. Good work." the older koopa declared. "…wait, you guys were right. You are done now."

"…YES!" Rawk shouted in excitement.

The old koopa took out the clue and held out for the fighters. They wasted no time to thank him for it and take it out.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; currently in Last

"'Make your way by taxi to Toad Town and find the house of Merlon, where you will find your next clue!'" Tundra read.

"Alright, Toad Town eh? Let's head back there then!" Rawk replied.

The two fighters waved goodbye to Koopa Koot one last time and then ran to their taxi. They got in and watched as their taxi took off, heading in the direction of Toad Town.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"And there's Toad Town!" Peasley noted, a smile on his face.

The taxi had indeed arrived in the city of Toad Town, the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom. The two beans in the back were excited when they finally arrived there.

"I'm sorry to ask this, but do you mind if I stop for directions?" the driver asked. "Just because I'm not a taxi driver here, so I need to figure out where to go."

"Understandable!" Lima told him. "Go ahead! Thanks for even taking us!"

Their koopa driver smiled as he began looking for a place to stop to ask for directions.

"It helps that probably every other team would have to stop for directions anyway." the prince shrugged.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"Okay! I got them!" their driver told the two after he walked away from a toad he asked for directions.

"Excellent! You rock!" Peasley told the koopa.

"You do indeed!" Lima laughed.

The koopa blushed a little as he continued to drive down the road, heading for the home of Merlon.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends

"Oh look! Toad Town!" Mamar was happy to be back in Toad Town.

The two girls were excited to be in the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom. They were just ready to get to the next destination and continue the race, hoping to get ahead and into first place.

"I'll have to stop for directions, but that shouldn't take too long." their driver told them.

"Yeah no problem, we understand!" the star spirits told him as their driver began looking for a place to pull over.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

Merlon's House was intriguing to anyone that saw it. The roof on top of it spins in a circle, never ceasing. The house was colored purple with stars on its sides. This oddly decorated house puzzled any tourist that drove by it, but to locals, it was a pleasant surprise. They would be more than happy to enter it when they felt troubled at the future or needed advice on what to do.

Merlon was out today, busy visiting family in the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom. As a result, his house was left unattended. He did give consent to the race using his house. Therefore, he would not care about the clue box that was positioned in front, nor would he care about the people that would be coming to his house for that clue box.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; currently in First

The two beans ran out of the taxi and rushed to the clue box. They opened it up and started reading.

"'Make your way to the Mushroom Kingdom's Museum of Modern Art, where you will find your next clue!'" Peasley read.

Teams must now make their way ten miles by taxi to the Mushroom Kingdom's Museum of Modern Art, a giant museum that houses many different beautiful paintings and pieces of art from around the world. It is here where teams will find their next clue!

"A museum of art huh?" Peasley shrugged. "Hmm…interesting."

"Interesting indeed, but I'm sure it's more interesting when we actually see it! Come on!" Lima told him.

The two beans ran back to their taxi. The taxi driver immediately started up his car and started looking for the museum.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"Phew…we are in Toad Town now…" Rawk noted.

The two fighters had finally arrived in Toad Town! All they could hope for was another task where they could take advantage of it and pass the other teams.

"Okay, I might end up making mistakes, because I haven't been to Toad Town in awhile. But I'm pretty familiar with the landscape, so I think I know where Merlon's house is." the koopa told them.

"It's fine with us! As long as you get us there fast, it's all okay!" Tundra told him.

The driver continued to drive, heading in the direction he thought would lead them to Merlon's house.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; currently in Second

The two star spirits were excited to arrive at Merlon's house. They got out of their taxi and hurried to the clue box, which they opened and took out the clue.

"'Make your way to the Mushroom Kingdom's Museum of Modern Art, where you will find your next clue!'" Mamar read.

"Oh this'll be fun! Let's hurry over there then!" Misstar exclaimed.

The two star spirits rushed back to their taxi. The driver started off, heading in direct route to the museum of art.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"Man, we got the best taxi driver ever now!" Peasley exclaimed, happy to see their driver run back fast after having to stop for directions. "He's quick with asking for directions and he's a fast driver! And he's really polite!"

"I'll say! We need to tip this guy well at the end of this thing!" Lima told him, pointing to all of their coins.

The two beans agreed at their idea. Their driver had gotten in their car and started off, heading towards the art museum.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; currently in Last

The taxi driver proved to be right, for the rivals had arrived at Merlon's house. The fighters were ecstatic as they jumped out of the taxi and hurried to the clue box.

"'Make your way to the Mushroom Kingdom's Museum of Modern Art, where you will find your next clue!'" Tundra read.

"We can't waste much more time! Let's go and catch up to the others there!" Rawk declared as he started back to the taxi.

With those words, the fighters ran back to their taxi and were off, heading towards the museum of art in Toad Town.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

The Mushroom Kingdom's Museum of Modern Art was a large, white building that was beautiful, but in architecture and in its belongings. Inside housed the most amazing paintings from around the world, especially the ones from the Mushroom Kingdom. It is any painter's dreams to see their works of art visible in this museum.

The museum was a common tourist spot for tourists and art connoisseurs from around the world. It was always filled with people. Today, more people would be coming, but for a very different reason. This was solely due to the clue box that was positioned in front of the museum. When a taxi from Koopa Village pulled up to the museum, the museum was going to house something completely different than beautiful works of art: the final task of the Amazing Race!

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; currently in First

The two beans ran up to the clue box. They opened it immediately and wasted no time in opening it.

"'You will be escorted to a large empty room filled with paintings that resemble the pitstops you have been to. Once in the room, place the twelve pictures in order that you visited them. Once you have put them in order, the curator of the museum will show you a thirteenth painting, which will show you the location of the finish line!'" Peasley finished reading the information on the clue.

In this final task of the race, teams will be escorted to a large empty room in the museum that is only filled with three sets of twelve paintings, each of which resemble the pitstops they have checked into in the past twelve legs. They must then place the paintings in order, from the first pitstop they visited to the most recent one. Once teams have placed them in order, they will be a shown a thirteenth painting, which depicts the location of the finish line! Once they have been shown the painting, they made head out towards the finish line…

"This is Lima! The final task!" Peasley declared.

A toad standing outside the museum asked the two beans to follow him. They did just that. They were led to a room in the back of the museum with nothing in it but the mentioned paintings. There was another toad there, the curator of the museum, who was waiting eagerly to reveal the final painting.

"Okay Lima! Game time! Let's do this!" the prince declared.

"Right, my prince!" she replied.

The two beans than ran to their set of the paintings, ready to put them in the order.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; currently in Second

The two star spirits were lucky that their taxi driver was a fan of art, and therefore, knew the location of the museum due to previous visits. The girls thanked him greatly before they ran out and opened up the clue box, reading the information on it.

"'You will be escorted to a large empty room filled with paintings that resemble the pitstops you have been to. Once in the room, place the twelve pictures in order that you visited them. Once you have put them in order, the curator of the museum will show you a thirteenth painting, which will show you the location of the finish line!'" Mamar read off the clue.

"Finish line?" Misstar started to sweat. "…we have to hurry! Come on girl!"

The two star spirits were escorted to the back room by the toad. Both of the star spirits were relieved to see the two beans, who were trying to solve their own order.

Misstar and Mamar ran over to their set of paintings and began thinking of the legs they had went through, trying to decipher the order.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; currently in Last

The taxi driver of the fighters somehow was right in directions again and knew the location of the museum. The two fighters ran up to the clue box after thanking their driver and opened the clue inside.

"'You will be escorted to a large empty room filled with paintings that resemble the pitstops you have been to. Once in the room, place the twelve pictures in order that you visited them. Once you have put them in order, the curator of the museum will show you a thirteenth painting, which will show you the location of the finish line!'" Tundra read off.

"Final task?" Rawk's face grew serious. "This is it man! One more task! We have to pass the teams if they are here! We have to, or else!"

The two rival fighters were escorted to the backroom. To there joy, the other teams were there.

The rival fighters hurried to their sets of paintings and began to question the order, hoping to solve the final task as fast as they could.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"The picture of the sewers…that corresponds to that sewage pipe in Koopahari Desert right?" Peasley asked his advisor, trying to think back to the very first leg.

"Well no. The sewage pipe there was used for the roadblock! I'll never forget that awful smell…" Lima groaned thinking of the memories. "No, that's the pitstop of Petalburg!"

"Which leg was Petalburg again?" the prince asked.

"…I think leg five or six…pretty sure six."

The prince positioned the painting in sixth as he began looking at the next painting.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends

"The Sarasaland Royal Palace was the last pitstop we went to, so that should be last!" Misstar explained, putting it at the end.

"And we went to the Grand Canal, so the picture of that square should be before that." Mamar added, placing the picture of the Grand Canal Central Square right in front of the royal palace.

"Donut Plains was leg ten! What was the pitstop for that?"

"…I'm trying to think…"

"…we have to think fast!"

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"Crystal Palace was the Shiver Region's pitstop. Don't think I'll ever forget the crap we went through that leg!" Tundra explained, putting the painting in the eighth spot, the spot he remembered was for the Shiver Region.

"And the leg before that was Stardust Fields! So that border building would go there…" Rawk mumbled, putting the picture of the Beanbean-Mushroom Border Building in the seventh spot.

"What was the leg before that?" Tundra asked.

"…Petalburg I think?"

"…what was its pitstop?"


"…skip it for now! We'll fill in the spots we don't have for now later."

Lima and Peasley/Misstar and Mamar/Tundra and Rawk Hawk

All three teams were hastily making progress through the search of the paintings. They needed to complete the order as fast as they could. There was no second to waste. Still, all teams were getting stressed.

"Oh good lord…" Mamar mumbled nervously as she continued looking at the paintings.

"The stress is killing me!" Lima sighed, rubbing her head to calm herself down.

"This is awful…my brain feels dead…" Rawk groaned as he tried to think back to previous legs.

Still, among these comments, even more comments about the pitstops were heard, flooding the room.

"So that shopping district should go to Marrymore leg right? No wait, the shopping was Marrymore's roadblock. But wait, then what was Marrymore's pitstop?"

"Where the heck did we visit a university? Ugh…"

"What leg were we in when we were in the Shiver Regions?"

One word could be used to describe this room at this moment: stressful.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince

"Okay, so we know for certain that Stardust Fields was leg seven, so we can put the border building there." Peasley mumbled as he put the building in its seventh spot.

"And we know we just saw the Sarasaland Royal Palace." Lima added, placing it last.

"Okay…now what else?"

"I'm pretty sure that Donut Plains was leg ten! That's the leg we got saved from elimination…so I'd say the Green Switch Palace should be put there."

"Right!" Peasley mumbled, putting it there.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends

"That airship was the first pitstop! The one in Koopahari Desert!" Mamar stated, placing its painting in its spot.

"We went to Specter Forest after that right? I think that was the hotel…" Misstar trailed off in thought.

"I think so…" the bow-wearing star spirit mumbled when she placed the painting of Hotel Horror in the second spot.

"And leg three was Tall Tall Mountain! I think that was the Tall Tall University…yeah it was!"

Mamar nodded at her partner's words as she placed the picture of the university third in the row.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals

"We just left Sarasaland, so I know that the royal palace goes there." Tundra mumbled, putting its picture there.

"Grand Canal was before that…and the pitstop there…it was…it was…that square!" Rawk stated, placing the picture of the central square before it.

"Okay, and then we had Donut Plains before that…oh, that was the Green Switch Palace!"


The rival fighters continued messing with their paintings, hoping that they were placing them in the correct order.

Team ?

"…I think…wait what leg was Marrymore again? That was five right?"

"Um…I guess so."

"That would make Circuit City leg four…okay, so we put the painting of Heart's Lake in fifth and Mario Circuit in fourth!"

"Right…yeah right."

Team ?

"Leg two…that was…where was that?"

"…I think leg three was Specter Forest maybe?"

"So that would make the hotel third?"

"Yeah…I guess. So leg two would be…Tall Tall Mountain then?"

"I think so…"

Team ?

"…Circuit City…that was leg five?"

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure at least…"

"…yeah I think it was! And Marrymore was leg four! So put the Heart's Lake at fourth spot and I'll put Mario's Circuit at leg five!"

Lima and Peasley/Misstar and Mamar/Tundra and Rawk Hawk

"…I think we are ready."

One of the teams called the attention of the curator. He checked their work and looked at the order. He turned them away nearly immediately.

"Nope, sorry." he said, noticing an error in the first three legs.

"What? Oh crap…"

The team looked over their work to see what they did wrong when another team called over the curator. He looked at their paintings, but spotted an error at leg

"Nope. Sorry." he replied.


The curator noticed the third team was done. They called his attention and he came over to check. When looking at their paintings he was happy to get past that they got passed the first few paintings. As he looked further, he noticed everything was in correct position.

"…that is correct." he told them.


"No way…"

The curator walked to the back of the room and pulled out another painting. He put it right next to the picture of Sarasaland Royal Palace. The picture depicted a train station that had a train about to set off on its path.

"A train station! Okay! I'm sure the taxi driver can get us there!"

"Right! Let's go!

The two ran out of the museum as fast as they could, hoping to get back to their taxi driver quickly and get on the road to the finish line.

"…wait what did we do wrong?"

"…wait maybe Circuit City wasn't leg four? And Marrymore was leg four instead?"

The two racers moved the two paintings over to do just that. They called over the curator to check. He nodded after checking the order, this time giving an affirmative answer. He got out the final painting and put it next to the last one.

"Ah! Okay! Come on! We can definitely get there! We have to hurry though!"

The two ran out, following the team that went out previously. They were hoping they could catch up and pass them on the route to the finish line.

"…shoot…I don't know what we are doing wrong?"

"What do we have wrong? Let's start going from the front…"

The two there spotted there mistake immediately! The only thing they were never sure about was the placement of the Tall Tall University and the Hotel Horror. After switching the two paintings, they presented it to the museum curator. He nodded in and showed them the painting of the finish line.

"Okay, I see! Come on, maybe we can catch up!"

The two hurried out, following behind the other two teams, hoping they didn't make a fatal mistake.

In a few minutes, all taxis were gone, headed away from the museum and on route to the pitstop.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

The K64 Train Station, the train station for Toad Town that traveled through the Mushroom Kingdom as far as the Mt. Rugged, was the finish line for the leg of the race. Positioned in front of the K64 Train was Erik along with a toad that worked on the train. Standing in front of them was the nine eliminated teams, each waiting for the first place team to arrive.

"…I can't believe it's ending…wow." Erik mumbled, a little bit sad with the race coming to a close.

"But I'm sure it was a great race!" the toad told him. "It'll be exciting to see how it will all end!"

"…true. Very true! I am very curious actually…" the dry bones mused.

"As am I!" the toad laughed. "And I don't even know who is running on this thing! All I know is I would probably lose, because I'm not fast unless I'm in my train!"

"Hey! I see a taxi coming, see!" Popple shouted from the front of the row of eliminated teams.

Erik and the toad stopped conversing. All of the teams paid close attention to what was happening. A taxi was indeed coming. It drove off after being paid a hefty coin, leaving one team. They were running towards the finish line as fast as they could. Only one question remained to all watching.

"…it's too far away to see. Who is it?" Lemmy asked.

Team ?

They were running to the finish line. When they got closer they could see it: there was no other team on the finish line! They were first!

The two ran into the crowd, the other teams identified them immediately. They started cheering.

"Ugh! That should be ME running down there!" King Boo looked away in disgust, angered by his early elimination.

"It's okay milord…I wish it was us too…" Boolossus didn't say much as he continued to clap, watching the team go past them.

"Good work guys! You've earned it!" Kooper told the two, a grin on his face.

"I'm so happy for you guys, I could explode!" Bombette stated with a laugh.

"…I knew it would be you two. I just knew it, see?" Popple told the two as they came past them.

"Keep it up you two! Looks like you guys stole first place in the end!" Croco told them.

All the applause and the excitement that was being made was shocking to the two. They were exhausted, but this fueled them to run even faster.

"Well now! Congrats you two! Good work!" Bow told them, a smile on her face.

"Congratulations indeed! Good work!" Bootler added.

"Well what do you know? Good work you two!" Wendy O told the two with a smile on her face.

"Yeah, great job! Keep running you two!" Lemmy added.

"…psh." Axem Red looked away, a little irritated that he wasn't doing what the two were doing.

"…that could have been us…" Axem Pink sobbed a bit. "…congrats I guess…"

Only a little bit more running until the two reached the pitstop. They were so close! They couldn't believe it!

"…I'd rather be up there, personally, but whatever. You two earned it." Bowser admitted, giving the two an applause.

"Agreed!" Jr. squeaked. "Congrats!"

"Keep on going you two! Just a little more running and you made it!" Vivian replied with a smile, clapping as the two continued.

"Good job. You both earned it!" Beldam reported to the two.

"Looks like you guys are the winners!" Plenn exclaimed with a smile. "Great job you two! Congratulations!"

"Just a little bit more! Get up on that finish line and claim your prize!" Thriff told them, pointing to the finish line.

They followed the shopkeeper's advice, running up on to the mat. They couldn't believe what had happened. Was this…was this real?

"Well this might not mean as much as what everyone else said, but congratulations! And welcome to Toad Town!" the toad told them, giving them an applause.

"Thirteen legs! You guys have traveled through many different countries and areas and traveled over fifty-five thousand miles! You guys have done it! You faced all the challenges we have thrown at you and took on everything, and here you, having defeated everything and everyone!" Erik cheered. The dry bones didn't wait much longer before he made his final announcement, the one these two wanted to hear more than anything. "…Misstar and Mamar, you are the official winners of the Amazing Race! And you are both the official winners of the grand prize of one million coins!"

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; 1st Place; Winners of the Amazing Race; 9:50 P.M

The shock had finally registered. The two Star Spirits processed what had just happened. They made it. They won the race. They won it!

"OH MY GOSH! YES!" Misstar screamed at the top of her lungs.

"WE WON! WE WON MISSTAR! WE WON THE AMAZING RACE!" Mamar screamed back, equally loud.

The two star spirits immediately hugged each other, jumping up in down in the process. They did it together. They couldn't have done this without each other.

The other nine teams continued their applause. Erik was about to ask the girls something when he spotted it: another taxi coming. The two inside rushed out. The team running was not surprised to see Misstar and Mamar on the mat, so their face was not completely disappointed. They were just going to make sure they finished this race!

The teams turned their attention and continued to clap. Misstar and Mamar joined in. The two hopped on to the mat. Erik took the initiative before anyone could say anything.

"Tundra and Rawk Hawk, after traveling around the world and over fifty-five thousand miles, you guys are team number two! Congratulations!" he told them.

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; 2nd Place; 9:51 P.M.

"Second eh?" Tundra asked. "Not too bad! Not too bad at all!"

"It's pretty good! Very respectable!" Rawk added.

The two fighters were about to give each other a high five, but instead opted for a hug instead. They did become a lot closer on the race after all.

"Congrats you two! You both deserved it and kicked our butts to get it!" Tundra told the two girls with a laugh.

"Yeah, and it hurt too!" Rawk added. "Congratulations! You both were awesome!"

"Thanks you guys!" the two star spirits replied, giving the fighters a hug.

Erik was about to open his mouth again when he noticed it: the third taxi and the third team to come out.

"…I swear, these teams came too close to each other! I need a second to say something to them!" he laughed to himself.

The two ran out. They saw the two teams on the finishing place already, but they weren't disappointed in the result. They jumped on to the finish line, claiming their place.

"Lima and Peasley, after traveling around the world and over fifty-five thousand miles, you guys are team number three! Congratulations!" Erik told them, a smile on his face.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; 3rd Place; 9:52 P.M.

"Third place? We'll take it!" Peasley told Erik, smiling.

"Third is good! It's something to be proud about!" Lima added.

The two beans gave each other a hug before they turned to the other two teams.

"Congratulations guys! You earned it! You both were awesome!" Peasley told them.

"Very good job! You both were amazing!" Lima stated.

"Thank! You two as well! You both made it hard!" Mamar told them.

"Yeah! You guys are tough!" Rawk stated. "Great to have played with you both!"

Erik was going to finally ask the question to the three teams: how do they feel about their performance? How do they feel about the race? When the dry bones prepared to ask, he looked over to the three teams. He saw the acceptance in the eyes of the fighters and the two beans. He saw the happiness in the eyes of the star spirits. He saw how pleased each of them were with their performance. The dry bones didn't feel the need to ask his question anymore: the answer was evident.

"Heh…it was great watching this thing up close." Erik finally stated.

The other nine teams crowded around the three that finished, giving handshakes, hugs, and congratulations to the teams.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

King Boo and Boolossus: King/Servant: 12th Place

"Stop! Get away from me! I do not want to talk to any of you!" King Boo hissed, shooing the cameras away from him. "I hate this race and I hate all of you! Curse you all for eliminating me first!"

"…" Boolossus didn't say much. He really didn't know what to say. "…only wish I could have gotten the chance to seen more of the world…it was an honor to have been on the race, however. I only wish milord would be more appreciative of the opportunity we got…'

Kooper and Bombette: Neighbors: 11th Place

"We were knocked out in leg two, so we didn't get to see much of the race. A little disappointing actually. Bombette and I were thinking just what it would have been like to go through the whole thing and race for the finish line…" Kooper thought to himself. "I don't regret anything, though. We had a blast in our short time and we wouldn't change anything! Congrats to the final three for being great at this thing!"

"Yes, congratulations indeed!" Bombette laughed. "Only thing, we wish we could've joined you guys! But whatever. Kooper and I had fun on our little adventure for two legs and I feel like we got out a little closer! I think we need to go on another adventure together some time. Just the two of us, to make up for our early out!"

"I'll be happy to do join you!" Kooper laughed.

Popple and Croco: Pen Pals; 10th Place

"We were pen pals! The race really was our first meeting each other, see?" Popple explained his relationship with his partner. "The race showed some sides of the other we don't really agree with, as seen in our fight that led to our elimination, see. But I think the race helped us. We aren't pen pals anymore. I think it's safe to say we are best friends now!"

"I'd agree with that!" Croco nodded in agreement. "We got more from the race then we thought we would in our three legs! We can steal a million coins later from some rich buffoon. I think it was to just go around the world and see what it has to offer! And we also made our mark on Amazing Race history! First team to get a first place finish?"

"We were! We will always have that! We stole that title, see?" Popple laughed as he gave a high five to his partner.

Bow and Bootler: Madam/Butler; 9th Place

"We certainly left sooner than we wished to have, but I think we had a good time on our journey! The race certainly was like any other!" Bow exclaimed, a smile on her face. "It was definitely something in life that I'll never forget and that I'll cherish forever! I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to do it Bootler as well!"

"As am I, madam." Bootler replied. "I never thought I would have the opportunity to travel the world with her. It truly was amazing! Something that I'll never forget!"

"…you know Bootler…I hope you don't mind if I come to call you my grandfather from time to time, do you?" Bow asked. "…when I said you were like a grandfather to me, I really did mean it. I like the idea of actually being related to you. I hope you don't mind if I call you that every now and then, grandfather."

"…I would be honored if you ever call me that." the butler gave a very large smile as he looked at the boo he had been working for years.

Wendy O and Lemmy: Siblings; 8th Place

"We walked into the race ready to face papa and Jr. in a major battle! We were ready to stand up to our father and show him we were tired of not being treated like his children! I'm honestly shocked we are leaving with a better relationship with him!" Wendy explained. "…I know he was sincere when he apologized, and we were too when we accepted it. Our relationship with him is a little tarnished…but nothing time may heal…in time, he may become the perfect father we always wanted…the one he was at one time."

"I really think that time may come sooner than we think." Lemmy added to what his sister said. "The race helped us repair our relationship with him! That's something bigger than a million coins! That's our reward!"

"Also, we got to meet some amazing people and do some amazing stuff! See cool places…and travel around with one of my big bros." Wendy laughed. "I guess you could say the race really is amazing!"

"Clearly…" although Lemmy agreed with his sister's words, he rolled his eyes at her pun. He then proceeded to laugh, as she joined in with him.

Axem Red and Axem Pink: Rangers; 7th Place

"It honestly sucked watching the two star spirits cross the finish line! Not that I have anything against them, but I wanted to be the ones doing that…" Axem Red sighed, disappointed. "The experience was great…just wish we could have lasted longer…it's really gonna suck when we get back and Yellow, Black, and Green give us so much crap for getting out so early!"

"It won't be that bad." Pink thought aloud. "They can't say we did bad until they get on and prove that we did. But I do agree…I wish we could have gotten further in the race…"

"Maybe we could have if you didn't screw it up for us!" Red mumbled.






The camera man turned away from the rangers at this point. They clearly had more to say, but they have already said enough about the race. Enough at this time…

Bowser and Bowser Jr.: Father/Son; 6th Place

"I hate losing. I HATE losing. But I walked out of this not that angry or anything. Weird isn't it? For some reason, I feel like I won this thing for some reason." Bowser mumbled. "Jr. and I never won a leg or anything, except for that fake pitstop, and we didn't make it all the way, but we got to see a lot of places that I've never seen before! And I got to repair the damage I've done to my children…something that I needed to do…honestly, I don't see how I didn't win? Misstar and Mamar may have walked out in first place, but I still won in my mind."

"I think we did too! The experience was amazing and something I'll never forget!" Jr. exclaimed. "I've done so much more than most my age! Seen so many things! Best of all, I saw and did it all with my papa, who I love so much!"

"Love you too Jr.…" the King of the Koopas smile. "…now that we are getting back though, I have a message for Princess Peach, if she is watching this. Hope you are ready for a little 'trip' to my castle soon…Mario, you best be prepared…muahahah!"

"Muahaha!" Jr. laughed as well.

Vivian and Beldam: Sisters; 5th Place

"We were close, but in the end, we just couldn't make it! Wish we could have gotten the chance to run the race to the end…" Vivian sighed. "Whatever though. I already got my reward. Beldam and I have got back the relationship we had! I actually feel like she is my sister again! That is something I could never buy with a million coins!"

"A million coins would have gone nice with it, though." Beldam offered, a slight laugh. "Vivian is right, however. I've realized how I have treated her and I realize the error of my ways. The relationship was damaged, but not destroyed. It's time for me to pick up the pieces and fix all that I've done…"

"I'm so glad Marilyn convinced us to do this together…we owe this all to her…" the younger shadow siren smiled.

"We really do…thank you Marilyn." the elder shadow siren thanked the middle sister, a smile evident on Beldam's face. The sight would have been shocking to anyone who knew the old Beldam, but after all that has happened to her on the race, the smile was becoming more common on her face.

Plenn and Thriff: Brothers; 4th Place

"We made it a long way into the race. We got twelve legs in, with thirteen in the whole thing! It's disappointing we got out before the end, but it was an honor to go as far as we did! Something to be proud about!" Plenn explained, smiling.

"I'll say!" Thriff agreed. "It was great to do this thing with Plenn! It was tough! But I got to see the whole world with him! We won a couple of nice prizes and met some crazy people I'm gonna call friends after the race. And I got to spend more time with bro, something we haven't been able to do when I moved to Keelhaul Key."

"It was lonely without you. And quiet. Very quiet." Plenn added.

"I bet it was!"

"…mhmm. That's why I've decided I'm going to be coming to Keelhaul Key more often from now on. I've spent too much time focused on work. I'll take more vacations from now on and relax and visit my brother more often. That's what I truly want!" the shopkeeper from Rougeport stated.

"…I'll be visiting you more often too…love you bro." the shopkeeper from Keelhaul Key stated as he gave his brother a hug.

"Love you too." Plenn replied, returning the hug.

Lima and Peasley: Advisor/Prince; 3rd Place

"In the end, we got third. Which I'm not even disappointed about in the least!" Lima explained to the cameras. "We wanted to win, but I'm okay with how we did. We made it all the way to the end, which is something to be proud about! In the end, what we got the race was more important than any amount of coins or the title!"

"I would agree!" Peasley nodded in agreement. "I wanted to win bad…but…you know, I'm okay with losing. I'm just glad we made it as far as we did. We did pretty good, I think!"

"I'll say!" the advisor replied with a laugh.

"…you know how I said I almost did the race with one of my friends? How you, in fear of my safety, went to my mother and convinced her that she needed to force me to let you come with me on the race?" the prince started. "…I'm glad you did. I don't think I could have gotten anywhere close to this with anyone else…nor do I think it would have been as fun. Lima…I complain about you a lot and I still will…but please know, you are like another mother to me, just like my real mom is. And…I…appreciate all you have done for me…"

"…" Lima was at a loss for words. She responded with teary eyes and a hug. "…and I appreciate you for being you, my prince, and for being like the son I never had…"

Tundra and Rawk Hawk: Rivals; 2nd Place

"I thought we would be devastated if we lost. Really. But honestly, I don't feel bad." Tundra explained, laughing a little. "We wanted to win, but hey, second place is good! We kicked butt! Misstar and Mamar were great and they deserved to win! I'm glad they did win! In the end, though, we got a lot from this race!"

"We really did! Lots of first place finishes, seen so many awesome places, got a lot of new friends…are you sure we didn't win?" Rawk asked.

"Yeah…" the yoshi replied.


"…eh whatever. In the end though, I'm also glad I went with Rawk! We weren't the best of friends before the race. Heck, we didn't get along too well. We just went together because we know that we are both tough and we could handle this thing! But you know…got to say…I think I'm walking out with one of my new best friends. What do you think man?" Tundra asked his partner.

"I'd honestly agree!" Rawk replied, giving his partner a high five. "We got a lot from this thing. We don't really regret anything! Honestly, this race was more than amazing. IT FRICKIN RAWKS! And I don't say that much, you know!"

"…oh really?"

"You don't believe me?"

"I didn't say that…" the yoshi rolled his eyes with a laugh as Rawk grew red in anger.

Misstar and Mamar: Lifelong Friends; 1st Place

"I can't believe we did it! I just can't believe we did it!" Misstar exclaimed, jumping up and down in her interview. "We originally just came on to have fun and for personal reasons! We never thought we could win, but here we are! We actually did it! It feels so weird!"

"It's amazing isn't it?" Mamar laughed at the pun, a pun she knew was made many times before. "In the end, it wasn't the win that made this race amazing. It was the experiences we had! Misstar and I got to see so many things we've never seen before and meet people we would never meet otherwise! We've done so many things that some people never get to in a life time! The race was a blessing, a real wish come true, and I'm glad it was granted!"

"I would agree! It feels weird having one of OUR wishes get granted, doesn't it?" Misstar laughed at the irony. Mamar joined in.

"It does! But I think we ended up granting it though for each other!" Misstar explained. "Going around the world with Misstar only made the experience better after all! She has been my best friend since our early days as star kids and will forever remain my best friend!"

"And you will always be mine!" Misstar added.

The two girls gave each other a hug before ending their interview, a giant smile plastered on each of their faces.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

All twelve teams got together and surrounded Erik. A picture was taken of them all together. The picture represented something bigger than each of them could possible imagine. They were part of a race around the world and each of them saw things they never imagined before. All twenty-four racers have truly been affected by this race. It is safe to say none of them will forget all of the experiences and memories they obtained from this race anytime soon.

Mario Amazing Race-Season 1

Author's Note: Honestly, I can't believe I just did it. This thing has taken me three years to finish…but here it is. I'm finally done. It's played a major role in my life, but now, the first season is done.

This story…I've reread the first five or so chapters and I've really changed over the years…as a person and as a writer. I think I've gotten to be a better writer over the progress of the story and I feel like I can write a better Amazing Race now. I feel like this story has helped make me a better writer. It means a lot to me…I'm honored to finally be able to finish this season.

Thank you to all who have read the story up to this point! I hope you enjoyed the ride and I hope you all stay for the ride in season two! I promise to update the next season better! I really promise!

Speaking of the next season, I'll start working on it immediately. I'll have a prologue (a.k.a. meet the teams) chapter up by Monday at the latest and will start working on the first leg. It is time to start that, now. This season…I'm looking forward to it immensely. Expect the first leg to come in two weeks I hope! That's what I'm shooting for!

…I hope you have enjoyed the season so far. I'd love some additional feedback so that way I can make the next season better! It would be greatly appreciated! Hope you all enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading the first season! I'll see you later, as Erik leads twelve new teams of two in another race around the world! :)