Chula sighed as he crawled through the walls of the mansion. No one wanted him around. He had never realized what a loser he was until someone actually spelled it out for him. Now there was nothing to do but sit and rot.

It was then that he heard something…the sounds of a high-pitched little voice struggling…

"Wuzzat?" Chula muttered to himself.

Rounding a bend, the spider was delighted to find that he'd captured a bug in one of his webs!


The little cockroach pulled and squirmed, but it was no use. He was stuck. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," he kept saying to himself.

"Well, well, well…" smiled Chula. "This'll certainly brighten my day."

"M-my day could use some brightening too," squeaked Digit.

"You have NOT had as crappy a day as I have!" snapped Chula.

"Look who's talking," Digit shot back. "I'm about to be devoured by an ugly brute!"

"Well I just lost all my friends!" shouted Chula. "At least, I thought they were my friends…"

"I have never experienced true friendship myself," confessed Digit. "I've been told that it's quite nice. I suppose that's what I get for falling into the company of cats, but can one do when times are so dire?"

"Cats?" repeated Chula. "Disgustin' blokes, the whole lot of 'em! The only thing I hate worse than a cat is a mouse! Like that little Fievel punk!"

"You've encountered him as well?" said Digit, perking up. "Why, he had me shipped off to Hong Kong!"

"He rode me outta town, too," said Chula. "Hey, I remember you! You were in that foist movie, weren't ya? Yeah, good times, good times…NOT."

Digit smiled. "It's nice to know that my predator has a sense of humor, I suppose. Perhaps a sense of humor that's a tad outdated, but still…"

"Ehh, I don't really wanna eat you," sighed Chula. "Fer one thing, I'm not really that hungry. But fer another thing, you're the foist guy around here who I can kinda relate to, ya know? What with everyone else being dead and all. I kinda like you."

"Birds of a feather, I suppose," smiled Digit, trying not to think about Creeper and the gang.

(To the tune of "A Duo" from An American Tail")

Chula: I can tell we've got an awful lot in common

Even though it might not always seem that way

Though a meal some might prefer

I mean, I'm a predator

And you are the epitome of prey

Yet the two of us are really not so different

We both tried our best, but were doomed to fail

We've got something going on

I can sense a kind of bond

All thanks to "An American Tail"

We're a duo

A duo

A pair of lonely ones

Who were meant to be a two, oh

A duo

It's true, oh

Wherever we go

We're going me and you

We've both hit the pavement one time or another

But we're springing back and this time not alone

Unconventional, of course

But I won't beat that dead horse

Digit: I am shocked, I have to say

But I'd be shocked any way

Because of my electric sparks

(Digit suddenly begins to spark and jolt around, overcome by the emotion)

Chula: Uh…with you around, things won't get dark

Both: We're a duo

A duo

A pair of lonely ones

Who were meant to be a two, oh

A duo

It's true, oh

If you're ever in a stew

We know we can make it through

Cause you've got me

And I've…got…you!

Oh yeah!

I love Digit. I don't care that he had, like, four minutes of screentime. Will Ryan is awesome.

I think I had a version of this in mind a while back for a number with the Hitchhiking Ghosts and Brer Rabbit (We're a quartet/A quartet/We used to just have three/But we haven't had a four yet/A quartet/Adore that...etc)