Hi! This is my first Shakespearean work, it was originally an English assignment, a spoken monologue, it is Old Siward breaking the news of his son's death to his wife. Hope you like it!

My dear wife,

From Scotland I bring sore news,

Thy brave son hath been slaughtered at the bloody hands of the Scottish traitor Macbeth.

I do mourn our son's death,

Though I be happy his hurts were before.

His death bring'st me much pride.

I know thou will be full of sadness and grief.

But, his death was honourable, giving our name much respect.

He was loyal to our cousin Malcolm, who was wrongfully deprived of his kingship.

The tyrant of Scotland was slain by the worthy Thane of Fife, Macduff.

It is then that our son was lost like the light of day to a storm cloud.

The death of the traitor was helped by the English army.

'Tis true that his own had rallied against him.

Macbeth's final battle was short lived.

I was in league with those who won the battle,

The pious King Edward believed young Malcolm's story and sent us, his men, to restore order in Scotland.

Macbeth was ill prepared,

When'st young Malcolm came pleading,

Our king sent us as allies to Malcolm and the worthy Thane of Fife,

To fight against the bloody tyrant who had'st murdered the Thane of Fife's,

Babes and wife.

I was prepared to lose mine own life to see the downfall of the tyrant,

But, I did not.

The tyrant soon fell to Macduff,

"I will not yield to kiss the ground before young Malcolm's feet." quoth he.

Malcolm will make a much fairer ruler than the bloody butcher.

The English Lords have done bravely in battle.

There were few lost at the last battle that Macbeth fought, our son be among them.

Many who were once loyal to Macbeth,

Turned their backs on him, fighting with us instead.

This gave us the advantage,

With us, the English lords leading the first battle,

The traitor was caught unaware.

He lost followers as fast as sunlight was fades into the night.

After he himself was slaughtered,

His head was taken by Macduff who fixed it upon the battlements.

The day was won,

'Twas then when I first heard of our son's death.

"Had he his hurts before?" quoth I.

The answer was comforting,

Knowing he was in fact God's soldier.

When I was asked to join the King in his alliance with Malcolm,

I was filled with a most glorious feeling,

The thought to restore right to Scotland was enticing,

The thought of more pride to our name and to free a country from their oppression was as well, enticing.

So I agreed.

The battle in Scotland was not a bloody one,

The death of the traitor came soon enough.

With his death Malcolm was professed the rightful king.

The people cheered and jeered as Macbeth's head was visible upon the battlements.

Then the reckoning of the battle was final.

The cost of the downfall was our son.

Thou wilt need some time to come to stare this sore news down.

Please tell me what you think!