Chapter 158-(Funeral of a Dragon Lord)

A week had passed since the Death of DL Mark. They held a funeral for him and it was a special one. They had started all the way at the Temple. They had a mass obviously, and the priests blessed his dead body. DL Mark was wearing some new clothes that he would usually wear, and his fire sword was held to his chest. He was laid like any warrior would die. His amulet and ring were placed next to him as well as his possessions. The mass was long for the entire world had come for his funeral. With over 2 billion people it had to be broad casted.

After the mass, DL Mark's body was placed in a specially made gold coffin. It was designed as golden dragon scales and it took 4 people to carry his coffin. Godith was dressed in black as well as Galadrial and the others. Tears were being shed as friends of DL Mark were the first to carry his coffin. Dante, Nick, Nero, and Ash first carried his coffin. People were lined up behind them and all the way to his burying site. A gap was opened for them to carry it.

As they had carried the coffin, Godith and Galadrial were behind it, followed by DK Mark and Yulie, Spyro and Cynder, and it kept on going down the line. They decided to carry it all the way from the Temple to the Imperial City, and then finally at Warfang. People were singing as they followed and noticed DL Mark's coffin. Soon after a while, Sedro, Leon, Bahamut, and Lethak took his coffin and carried it through a forest. Spyro realized that it was the same forest that they had gone through when they went to go after Lethak. 'It seems as if they are going to take him all over the lands till we reach to Imperial City.' thought Spyro.

It took over two hours as they carried his coffin to the Imperial City. During the long walk, Aira, Luna, Elaine, and Elva had taken his coffin and carried it to the city. More people joined as they passed through the city. Demitri, Falzar, Malefor, and Ansem, were the next to take his body till they had reached to a cave. DK Mark realized that this was a cave that passed through out the Dead City, but he didn't expect seeing DL Mark's ghost in the cave at all. Ever since they freed the Dead from their Ghost King, not one soul had been spotted in the cave. 'This place brings me back memories.' wondered DK Mark as he entered the cave.

Barroth, Morrogh, Annoth, and Zafir were next to take his body as they carried it through the cave. When they reached out of the cave, thunder rumbled and rain began to pour. It was still daylight, but the rain and thunder brought more pain and suffering to the people. Godith had collapsed before. Cynder helped her sister up. She knew that Godith can't really believe that DL Mark was actually gone. He lived for so long that everyone thinks that he will never die and always live, but it seems as if DL Mark had died. Died saving his family and loved ones from certain doom.

Godith was accompanied by Cynder as she struggled to walk through the rain with tears rolling down her cheeks. Galadrial was crying as well. She only knew her father for a year. All the time that he helped her train and become just who she exactly is today. 'I wish father killed Lucifer in some other way, rather then blowing himself up.' thought Galadrial with sadness as she cried along the way. Demitri accompanied her and she cried in his arms. Demitri knew her pain. He didn't know have his father when he was young and he always thought that he was dead. But now that Malefor was back, on the good side, Demitri felt guilty. His father returned while Galadrial's father passed away into death.

The funeral soon passed by a beautiful lake that shinned brightly due to the break of rain, just before it began to pour again. Life seemed so hard for the friends and family of DL Mark. One day he was happy, loving and caring. Always had a smile on his face. The next day he would have a bloody face, covered in wounds, but he would always have a smile on his face. He always knew what kind of trouble he would have to deal with. Lucifer seemed to have finally put an end to that. But so did DL Mark as he put an end for Lucifer. They changed from Grace, Bellatrix, Maria, and William. They had passed by the place where he had died and stopped there. They laid the coffin there and they all prayed and bowed their heads. The wind howled across the lands that was once a battlefield. A shimmer of sunlight shinned through and Cynder had noticed it as it shinned onto a small patch of flowers.

Her brother. Her brother-in-law. Always looking good and was always gentle around women. Cynder remembered the day she first met him, from the then on she remembered him of marrying her and Spyro together. Helped her when she had her first child Masami. All of these memories had gone through her mind till they had left. Warfang was close by and this time Spyro, Cynder, DK Mark, and Yulie had taken his coffin all the way through the city.

It was a long and painful climb but it was worth it. DK Mark thought of it as all of the pains that he suffered with DL Mark. All the battles and crazy fighting the two had been together through. DK Mark remembers well about when the two had fused together for the first time and then again when they went against Lucifer. Those seemed good times. They had entered through large gold doors and realized, that the place they were just in was the Tomb of Dragon Kings. For the first time, a Tomb was made especially for DL Mark.

When they arrived to his resting place, the coffin was handed over to Godith and Galadrial. The two looked each other with teary eyes as the placed and slid the coffin into his tomb. The Tomb was extremely large since many people had placed many gifts for him. It took over 4 hours after all the gifts were brought to be. People felt sorry for Godith and Galadrial and shared their feelings with them. Godith and Galadrial thanked them for their kindness. After all of the feelings and gifts were given, Godith was the one who had closed her husbands tomb. Just before she closed it, she placed her wedding ring in it on top of his coffin, just before she closed it up and bursted into tears. Spyro, Cynder and Galadrial accompanied her and hugged her as family.

Pictures and paintings of DL Mark's life were placed around his large Tomb. A carved marble statue was placed on top of his tomb. It was his Half-Dragon Sayin 3 form. DL Mark was holding two long swords diagnolly. His face had a smile as usual and his hair was perfectly carved as well as his body, tail, spikes, and wings. Underneath his statue, was a carved Dragon Amulet and his name written. It said. 'Mark The Dragon Lord. A Proud Warrior, and A Loving Father and Husband.' People sang and spoke prayers just before they left. Godith and Galadrial looked back one last time at their loved one's Tomb, just before they closed they large gold doors shut.

Godith and Galadrial hugged each other and cried on one another. The sun was beginning to set and the two went to a cliff and sat down together. Neither one had spoke to one another. They only sat and watched as the sun set over the beautiful, crisp, crystal clear ocean water.