Chapter 159-(One Last Gift)

A month has passed by since the funeral of Mark the Dragon Lord took place. Stores weren't doing good as before, the economy was starting to suck ever since. People could still not get over the fact that DL Mark was dead. But the past was the is the future that people need to worry DL Mark would usually say. Leon had resigned his commission as Dragon King. Everyone in the lands were shocked but Leon explained calmly why. "My dear people...I know that I had been a good king all my life, but I had been a king ever since I was born. The Old Age of Dragons has passed by my friends. The New Age of Dragons will begin once the new Kings and Queens of the Dragon Realms are crowned." spoke Leon.

After his speech, Spyro, Cynder, DK Mark, Yulie, Lethak, Valsa, and Godith were chosen to be the next kings and queens. " 7...and we rule the world now. If only DL Mark was here...he would know how to make us all feel happier then now." said Spyro. Godith gave Spyro a smile. "I know, but I know that he is happy up in Heaven right now. Looking down on us, seeing us becoming the next Kings and Queens." said Godith with a tear in her eyes. "Why did they arrange it like this?" asked Valsa, Lethak's soon to be wife and Queen. "Because silly, we have two Dragon Kings and Two Dragon Lords. Well...only one but because of Godith, one seat is left open for only one man who is worthy enough to take the title as Dragon Lord and become Godith's new husband." said Lethak.

"I am not sure about a new husband yet. But a new Dragon Lord sounds nice." said Godith with a silly smile. "Then what do us women do?" asked Yulie. "Hehehehe. Yulie, you are DK Mark's girlfriend. The People figured that you two might be married soon after coronation so they figured that you would become his Queen. Cynder the same thing. She is married to Spyro and he is also a Dragon King, therefore she becomes a Queen and all our your children will be princes and princesses." said Lethak. "So...when I marry to my big man here...I am his Queen?" asked Valsa. "Yes Valsa, and I know you are pregnant so your child might become the next Dragon Lord or Lordess." said Godith with a smile.

Galadrial soon came running in. "Mom...the servants are waiting for you! Come on! I can't wait to be a princess!" shouted Galadrial with joy. Godith smiled and laughed lightly. "My sweet dear already are a princess." smiled Godith as she kissed her daughter. "So...let's get dressed up shall we?" asked DK Mark. Everyone agreed and went off to their rooms where they had servants waiting happily for them along with their coronation clothes.

After a few hours, Spyro and Cynder were wearing a gold cloak on them, dressed all fancy and stuff. Lethak and Valsa were the same and so were DK Mark and Yulie. Godith however, she wore her old coronation clothes that she had when she first became Queen at the age of 18. Godith had a style that no one else had expected to be. It had gold dragons stitched onto a red back ground. It had a white fluffy outline and had many beautiful designs. "Oh my God! Godith wow this is amazing!" shouted Cynder in surprise. "I know...and Cynder...I have something to give to you." said Godith as she pulled out her old crown. It sparkled with much jewels and had many stunning designs. "OH MY GOD! For me?!" asked Cynder with tears in her eyes. "Yes my sister. I want you to have it." spoke Godith calmly. "Godith...I...I can't take it." said Cynder. Her mind was saying. 'Are you nuts?! That thing will look good on you!' "Why not?" asked Godith. " have been widowed. This is your old crown. Look at what I am wearing, it will not match for me. So I suggest that you keep your old crown. I thank you for the offer but...deep down inside me...I think that Mark would be happy to see you wear that once more." said Cynder.

Godith looked at her with a calm, gentle, smile, loving, caring, look. Godith hugged her sister and cried onto her shoulders. "I had not heard that in a long time was the last one to say that to me before I last saw her." cried Godith. "I know sis...relax...ruling the kingdom will be easy since you got family now." smiled Cynder. Godith sniffled and looked at her younger sister. "You are right little will be fun." smiled Godith before she turned to get prepared for the coronation.

A few more hours passed and the halls quickly filled up with people. 8 chairs, designed by the new Kings and Queens themselves were placed onto the throne. In the crowd was Sedro, Elaine Demitri, Revan, Kira, Galadrial, almost everyone who knew the people being coroneted, had front row view of the hall. "Wow...I can't believe that mom is going to become a Queen again." said Grace. "I know that has been a long time indeed." said Bellatrix with a smile. Trumpets and drums began to play and everyone was quiet. They watched in awe as the Dragon Bishop came by, wearing all gold. As a matter of fact, the Dragon Bishop was really Bahamut. People bowed before him but he only smiled at them and signaled them to get up.

"This is it you guys...we are going to rule the lands for a long time." said Spyro to the group. "I know...but it will be long." said DK Mark as he scratched his feet. "Don't tell me that you are going to have an itch in your foot the whole time!" exclaimed Yulie. "I don't want to...but these shoes are killing me!" shouted DK Mark. Godith raised her hands and the itch subsided. "Wow...thanks." said DK Mark with a smiling relief. "No problem...just don't mess it up and don't embarrass yourselves...please." begged Godith. "We won't...I have a feeling this will be a day for us to all remember." said Lethak.

Trumpets and other horns began to play. The orchestra was starting up and the group realized that it was time for them to become Kings and Queens of the Dragon Realms. Cynder grasped Spyro's hands. "Spyro?" whispered Cynder. "Yes?" replied Spyro with a smile. "I'm scared." said Cynder with a smile. Spyro kissed his wife...more likely his Queen passionately. "I too my Queen." said Spyro with a smile. The doors opened for them and they all walked in like royal people.

AS they were walking, people bowed before them as the walked towards the throne. Their family and friends bowed before them as well, even though they were next to the throne. As soon as they arrived, they all got down on one knee and spoke their oath as Kings and Queens. "We are all gathered here today, living, non-living, spirits, angels, people of Dracovia...We are gathered here today to witness History. The day where the New Age of Dragons begins, with our new Kings and Queens. Do you...Spyro, Mark, Lethak, Cynder, Yulie, Valsa, and Godith...swear on your lives to protect your kingdom...and do all the good that the people ask for?" asked Bahamut. "I do." replied all of them, loudly and clearly.

For more then an hour, they spoke of their oaths, and one by one they began to be crowned as Kings and Queens. Spyro and Cynder were the first King and Queen of the New Age of Dragons. Followed up by DK Mark and Yulie. Then Lethak and Valsa. They all arose and stood next to each other, looking to the side as Bahamut made his way to Godith, the solo Queen. Bahamut had crowned her as Queen and she too rose up, but she was sad in a way. She had no one next to her to share the moment. Bahamut smiled at them all and they all turned around to face the crowds. The crowds were cheering, clapping and bowing before them. They stood proudly like champions and they all had a smile as their family and friends came onto the throne and hugged their King and Queen.

Suddenly, the doors opened and a bright light flashed the room. Everyone was blinded and fell to their knees. The light was so bright that no one was able to see. Spyro looked through and noticed a figure making out from the light. There was only one person and it was walking towards them. As soon as the figure entered the large throne room, the doors closed shut, but the figure still gave off a bright light. From the shadows, people were bowing and whispers spread out. Spyro nor the new Kings and Queens were able to hear what their people were saying. Godith looked and her eyes widened as she realized who it really was. " can't be." spoke Godith softly.

The light from the figure soon dimmed and everyone gasped in shock as they realized who was standing before them. They all bowed before him...for it was none other then DL Mark. DL Mark was in his ghost form, but he still looked the same as usual. Godith was the only who was still standing. "" asked Godith with tears in her eyes. DL Mark smiled and walked towards her. He grasped her hand. Godith felt his warm hands touch her cool black scales. "Only in your heart, mind, and memories my love." spoke DL Mark in a happy voice. Godith broke into tears as she kissed and hugged her husband. "Oh...Ohhhhh Mark! It is so good to see you again!" cried Godith. "Shhhhh...don't cry Godith. I am also glad to see you again my love." spoke DL Mark as he held her close to his chest. Godith felt his hearts beating at a usual pace. "Mark...are you really alive?" asked Spyro in shock. "No...but only in your hearts, memories, and mind, Do I stay alive." smiled DL Mark. Everyone ran towards, and hugged him like a family. "Mark! Ohhh my brother! We miss you!" cried Cynder. DL Mark couldn't help but shed tears and smile as he was reunited with the others.

"Daddy!" yelled Galadrial, William, Grace, Bellatrix, Maria, Peter, Elanor, Chrys, Ancalagon, Scylla, Icefyre, and Enga. They all cried as they ran towards their father and hugged him and kissed him. Ghost DL Mark was surrounded by over 50 people who were happy to see him again. Galadrial jumped into his arms. DL Mark hugged and kissed his most beloved daughter. "Hey there is my girl doing?" asked DL Mark with tears. "Dad! I can't believe you are back!" cried Galadrial. "I know...i figured that it would be a nice thing for me to do to all of you. To see me one more time before I leave." said DL Mark. "Wait you're not staying?" asked Cynder. "Cynder...can't you see that I am a ghost, and I have a Halo over my head. Agor has agreed to let me visit you guys one more time. I can't believe that you guys have actually became part of royalty." smiled DL Mark. "I won't be the same without." said Spyro. "Now Spyro...I will always be there for you guys. Another reason why I came back is to give you all one final gift. I promised this when you were still young. I guess it is time I give it to you all." said DL Mark. "And what gift is that?" asked Valsa. "An Immortal Life." spoke DL Mark. "All of us?" asked Sedro. "Yes my friend. Now I know Godith, Barroth, Annoth, Morrogh, all the people that I have been with for quiet a while. So if only those who do not have Immortal Life, please stand together so I can give you all my gift." said DL Mark as he took a few steps back. Godith and all of her children and family had stood aside as the rest of the group huddled around each other.

DL Mark's body began to glow rainbow and he raised his hands. A rainbow aura shrouded the group's bodies and they all felt Immortal Life seep into them. They felt so young again, energetic, powerful. DL Mark smiled and he looked at his wife. "One more thing before I leave...I want all of you to stand together. I think that having a nice picture of us sounds nice." said DL Mark. Everyone agreed as a cameraman came and set his camera up. DL Mark made himself look more alive and he stood next to his beloved wife Godith. She clinched herself to his body and looked at the camera. "Smile everyone." spoke DL Mark. Everyone put up their best faces and a perfect, crystal clear photo came out. "Wow...that is so nice! Can you get this printed out for all of us?" asked DK Mark. "Certainly my lord." bowed the cameraman as he went with his camera to print out the pictures.

"Ohhh was nice to see you again." said Yulie. "I was nice to see you guys again as well. Oh! And before I forget and leave, I have something for you Godith and Galadrial." smiled DL Mark. Godith and Galadrial walked to him and stood close to him. "Yes?" asked Godith. DL Mark only looked at her with a smile as he placed her ring back onto her finger. " ring...I tossed it in at your funeral. I thought that it would be nice." said Godith. "It was...but it will always stay on matter what my love." said DL Mark. He turned to face his daughter who had tears in her eyes.

"As for sweet dear angel...I want you to have my most valuable items." said DL Mark as he took off his Dragon Amulet. "Dad! No...I can't take that! That's yours!" spoke Galadrial. "I know that...and therefore I want you to have it. I will not return for a long time. So I want you to have something so that you could remember me easily of. And I want you to have this..." said DL Mark as he took of his sword from his belt. "Mark...aren't you giving a bit too much to her?" asked Godith. "Mom...please. If dad gave me his means that I am now in charge of everything." said Galadrial. DL Mark only smiled at his daughter. "Here's my 2nd most favorite weapon." spoke DL Mark as he handed her his sword. Galadrial took it in both hands and she slowly pulled it out from it sheath. It began to fire up brightly in her hands. It did not feel too hot nor cold as metal. It brought her a warm sensationable feeling to her. "So...beautiful." spoke Galadrial.

"You want to know what my favorite, strongest weapon is?" asked DL Mark. "What is it father?" asked Galadrial as she put the sword back in its sheath. "It is our love that runs in our family. No matter who kills who...our love for one another...will always be there. It will always be strong, caring, and loving to all." said DL Mark with a gentle smile. Galadrial cried and hugged her father. "Ohh Daddy!" cried Galadrial as she hugged her father. "Take good care of the family now my darling girl. You have an important duty on you now. Take good care of your mother as well, and the world. Do not forget about your friends as well." said DL Mark with tears in his eyes. He kissed his daughter one last time before letting go.

Godith was crying as well, realizing that her husband will leave for now till he comes back. "When will you come back?" asked Godith tearfully. "I don't know...Soon I hope." said DL Mark as he got closer and kissed his wife. The two shared a romantic kiss with one another as a white aura shrouded their bodies. Neither of them wanted to let go but Godith was crying too much. "Shhhhh...Chiili ti ulnot sia itov. Si geou agantal qe mobi ihk wux vur wer family." (Do not cry for me my love. I will always be there for you and the family.) spoke DL Mark in a calm tone.

"Just come back soon my love." said Godith as she kissed him one last time. The doors opened and the Light of Heaven was shinning through. "Mark...It is time." spoke Agor. DL Mark looked back and then at his family and friends. "I will be leaving now. Farewell everyone. Take care of the world. Please...try not to fuck it up without me." smiled DL Mark. The group laughed and smiled as they shed tears. "Just Remember One Thing...I Love You All...And I Will Be Watching You All From Above." said DL Mark with tears streaming down his cheeks as he turned towards Agor.

DL Mark stopped one last time and looked back with a smile at his family, friends, and people. DL Mark smiled and he looked towards the light. He stepped through and his body began to float up to Heaven as well as Agor. The light soon dimmed out just as the first glimpse of sunset occurred.


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