Chapter 2-(Demitri & Ash)

Meanwhile at the ruins of Mount Malefor, there stood a black dragon. His name was Demitri, the son of the Dark Master, the one destined to destroy the world and get revenge on those who killed his father. He went inside the cave and looked into a pool of water. An image of Spyro appeared.

"Revenge"said Demitri coldly. Then the water changed and an image of Cynder appeared, then Mark, then Godith and then Elva.

"They will all suffer."said Demitri coldly.

"Yes, they will all suffer. But do not be hasty, if you attack now, your plans for revenge will not happen. You need to gain more power then the Dragon Lord. Then you can attack and kill as many as you wish."said a voice.

"Yes, I know that. I just want this to end now, but I see what you mean. Once I am stronger and more powerful then Mark, I will then become unstoppable and get my revenge."

"Shall we continue our training?"asked the voice.

"Yes Dark God, let us continue." Demetri left the cave and a dark cloud followed him. They both stopped and looked at the scene.

"Fools. All of them. They are all enjoying this. But comes my wrath, they will be sorry."said Demetri. They left and went to their training ground. They both noticed something was ahead of them. A red dragon with a golden underbelly, his horns are gold and sharp. His tail was shaped like a knife but was red. His claws were sharp and black.

"What an idiot to be here. At least he will make a good target practice."said Demitri.

"No, you won't kill him, instead you will make him join you. I have taught you how to make someone be under your dark control. Try and test it on this one." said the Dark God. Demitri nodded and went after the red dragon. The red dragon turned and saw Demitri. The red dragon was in fear and started to run.

"ARGH! Damn it! Guess I will have to stop you cold in your tracks."said Demitri. Demitri casted an iceball at the fire dragon and managed to get two of his legs frozen. The red dragon struggled and tried to break free. All he could do was watch in horror as Demitri came to him.

"You, what is your name?"

"A-A-A-Ash"said the red dragon.

"Ash, eh? Not bad of a name for a red dragon. You won't mind if you joined my side don't you Ash?"said Demitri with an evil smile.

"Uhh what will I get in return?"asked Ash.

"Power, unbelievable power."said Demitri evilly.

"That's it?"asked Ash. Demitri gave him a hard look.

"What the fuck did you expect me to give you?"

"Uhhh I don't know, pretty girls?"blushed Ash.

"No, not yet."said Demitri.

"Sorry then, no ladies, no deal. Later!"

Ash broke free from the ice and started to fly away.

"Oh no you won't."said Demitri. He fired a dark spear at Ash. Ash saw it coming and managed to dodge it but it did hit him in the leg. Ash screamed in pain and started to feel his body become weak. He began to lose altitude and was falling. Ash looked back and saw Demitri about to nail him with another dark spear.

"Demitri, No."said the Dark God. Demitri turned and looked at the Dark God. His evil red eyes looking directly into Demitri's dark eyes.

"Why should I?"

"Since you have managed to hit him with your dark spear, he will be a good spy to us. Now that Ash has a little bit of taste of darkness, we will be able to contact him and see and hear everything. We will see what Spyro, Mark, Godith, Elva, Falzar, and Cynder are doing. Therefore we will watch them carefully."said the Dark God with a sinister evil voice.

"Yes my Lord as you wish."said Demitri. He discharged the dark spear and watched as Ash was getting lower and lower to the ground with each passing second.

Ash couldn't regain control, he was really weak and he felt his scales on his legs were starting to turn black. Ash also couldn't keep himself awake. With each passing second that he endures the pain in his legs, he feels more tired.

'I-I don't think I can stay up much longer.'thought Ash. Soon he was asleep and was heading straight for a large pool where there were 11 dragons, a small golden dragonfly, and a human-dragon being. Three purple, three blacks, three reds, two whites, a golden dragonfly, and of course a half-dragon. Spyro, Wagner, Falzar, Cynder, Raven, Godith, Ignitus, Peter, Elanor, Elva, Lumina, Sparx, and Mark.

"INCOMING!"shouted Sparx. They all turned and saw Ash heading straight towards them.

Author's Note: Mad Guns, you glad that I added Your dragon Ash in? Sorry if I didn't make him the evil one like you expected but don't worry he will have a major role in this story (Edit: 9-24-09 apparently, I had not, so scratch that line)