Title: Choices

Summary: Of needing and loving, of honor and desire, of pride and affection which would you choose? Whose heart would you break? Sasusaku nejiten

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If it's in italics, then it's either an inner thought or a flashback

Chapter 1:

It has been years. She is tired. He is cold.

It is time that served as the biggest hindrance in the whole heartbreaking affair. That and the fact the he pushed her away too many times. She would pursue him. He would run away.

But she is not a selfish person; her life cannot be spent in the pursuit of an almost impossible goal. Naruto is there, Kakashi is there, Sai is there, Ino is there- all of them are her reasons for living. So she just stopped. She stopped crying and wishing and hoping that someday he would come back. But she never stopped waiting; but she is tired.

She cannot be stuck on dreams forever, it is time she turned back to reality.

And she saw him. He was strength personified. He was a silent, brooding persona who can protect her. He was a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. He is reliable and his white eyes pierce through her soul…warmly and sincerely.

He is what she needs.

So screw love and screw heartache. She will stick with him as he promised to stand by her.

"Neji-kun," her gentle voice cuts through. He turns around and looks at her, eyes betraying nothing.

"Sakura." He nods to her in acknowledgement.

"Shall we go now?"

He looks at his fellow ANBU. They nod to him to indicate he can go. She smiles at him warmly and he pats her head lightly and they walk away.

In the distance, a brown-haired girl sighs, an obsidian-eyed man is being unconsciously dragged by a cerulean-eyed blonde.

He woke up to the unfamiliar noise in his environment. Blinded by the light but curious enough to see where he was, he opened his eyes. He is greeted by pink hair and emerald eyes.

"You're awake Sasuke-kun," she said warmly. She walks to a chair and starts to open an orange for him.

After a while, she walked up to him then held up a slice for him to eat. He looked away and ignored her then he heard her sigh.

"You will need to eat fruits Sasuke-kun," she said patiently, "for you to recover quickly."

He looked back at her, somewhat surprised to see her walking away.

"Wait," he said reluctantly, "where are my team mates?"

She made a look-one that he knew was distaste but nevertheless she answered him. "They are in the other room, but, you can't get up yet. You have to rest." With that, she closed the door and was gone. He looked at the window.


"Sakura-chan, how's the teme?"

She smiled at him warmly, "he's alright Naruto."


"What is it Naruto?"

"Have you talked to him?"

"Yes I have."

"How was it?"

She sighed and looked at Naruto, eating his ramen a little slower than usual.

"It was fine Naruto, don't worry."

Naruto shrugged then concentrated more on eating.

"Sakura-chan," he said moments later as if remembering something, "are you happy he's back."

She smiled back at him again. "Of course Naruto, I am happy."

"Then that's good Sakura-chan."



"Thank you."

This time he stopped eating and smiled his biggest smile. "You're welcome Sakura-chan!"

There are some things he can never erase. There are bonds he can never severe; no matter how much he convinces himself that these things are gone. His heart is dead. At least, that is what he convinced himself to think. But there is something he cannot understand-he is human. And in being so, it is the heart that never dies.

And maybe, just maybe, reality is showing him the cold hard truth. Because he felt something- it was unpleasant and annoying.

He seethes silently. How come she never looked at him the way she did before? How come she didn't force herself on him? How come she was no longer annoying?

No, erase that-she is as annoying as ever. But, in a strange, bizarre, shocking way, he didn't mind it.

This is a predicament and he was about to indulge further in his thoughts when she walked in, clad in a white coat and a disarming smile.

"Sasuke-kun, how do you feel?"


"Do you hurt anywhere?"


She didn't laugh and she didn't frown. She just smiled and walked up to him, checking for any more bruises, touching parts, breathing slowly and being gentle.

"Why," he blurted out before he could stop himself.

Stupid Uchiha.

She seemed as surprised as him. "Why?"


"Then I should go now, you'll be fine in a few weeks."

She started walking away be he called out to her.

"Wait." She looked at him curiously. He was acting strange.


Stupid Uchiha.

"Excuse me," she blinked a few times, trying to understand him.

"When…exactly will I go out?"

"Oh," she said quietly, her eyes revealing…disappointment?

"In 2 weeks if you maintain this quick recovery."


"You take care of yourself Sasuke-kun."

With that, she turned the doorknob and walked out.

"Neji…san." He turned to the source of the voice.

"Oh, Tenten-san, what is it you need?"

She fidgeted under his gaze. "I uhm…need you to train with me."

He raised a brow. "Why?"

She looked at him, eyes suddenly disappointed and panicking."Because we always used to train Neji-kun and I train best with you."

He furrowed his brows, unsure of what to say and what to think and slightly taken aback at the familiar honorific she used.

"Alright Tenten-san but if you could wait, I will have to inform Sakura."

She sighed. It hurt and it displeased her to think that Neji was being so familiar with her- the woman whom she thought of as a friend.

But it cannot be helped.

She would be spending time with Neji.

And this is enough…for now.


She snapped out of her daze then looked back up to him. "Of course Neji-san, I will wait."

And she meant it.


She looked up from talking to Naruto and smiled at Neji. "What do you need Neji-kun?"

"If you need me, I am with Tenten-san…"

Sakura's smile faded a little.

"I will be training with her Sakura," he added quickly.

"Of course Neji-kun, tell her I said hi."

He nodded at her and also to Naruto whose presence he acknowledged. He was, after all, dating his cousin.

"Why don't you go, she might be waiting?"

"Sakura…" he said tentatively.

Sakura laughed a little. "I told you Neji-kun, I am not complicated. If you said you're training with her then you are training with her."

Neji nodded once again. Naruto watched them in confusion.

"I will take my leave."

"Bye, Neji-kun."


She watched Neji's retreating back, sighing quietly which Naruto caught.

"Sometimes, Sakura-chan, I wonder."

Sakura looked at Naruto curiously. "You wonder about what?"

"You and Neji."

"Don't wonder Naruto….just let it be."

He shrugged his shoulders.

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