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"OK, guys I'm leaving!" Danny shouted though out the house.

"OK Danny just be home by 5, or else." His mother Maddy said in an angry and kidding way.

"OK, 5." Danny said in a sarcastically then left and shut the door behind him.

Danny and his friend Tucker have the whole day planned...

1) They go to the Nasty Burger to check out some girls and nail them on a scale of 1-100

2) Then go and see the new "Dead Teacher" movie

3) After that they would go to the amusement/water park Floody Waters

4) Then go to Danny's house for 5 and play video games for the rest of the night.

Danny was thinking that this day can't possibly be ruined...until now.

"Hey Fenton!"

"Come on Dash, today's suppose to be a good day for me can't we re-schedule?"Danny didn't want anything to ruin today.

"No! You missed yesterday's wailing there's no way you're going to miss today's!"Dash raised his hand to let Danny get his wailing for the day. Lucky for Danny Jazz was coming up the road in her new convertible.

"Hey, DASH! GET AWAY FROM MY LITTLE BROTHER!" She slammed the brakes at that moment.

"Oh, I get it, you have to have you're big sister to stand up for you, hahahaha! Guess you get twice the wailing at school on Monday."Dash walked away smiling looking like he was power walking with his head lifted high.

"Nice save Jazz, thanks."

"No prob little bro, hey that's what big sister's are for."

"And to bug their little brother's." Danny added. Jazz laughed, and played with his hair and said

"Oh, little brother." sighed then drove away.

Danny arrived at Tucker's house and then rang the doorbell, his mother answered.

"Oh, why hello Danny."

"Hey Mrs. Foley, is Tuck here?"

"Yeah he's upstairs fixing his compu-"then she was cut off by the banging and crashing upstairs.

"Hold on a second… TUCKER!" She yelled up to her son.

"YEAH!?" Hearing Tucker's voice.

"DANNY'S HERE! Did you want to come in?" She asked Danny.

"Yeah, sure." Then he followed her inside and waited patiently for Tucker.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Tucker asked.

"Eh..." was all Danny said.

"Just eh?"

"Yup." Was Danny's reply.

"So, we better get going or were going to miss the good ones." Danny then laughed and gave Tucker a noogie. Tucker responded to the noogie by playfully punching him in the arm.

"The good ones?" Tucker's father asked as he was coming down the stairs.

"Oh, uh...the good food, we mean the good food! By 1 o'clock the good foods usually taken." Danny and Tucker both laughed and their shoulders fell into each other. Danny whispered to Tucker

"That was good." then laughed some more. After the laugher Danny said

"Ok, we better get going...Tuck?"


"You just made my day!" Then both of the teenage boys laughed and attempted to give each other noogies as they walked out the door.

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