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"How is it?" Tucker yelled from outside of the portal.

"Well, there are a couple of wires not plugged in right." Danny said as he got up and started to move towards the wall. But something happened; Danny tripped on one of the wires and hit the on switch.


This is what happened last time let's see what's going to happen this time.

"Uuuuuuu…"Danny moaned as he was waking up from his long slumber. Danny opens his eyes to reveal he is in a place that is unfamiliar with him; he looked at his hands and saw white gloves covering his nice tanned skin. He looked at his feet, white boots overlapping then he saw a mirror and stared at himself, then screamed.

"AAAHHH!" He screamed at the top of his lungs

"No need to shout." A voice said behind him.

"AAHH…"Danny turned around to see a floating object

"Who are you and….where am I? "Danny asked him gazing around the suspicious place

"I am Clockwork, master of time, and you are in the ghost zone, not only that but you my boy are going to be a hero. "Clockwork told the young man. Just then Clockwork got farther and farther away, Danny was being pulled back by not someone but something that wasn't there.

"DON'T GO! NOOOOOOOOO!" Danny then was tossing and turning and heard voices of which he recognized

"Wake up Danny please Wake up…"he heard the comforting voices of his friend and family.

"I think he's coming around. "Tucker said

"Uuuugggg" Danny moaned "Where am I? "

"You're at the hospital. " Maddie said to her half awake son.


"Tucker… yo-ur cho-oking- m-me." Danny said thought some breaths that he was able to take.

"Sorry dude." Tucker said letting go as Danny took back the breath.

"Was that a dream and where's Sam?" He asked

"Right here and yeah I guess it was." Sam said entering the room with Danny's favorite food made by her

"Hey." he said

"I'm so so so soooooo sorry, for getting you to go into the ghost portal and get into this mess…I brought your favorite dish." Sam said sitting next to Danny putting the tray on the pull out table

"It's all good, I'm here I'm alive and hey, I'm-Mmmmmm, yum." Danny cut off what he was about to say noticing his fav dish made by Sam was sitting in front of him. He took a bite and then said "Compliments to ze chef." Sam giggled at that

"I made it just the way you like it." It was stuffed peppers with sausage, basil, cheese, and more cheese. (All of that stuff is in the peppers)

"So Danny what happened?" His mother asked him

"What do you mean what happened?" Danny asked taking bites in between every word

"How was it? What happened? Did you hit your head and what happened to the Ghost portal?" She said giving a more experienced version of the question.

"Ummm…mmm… I don't know what happened, I went into the portal tripped over a wire and then everything went black." Danny explained

"That's it?" She asked in question

"Yeah, then I had a weird dream, some one named Clockwork told me that I was going to be some kind of hero and then I woke up." Danny said taking another bite

"Well according to my reading's you shouldn't have survived, and with a body as puny as yours-"The doctor was cut off be Danny

"HEY!" Danny yelled to the muscular doctor.

"But I say that the boy is going to be fine." The doctor finished

"Oh thank god." Maddie, Jazz, Tucker, and Sam said all together, and then gave him a hug, and Jack had no idea what was going on and joined in the hugging.

"HEY HEY HEY HEY! GUYS MY FOOD!" Danny screamed jokingly

"Sorry sorry sorry." Everyone said together that Danny couldn't find out who what saying what.

"Thank you, now, if you'll excuse me I'd like to get back to business." Danny said taking another big bite to finish the job. Danny was done chewing and licked his fingers

"Danny your such a little girl." Tucker said

"I know." Danny said showing off his little girl smile then said

"I love this Sam thank you. It's just what I needed." Danny said finishing licking the tips of his fingers.

"Glad I could help." She said back

"You can help me more by making more of these." Danny said meaning the peppers.

"Ok I'll be sure to." Sam said joking

"So when do you think he'll be able to come home?" Maddie asked the doctor

"Well we just have to run a few more tests and then he can go home." He responded

"Yay!" Maddie and Tuck shouted

"Now if you 5 would be so kind, could you go home so I can do some more tests on him?"

"Of course."Maddie said kissing Danny on the forehead then taking Jack, Jazz, and Tucker out of the room leaving Sam.

"Will he be able to come home tomorrow?" Sam asked

"If were done the tests by then than yes."

"Ok, bye Danny." Sam said giving him a hug.

"Bye Sam, see ya tomorrow." He said returning the hug.

"Yeah." And with that Sam left the room and Danny sat there sadly watching her leave.

The next day

Sam Manson walked through the doors of the hospital and asked the nurse behind the counter if she could see Danny yet. She said no so Sam sat patiently in the waiting room for the doctor to call out her name, and then Danny's doctor came into vision.

"Samantha Mason for Daniel Fenton." He announced

"That's me." Sam said standing up.

"You may see him now." He told her. Sam nodded her head and followed the doctor to Danny's room, as he entered he said


"What?" Danny asked flipping the pages of a comic book

"Samantha's here to see you." Danny nodded his head in response as the doctor left and Sam entered.

"Hey." He greeted putting down the book.

"Hey, are you feeling any better?" Sam asked him.

"Yeah a little bit, why are you here it's 7:45 in the morning?" Danny asked looking from the clock to Sam as she walked over to him and sat next to his small limp body.

"Because, I'm worried about you that's why" Sam said as she tried to make conversation with him. "Is that reason not good enough?" She asked

"No it is just, I was expecting you to come with the group, and a lot later." Danny said letting out a yawn from his mouth.

"Are you tired? I can go if you want." Sam said just taking the tip of her butt off the bed.

"No, no no no no no no. I don't want you to go, the only reason I'm up is because of the tests their running." Danny grabbed Sam's hand to keep her there with him. "It's actually weird being alone, I'm used to being in a house with a father that bugs you all of the time about ghosts and a nabby sister doing anything she can to get you out of bed on Monday mornings." Danny explained as Sam let out a giggle, he was still holding her hand not realizing it rubbing the top of her hand with his thumb.

"Uh, Danny." Sam said looking at her hand getting Danny to notice and let go.

"Oh, sorry." He said than brought up another subject that got them talking for hours, then Danny's doctor interrupted there conversation.

"Daniel." He said

"Excuse me Sam, what?" Danny said looking from Sam to the doctor.

"I just got the results back from the tests we did yesterday while you were asleep,"

"And? What, what- you did tests on me while I was sleeping?"

"Yes we gave you a sleeping needle because you were going crazy and when you were sleeping was the only time you were relaxed, any way, there is an unusual amount of energy in your DNA." He explained.

"Really?" Danny asked

"How do you feel? Do you feel nauseas, or anything?"

"No, I'm feeling fine. And I forget your name, I hate it when I do that."

"Doctor Nixon."

"Well, no I'm feeling just fine." Danny said

"Very unusual, you should be in pain at the moment, let me see your burns." Doctor Nixon said as he got closer to Danny."Excuse me miss." He said referring to Sam "If you would lift your top please." He asked him as he lifted his top to reveal his burns a glowing green color

"Oh my god...Miss could you leave?"

"What? Why is there something wrong with Danny?" Sam asked

"Please?" Doctor Nixon said looking at Sam like there was something wrong with Danny, and if she didn't leave right away…bad stuff would happen. Sam nodded her head in response and left the room as Danny was looking scared.

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