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Sam sat in the waiting room for hours very puzzled about what was happening to Danny; Sam got impatient and called the Fenton residence. Ring….Ring…..Rin*

"Hello?" A woman welcomed

"Mrs. Fenton?" Sam questioned

"Sam? Where are you? Are you at the hospital?" Maddy asked

"Yes and there's something going on with Danny right now, the doctors don't know what it is, they're in his room right now checking on him. I think he may be in trouble." Sam was very serious about that

"I'm on my way." *Click* was all you heard on the other line of Sam's I-phone. After the click on her phone she sat down for another 10 mins then saw the Fenton family and Tucker come out of the elevator. She stood up and quickly walked over to them.

"Is Danny alright?" Jazz asked Sam

"I don't know they told me to get out about 4-5 hours ago and then haven't come back out since." All of the Fenton family weren't getting easily distracted by anything that had nothing to do with Danny. Sam gazed at her watch and saw that it read 5:48, she had been waiting out there for 4 ½ hours. Sam walked up to the desk and then the nurse behind there slid the glass fame to the side.

"How much longer do you think there going to hold him?" Sam asked the woman behind the counter. The woman had no expression on her face.

"I told you before that it could take hou-"Sam cut her off.

"BUT IT HAS BEEN HOURS!" Sam was getting tired of waiting. She turned and sat back down in her seat and cradled herself in her arms, rocking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. After doing that for what it seemed like half and hour, Danny's doctor came back out, then Fenton family was then totally alarmed as they stood up.

"Howishe? Ismybabyboyok?"(How is he? Is my baby boy ok?")

"I'm afraid I have some bad news." Dr. Nixon stood there for a second then spoke. "He has a serious condition of we don't know what." He stared at them for s minute looking from Sam to Maddy to Jazz to Jack and then Tucker.

"Can we go and see him?" Tucker asked

"Make it quick, were still running tests." Dr. Nixon lead them to Danny's room were he had been suffering for hours and hours. I hope he's ok. Sam thought to herself. The door swung open and revealed Danny covered in bandages, and wires all in his veins. Maddy and Jazz ran over to him and gave him a hug, Tucker ran by his side as did Jack, Sam however tried to find a spot to see him.

"Hey guys." Danny managed to get out of his mouth.

"Danny baby are you ok?" Maddy said caressing his face with her hand.

"I'm fine mom, just I'm so sick of having these tests done on me, they told me that I have something and they don't know what it is, some of the doctors that have come in here have said that they think that it is a new type of disease, but then I told them that if it was a disease that unless it's contagious they would have caught it already."Danny pointed out.

"You are so smart, my babe boy." Maddy then gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Can I talk to Danny for a second please?" Sam asked everyone in the room.

"Sure." They just sat there.

"I mean in private."

"Oh! Oh… Ok." Then they all got up then headed out the door, even the doctors and nurses left the room. Sam turned to Danny then sat on the bed beside him; she started at the ground and said nothing.

"What is it Sam?"Danny sat up and then rubbed the sheets of his bed continuously wonder what Sam wanted to talk about.

"Danny I'm sooo sooo soo sorry for having this done to you, if I hadn't asked you…. None of this would have happened."Sam started to cry for her friends hurt; Danny put his finger on the bottom of Sam's face and pushed her head up so they could look into each other's eyes. Danny stared at her amethyst eyes as she stared back into his gorgeous baby blue.

"Sam… it's not your fault…ok?" Danny wanted to get an "ok" out of her.

"No Danny… you don't understand…. I didn't want you to get hurt…. And I was the one who begged you... right?"Danny just started at her and placed his hand back on the bed."Right?" She said it more strict now.

"Right." Danny said in a low tone, they just sat there… doing nothing for another hour… silent.

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