I'm basically writing this story for myself. This is my updated version. Feel free to review. This is based at the end of their fivth year in Hogwarts. It's a kind of a aleternate universe were everyone has gotten over the Mudblood hysteria and has moved on to Half Breeds, such as Centaurs, Mermaids, Were-Wolves, Angelics and anything in between.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter. I do however own the plot and my characters, Storm and Pan.

Storm and Pan raced down diagon alley the stolen brooms tucked under their arms. The two girls ducked around the wizard and witch's shopping for Hogwarts. Storm looked behind her nervously. There were more guards going the others.

"Pan, we have to duck in somewhere!" she cried to her friend.

"There" yelled Pan pointing at Olivander's Wands. The two ducked quietly in. Storm hunched over panting.

"Do you think anyone in here?" whispered Pan

"Let's hope not is they find out we're..." Storm was cut of by a cry of "WANDS! So you want wands? Here try these I think they'll suit you!" bubbled the man eagerly. She looked uncertainly atthe wand. What was she supposed to do?

"Go on, give it a wave!" the storekeeper told them. Storm waved her stick and looked expectantly down at it.

"Um sorry but I think we should be leavin-"

Once again she was cut off she thought annoyed by the old man muttering to himself.

"That's never happened before. Never for any witch or wizard..." he muttered. Warning bells sounded in Storms head as the old man looked them over. His eyes widened as he stared at their eyes.

"RUN!" screamed Pan and they bolted out the door.

" HALF-BREEDS,HALF-BREEDS IN DIOGON ALLEY!" Instantly guards appeared and drew their wands but the girls were already shimmy to the top of the store. Storm jumped as a red light exploded beside her. Stunning spells.

"Pan to the edge" she yelled. The two stood at the edge of the shop roof with the appraoching guards chuckling.

"No where to go, come quietly and we won't hurt you" the leader told them. "Not a chance" she told them and nodded to Pan. They face the ground and jumped.

With a abrupt yank the girls wings opened and lifted them into the air. Storm could hear Pan laughing. Well I'm glad someones having fun she thought. What's all this flashing she thought. Cameras! Spells.

"Pan higher!" she screamed but it was too late the guards had recovered from their jump and were firing stunning spells along with the wizards on the street. "

"Savages, Half-Breeds" they yelled. It wasn't just stunning spells they were casting either she thought nervously. She heard a yell and saw Pan get hit beofre dropping like a rock to land with a thud on the street. Wizards instantly swarmed around her. They didn't look like they were going to help her up either. Storm swooped down kicked a few wizards in the face a whacking them with her powerful wings. She enclosed her wings around her and Pan and grimaced at the spells being fired at her wings. Finally she gave in and the blackness took her.

Hmmm. Storm thought groggily. She seemed to be in a sack. Pan bumped around beside her. How'd she get here?

"Where is it safe enough to keep to Half-Breeds?" she heard a wizard say outside the bag. So they know we're half-breeds.

"Who would take two half-breeds you mean" another man said with a chuckle. At that moment Pan awoke with a start and memory kicked in. Diogon alley. The guards. They both started thrashing furiously. Storm tried to open her wings hoping it would rip the fabric but this accomplished nothing except getting a wand stuck through the stop and the word STUPIFY to be yelled. Right before she blacked out she thought she heard on of the men say

"How bout Hogwarts?"