Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm having a bit of trouble getting around all the plot holes. The Mudblood hate still exists but it is not as extreme and nothing ever happens because of it. Basically the only person you will ever hear mention it is Malfoy. Sorry for the bad formatting in the other chapters.

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Storm blinked wearily and staggered to her feet. Pan lay on the floor breathing softly. Storm took the time to examine their cell. The walls were made out of stone that was moist and covered in moss. There were bars as one wall. She could see a long corridor. As confined as it was it looked like someone had tried to make the room as comfy as they could.

"Pan?" Pan stirred blinking slowly.

"Where?" Pan started sitting up.

"Don't ask me." Storm shrugged. Pan walked over to the barred wall. She stuck her arm through as far as it would go.

Storm went and sat down on one of the two cots. "Any plans?"

"I hate Snape." Ron muttered. Hermione and Harry trudged along behind him. All three of them carried a box.

Hermione pulled a list out her pocket. "Cage 1026: Raw Meat"

Drearily Harry opened his box and pulled out small sack and throw it through the bars into the cell. A scaly claw reached out from the shadows and snatched the sack, tearing it open.

"I can't believe I got dragged into this." Hermione told them grouchily.

"We can only apologize for so long!" exclaimed Ron.

Hermione glared at him and they walked to the next cage on the list in silence. They heard a thud from farther down the hallway.

"We shouldn't..." Hermione started but Ron and Harry were already racing down the hallway. Hermione sighed and ran to catch up.

"One," Storm and Pan pressed their backs against the wall.



Pan and Storm both launched themselves at the bars. Their shoulders contacted solidly with the wall. Storm felt it wobble.

"Again?" Storm asked.

"Give me a sec." Pan rubbed her shoulder. "Do you think we should be trying to get out? I mean isn't it better in here than out there?"

"We're in a cage in someone's basement! How good can that be?" Storm yelled. "Now let's knock this sucker down."

They rammed into the bars once more before they both collapsed to the ground.

"Ow," moaned Storm rubbing her shoulder. "Pan?" She looked over at Pan who had her ear cocked towards the hall.


Pan shushed her. Storm shut up and listened too. There was a quiet sound of feet hitting the ground, it was slowly getting louder.

She peered down the hallway and spotted what looked like three teenagers racing toward them.

"Into the corner Pan!" Storm shouted at her sister.

Pan ran and curled into a ball in the darkest corner of the cell. Hopefully if someone looked in they wouldn't notice her. Storm went to the bed and sat motionlessly on the bed hoping whoever was running, would go past them.

Harry looked quickly into the cells as they ran past.

"Wait!" Said Hermione. "I saw something in one of the cell's behind us."

"Lead on!" Ron saluted her a grin plastered on his face. Hermione scowled at him before walking back peering into the cells.

"Hello?" she called while motioning to Harry and Ron to come closer. Harry peered into the cell. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw a teenage girl, maybe a few years older than them sitting on a bed in the cell. The cell was darker than the hallway so it was hard to make out her facial features.

"Hi," Hermione began nervously "Ummm, I'm Hermione and this is Harry and Ron." She gestured at them. The girl just sat, her head cocked to one side looking confused.

Ron peered in too. "Blimey, why you in there anyway?"

The girl turned away from them and lay down on the bed.

"Hermione I don't think your helping." Harry told her.

Hermione sighed. "You're right Harry. I think we should tell Dumbledore that she's down here."

"Hermione if she's in the dungeon there must be a reason why and I'm sure Dumbledore knows." Ron told her.

"Well if he already knows then there's no harm telling him is there?" She said stubbornly.

Harry sighed. "Let's just finish detention and then we'll go to Dumbledore."

Hermione nodded. Harry looked back at the cell as they walked away and saw a younger girl uncurl from were she was hidden in the corner.

Snape stalked through the hallways to Dumbledore's office. How dare that man! Keeping those filthy beasts in HIS dungeon. He had just been informed by another teacher who also disagreed with it.

"Fire whiskey." The gargoyle opened and he marched up the stairs. He found the doors to Dumbledore's office open and Dumbledore seated at his desk waiting expectantly.

"Come in Snape. I can assume you have a complaint judging by your stomping up my stairs." Dumbledore told him humorously.

"Sir, I have just learned of our... visitors in the dungeon." Snape said angrily.

"Are they causing problems?" Dumbledore asked concerned.

"No," Snape began frustrated. It was so aggravating how calm Dumbledore was. ", I just want to know why? Why are we keeping them here?"

"Snape are you aware of the Half Breed Terror that is happening in the Wizarding World?"

Snape nodded. Get to the point.

"They were captured in Diagon Alley. Better inside Hogwarts than outside. The second choice was Azkban. I am hoping that we can gain their trust and they could join the student body. Or at least roam free around the castle."

Snape gasped disgusted. "You would let those monsters roam around the castle mixing in with the children!?"

"I am assuming you have something against Half Breeds Snape." Dumbledore said.

"Sir my feelings for them aside but what would the parents say? Many parents would take their students out of Hogwarts."

"That Snape is the problem."