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~ A little girl smiled as she bounced along the beach beside her parents, giggling happily for once in her innocent life. ~

"No!" She slammed her hand into the wall trying to push it away out of frustration. Everything seemed to be going wrong on this one day.

The memories hurt more than the actual thing. Facing the past was not right; it wasn't something humans as a race should be able to do. Because that's all it was, just the past, and that's where it should stay: locked in some tight little box tucked away so no one need know what happened. Yet it still came back to haunt her. Every time they got close to her, every time she came close to forgetting… because no matter where she went, there was always some tiny detail that triggered a memory, the memory always caused a drastic reaction that drew attention to her.

It wasn't right that she be hunted for a gift, something that was out of her control, for something she had no choice in. And if god really created everyone, then didn't he give jumpers their power on purpose? Wasn't he responsible for them, instead of letting his other "children" treat us how they wanted? Of course she never got a chance to bring this up with the Paladins or with the "big man" for that matter.

"Enough! Please…. stop…" Her body made the natural jump, landing her in a Japanese restaurant that she knew quite well. The cook turned and raised an eyebrow in her direction. Ignoring it she makes her way out of the kitchen and into the street quickly running her hand across her face to rid herself of the tears. Looking around she quickly spots a not so subtle black trench coat on the corner. Turning another way she notices two more.

"Fuck." Looking the opposite direction of the coats she spots an American running off. Making quick decisions is what keeps you alive when you spend your life as a jumper. And that is exactly what she did. But to her surprise he jumped. Not taking any chances she follows in his jump scar only to find herself in the subway. She steals a glance around and comes face to face with a fellow Brit.

"Who, the fuck, are you?" He demands in a moderate accent. She eyes him slightly backing up some. Not quite sure where he came from and what is it his business who she is.

"You can go first." She shoots back icily in her thick accent. He seems preoccupied, looking around as if he's being followed. Turning back to her he snorts. Around the corner the American watches, confused slightly as he approaches them. It's not every day you come upon a fellow jumper, and a Brit at that. But all good moments must come to an end, yes? So with the attention of the three jumpers on each other they fail to notice the paladin coming up behind her.

"Shit." She is thrown forward onto her new "friend", with a not so friendly cord attached. The first shock surprised her, not that it did shock her, but the tingling sensation she got was enough to leave her surprised. The Brit grabbed her before she could hit the ground taking him with her and turned toward the Paladin. From the sideways view on the floor, she saw the American run towards the Paladin. It all happened so fast, that she wasn't sure if it was the surprise that she knew that 1,000 volts of electricity was supposed to be running through her or if it was them. The next thing she knew was she was jumped to a lair type place before her body collapsed and blacked out