It took less than three seconds before I finally reached the ground.

Less than three seconds before I had fallen, flat on my face on the concrete. My hair lay in a tangled mess all around me; falling limp against my face. After facing so much death over the course of my life, I was going to die because of a silly trip in the yard?

Maybe John Calvin was right, with his thoughts on humans being predestined. Maybe we were all predestined for something. Maybe the fact that I'd crossed paths with mythical beauties in my lifetime didn't have anything to do with my death. I would have died like this had I been in Jacksonville, or Phoenix, or Forks.

I closed my eyes, waiting for death to envelop me. It wasn't far now- I could see the dim light fading, fading, fading...

When I opened my eyes, a thousand lights crowded into them; a thousand voices whispered around me; curious. I mumbled incoherently to myself. Maybe he was right, after all. Maybe there was an afterlife.

A very old car stopped by me, silencing all of my thoughts.

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