InuYasha does not belong to me

Summery: Kagome is kidnapped by Naraku. Naraku wants to use her for bait but something happens! When Kagome meets up with the group Kikyo is with them! After somethings happen Kagome leaves the group with Shippo. After Kagome and Shippo leave the group things start to change.

InuYasha does not belong to me. On with the story…

"Naraku let me out!" a girl midnight black hair yelled.

"Why should I?" asked the man named Naraku. "With you being here I will be able to draw InuYasha here and finally kill him."

"Do you honestly think that you will be able to kill him?" the girl asked.

"But of course Kagome. You are his precious person." The man said evilly. The girl started to laugh.

"Prey tell what is so funny dear."

"Don't call me dear! And if you think I am the one InuYasha loves then you are sorely mistaken." The girl known as Kagome said.

"If you are not then why does he protect you with the tetsusaiga? If you stay here and wait and if he comes you will know he cares but if he doesn't show up in three days… well you know." And with that the man left.

Kagome sighed and sat on the bench to wait to see what would happen. Will InuYasha really come for me? But little did she know her life was about to change, big time.

With the group…

"InuYasha we need to go rescue Kagome!" yelled a girl and kitsune.

"We will later. I'm gonna see if I can find Kikyo to help, then when we get the wench back she can go back to her time and stay there." Said a boy with silver hair and puppy dog ears, known as InuYasha. The girl and the kitsune stated at the boy.

"Come now dear Sango, Shippo. Let's make camp while InuYasha goes to look foe the bi- Lady Kikyo." A man with dark hair and violet eyes said with a little malice. The girl known as Sango and kitsune know as Shippo stared at the man shocked. Shocked by the malice in his voice that was rarely shown. Shippo started to cry. Sango picked him up and held him tightly.

"Don't worry Shippo were going to find Kagome." the woman known as Sango said. All Shippo could do was nod his head.

"Miroku could you start the food while Shippo and I go bath?" the man now known as Miroku nodded his head yes and the two were off as InuYasha started his search for Kikyo.

In the dungeon, in the dungeon (couldn't help myself lol)…

Kagome sat on the bench for two days and still InuYasha had not come for her. He's probably off searching for Kikyo. Kagome sighed. Then she herd someone coming.

"Ku ku ku having fun miko?" she herd Naraku say.

"It's not that fun. Any sign of them?" she asked with a bored tone.

"Nope. InuYasha was seen going the other way too."

"I told you. O well."

"Tomorrow you will be free. I am sorry for the turn out." She waved her hand at him in a go-a-way manner and said

"No your not."

"Your right. Well see you tomorrow miko." And with that he left her to sleep.

Kagome laid down on the bench and fell into a deep sleep.

Kagome's dream…

"Kagome, Kagome, my dear Kagome."

"W-who's there?" Kagome said.

"It is I your mother." Then a shadow appeared two actually.

"Who are you guys?"

"We are your mother and father." Said the tall one.

"You can't be! My mother is in the future and my father is dead."

"They are not your real parents. We put fake memories and photos in their head and house. It was to protect you."

"To protect me?"

"Yes my darling. You are really the princess of the North, well now you are the Lady because we have both died. You are an Inu taiyoukai. Now you must return. We will give you back your memories too. The danger is not gone yet but you will defeat it will your true love. You have something that the danger does not have; once you figure it out you it will be easier. Now go our daughter. Remember we will always love you no matter the outcome and no matter what. We love you."

Back to reality…

"Wake up little miko. It is time for you to leave." Naraku said.

"Finally, sorry for all the trouble Naraku." Kagome said as she walked out the ceil door and vanished into a ball of energy.

"u-u-uh… no problem." He said as more of a question then a statement.

This is the first chapter of Kagome of the North! Let me know what you think! I will be working on this one while I try to think and piece together the rest of my other story! Please let me know what you think of this one!

YoukaiYumeKagome out!