You're It

This is a little test one for me. After my first romance, I've decided to move from Herpedentshipping (since no one could provide any name for a Pikachu + Ekans/Arbok ship... I... uh... made one up myself? Get it? Herpetology + Rodent? Geez, I suck a lot...) to the ever-so-popular, Rocketshipping. Gotta love Rocketshipping, peeps!

Title: You're It

Author: Destiny Fox

Rating: G - depends on whether you want any more chapters in this...

Summary: This'll get bigger (maybe) - as I said before - and it should reflect onto Jessie and James' past... with an added twist...

Extra notes: Give it a chance. At the moment it's just James and a familiar spirit... oh - I feel nausea coming on... This fic should suck if I wrote it! It really does! My longest ficcie yet, at 21 pages on Microsoft Word (on size 12)! I've never been able to write more than 11KB in one go...

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Chapter 1: Catch a Falling Star

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,
Never let it fade away.
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day.

For love may come and tap you on the shoulder
some starless night.
Just in case you feel you want to hold her
You'll have a pocketful of starlight.

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away.
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day.

For love may come and tap you on the shoulder
some starless night.
Just in case you feel you want to hold her
You'll have a pocketful of starlight.

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away.
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day.

For when your troubles start multiplyin'
and they just might.
It's easy to forget them without tryin'
With just a pocketful of starlight.

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away.
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day.

Life is not easy. I worked that out ages ago, when I was about six, at that matter.

Because I was a young boy in a society of riches and wealth, I was destined to be married to Jessibelle, another member of the upper class order. She was my fiancée - the one I had to marry before 24 hours of my parents passing in order to claim my inheritance (which was an amount of over $200 000 000). Her hair was the most gorgeous strawberry-red, held in two sausage-like pigtails. She was the prettiest girl I had ever encountered. But, masked by the face of an angel, her beauty was only skin-deep, as I found out shortly after I met her. Beneath her façade, she was a callous witch constantly trying to change me from my fun-loving self to a well brought up gentleman with only one goal - to ensure that the family name, Morgan, lives well into the next generations.

I was taught everything to be known about being proper, by Jessibelle. She disciplined me ruthlessly every time I did something wrong - like not being civilized in front of visitors etc. With one strike of her bull-whip she could make me do whatever her cold heart desires - if she had a soul. Every lash left a long, bloody scar that would remain there for years upon years. Trying to turn me into something I'm not and will never be, she didn't give up, greedy for the riches she'll have once she does train and enter the matrimonial state with me by her side. The very thought had always sent a shiver down my spine.

So, I had a choice - marry Jessibelle, be the richest guy on the planet and live my mortality as an empty shell looking for my core (Growly was my only friend on that confined estate!). Or be free of her and live the life of a released soul.

I chose to be liberated.

But Jessibelle made sure my dream was short-lived and tortured me even more - until the day that my savior came into my being...

I ran.

I tried to ignore the pounding pain in my chest as I tried to hold back a forlorn wail. A stitch was also manifesting from within my ribs. Growly's paws dashed alongside mine. My heart beat hard and agonizingly.

I turned this way... then the other... I was supposed to know the hedge-maze off by heart, but my fear overcame my mind.

I knew Jessibelle was hot on my trail, whipping her long whip at my heels, scaring the back of my heels.

I didn't care.

Just minutes ago, she had been tutoring me how to greet household visitors. I gulped at the memory. It was one of the worst hours of my life! After I had enough, I pushed her aside (something I wouldn't do - as much as I hated her, I didn't want to be whipped a few extra times) and fled out into my mansion's tremendous garden. In the far corner, there lay a hedge-maze. I decided to hide there - thinking she wouldn't find me (she had always avoided the hedge-maze at all costs - it wasn't proper to get lost from within masses of shrubbery). My memory of every entrance and exit, every intersection and dead-end was plastered on the back of my brain.

She wouldn't be able to find me if her very life depended on it!

How wrong I was.

A dead end. My tears had blurred my vision... I didn't know where I was going and it cost me my one chance at freedom!

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

Choking back a few tears, I threw a glance over my shoulder to see that the madwoman had stopped in her tracks and was bent over at the waist with one hand on her chest and the other balancing her weight on her knee.

Seeing that I had stopped, she lifted her head and growled before advancing toward me. With each enormous slow step she took in the direction of myself, I secured a timid step backwards. She hand clenched and unclenched around the bull-whip handle in her hand. The long thin streamer-like piece lay readily on the ground - waiting to slash me again.

"Yo-You're not... running... properly!" she panted between deep exhales. She scowled at me and pulled a PokéBall from one of the pockets in her pink, elaborate dress. Smirking, she hurled it at my feet and shouted a command, "go, Oddish!" A plant-like creature materialized from the orb.

I bit my bottom lip nervously.

"Oddish, Stun Spore! Paralyze James, dear!" she cried happily, pointing at me. Squeezing my eyes shut and wincing, I prepared myself for immobility when suddenly, I heard a welcome outcry.

I felt a breeze pass by as a desirable presence crossed my path.

"Growlithe!" Growly barked, jumping out in front of me. Sending out a ball of flame, he destroyed every bit of Stun Spore that lingered in the air. I watched in amusement as Jessibelle screamed, turned to run away, but tripped and fell into a prickly bush, covering her frock in viridian, evergreen leaves. She screamed in horror and yelled out for someone to get her out of the thicket.

From my side, Growly turned to me with his tail wagging pleasantly and his tongue poking out from the side of his mouth. I smiled down at him and ruffled the fur on his head playfully.

"Come on, Growly," I said heading back the way we came, "we'd better go before Hopkins finds that bat like that."

Smiling in the way only a dog can, he barked and followed me. We took the path that led us to the side opposite to the one I came in - it led to the front gate. It was the kind at the front of all fancy places, with the columns of bars and the stone griffins held aloft by the tall walls on either side. I studied the look on their faces for a moment. It was almost as if they longed to be free too, but where prisoners of the marble in which they were encased!

There was one thing on my mind - freedom. If I got past the iron entrance, I would be autarchic. Whether or not anyone found me, I'd finally have a taste of liberation!

Smiling to myself, I emerged from the bushes and brushed myself off. Looking ahead, I saw the gates that stopped anything getting in... or getting out - namely me. I beckoned Growly to follow me as I approached the metal bars of the portal. Idly, but cautiously, I ran a hand down one of the painted, white poles. From alongside me, Growly sniffed the base and pulled away, with a look of disgust on his canine face.

My eyes trailed along the length (horizontal ways) of the gate. Holding the gates together was some sort of device - probably the electronic security gadget that kept them from being opened.

Maybe if I got Growly to... then maybe I could...

"Growly," I whispered so no one could here me. From where I was, I could still hear Jessibelle's wails, "burn that thing into ashes." I pointed to the accessory. As quietly as he could, he let a ribbon of fire pour from his mouth and melt it.

I beamed and petted him once more. "Good job, boy," I praised softly. I carefully pushed the gate open, trying not to make the harsh sound to loud of rusty iron and squeezed through the gap between them.

As the fire puppy followed me, I heard the most horrible noise ever!

"James dear!?" Jessibelle's cries echoed from where she stood from within the hedge-maze. My senses and the heavy throbbing from my heart told me to hurry before she found me again.

"Quick," I pushed past Growly, not caring if anyone heard me. If they did, it would've taken forever to find me. Motioning for my faithful pet to take my lead, I started in the direction of freedom.

In that moment of joy, I felt freer than I ever had before. I cast one last look over the estate and continued to run.

I poked my tongue out at no one in particular (but if I had to name people, specifically Jessibelle or my parents) and smiled. Growly's happy barks mixed in with the sounds of the birds chorusing in the trees. I paused in my sprint to rest on beneath a tree on the soft green grass, in the shade. I savored the moment while I could by closing my eyes and feeling the rush of the wind along my cheek.

"It's a nice day for walking," I commented, running a hand through the pup's fringe of cream fur, "isn't it, boy?"

In reply, I heard a small snort of agreement.

Growly panted and rested his head peacefully in my lap he peered up at my with the most inquisitive eyes. I glanced back right at him and smiled warmly. He lifted his head to lick the tip of my nose playfully, before I had the chance to peel off the vest that I was made to wear. Sprinting really wears you out!

The dog continued to wag his tail while I leant back against the tree with my hands behind the back of my head, leisurely. From the corner of my eye, I studied my surroundings.

Trees. Everywhere, practically. They were strung along a dirt road - supposed to be used for walking - in a messy order. No Pokémon though. Growly and me probably spooked them off.

Suddenly, footsteps!

My eyes opened in horror. What if it was Jessibelle? Or my parents? Or Hopkins? Swiftly, but as silently as I could I quickly beckoned Growly to follow me. I crept behind a nearby tree and beckoned him with my foot.

His expression displayed puzzlement. With a cocked head, he smile-smirked at my behavior as if I was playing a joke. "Growly!" I whispered in frustration. It suddenly struck me.

What if I had just imagined it? I probably did...

I gave a gasp of surprise as a girl burst from the bushes a little way down the road from where I had just walked a few minutes ago.

Startled, I kept my body hidden behind the tree I had decided to cover in back of before. To my amazement, I saw a girl about my age dash down the path, whisking, with her eyes darting in all direction for a place to hide.

She hesitated when she had gone about ten metres to check behind her and stumble onto her knees. Under her arm was a loaf of bread and a $50 bill was clutched in her hand tightly. Blowing, she wiped a hand across her brow to rid her eyes of a few strands of loose red hair.


"Growly, quick!" I hissed again in annoyance. Growly took a peek over his shoulder and shrugged in a way only a canine could. He didn't seem to notice that Jessiebelle was right there! God, how blind could a dog be?

Suddenly Jessibelle turned to face me. Then I saw it. She wasn't Jessibelle at all!

Under her old and weather beaten cap, her ruby mane of hair had been pulled untidily into a loose ponytail with a few strands poked out in odd places. Her eyes pierced my soul. Not displaying viscous means, but the played through my mind with vitality. They displayed a spirit-like sapphire-blue colour, filled with fear, but from within, shone the pure soul of a friend.

This definitely wasn't Jessibelle.

Her clothes were baggy and didn't seem to fit without getting in her way. An unkempt jacket hung loosely across a pair of slender shoulders, with a tank top underneath. Khaki pants rested on her hips and a pair of white (at least I think they were supposed to white) sneakers.

She gave me a look of bewilderment as she caught me gazing back. Before taking a few wary steps back, she shook away whatever thought she was thinking that was attached to me and tearing eyes away from my own. Then she ran away into the foliage.

I blinked and lowered my glance to where Growly sat, oblivious to the girl that stood just metres away before.

I wandered around in the garden aimlessly. The wonderful scent of the flowers drew me further into the enclosure for plants. Flowers of all different kinds were scattered across the yard in groups arranged in a beautiful pattern (as seen from, from above) of distinct colours.

As I walked past a bed of roses, I bent down and inhaled the sweet aroma of a red bud. I sighed happily and smiled.

I suddenly sensed a presence. I stood up straight and turned around.

No one. When I twisted back around, I saw her. The girl from my illusion. The girl that only I saw. The girl that diverted my attention and got me captured once again. She stood on the other side of the rose bush, holding a blossom in her hand delicately. A smile was spread across her thin lips daintily. I smiled back as a blush crept across my cheek cheekily. She giggled playfully and beckoned me to come to where she stood.

I did what she wished and skipped mindlessly around the square in which the roses were arranged. Suddenly, I was faced with an angel.

She giggled again and blushed an equally red crimson. I took the rose from her hand and brushed away the strands of ruby hair that hung across her left ear and placed it in the mass of red. Unlike this morning, her hair was brushed out so that it hung around her knees. And her disheveled clothes had been replaced by silky scarlet gown that matched her hair perfectly.

Her eyes glittered in a way that seemed to grip me and lock me into that position. I couldn't help but stare.

She lowered her long lashes slowly in a dream state as she gazed into my own pools of green. I loved the way we were jewel-toned...

The emerald eyes of my own... her individual sapphire... her gorgeous mane of ruby... and my shiny, azure hair.

Sighing, she leant in on me and laid her head on my chest and snuggled into it lovingly. To my surprise, she began to purr - just like a comforted kitty cat. Hesitantly, as not to scare her off, I put my arms around her and rocked from side to side. I'm sure she felt my heart throbbing with intense pressure. After a few moments, I had the courage to speak. I guess she sensed that I was about to talk because she lifted her head and gazed into my eyes as I opened my mouth.

My heart continued to pulse so heavily that it hurt! 'Say something!' my mind screamed.

"Wh... who are... you?" I asked uneasily. I felt like smacking myself right then and there for sounding like such a jerk! How much more stupider can I get?

She smiled and batted her eyes lightly. She opened her mouth to speak and I found myself grow agitated quickly. What did her voice sound like?

With a soft sigh, she said, "You'll find out soon..." I smiled tenderly in return. Even though she didn't reveal her identity, I was rewarded by something just as sweet. Suddenly, her face turned transparent and see-through!

A look of serenity fell over her face and she took a step away from me to show that her whole body was crystalline. And then... she was nowhere.

For some odd reason, my brow began to sweat heavily. Wetness rolled down my cheeks and onto my clothes and hair...

"Growly!" I cried, reaching upwards into the darkness to feel a bushy fringe with folded over a wet snout that had burrowed itself into my face. I laughed and playfully shoved him off of my chest and beside me. Straightening out my blue Pikachu pajama top, I threw him a smile.

I held a hand to my heart and felt it beating at maximum speed. From next to me, Growly smiled slyly and nudged me with his paw as if he knew about what I was dreaming just before. I felt the crimson blush across my cheeks burn with a vengeance.

Just this afternoon, my parents bodyguards found me after I had run away while Jessibelle's... 'training'. I sighed at the thought and flipped over in my bed so that I lay on my stomach. Propping my upper body up with my elbows, I reached under my fluffy, white pillow to grasp a bronze frame. Emotionally, I pulled it out and held in front of my face gingerly. Freeing one arm, I let my index finger run along the grass that encased the form of my grandpapa, Esquire Gregory Morgan.

In the old and slightly faded photo, he was in his mid sixties, a few years before his... 'passing' - I never liked to refer to the incident as 'death'. He had cancer... His right hand was laid on a Growlithe's head, which had a red scarf tied around her neck. (The dog's name was Esmarelda, named after Grandpapa's grandmother and my great, great grandmother. From what he told me, she was a beautiful Growlithe and the mother of Growly!) Under his left arm was tucked that wretched cane which he hated so much. (He never liked his wooden walking stick - it gave the impression that he was old!)

His soft and kind green eyes peered back lovingly at me and his permanent smile remained plastered on his lips - he still wore a smile at his funeral. His optimistic attitude had always reassured me. A cleanly kept snowy white mustache made up for the bald patch that had taken up almost the top half of his head. He wore a shopworn white shirt with a brown jacket over the top. His matching mahogany trousers were an item of clothing which Growly and I loved so. A silken black tie was fixed around his neck and tucked into the coat smoothly. It completed the gentle look of my beloved grandpapa.

I sniffled quietly and watched as a few tears slid down my cheek and onto the delicate glass. From beside me, Growly nudged my shoulder timidly. Casually, I wrapped an arm around his furry neck and pulled him closer so that we were cheek to cheek.

Tucking the photo back under the pillow, I snuggled deeper into Growly's fur. With a moments passing, I released him and finally said something.

I smiled again weakly, but the sorrow underneath still prevailed. "Oh, Growly," I said, my voice threatening to crack, "I miss him so much!"

I wiped away a few cascading tears with my fingers and dried it across my pillow. Growly, after licking my lament off of his snout, decided that it was best if he stayed beside me that night and crawled underneath the Butterfree blankets on my bed, resting his head beside my pillow. Within a few seconds, he was dreaming.

Maybe I should get to sleep too, I thought, flipping over onto my back and rested my hands behind my head, leisurely, maybe I might dream and see that girl again! With a glimmer of hope, I closed my eyes and tried to drift off to sleep.

Suddenly, I felt a gust of wind caress my face gently. Opening my eyes and looking to the left, I saw that the window (or door - whatever you want), that led to a mini-verandah, was blown free. With a sigh, I began to sit up and close it, but something stopped me.

A figure in white stood at the foot of my bed. It was that girl from my dream and illusion! Instinct told me that my first reaction was to hug Growly in fear, but I couldn't. Somehow, I could sense that this being was a spirit, but a friendly one at that. She smiled and walked to where I was about to stand. As her bottom half came into view, I saw only a long white nightgown, but no feet or legs. The train seemed to fade off into the floor.

Every strand of her hair seemed to have a mind of it's own, and the wind played with its ends and the trim of her dress. With a fluttery sound escaping from her throat (if she had one), she lowered herself down next to me. Slowly, I eased myself to lay back down, but this time on my side so that I was facing her.

My reflexes told me to fear her - since she was a ghost - but something clicked inside that made me feel like I wanted her near me!

I glanced down at Growly who replied with a snort and turned back to the spirit who, like me, also lay on her side. Silently, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against my own - hard!

My heart skipped a beat. And my eyes almost popped out of my sockets!

Happiness made way for surprise. I wasn't expecting her to kiss me! Her lips felt so soft against my own. I closed my eyes to let the feeling sink in. I so wished to return the gift, but my pride stood in the way - plus, you can't kiss a ghost. Embarrassed, I pulled away to gaze into equally ashamed blue eyes. A light blush crept across the bridge of her nose and I felt one of my own coming on too!

It was the first time I had ever been kissed. Properly, that is, because none of Jessibelle's count. A tingly sensation remained where her lips had pressed against mine - though she was a spirit, she left the most wonderful feeling on my heart. Slowly, she opened her mouth to speak.

"Don't let Jessibelle hurt you," she said in a low whisper, "stand up to her and don't let her stand in your way to following your heart to the one you desire most." Her voice was as angelic as before. She closed her eyes and snuggled into my chest and purred - just like in my dream. With a moments realization that she was asleep, I, too, slipped into slumber...

Three things woke me up on the following morning:

the sunrise. Growly licking my nose.


the butler, Hopkins, calling me from downstairs.

Once again, I pushed Growly off of my chest and quickly looked to my side in a wide-eyed search for the mysterious visitor.

She wasn't there anymore. With a deep sigh of sadness, I stepped out of bed and slipped a azure robe - that matched my hair - over my shoulders and lugged across my bedroom. Growly gave me a look of bewilderment and cocked his head, puzzled. Memories of the young girl and our kiss were still imprinted in my mind like a picture.

At the reminiscence, I smiled and felt my heart beat pick up pace. Growly snorted and shook his head in annoyance.

Seeing him do this, I knelt down beside him and ruffled the fringe across his head playfully. "Do you remember a girl with long red hair?" I asked him with a broad grin.

Growly simply grunted in return and tilted his head to the other side with that cute side-ways smirk that he always did. It meant that he thought I was off my rocker. I sighed. But still, I pressed on the question. I stood up, but leant the palms of my hands on my knees and propped my shoulders up so I stared him in his eyes.

"Do you?" I repeated, this time with more force and anxiety in my voice.

All of a sudden, his ears perked and he nodded his head happily.

"You do?" I asked. I wasn't the only one who saw her after all! I smiled and patted his fringe. He suddenly jumped back and started growling. After casting him a perplexed look, he attempted to bark and grunt a bit more. From what I could figure out, he was talking about Jessibelle. I frowned.

"I'm not talking about... her," I said, putting extra emphasis on the her. "I'm talking about a different girl..."

With that, he tilted his head once again as a sign of bewilderment. The canine remained confused and I abandoned the issue.

Suddenly, the floorboards behind me creaked. "James dearest," I heard Jessibelle say after clearing her throat. I turned to see that she was standing in the door, "it's time you "

With another impatient cry from below and a whine from Jessibelle, I headed for the staircase and beckoned Growly to follow. He did so, stopping to snicker at Jessibelle for no apparent reason, who shot him daggers in retort. I sighed though I knew that that old witch wouldn't try anything with Growly as long as I was there.

I liked the placement of my room - between one of the seven bathrooms and the stairway to the attic, my favourite place in the whole mansion, with the minor exception of the poorly constructed tree house in the oak tree next to my bedroom's mini-verandah. I loved it nevertheless.

My sleeping compartment door led to a hallway, lined with fancy lights and such. Beside my bathroom was a restricted room - I haven't had the chance to look into it yet, because my parents do whatever it takes to keep me out of there. It must contain something private! I had always claimed to the servants that I could, indeed, keep secrets. They believed me, but constantly replied with a... negative... answer.

Beside the secret room, was a grand staircase. You know, the one's they have in all mansions with the hundreds of steps that led into a sort of, entrance room where there was nothing but a few sculptures here and there of past generations that lived in the house.

What I hated about it, is the fact that Jessibelle has made so many do's and don'ts to forwarding up and down it. Such as, 'don't slide down the railing on your behind - it causes rashes.' She was right about that one.

Upon reaching the very top of the flight, Jessibelle appeared at my side and instantly latched onto my arm, interlocking hers with mine. As I turned to through her a horrified look, she smirked and started pulling me downwards.

That was practically how every morning started for me. At the age of 10, I had everything a boy could dream of. Every type of game console available (even the ones unobtainable in most 'common' stores!), unlimited food, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, servants that served your every desire... it would seem like heaven to anybody... anybody but me.

All this came at a cost. Try having no friends at all except for a Pokémon. Try having parents that drill it into your mind that you're stupid and useless. Try having an abusive fiancé who enjoys beating you up mercilessly. Try having a spirit visit you night by night and find that you love her, but know that she can't you back because she's not real.

I went through it year by year. Growly, at first, had thought me as insane, staring out my bedroom window on rainy days to see the flame haired girl, holding an umbrella in hand and a blue raincoat draped over her shoulders, jumping into puddles and afterwards, seeking shelter from the storm under a tree. At one point, she was standing right in front of Growly, but he was unable to see her, no matter how hard I persuaded him to try. I once told Jessibelle (I was desperate to find someone who also saw her), who turned her nose up at the 'improper idea.'

But, in time, Growly had become used to the apparition he couldn't see.

There was a benefit to her being unseen to everyone but me. In the times of depression, she comforted me, at my side, crying my tears. In times of jubilation, we celebrated together, with arms interlocked and hugging. In times of pain, she healed my wounds and kissed them better, making them instantly better. There wasn't a doubt in the world that I, indeed, had fallen in love with her.

But, there was a thought that plagued my mind through the tenderness she showed toward me. Was she even real? Or is she just another fantasy conjured up by my lonely heart? What if she's real? Would I be able to find her? If so, how? Where?

Many reflections raced continuously in my head, making me dizzy at times.

One day, she showed me something... amazing.

I was sitting in my room, on my bed with Growly for the afternoon after another day with Jessibelle. She came to my house every day except Saturday, when I played tennis with the servants (she was allowed to join in if she wanted, but she couldn't stand ruining her best dresses - so she stayed at her estate which she talks about non-stop).

Jessibelle had been teaching me all the proper ways to sit on a chair since I couldn't perfect it the day before with falling flat on my face or scrape my posterior on the floor, causing a painful carpet rash.

My attire was the same as usual. A red sweater with a Raichu knitted on the front, a plain, white shirt underneath, and a pair of blue pants.

I sighed and laid on my back on the newly ironed sheets and stared at the ceiling. It had been painted only a week ago, only to be covered with Mew wallpaper instead (I didn't like the colour yellow ocher - it looked like vomit if you stared at it longed enough, because it was arranged in this hideous chunky pattern).

The decorate was repeated, letting people see it in 3D if they wanted. Somehow, I was never able to - though everyone else knew how (even Jessibelle could, but she preferred not to waste her time with... my 'pitiful hobbies' - what a waste).

Suddenly, with a yelp, Growly leapt into my stomach, from his place of the wooden floor, sending a sudden jolt of pain through my belly. I sat up quickly, minimizing the agony. Resisting the urge to throw up afternoon tea, I held a hand to my mouth to stop anything coming out and used my other to move the oversized puppy dog off my lap and beside me.

I wondered what made him so jumpy all of a sudden. I leant over to where, before, he sat on the floor sleeping. And, there it was.

"What's that?" I asked no one in particular. I screwed my nose up at it and leant over the edge of my bed to get a closer look at whatever it was.

'It' was a tattered hardback book, about the size of a normal diary. Curiously, I picked it up and ran a hand over the cover. The brown-stained red material felt rough and old under my fingers. Like papaya leaves. I let my palm roam on along the exterior, all the way to the spine. It was practically torn apart, with the exception of the cover and the pages within. The word 'Journal' was written across the face in golden thread and glittered in the sunlight that glowed on it from the afternoon sun, which shone through the window.

"Growly," I said, turning to him with a smirk on my face and laying the book on my bed, "why are you so afraid of a book?"

Half expecting him to answer, I ruffled the hair on his head playfully and not caring about what the book might hold. Cautiously, as if it were booby-trapped, I reached forward to lift the book's cover open to the first double page, when I heard a gust of wind and a twig snap from outside of my window. Quickly, I snapped it shut without hesitation. Looking outside, I saw her again.

The ghost.

After almost a year of having an apparition visit me daily (and sometimes nightly), I still didn't know her name and referred to her as, The Spirit or The Ghost.

She was sitting on a tree branch of the oak outer. With a smile and a shy blush, she made her presence known. Swinging her legs back and forth, trying to maintain her balance, though I knew she couldn't harm herself in her specter-like state. She probably wouldn't even hit the ground with floating in the way only a ghost could.

Unlike our first meeting, I was used to her constant visits, becoming quite comfortable around her, and smiled at her and beckoned her to come in with my hand. As I spun back around, I saw that Growly had backed away from the mysterious book considerably. As I threw him a confused look, I heard the window creak open and the spirit take a step into my room.

Growly lifted his head to the ceiling and let out a long howl. Snapping around, I narrowed my eyes at him as my mouth was pulled from a warm smile into a scowl.

"Growly!" I cried in a whisper, "be quiet, boy!" Growlithe winced at the unexpected harshness of my voice.

The thought of another lesson on being quiet in the house with Jessibelle filled my mind and I shivered. Plus, it was my own free time she would be wasting, which I surely didn't want. I treasured my free time greatly.

"Do you want Jessibelle to come?" I demanded, my voice still in a hush. With his ears back and flat and his eyes glistening with tears, he shook his head roughly. The spirit watched our exchange with a casual air. She knew who Jessibelle was and despised her as much as I did.

I smiled in return as Growly confided to my wish. As I reached down to reward him with a pat, he let out a sharp, but loud and accented yelp of fright, letting himself jolt backwards in alarm.

"Growly!" I hissed. I heard the spirit mumble something behind me. I spun around to see that a smile played across her thin lips and she was holding the journal to her chest comfortingly. There was something wrong with the book, though. A blue aura glowed from it, as she held it, in a misty way, blending out so that it faded.

Quietly, Growly scampered off the bed in fear and scuttled out of my room in a scramble.

I gasped as she thrust the book into my hands, swiftly and roughly, making it obvious that she wanted me to have it. With my eyes wide and my mouth gaping I peered down at the book, then into her own eyes fearfully, then back to the book.

It's pages were vibrating terribly, sending waves of tremors up my spine. I gulped as the book's front cover lift up and slammed into my left arm firmly, causing me to let out a yelp of sudden pain. The girl's smile no longer remained, but was replaced by a look that displayed neither sadness nor her normal happiness. More of a look of worry.

"Did you open the journal before I came?" she asked. Confused and mixed up inside, I shook my head slowly, unsure of what my answer should be. My conscience told me that the truth would be a better ally in this case.

She accepted the reply and the beginnings of another grin crept across her mouth slightly. "What do I..." I asked, but my voice trailed away. The girl held up a hand to stop me.

"Read the first page," she ordered, almost in a whisper, and pointed at the book.

At first, I didn't know what to make of her request, but I peered down at it. On the page was a wonder of loopy handwriting and small ink drawings of Pokémon - mainly a Growlithe (whom I identified as Growly) and a Meowth (which struck me as weird, because at the time, I didn't have any interest in cat-like Pokémon). But it wasn't the story in which the words knotted into. It was something else...

On the top left-hand corner, was stapled a photo. It was a Growlithe, sitting under a tree next to a man of about twenty years of age. He was wearing normal, everyday attire that wasn't expected of the upper-class : a gray shirt with a pair of jeans. His bluish-purple hair, would have reached to his shoulders, if it weren't tied back, leaving a few strands to poke out in odd places. On his lap, sat a woman, the same age. His arm was wrapped around her waist comfortingly. She wore a light blue, dress which only reached to about her mid thigh. Her red hair was also tied back, but it was significantly longer, the strands cascading down her back and onto the grass. Large blue eyes complemented the sunflower that was being placed in her hair by the man's free hand.

Suddenly, the man seemed to strike me as familiar. I would recognize those green eyes anywhere! Every time I looked into my bedroom mirror, I would see the most odd emerald eyes stare back... was it...?

I smiled and slowly let my gaze lead itself to the spirit's face. "I-It's... me..." I half-breathed, half-gasped, with realization flooding into my brain. She nodded in reply. "But, in the photo... I'm almost in my twenties... how could that be...? And is that... you?"

She smiled warmly again. "This diary has been taken from the future."

Naturally, I was puzzled.

Before I could ask her how she got the ability to take things from the coming, she spoke out the answer for me. I groaned and seated myself onto my bed, because my legs were beginning to become tired of supporting my upper half.

"The craft of removing certain things from the future comes with being a ghost. But, it is unable to be explained..." she defined, pausing to smirk. "I can just do it. See?"

All of a sudden, she lifted and waved her hand in the air in a fluent motion. A puff of smoke emerged from the palm of her hand and as it cleared, I saw a doughnut in its place. She held it out in front of me, her expression telling me to take it. I did, after setting the journal onto my lap. To my surprise, it was solid, just like a real doughnut. Tentatively, I held it to my mouth and took a small bite. It also tasted like a doughnut!

I grinned ear to ear, impressed. "Cool," I complimented happily, popping the remains of the pastry into my mouth, munching on the enticement pleasantly. Quickly, as I wiped a few crumbs off of the book in my front, I noticed that her joyful look had turned into a sad grimace.

"I had to tell you something about it..." she sighed lowering her gaze, "something important that depends on whether I'll make it to that age or not..."

I gulped as a thought struck me like a ton of bricks, "You'll be leaving me?!" I cried, almost dropping the book in my rush to step toward her, "please don't! Other than Growly, you're the only one who's been there for me... I love you..."

I had told her that I'd loved her on several occasions. But, back then, it was moe of a brother-sister love. We had bonded over the past year, but I couldn't stand being without her for even an hour! A lifetime without love would be unbearable!

Quickly, she reacted by wrapping her arms around me, "I won't go anywhere," she cooed, her embrace comforting me, though I couldn't feel it, "it depends on whether you make the right choices..."

I was fast to respond with fear, "Right choices?!"

"Yes," she replied softly. "Let me explain..." She motioned for me to sit down. I did so, before she took her place beside me, "I am a spirit. You are a person. As you've probably figured out, you're the only one who has the ability to see me."

A smirk was quick to fall upon me. "I noticed that."

"In reality, I don't exist. I'm simply a fantasy thought up by a torn and lonely heart - your very soul-mate, only... not alive." She seemed uneasy around the matter and rubbed her upper arms with her hands. "But I can change that," she clarified, tracing the folds in my sheets with her finger, "I can become human. It's quite easy, actually. All you have to do is put your hand on the book and say something, but first, the journal."

With that, she took the book from me and opened it up to the first page, skipping the one with the photo and the loopy handwriting, to be faced with a page full of calligraphy-like writing.

"This is your diary from the point I become a living, breathing human, to the point in which I turn back into a spirit. It's yours. See?" She let her hand trail across the top of the page in which a date was writing neatly and underlined in red pen. 24-06-1988, "that date is only a day away : tomorrow. Destiny has told us that I will become a human today."

My heart leapt out of my mouth, practically. "You're going to become a human? Today?" I smiled. But then how is she going about staying alive when she warned me that she may become a spirit again. All hell would break loose then!

"But... there is an underside to it," she sighed sadly, her voice beginning to sound more frail, "if you display any physical love toward me... then, I can't remain in a living state - that means, that I'll return to my spirit form."

My frown matched hers. I bit my bottom lip nervously. "Oh..."

I so wanted to ask why... but at the time, sadness had completely overcome me...

As much as I was in love with a person who, indeed, did not exist, I wasn't allowed to show it. And no matter how hard I tried to hide it, I found a crystalline tear rolling down my cheek gently. I ignored it and let it drop down onto the old cotton Pikachu-covered sheet with a light splash. My neck failed to support my head at this sudden fact entered my brain, freezing my nerves, so I allowed myself to lean over weakly. At this, I felt the girl's lamentation drip onto my sweater, though I couldn't feel her arms.

I could see that her limbs were wrapped around my shoulders... but I couldn't feel it.

"But hugging isn't against my existing, so we can hug as much as we like." She barely managed to crack a weak smile. With that, I laughed back dryly in return.

At that hopeful statement, I felt myself become determined to be around her 24/7. A growing boldness told me that once she became a living, breathing human being, I'd hug her as much as possible!

"Come on," she said, taking my chin into her hands, "Cheer up. I'm pretty sure there's a way around it... or at least... that's what I thought..."

"You can't be so positive about a matter such as this," I frowned despite the grin that remained, transparent, on her lips, "how is there a way around it?" I breathed audibly. "I won't ever be able to love you without having to make lo..." With haste and embarrassment, I let my voice trail off into nowhere. I felt a light blush creep across my cheeks. The girl giggled childishly.

She chuckled again before continuing. "There's a special crystal," she said. I turned my head upwards so that her eyes met mine. I wasn't sure that there was hope shining at the end of that dark and damp tunnel... But there was!

I felt my heart jump in joy from within my ribs.

"It will come... in time," she continued, "you'll have to be patient. When you finally do, you can undo the spell in which I am trapped within and free me."

I blinked in amazement. There was really an assurance? "Then what?" I beckoned her verbally, with a bit too my eagerness in my voice.

Her eyelashes fluttered in that way I loved. "Then I'll forever be yours," she whispered softly, her sweet breath tickling my cheek as she leaned forward slightly. But before she could tilt herself into an embrace, she stopped. "But first I have to become human."

With a deep blush, I sighed.

Silently, she took my hand tenderly and placed it on the book gently. Watching her actions, confused, I looked for meaningful in her deep blue eyes. With that, she turned her vision to me, making my heart leap.

"Repeat after me, okay?" she spoke softly.

"Kay," I replied with a firm nod of my head. I was zealous to make sure that this worked. Not knowing what the consequences of screwing up would be was causing me to become nervous!

"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket," she said slowly, making sure I could hear every single word.

A sense of familiarization came over me. They were the lyrics of that song which Grandpapa always sang to me!

"I know that tune! I remember it so well!" I cried in jubilation, beaming.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. With the most intimate shine I'd ever seen grace upon her, she gestured for me to continue with a swift cue.

"Never let it fade away," we sang together in harmony. Her singing glided gracefully above my own in a sweet soprano, as compared to my tenor. It was almost instinctive! Our vocalizing fitted in just like a lost jigsaw puzzle piece finally joining its other parts. "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day."

Suddenly, the window blew opened and a gust of wind blew around her like a miniature tornado, making her hair fly around her, almost encasing her completely. Leaves, from outside, intermingled with her crimson locks. A glowing aura surrounded her, making her glimmer with even more beauty. With a blink of astonishment and surprise, I blinked, but when I opened them again, she had completely transformed!

The gale had been blown away, leaving her hair to cascade down her back, with a more vibrant look. It was solid! Mystified, I gasped and took her face into my hands and found that she was, indeed, not just an apparition, but real! She turned a darker pink, only this time, it had a whole heap more colour.

Although I so wanted to kiss her right then and there, her eyes (which had retained more sapphire blue than I could ever imagine) told me that the sorcery wasn't over yet.

With her eyes brimming with tears of happiness, she continued. "For love may come and tap you on the shoulder..."

"Some starless night," I added delicately.

"And if you feel you really want to hold her." Biting her bottom lip nervously after adding her line of verse. Tentatively, I took her into my arms rock her gently form side to side. Her skin... so soft... For the first time in my life, I was able to take her into my arms and hold her with more courage than ever!

"You'll have a pocket full of starlight..." I smiled tenderly again.

Abruptly, I noticed that she had suddenly disappeared into thin air! I gasped and fell back onto my bed, letting the diary drop onto the floor with a loud bang.

I was as frightened as ever! "Wait!" I cried into the ceiling, looking upwards, "where'd you go?! Come back!"

With a sigh, a mysterious, yet familiar voice called, echoing through my room. "Look in the diary." It was her!

Without a moments reconsidering, I flipped over onto my stomach and scanned the floor for the tattered

book. Once laying eyes upon it, I grasped it boldly and held it to my chest. I paused for a minute, waiting for an angry call from downstairs to keep my voice down. Nothing. They must've all been asleep.

Cautiously and quietly, I opened the diary to the first page. Nothing. No photo. No writing from a day away.

Everything was gone, I realized as I flipped through the pages. All except two lines of handwriting which was definitely not mine.

Find me. I'm somewhere. I will not know who you are, but you have to make me. Follow your heart to find me and make sure you find that crystal! Our love depends on it. It's your turn... you're it!

My eyes skimmed over it about five times, making sure I absorbed every detail. I was sure I had covered everything, but then I noticed something in the bottom corner.

I love you,


I blinked. So your name's Jessie, is it? I thought with affection towards the neat script, I love you too.

I bit my own lip and smiled for what seemed like the 100th time that night! With a far-away look in my green eyes, I sighed.

Leaning back onto my bed, I stared again at the Mew-covered ceiling, I spoke out to 'Jessie,' "I don't know who or where you are, but one day, I'll find you."

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