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Betty groaned. Justin had just gotten a karaoke machine for the television, and all last night he had insisted on trying it out, which was fine except for the fact that she now had Cascada's Bad Boy song stuck in her head. It was torture trying to concentrate on her work when that song kept playing on and on in her head.

"Betty," said Daniel as he came out of his office. She looked up and nodded. "I'm going to lunch, can you please watch the phone." She nodded and got back to her work. Betty had already taken her lunch so she wasn't disappointed when he hadn't asked her to join him. She got back to work trying to ignore the continuous party inside her head.

She looked at her watch and saw that lunch was almost ending. She glanced down at the papers on her desk and figured that she should leave them on Daniel's desk, so he could get straight to work once he got back. She walked into the empty office with the papers in hand humming the song. She soon broke out into full on singing.

"Won't you be my bad boy, be my man/Be my week-end lover/But don't be my friend/You can be my bad boy/But understand/That I don't need you again/No I don't need you again," she sung unaware that someone was sneaking up behind her.

"I'll be your bad boy under one condition, and that is that you need me again," Daniel whispered into her ear. Betty practically jumped out of her skin that's how shocked she was.

"Daniel, I was just singing the song so stop teasing me."

"I'm not teasing you Betty." Betty's heart started to contract. They had worked together for two and a half years now, and she had developed quite a crush on her boss, especially after the whole Henry, Gio fiasco. He was there for her through it, and she would never forget it.

"Haha, you're funny," she said trying to leave the office. Daniel was disappointed, he didn't think that she would be so opposed to the idea of them being together. He had started to slowly fall in love with her, and he didn't notice until it was almost too late. Thank God she hadn't chosen either of those guys. It was hard to show her his affection since she probably thought he still cared about people's looks, but he had changed, he knew that Betty was beautiful inside and out. He wished that she could just realize it, instead of always putting herself down.

"Betty," he whispered, grabbing her arm.

"Daniel." She didn't turn around, she didn't want him to see the pain in her face.

"Why are you always putting yourself down? You're beautiful inside and out, why cant you see that?"

"Daniel, stop trying to make me feel better okay," she said while turning around. There were tears gathered in her eyes, ready to fall down her cheeks.

"Betty, that's it, I can't handle it anymore. I love you, do you hear me? I love you, and I want to be with you."

Betty stared speechless at her boss. Had she heard him correctly? She blinked slowly still trying to make sense of it all, when Daniel's lips came crashing down onto hers. Her thoughts were wiped away from her mind, and she wasted no time in kissing back. After a few second they pulled back out of breath.

"I love you too," she said. They both beamed in happiness, knowing that this is what they both wanted. Who knew that Betty would get her happy ending because of a song. She would have to thank Justin later for that, for right now she was content with kissing Daniel.

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